: - Just nerf all item values Boom... no one to cry over their champ getting nerfed if all items are equally neutered.
Even simpler answer- give back the Armor and Magic Resist that got lopped off during the pre-season 8. Those fundamental changes did an awful lot towards the damage creep we all see today, and it's incredibly subtle compared to big ticket items that are flashy.
JonneeG (NA)
: I remember when Riot said the would make missions so that they wouldn't promote bad tactics. (eg, "build full crit on lux" would be a bad quest). For a while I kinda believed it. Most of the quests are things that should be done anyways (take towers, deal damage, get kills). and while some people insisted on getting EVERY tower or dragon, it was mostly fine, because they were still somewhat legitimate strategies. but... We had "take 5 tp's and win on Summoner's rift" And then "play all 5 sona or ziggs" And then "use only 2 augments and win on the hardest difficulty" And "take AD items on Malphite… Because reasons" These quests not only rely on you handicapping yourself, but also handicapping your teammates. Side note: your teammates are most likely male and part of the "toxic male community". So don't these missions give them an opportunity to be more toxic? /s If the event had a SOLO option (no matchmaking at all), I could see an argument for challenging yourself. It doesn't so moot point Did I miss anything? Because Riot is making very little sense to me
The 5 TPs thing was nonsense I'll grant. Play all 5 sona or ziggs... is this about the "play as 5 of the same champion"? Cause that can be any of them. Use less augments for achievements as a team requires the whole 'team' to opt in, which has separate problems but certainly isn't something implemented without warning in champ select. AD items on malphite actually isn't 'that' horrible. Sure, it won't get you through 2 augment onslaught, but Autoattack Malphite is still decent, especially once you get the Transmute augment. (Plus, that Bork+guin mission can be completed on any difficulty, including the easiest one)
: I was at one point considering buying QSS but soon I realised it would be a waste because these skarners just keep ulting you. You can cleanse it but then you will get hit with a second skarner ult and so on.
Kind of. As much as I hate the skarners, you 'can' just spam your dash key at the second you cleanse it off. Generally I find this works to get away fairly often between the breaks when one lets go of you and before another latches onto you, should be the same with a cleanse.
: A simple solution would be to give them bonus damage towards minions that scales throughout the game. So essentially, they'd clear just as fast, if not faster than normal turrets and melt champions at the same time.
Or, since their damage to minions is a fixed % of the hp of the minions now, to give the laser turrets similar functionality.
: I whole heartedly agree with this. Even with recent nerfs to a few things, a ton of champions are still way to over powered. Zed is over tuned. He got wat too much of a buff for a small dusk nerf, and honestly a lot of the champions that did get buffed are OP right now. The other things is SUDDEN IMPACT need to be removed. It is the only factor into why assassin's, ad and ap, can reduce Armor and MR to below 0 on a squishy. And it's majority used on assassin's. Get rid of it, or make it so everyone can use it. Know why everyone complains about Zoe? Because sudden Impact can drop base MR below 0 is she E+Q+R+Qs you. If you have no MR and she has Sorc boots and Morello, and void staff, with SI you have less that 0 base MR. So it does more damage than intended. Read this Riot. Remove Sudden Impact, and replace it with something more healthy. Something like: After hitting an enemy champion gain 5% MS for 1s (4s CD) That healthy an balanced.
A lot of the problem I have with sudden impact is that it's not even remotely "choice-based". Have a dash and care about your damage? Take Sudden Impact.
AD Yuumi (NA)
: New week, new micropatch. Today we're ADDING A NEW EVENT AND REWARD. Looking forward to your feedback when they show up in your games. Also trying a global Magic Resist buff to reign in the power of Tanks and AoE mages. This is a heavy handed approach and may not be ideal in the long run. We're going to monitor its effects and follow up on Wednesday. Personal worry is that we may be leaving our AP assassins out to dry. > 8/20 Patch notes: > > **Global Aura** > All champions gain 5 +.5/lvl Magic Resist > >**Events and Rewards** > Added EVENT Scuttle Racing > Added REWARD Brush Stealth
Okay so the strict "Sorc Boots + Oblivion Orb rush at 5 minutes" may not be as good anymore, which is appreciated.
