: Is this client going to make sure it never randomly stop responding and make me have 2 dodge?
With all the connections between your home and your ISP, and between your ISP and our servers, a lot can go wrong. For the things that we have control over, there should be fewer errors and more graceful handling of errors, definitely. I can't promise we'll catch every possible bug or crappy thing that could happen with data travelling on the internets, but we'll keep improving. If you find the client is the same or worse then we probably need to do better before the updated client totally replaces the legacy one. The more feedback and bug reports we get the better :)
: I was just curious because other options that would be included in the future had a grayed out slot, but the match history wasn't included. Sorry if it came by as impatient and rude.
The updated client will have all the features that are in the legacy client. As we roll out new features we will have a call to arms for those features and give the skinny on what is to be tested. By the end you should see it all :D
Declined (EUNE)
: -snip-
Declined (EUNE)
: -snip-
Those links are all 404ing, is that the issue or are these threads I should read?
: [Recommendation] Shift the Players in Lobby slightly up.
Good catch. This is a legit snafu by us because of some recent changes, we'll figure out how to address this asap.
: What is in his vape? {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
All natural plant products, oils, etc.
: Why not just have the profile background be a choice? It seems like an obvious win.
We leaned toward making the default experience a dynamic one that changes with how you play to keep the profile feeling fresh. Ideally this page will become something you and others view more often because of all the cool stuff we can potentially add here.
: My server (LAS) doesn't have Ranked 3v3s, and ranked 5v5s were removed at the begonning of the season when Dynamic Queue was introduced, will you remove those two from the profile page in later builds?
The competitive team is busy defining what ranked will look like next season. When they're ready to announce you can bet it'll all be updated to make sense in the client.
Kazu (NA)
: Any plans on blind draft for game modes? Will it be basically dynamic queue draft and blind picks? Also, I love what you guys did with the icons (A little more zoomed out) but I hate the PROJECT: Yi and Zed icons. Before, they looks like halves of a face, two sides of a coin, which I think was very unique considering their rivalry in the PROJECT universe but now it doesn't look great in my opinion. Any thoughts on changing it?
We don't have plans for a blind draft mode. If LoLDev (we are Client Dev) discovers that is a popular request they might consider adding bans to draft rather than splitting up the queue, not sure.
: Hey Riot, First of all great client. But I got a question for you: >**The training tab is meant to be for the tutorials, but the current tutorials seems to be a bit outdated. Are there gonna be (at some point) more _and updated_ tutorials?**
The client team has unlocked some things that will make tutorial development easier but another team is responsible for this area of the game. We know that there is a lot of untapped value in that space, we hear you :)
AnonMuk (NA)
: And I hate to seem like a swearing salty sailor ({{champion:41}}), but where is the language filter so I can disable it? I type "cos" instead of because and it filters it out, thinking I'm cursing, I guess.
F***ing thing. The option to turn it off will be there once the full settings panel is implemented. Sorry about that.
StrongLion (EUNE)
: Hi guys, I was wondering if new client update will allow us to see badges (honor badges) in champion selection again. That was nice feature, i dont know why that has been removed. Thanks for the respond :)
Yea this has slipped through the cracks for now but our sophisticated safety net has caught it and it is going to be added.
TheDolan (NA)
: Do you plan on reinstating the feature of being able to buy skins during champ select for the new client?
We do have such a plan, yes. I can't be sure when this will go live because it is dependent on implementing some other systems first, chiefly the store. :D
HotDog (EUW)
: Could you we get some Information on the ingame changes, too ? I'm really interested in how the game is coded and how you are improving the Code :) It would be nice to see these changes too.
There are a few devblogs that our game engineering teams have done. Not being a game engineer I can't personally comment without sticking my foot in my mouth ;) Here are a few links: https://engineering.riotgames.com/news/behind-leagues-new-missile-system https://engineering.riotgames.com/news/story-fog-and-war
: Will Summoner Icons have descriptions when you are selecting them? (primarily owned ones, though in-shop wouldn't hurt) I say this because long time players may have a lot or new ones might be added, and you've got no idea what it was for. I don't have LCU Alpha access so can't check and I haven't heard anything about it.
