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Spotty (NA)
: Why aren't there any grills in LCS/pro scene?
Men are better than Women at sports (including e sports) Sure there are always exceptions, the best women are often better than average men but the best men will crush the best women 99.9999% of the time.
: Patch 6.5: "Please Wait" and spinning loading icon when clicking on Ranked or Normal Draft queues.
This just happened to me. I was in a draft game and it bugged out, since then I have not been able to queue for any draft games at all.
Chaosfaint (EUNE)
: [CLIENT] Cannot queue to draft pick whether it was ranked or normals.
this happened to me just now. a draft game crashed in queue and now i cant play draft, only blind pick. rito pls help
: I can't play this game anymore
My answer to OP is the same as my answer to this other post.
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: Ranking system needs serious reworking
If they are all so bad why cant you pick a hyper carry and solo win the game?
: won a game, no LP change
I JUST won a ranked game, got no LP. sad dayz
: Just played a game, didn't get LP or IP
Hi, same happened to me. I played a normal draft game and hours later I still did not receive IP or mastery points.
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: Seeking Duo, Plat +
You guys are funny! There is a reason you can duo with anyone within an entire Division of you. YES Gold players can duo with silvers and platinums alike. If you think your current division/tier is a perfect indication of your skill level, you are delusional :D
: Seeking Duo, Plat +
I posted this thread, I can seek whatever I like. I'm not forcing anyone to add me am I? I was in series for Gold 1 last week. I am just trying to get matched with higher MMR players for more quality games. But hey, thanks for noticing me :D
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: Celebrating the end of this year's Snowdown
I got time machine Zilean. Riot you rock! Much Love. -Facts
CLG Uzi (NA)
: LF My Aphromoo (Support)
: [LFM] Mimic Esports looking for Support Silver2+
AGE: 33 Current Solo Rank: Gold 3 Last Season Solo Rank: Silver 3 Normal wins: 1600+ Preferred Roles: Support > Mid > Jungle > Adc > Top Been playing Since: Season 1 Played on a team before(y/n): y Main Champions: Too many to list TimeZone/Availability: Eastern NA, mostly evenings IGN: FactsofLife
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: Dev Blog: SR’s gameplay updates
Please fix model blocking, especially with champion on champion. So many times I can't target that adc b/c his model is completely blocked by the huge support or tank. Champs (IMO) should never be allowed to overlap at all, it would make for better gameplay and more interesting strategies at choke points using model blocking.

Roger Fakerer

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