: Somehow the balance team does not understand what to fix in regards to damage. They keep nerfing/buffing the wrong things. We have to spell it out I think... 1. ADC are too strong again. Nerf damage from all sources by 10% 2. Tank damage is too high and tank items are too weak. Nerf Tank damage by 20% and buff tank items by 10%. 3. Mage burst damage is too high. Nerf Mage damage by 20%. The end.
One thing I find weird about this post is the contrast between these points. Problem: ADC damage too high. Solution: Reduce *global* damage by 10%. Problem: Mage damage too high. Solution: Fuck mages **specifically** for 20%, leave all other damage untouched.
Ahris (NA)
: Why does squishy champs need to be tanky?
I don't think anybody is saying squishy champions need to be tacky. I think people just want a game state where not literally every non-tank champion is hitting like a Burst Mage.
: I believe they said they're nerfing damage next season. I guess that's a gamble that folks don't find a new game before November. Secondly, it looks like you're Orianna. I get that you want to survive a little longer, but mages are more in the glass cannon territory and that doesn't seem horrifying to me.
Mages got fucked *specifically* by the rune changes defense wise. They got **zero™** compensation for the removal of the old stats runes used to give, unlike everyone else who got huge buffs in a bunch of ways. They're the only class that *didn't* get armor, putting them significantly behind the curve. Their main 'compensation' was that everyone lost more MR than they lost flat pen, and that sort boots got +3 pen which meant *moar damage*, but this is *also* something they're vulnerable to. Yes, they say they'll address it next season, but I honestly *don't trust them*. Sure, maybe they'll take the time and do it in a picture perfect way, but damage creep has been absolutely rampant this past season, and my worry is that there'll be a slight walk-back on it in the pre-season, but no change in their policy overall, causing any talkback to be wiped out by their march of damage creep by the next mid season. ™Sure, they technically got 12 HP/lvl, but that's functionally nothing, especially early game.
: I think Zilean might be too strong in Nexus Blitz
I'm not sure he's super strong, so much as it's just you playing a champion you like and being good at them. Nexus Blitz is a crazy shitshow of awesome nonsense. For example I've been spamming Morgana on the mode and maintained a 77% win rate. A lot of it is really just knowing the map and how to exploit trigger happy enemies. I'm not hating on our resident time lord, though. He's really fun, and a master of baiting the enemies with his ult. https://imgur.com/L5y5aRz.jpg?noredirect
Hibeki (NA)
: Wow a few minor characters can use it to a slight advantage. Every other person in the game gets fucked by on demand stasis/untargetable Just like every other person in the game gets fucked by a full zed rotation. One existing doesnt make the other justified.
Speaking as somebody who plays a lot as one of those aforementioned characters (Morgana), I stopped buying Zhoynas in my standard build years ago. It's just *not* worth it, you give up too many stats. Sure, I'll consider the tradeoff when against Zed or when it's a specific pick, or building it as a fourth item after Dcap where raw stat efficiency isn't as important. In most circumstances, I just can't give up **literally** 1.5k worth of gold efficiency at 15 minutes in for the opportunity to maybe make a zhoynas play. Flash-ult Morgana is garbage right now because before it worked by being able to get bulk with runes, and surviving at least 1 second reliably after flashing in. Or being able to eat 'half' of a burst rotation and having somebody dive in at you THEN hitting 4. You can't *depend* on that anymore, you're liable to randomly die in 0.25 seconds before you can react and activate it, and activating it too early means they hop with League Of Mobility out of the ult. Generally, the more damage creep we see, the more Morgana is forced into her backline artillery/peel role. At least when she can't flash in and kill people with the first half of R, but that's not flash "zhoynas", really.