Right now this is not planned, sorry. On the surface it seems simple but our icon strategy has grown and evolved a lot over the years making this a tough nut to crack. That said, there are many teams across the hall that are directly involved in this space. I suspect when they're ready to share more this will become a top priority.
Sotiris168 (EUNE)
: {{champion:121}} please add the store to the client. its already in the current client
Trollas (EUNE)
: Anything about udyr pleas or shaco Rito u r my god
Neither Udyr nor Shaco were instrumental in the creation of the updated client. When asked for help Udyr was seen going into bear form and heading into the jungle. Shaco was not seen.
: When will this new client hit the live servers? In this season?
Right now the Alpha is on LIVE! If you have an invite you can play blind SR and ARAMs. We are working on adding more queues and features all the time :)
: I had two questions regarding the profile page: -Will you implement a way for us to choose which champion is displayed in our profile page outside of the Ultimate Skin icons? I, for example, main Gnar and I would like to still have him in my profile background even if I go on a 10-game spree of playing Renekton to get him to mastery 7 or something. -Any chance of using the animated splash art of our champions instead of the static one for non-Ultimate Icon backgrounds? Why/why not? All in all, I have to say I love the way the new client is turning out!! Though I have noticed that champions like Rengar or Sivir whose splashes are quite zoomed in tend to have a lot of empty space in the corners and the profile looks somewhat empty, and Kindred's profile doesn't show Wolf, only Lamb.
The Champion displayed on your profile is based on an overly simple algorithm, we agree on that. We have a lot of ideas for how this page **could** choose a better champion but there are a lot of competing interests (different players want different things prioritized here). The good news is that though we haven't been able to prioritize this in the course of shipping an updated client, we have made it 1000x easier to upgrade once we commit to a solution that unlocks more expression for players. In regards to animated splashes in the profile a big shortcoming is that we don't currently have animated splashes for many of our champions. When we weighed the cost of bringing all of our champion splash animations up-to-date vs the myriad of other things our animators are working on we decided to focus elsewhere.
Eufor (EUNE)
: What about the invite? ._. You ignored that question? Are you hiding something ? Hmmmmmmm =_=
haha my bad. Our invites are automated as far as I know so we aren't dissing you! But there are going to be a bunch more sent out soon, hopefully you're in the next wave.
: Will the updated client allow for better implementation of changes in-game (such as new HUD options), or only changes to the client (such as Friend Request information)?
The client and the game are two different applications so the short answer is no. The longer answer is more encouraging as the code behind the game has actually been undergoing improvements for quite a while now! We haven't tracked down all the outstanding issues in the game of course but changes to how we code projectiles, VFX, etc have been made. Perhaps we've been too quiet about these, but they've been rolled out piecemeal rather than as a big product like the client update is being released.
: Are you gonna add a 'Random' button for skin selection?
We don't currently have plans to add a random button. I haven't been aware there was demand for this feature though so I'd like to know more about it and how it helps. I assume you have one or a few champions that you collect skins for and have a hard time picking? If you have more friends that feel the same way I'd like to know that too :D
Eufor (EUNE)
: With the new nexus siege mode coming do you think implemeting mods in the alpha client in the near future will be easier and if not at what point do you think you can implement all of the mods? ... Also where is my alpha invitation, I want to help too demmit!
Rotating Game Modes primarily touch the game, which is a separate application. For things like differing pick types (hate draft/OFA) client changes are required. This means supporting RGMs should be as simple as implementing the unique pick types. The updated client is easier to change than AIR, but we don't have a specific date to share yet :)
: Not sure if this has been mentioned anywhere else, but will we be able to reorder our Rune and Mastery pages without completely tearing them apart and putting them back together again?