Danjeng (NA)
: Abyssal Mask isn't a mage item (optimally). Rylai's only gives health. That's the equivalent of saying Black Cleaver, Frozen Mallet, and Titanic Hydra (which all give more health) are defensive AD items. I mean realistically in terms of resistences, mages really only have Zhonya's to counter AD, and Banshee's Veil to counter AP. What OP is saying is that it would be nice if there was another AP item that granted resistances or a defensive passive. For example, as a Ryze player, Zhonya's passive isn't the best (don't get me wrong it still has its uses) since his cooldowns are already quite short, and stasis would only halt his dps. But I build it anyway to counter AD assassins.
Abyssal Mask used to be a mage item, but rito specifically nerfed that aspect when they made it melee-range only. Probably for the *best* long term, but it was band aiding the fact that mage defense itemization is so bad.
: > [{quoted}](name=Riot jinxylord,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=dyYHts0y,comment-id=00030000000000000001,timestamp=2018-08-18T02:50:33.796+0000)I've been exploring light changes to Morgana and so far nothing I've tried has stuck. Her kit is already great as it is on live, so we're only going to make small changes if it is clear that they make her better. Out of curiosity, what have you identified as as possible weak points or opportunities for improvement in her kit? I'm assuming if you've looked into light changes you've done so under the assumption there there might be a chance to improve her gameplay, and, if so, I'd love to know what elements in her kit (or that could be added to her kit to improve gameplay) were identified as the focus of the explorations.
As somebody who has played a lot of Morgana, I think one of the really neat things they did (that they mostly took away with the hot fix nerf) was deshackling her soil from her snare. You could lock it onto an enemy cc or a wave with enough time to generally get multiple instances off, and then have it about ready with your snare anyway, meaning it could be used as its own individual spell. This still exists to some degree, but not nearly as much with the +2 cd duration. I could see some minor tweaks emphasizing her ability to use it without 'putting her Q on cd' being healthy.
koshkyra (NA)
: Tell me an unpopular League opinion that will trigger everyone.
Morgana as a carry is a fun and interesting champion.
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Bazerka (NA)
: Personally, I like to leave certain things unsaid X). Keeps some of the mystery around. I call it the "Midichlorian Problem" :D
My personal head cannon is that Willump is a really, really ancient and grown up Poro. Try to stop me.
: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-discussion/QQsRBGhj-yasuo-buff-reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Hey, that link is really useful. It means that people can down vote you *twice* for your crying.
: Sion was fine, people just didnt play him. Sion as a champion completely changed, he is no longer sion anymore. Graves as a champion completely changed, he is no longer graves anymore. Veigar has suffered greatly due to the gate change, as any assasin or bruiser can advance on him and one shot him. Before his wall would compensate for his lack of mobility by keeping him safe if he used it well. Now his wall basically does nothing unless you are in a teamfight, or the enemy champ is stunned. GP was really good, he was versatile, and flexible and complimented various team compositions well. Gangplank as a champion completely changed, he is no longer Gangplank anymore. The point is, when you take a champion that people have pored their time into, and have developed a love for; and you change it completely... It alienates the players who enjoyed them. And i dont remember seeing anyone asking for a rework for these champs, it just kinda happened. All of the champs who have received reworks could have just had balance tweaks for the most part...
But they didn't even really change anything with Gangplank. They replaced his E morale with Barrels and... that's honestly it. There's minor tweaks elsewhere and a massive aesthetic overhaul (and I 'do' miss our memey jolly GP), but mechanically he's *basically* the same champion, but with a barrel mechanic added. His passive is still an on-hit, and I guess it doesn't slow anymore? His Q is still the same point and click ranged auto. His W is still oranges. His R is mostly just more consistent. Some things I can really see the metamorphosis, like Sion. But what really changed with GP?
: ***
Because starting the conversation off with "you don't have a right to express your fucking opinion" is **sure** to guarantee that anybody listens to anything else you have to say with an open mind, or will react to you politely.
: I'll take slow and steady change in the right direction over Riot swinging a hammer. That's how we ended up with this season in the first place, after all. Let's continue to give active, constructive feedback, and hopefully we'll be where we need to be soon.
The major thing will be if riot actually got the message that "maybe damage is too high", now that pro players are saying it en masse, or if this is a one-off thing to try to shut people up before reverting right back to damage creep in every new patch again.
Iręlía (NA)
: Can't take him seriously when he talks so much about feminism and sexism in league. IMO, League has a VERY diverse champ pool with some inherently "sexier" champs due to their thematic. He called Akali's new iteration Sexist, but most people find it just the opposite. Which has made her far more "edgey" and badass and overall has nerfed her sex appeal with more of a badass appeal. I think hes kinda delusional sometimes. Sorry if the above offends you. XD
Could you give me a citation on that? I haven't followed him regularly at all, and am kind of skim-listening to the video for this thread, so I'm not sure where/if he actually *says* stuff like that.
: Too bad Hashinshin is a biased idiot. If you look at his little notes he wants to nerf Electrocute base damage but then BUFF its AD ratio and only its AD ratio basically nerfing it for only AP champions? This guy is such a joke, he literally only see balance from the perspective of the few champions he plays, ie not ap champions or mages..
I mean, the general 'idea' of what he wants is good, it just fails to take AP champions in general into account. For example, AP changes. -10 ALL mana item using mages. -5% magic penetration (void) -5% AP from Dcap AD item changes Up serrated dirk to 1250 (don't touch those completed items any dough.) -5 AD from maw, and *compensate* it with 15 MR Things like this just mean that you have to take for granted that Hash, while with us in recognizing that the damage is **way** too fucking high, has zero concept of mages in any regard, ever.
: Dropping this in here since I did in another thread but you may not see it. This is a current low scope direction we're testing for some damage runes. These will be on the PBE tomorrow: Electrocute Damage :: 50-220 (+50%bAD)(+30%AP) >>> 30-180 (+40%bAD)(+25%AP) Cooldown :: 50-25 >>> 25-20 Cheap Shot Damage :: 15-40 >>> 8-40 Sudden Impact Lethality Bonus :: 10 >>> 7 Magic Penetration Bonus :: 8 >>> 6 Celerity Bonus Movement Speed converted to Attack Damage :: 9.6% >>> 6% Bonus Movement Speed converted to Ability Power :: 16% >>> 10% Scorch Damage :: 20-60 >>> 10-30 Cooldown :: 20 >>> 10
As a small thing regarding the Celerity change... a short while ago you changed Celerity to give less base move speed and instead give a high conversion rate. Would a good alternative to that particular change just be to revert that, so it gives 3% move speed again?
: What is wrong with pyke? He's one of the most fun champs to play and is not broken at all.
Honestly, I think the very *concept* of Pyke (as intended as a support position champion) is raw cancer. His idea is inherently only possible in a deeply toxic state of the game. It isn't about being "broken" or " balanced". It's about slotting an assassin into your support slot. If pyke is viable as a support, it's because he can do most anything a standard assassin can do. If he can't do the assassin things, then he isn't viable. But the reason he can do this is that the core "job" of assassin is so easy now that it's capable of working on the no-gold budget of a support. He's only capable of existing as a remotely reasonable champion because of how *deranged* damage is right now, and if damage ever gets fixed his whole design is going to 'immediately' turn into a train wreck.
: The core problem will ultimately be keystones until they're removed. They've added far too much power to the game and the mastery trees need a revert to a state without them if we want to see this insane damage decrease.
No, the core problem isn't keystones, they're perfectly fine as a concept. The *problem* is riot's current trend towards promoting high damage over high defenses. It literally doesn't matter what changes they make to the game, or if they ""revert"" back to a system like we had before. As long as they keep injecting favoritism towards damage to a high degree as we've seen in the past year, **any** changes will make the problem worse.
: > [{quoted}](name=Red Wreckage,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=6zR4txQj,comment-id=00010004000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2018-07-09T07:22:52.080+0000) > > NA plat = EUW bronze. everyone knows this. > > im victim of riot matchmaking. hehehehe. my Win rate is better than you scrubby e-grill. and KDA too lol like your saying it like kda means anything. Your hard stuck silver 1 and you main master Yi. She’s a plat 5. And don’t try this bs of NA better than EUW. The skill gap between most of the big regions on solo q is minimal
Like, I'm legitimately trying to figure out if he's serious. He says "I'm vicim of riot matchmaking.", like he would sarcastically to mock, but it's about himself and it's 100% with a serious tone.