Yes O_O This is one of those areas where we knew we had to make a quality of life change (we couldn't commit to as many as we wanted in our charge to deliver the updated client). Your rune and mastery pages will both appear in the form of a dropdown list that can be dragged and dropped in a reordery fashion!
Gaga (EUNE)
: What is the "training" tab really about, is it the sandbox mode?
Training is where you will find the Tutorial and Battle Training. We chose "Training" because we know that Battle Training is just ok and the new player experience in general needs work so we wanted to keep it flexible for the future. Sorry if this was a false flag for the sandbox fans.
: Included with the League Client Update, it is possible that we may have a new spectator system? As far as I've noticed, in this new LCU patch it has been readded the option to spectate, but the option is always greyed out. If you wanted to keep the old spectator system, you would've hooked the actual system with the new client, as AFAIK the spectator system is independent from the old client, i guess. Thanks in advance for having a Q&A and keep on {{summoner:14}}
The spectator system is independent of the client, yes. I know that we have other teams that are interested in improving spectator, just not the client update team. Hopefully there will be more to share at some point but us client folks aren't the best source, sorry.
eux0r (EUW)
: what sub-tabs other than 'overview' are planned for the actual profile tab(considering a lot one would expect there went to the collection tab)? edit:typo
We are currently working on the Ranked Leagues and Match History bits, those will be under profile :)
: Dont you think it is a bit unfair for players who dont have legendary skins to not give them such an amazing profile background as the people who have legendary skins? I do own Pulsefire Ez luckily {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} Also, will the "5 V 5 Ranked" area be removed because there is no 5V5 ranked anymore? Or will this stay because 5V5 ranked will return :)
Equip your PFE summoner icon and check out your profile. Eager to hear your thoughts.
Solerian (NA)
: You forgot to mention the ability to hear other champions' select quotes, having that re-instated as an option so the majority (who wanted to hear them) can do so with the minority allowed to opt out. Please don't forget about this. You guys have said several times that you've heard our cries and will be taking note of this likely being re-implemented. Also, in the profile section, many of us have called for customization rather than having our background based off of our "recently played" champion. We'd like to see something about that. Aside from the previous, the progress you guys are making are quite admirable. Getting more and more excited for this new client.
I've mentioned this in another thread but I think its important enough to repeat. The updated client unlocks the ability for the profile to do much more. I hear you that the recently played champion isn't always ideal, but this actually represents one of those foundational moments where something even that simple was hard to do in the Legacy client and what you see in the updated client is bottled potential. We are working with feature teams to see how they can really own this page and give it the flourish it needs, but that will likely happen later rather than sooner as we continue to push toward making AIR go to the dead place.
sortitus (NA)
: Please at least give us the option to disable non-essential animations when the final product comes out. I'm not in on the alpha testing, but my client takes almost as many resources as running the game in at low settings and 1920x1080. This isn't a big deal on my desktop, but my laptop needs a break to cool down in between games. The smoke and waving banners is nice, but I don't think I've ever seen the animation from "in queue" to "in champion select" even play properly. It lags or bugs out every time, even on my desktop. This is all assuming the new champion select stuff is coming over to the new client, but regardless of any changes, I'd prefer a non-animated option. I turn off music and animations where I can because I'm just not interested in the eye candy and very few games have music I'd rather hear than my own playlists.
Though we expect our streamlined animations to be much easier on PCs when we're ready for release, we still intend to support as many potatoes as we can with an animation disable option.
: My entire review of the Alpha client so far
Thanks for taking the time to put all this together! I think you'll be very happy with a few improvements we are adding in the next release, I'll socialize some of these other suggestions you have made across the team :) Keep up the good work.