Diana hole (EUNE)
: V8.6 Total true damage increased to 80 - 505 (based on level) from 70 - 410 (based on level). > Cooldown increased to 240 seconds from 210. > True damage decreased to 60 - 400 from 80 - 505 Might as well delete ignite at this point.
Before the 8.6 buff, Ignite did 70-410 damage. This was the damage it had for the entirety of seasons 2 through 7. But *literally nobody* took ignite during any of those seasons, right?
Mcziggy (NA)
: Then how will Akali, Yasuo, Talon, Katarina and Zed get their first blood kills? At this point I don't know what riots thinking behind this nerf. I agree with you ignite should be nerfed just as hard, if not harder.
That's not even really a nerf, that's a **buff revert**, and then -10 more damage afterwards.
RH Venom (NA)
: Uninstalling this game for the first time in 5 years (no joke) Peak rank: (Diamond 2 100 LP)
Honestly, new runes are fine, going back to old runes/masteries wouldn't fix much. Primarily because if we went back they'd tweak the system **even harder** towards damage. New runes was merely the vector for the hyper damage inflation, and any future changes **will also suffer that fate**.
Averia (NA)
: We had metas back in season 2 and 3 and such that lasted 30 minutes tops and adcs were still strong, weaker than season 7 but strong. It's not a matter of time, it's a matter of riot enforcing items to be scalers of each other in bot lane. It used to be that you had 1-2 big spikes as an adc and then kinda just slow ramped up way to late-game but now our only spike *is* late-game. For that we were compensated with insane damage scaling. And now it's back to season 2-3 damage levels, without the benefit of having a good survivability item like the old Bloodthirster or Botrk to help us survive the early game. We achieve worse damage values now, with less utility. That's a depressing thought.
Part of the issue is that a lot of the "damage creep" isn't just the literal numbers, it's the fact that resistances (somewhat armor but especially MR) have been gutted. Typically in seasons 2/3 you'd be running around with 70ish MR with 0 item investment (aegis aura, +by-lvl mr runes). Now you're lucky to hit 40. Runes and dragons and other ambient damage going up doesn't help shit, either.
: Wukong, 55% win rate, 10% play rate. You gonna laugh me off the boards now for saying he's broken?
To be fair, successful threads on boards typically have a % failure rate "anyway" because if your thread gets downvoted by the first 3 people that see it, it doesn't matter if the other 97 would have upvoted, thread's dead.
: I can only wonder what the name of that emote will be. EDIT: I have similar issues as ADC where my support tries to poke and then gets engaged on instead and I can't possibly help.
: "You deal a ton of damage late game, but your powerspike is later, all your items cost more, you have less armor, and games last 27 minutes on average so you never make it to late game! Have fun!!"
Maybe, and this is just a thought, the problem isn't with Adcs, and is instead with the "games are literally decided in the first 10 minutes" trend we've got going.
Flashes (NA)
: "You're just mad because botlane has diversity now. Shut up, ADC mains." Ft. Caitlyn
To be fair, Morgana has literally never been a "bad" carry or scaler with gold. In this meta I'd say she's subbar, because she's backloaded, and thrives in longer fights, and the systemic changes and champion-specific nerfs didn't help, but it's not a uniquely big deal.
: I seen some matches where one team has a distinct lead in kills, mostly on one person, and then that person proceeds to throw so hard that I was left starstruck on why. The reason? Wanting to pad their stats and not focus on actual objectives.
Aka, knowing how to W+M1 gank an overextended enemy, but with no concept of how to translate that post-laning phase.
: why not gank the lanes that re in the middle so you can have another lane that's ahead and then if you can, try to bridge some of the gap for the losing lane, though if they've got a hopeless deficit, the most you could hope for is some crowd control to save that ally
It depends a **lot** on why that lane is losing, how bad it is, and the potential opportunity. If they're 0/3 and still pushing to the enemy tower, you can't gank that. If you ganked them while it was even, and you saw them Int into the tower and die, probably no good to keep ganking that. Fairly often there is a "reason" that laner is losing, and it's not always (or even often) solvable with a gank.