: Ability to minimize friends list
There isn't anything being hidden back there. I know minimizing the list would give us space to put stuff there, but then you'd just be covering it up when you open your friends list. In the legacy client, a lot of designs suffered because there was a dotted line around the right side where we had to use the space to make it not look dumb, but couldn't put anything there that was too important because people might cover it with the friends list. We don't see enough value in going back to this paradigm. If you feel that a screen doesn't look right, let us know, they should all be designed to fit as comfortably as possible in the space we have :)
DrPooI (NA)
: Clarity With Game-mode Select
Its the poops! We'll have an updated button design for you guys soon.
: Logging Out Without Closing Client
Are you worried about the memory/CPU used by the client running in the background? Our plan is to have the updated client leave a much smaller footprint than the legacy one but I'd like to know more about your concerns :)
: Suggestion For New Client: Profile
We definitely want your profile to be a stronger reflection of you and what you're into. In the interest of replacing the legacy client in a timely fashion we will still be looking at improvements even after alpha is complete and the update is live. Right now we are trying to lay the foundation for improvements so we can tackle them easier after launch. The champion you see in the updated client now is based on a simple algorithm, so it won't be the best reflection for every player, but it has set the stage for much more intelligent content filling and potential customization. Before, your request was a very daunting task (in the legacy client's tech), now this seems pretty doable with our new tech stack, and I agree it would be cool to see in the future -- hopefully we can explore it again after launch.
: are you a lion
It is no longer clear whether I am more Lion or more Robo.
Karppa (EUW)
: I'm still kind of confused; does the "Advanced details" open up similar page as the match history in client, or does it open up the match history page in browser?
Good question, it pulls the same page as the match history in client up right there in the end of game screen. If you exit the game and go to your profile you won't see anything new :)
jkubed (NA)
: I really love the animation when you enter champion select from the lobby, sleek af. Also, is the friends list constantly open? Because I would find that pretty annoying, personally.
The friends list doesn't close, but that means it isn't hiding anything either. You can imagine how not knowing whether a player will have their friends list open might effect design decisions. We intend for the added consistency to pay dividends for teams designing features in the updated client as well as for players whether they're using a feature for the 1,000th time or just learning it.
Cobertor4 (EUW)
: Really interested in the "Advanced details" button in the post game lobby. Hoping for more and interesting stats! (looking at you dmg shielded, cc time prevented, etc). Other than that looks pretty cool.
This will pull your Match History Details page up for you (without exiting the end of game screen). This already has a lot of the features folks want for their end of game stats but additional ones can be updated as match history is updated :D
Almighty (NA)
: There is also the possibility it is a name which is reflective of Sol Invictus (The Unconquered Sun), which was a cult which was prominent in the Eastern Roman Empire and Persian/Sassanid Empires and was officially adopted as a Cult by Aurelian. (Most noteworthy thing about it is that it was the religious bridge between traditional Pagan polytheistic views in Roman society to monotheistic.) Pfft.. Who am I kidding... I am the only one who actually cares about this crap..
I love a good hiSTORY lesson. And that time period is totally my jam.
: a red cant post on the actual problem, but they can post on this? i'd say i fit right in with the competitive players, perhaps i dont fit in with the intentional trolls, the afks, the feeders, the bad because you cant tell me how to play guys, the im trying my best and im nice 0-19 guys...but i assure you i do fit in with the players who read every update, play every pbe cycle, try every tip to improve gameplay, do whatever they can to win. now how about a constructive red post? please?
We make a lot of posts addressing many problems, both related to player toxicity and many many other topics. We have made our stance on this subject clear in the past, as someone who reads all the updates, etc, you already know all the things I said yet actively campaigned in this thread for the opposite. My purpose in posting here was to point out that, when it comes to LoL, you are in the wrong about player behavior and toxicity and it is up to you to change your attitude about this subject. If you cannot be happy with a system that follows that philosophy then you should endeavor to find another game where you can be happy.
: if you are so overly sensitive, id say the internet is not for you. maybe try the local preschool and see if you can stay up to speed. almost all "solutions" are reactive....they "solve problems", especially when it comes to social media/interaction. maybe blizzard did it right with hearthstones "no chat" "preventive" solution. as far as "harmful behavior", id rather have 4 good players that talk shit, than 4 nice, kind, cuddly, and ever so friendly terribads. maybe they can make a separate ranked division for "nice losers".
If you are so callous maybe LoL isn't for you. Despite your personal opinion or anecdotal experience, our philosophy, based on interacting with millions of players, is that this behavior is not acceptable to LoL Players. Just because the Wild West was wild didn't mean that the wild things people did in those times were ok, the same is true for the internet and toxicity.
: This isn't about toxicity, rank, or the community. All I'm asking for is a thank you note that isn't directed at any type of player just for supporting them. I don't care how they do it, and I don't care who else they thank for specifically doing something. If they can go out of their way to thank two types of players, it wouldn't kill them to put up a note thanking all the players. Seriously, it's amazing that "Riot should thank all of its customers for their support" gets so much disagreement...
Hello, The AFK Farmer. I'm sorry that you weren't a part of this round of thank you gifts but I do want to emphasize that we are thankful for every single player we have, regardless of contribution or skill level. Many of us at Riot (more than not) are also Bronze players, or don't play ranked at all. In that case, these Rioters don't get the ranked rewards either. Ranked rewards and the behavior thank yous that just went out are only a few of the programs we run, and are specifically targeted at certain objectives like fostering competition and sportsmanship. Our continued endeavors to add new features like team builder, keep the game fresh with end of season updates, and run community events such as art competitions, are a few examples of something we do as a thank you to all players. You guys have made LoL the most played game and we are working hard to live up to that high praise. If we should be doing a better job of communicating to players about how we try to continually earn your much appreciated patronage, I'd like to apologize for that and I'll make sure to ping someone about how we are doing and how me might improve.
: So well...it´s 4months now and i perceive as ARAM only gradually gets worse, feeling less random and more streamline poke-comp vs streamline poke-comp every damn game. Please don´t just abandon every map that isn´t SR!
I'm not sure how you think it is we have "abandoned every map that isn't SR". Ignoring the Freljord update we have had a good selection of game modes on the map and continue to collect more and more valuable data (such as data that was harder to get when ARAM was done in custom games). We are learning a lot and performing experiments so that we can confidently identify what is the most healthy thing for ARAM.
: Champion select feature
Picking tradable champs under a time pressure is probably not ideal. I`ll book mark this page, talk to some folks, and see what we can do when we next dive into champ select.
: Hey! Thanks for stopping by! I had no clue this discussion would become this popular. Now back to the discussion! I think everyone needs recognition for something they do during a game to stay happy with their job. For instance, (I'm going to use two examples, a real-world application and a LoL one to explain my point.) in the workplace, workers who excel at their respective jobs do get some sort of recognition. There may be that one worker who never uses his sick days. There also may be, possibly at a store, a reward for the worker who sells the most items, or scans the most items within a certain period of time. Being recognized at the workplace isn't something the employer is required to do, but *they want to set the example to the other workers of what other workers should be doing and how it should be done and also encourage positive working habits with the recognized person*. In League right now, it's true to say that everyone has their own playstyles. However, supporting doesn't give too many options for playstyles outside of laning phase. *"Do I pick a poke support or a peel support? Do I play aggressive or passive?"* And to do a good job outside of laning phase is often times even harder. It's pretty stressful trying to make sure keeping my team alive, warding with little to no vision because it's "my job", and making sure we ace the enemy. Supports take a lot of heat. I figure if we're under that much of a microscope we deserve to be recognized for doing well. When I see supports do a great job, the first thought that comes to mind is, "Hey! This dude deserves some sort of recognition for what he did." Then I look, and all I can do is honor him, which has little to no value anymore. Riot, you have a chance to not only encourage support mains who excel at their job to keep up the good work. Not only that, but you can encourage a healthy playstyle with people learning the role through assist auras and assist sprees. That'll lead people truly wanting to learn the role down the right path.