: To think. Some idiot barbarian can apparently survive getting literally grinded into pieces with no physical damage taken sheerly because of how fucking mad he is. It's insane.
Nothing about Tryndamere's Undying Rage has *ever* made sense. I see no inconsistency.
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: Aatrox has 55% win rate
Honestly you can see the win rat climbing up almost 10% **before** that hotfix. He's a funky champion, people need to get used to him.
: About the "King's Peace(day 6 )" mission
Same issue here, I imagine it's more bugs, because URF counted for the previous missions.
: The things about Ornn is his buffs were undeserved it's true, but that's partially because of how solid his kit is and how well all his abilities tie together for a combo. Aatrox's kit on the other hand is so stupidly juxtaposed I'm still scratching my head how it got out of pbe. You have a passive that encourages autos, qs that want you to stay a physical distance from the enemy (not to mention landing them is completely reliant on another ability,) anyone with boots can just walk out of the w, and dying in your ultimate still means you die anyway despite the revive unless it's a late game teamfight.
To be fair, a kit that is at odds with itself allows for more power to be put "into" that kit. As a Morgana Main for several seasons, a lot of why she was allowed to do insane stuff was because her kit was juxtposd between "keep away" and "run into melee". What I'd buff this ability with, honestly, is something like "if the target dies while affected by this debuff, this passive comes back off Cd. Now last hitting with it does't waste it.
: > [{quoted}](name=ReshiKillim,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=thHX1dj8,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-07-02T02:24:20.849+0000) > > You say that like it's not the same in plat or diamond Ill say this, starting from Silver 3 going to G1 I've fluctuated between S1 and S4 and noticed some things. The closer you were to S5 the more consistent teammates got and the closer to Gold you got the more inconsistent they were. By this i mean (and i use mobalytics to help me on this) i would get more new players in higher end of silver then i did in the lower end. If felt like most people there were about to drop to bronze so even if your teammates were bad their opponents were as well, where as in the higher end i was praying that mobalytics didn't say on my team(This player hasn't played in over a month) or (this player is new). Much worse you see players with sub 40% WRs and players with the caption(it would be a miracle if they ward). The of course theres the smurfs which quite honestly if you have been playing the game for a while are not that bad to deal with laning wise if you get them but your teammates are the bigger worries in that area and because you likely won't have the skill to outright beat them in most cases, your teammates will fall over to them when they roam or if they are matched against them instead. Finally the behaviors. The basic "if you die it's your fault" stance seems to be a foreign concept to them. The honestly believe that its everyone fault for not following them even in absurd situations. You could be at base, ping them away from invading as you have vision on the laner following them, watch them die in the enemy jungler and as if you know the words that are going to come out of their mouth say "you should of followed". Like what are these people, this is the stuff you see in Bronze but its in high silver/gold.
I mean, there are cases where you should have gotten backup. But most of the time where that is said it really is during dumb invades with 0 map awareness. Honestly at higher Elo that can even work cause you tracked their jungler on the other side and count on *both* laners coming. for a 2v1, but skill consistency isn't a thing at low elo. I have this really clear memory a long time ago of playing bliz support and hooking an enemy under tower, and struggling with both of their teammates over several seconds to keep him there and scoring a kill. Then I hear "awh, I didn't get an assist" for my Adc. Who was standing next to us the whole time, CSing. I didn't say it, but I thought "Yes, you need to *contribute* if you want an assist".
Pika Fox (NA)
: I fail to see how its "power creep" when the same thing would have happened whenever noct was meta anyway. You build no defenses, you get no support, you die.
Building defenses isn't *viable*. Hoping your support saves you is 100% out of your control. It feels like shit that damage creep is in such a state that "0 counterplay literal 1 shot" is the only option, and that your counterplay has fuckall to do with yourself. That's thee "point".
Elohaven (NA)
: Shield wouldn't have let him survive
But a shield+knock-up might have. Though yes, damage creep is way out of hand.
: > [{quoted}](name=yangus Beef,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=vhdgT42g,comment-id=000b00010000000000000000,timestamp=2018-07-02T15:12:03.007+0000) > > That doesn't make sense. The main function of an adc is to deal damage. look at what youve typed. think about what you're saying >The main function of an **adc** is to **deal damage**. now repeat after me. "adc is a position; markmen is a class." if you're the kind of person that unironically uses bottom lane, adc, and marksmen as synonyms then... there are no words. yi is the funniest looking marksman i've ever seen and mages arent allowed to deal damage.
This is literally one of maybe 3 patches in all of the last 5+ years where taking a melee as your Adc wasn't considered "inting". I'll wait a couple months before caring if people distinguish those.
: > [{quoted}](name=Ayzev,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=vhdgT42g,comment-id=000c,timestamp=2018-07-02T06:31:35.508+0000) > > To those saying "But he had Duskblade and Stormrazor, while you had no defensive items": > > An explanation isn't a justification. This is the perfectly worded. Tired of every time a discussion is brought up about the ridiculousness of damage right now, people start saying stupid shit like "Well he's an assassin, he's suppose to do that".
Yeah, the issue is that Adc is the dominant class, and their dominance (and a lot of other classes) revolves around 0-defense being the **only** option. If you were allowed to opt into defense then "bursted at 0 defense items" wouldn't be so bad. Of course the issue it the only way you're allowed to opt into defense without gimping yourself is if it's obnoxious with basically no tradeoff (See: pre-nerf steraks). We need to build a meta where people aren't gimped by building a defense item, so it's viable, without it being 0-cost to build. Otherwise we either set our bar low enough the "you're not allowed to 1-shot a 0 defense person", which feels *horrible* for the diver and makes supports way over the top. Or we say "adc needs a support to survive", which feels *horrible* for the *marksman* as it's 100% out of their control. Rampant damage creep is going so far that the former (which rito has leant towards before), is ceasing to be *possible*.
: > [{quoted}](name=Done25,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=zX1hxMpl,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2018-07-02T14:35:41.103+0000) > > Why do you think riot went to such large lengths to delay assassin burst? > Talon needs to land three abilities *and* a basic attack to trigger his passive. > LB was made to delay her abilities to trigger her damage sigil. > Zed's ult has a big window from start to finish during which he can either be CCed or the target can be healed/shielded. > > Don't you dare try and say Rengar jumping out of a bush/ult and instantly nuking someone with Duskblade+Stormrazor is healthy gameplay. And look what happened. Everyone can agree that the assassin rework was a complete failure; you've got two champions who got reverts and a bunch more where you've just completely alienated the playerbase. Burst is burst for a reason. Without burst, assassins can hardly exist.
To be fair, they could totally exist with a little less burst if they didn't get counter-bursted by undodgable 0-cooldown point-and click nukes if they took more than 1 second to do their job. Adc being so oppressive for so long warped the whole game, cause that burst was what was "necessary" for them to function.
: While I understand that you want the icon, calling it "unfair for the losing faction" doesn't really hold up in my opinion. This is a competition. If one side wins, they get rewarded. There is nothing unfair about that, this is just how competition works.
This isn't a competition though. Competition implies a skill requirement, or an actual confrontation. This is a **popularity contest**.
Vyntrius (NA)
: The only thing that surprised me is that this guy has a 60 percent win rate in 289 games with his top 2 champs, yet his overall win rate is only 51 percent. I doubt that he is actually trying to climb, he would just stick to Shaco and Warwick if he was. Sticking around in low elo to stomp does not prove that the champion is overpowered.
Yeah, this post was super weird and unfocused. It's trying to be a "fuck no-skill assassins" post, and 'also' a "fuck riot for ruining ryze" post. Feels kind of like a blind QQ stream with no center.
: Riot why do I have to spend each of my tokens individually to convert them to BE?
Same reason there isn't an easy way to mass convert your blue shards into IP all at once.
: {{champion:9}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:38}} There's your URF OP's
*lists URF OPs* *doesn't list Fiora* Yeah okay.
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