There is definitely a lack of clarity as far as what measuring stick to use when gauging a support's contribution to the team. Assist streak call outs will definitely improve visibility into that aspect of support play. As some have mentioned, there are other unsung support duties as well, such as lane presence (helping ADC get farmed). I think we could definitely do a deep dive on how to measure actions like this and communicate them to players. I do know we are interested in leveling up how we celebrate good stuff. The cool thing is, identifying these measuring sticks and celebrating them would bolster both support player's and non-support players!
: > But wait, you forgot to make the case for support being undesirable in its current state! I know I'm biased, I love playing support, but we've also discovered that ~1/5 of players identify themselves as a support main (the same number of supports needed for a game of LoL). My question is to your data then: 1/5 of players identify as a support, but did they *choose* to identify that way, or was it out of necessity? For example, I mainly play support. It isn't because I like the role, its because I got REAL tired of playing the "race to call role" game. I think out of 300 total games played, I played ADC maybe 10 times, top maybe 7 times, Jungle 3 times, Mid 15 times. If we don't count fighting for roles, then I would have NEVER played top, and only played mid about 3 times. Perhaps it's different in ranked, but in normals, there is absolutely no way 1/5 of players choose support.
Most people won't identify themselves as being a thing unless they're opting into that thing. For instance my dad loved taking me hunting when I lived at home but I didn't self identify as a hunter just because I was forced to go hunting. You are correct that this data point deserves more scrutiny, and it is no guarantee that someone on your team will always be chomping at the bit to play support. It is however, an indicator that there are folks that are satisfied with the support role! But by asking why folks think it needs to be improved we learn more about why they find it unsatisfying and gain greater understanding of how to make it better. That is why I'm much more interested in why OP wants to improve support than I am in his solutions, because I don't yet know what he is trying to solve for O_O Once I have a better understanding of that, I can really get down to understanding his efforts to address the problems.
: Make support a more desirable role. Increase the power of assists.
But wait, you forgot to make the case for support being undesirable in its current state! I know I'm biased, I love playing support, but we've also discovered that ~1/5 of players identify themselves as a support main (the same number of supports needed for a game of LoL). Also, this season, supports are earning more gold and buying more items than ever before. I'm not trying to knock your assertion, really I'm trying to understand what it is you want to solve for. It seems you want supports to get more assists and get more recognition for assists. But is that because supports are still gold starved or because supports need higher KDAs to stay satisfied with their role? When we have a better understanding of the problem we can do a better job of working toward the solution :)
: Hey, Just wondering what in your opinion are the strongest Champions in Ascension and what kind of Team comps would you recommend playing? Many Thanks! MMK
I have played Dr. Mundo more than any other champion in this mode. He is so much fun and can really get annoying with all the cleavers flying around. As for winning strategies, assassins aren't as good as a lot of people think. They can certainly get a few good Ascension steals but sustain and poke are what really set teams up for success in my opinion. Being able to interrupt relics from a distance while not dying to other dudes means that you're keeping more enemies busy than you are taking away from your own team's numbers. So you can see why I favor Mundo.
Thryale (NA)
: Well, as for a suggestion, mine is more of a plea. Will you **please** stop making the camera snap to my character every time I teleport into battle? It is so friggin annoying trying to click ahead and get ready to fight, only to have my camera snap back and disorient me.
For players new to the mode it was very disorienting because of a few factors; a requirement to teleport to different places each time and the fact that the pads look very similar on each side of the map. Internal play tests saw a lot of confusion and this camera snap successfully addressed that. On the other hand, we agree that after you get used to the mode this can be more of a hindrance than a help. When we bring Ascension back in the future we will look at better ways to help players orient themselves and hopefully be able to turn the camera snap stuff off.
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