: Should you take Baron?
"Or hey, just don't."
Phreak (NA)
: Undefeated in 3 games in the LCS this split. Feels pretty far from weak IMO
Love you Phreak, but LCS results shouldn't be the core of balancing decisions. Especially only 3 games.
Balockay (NA)
: He definitely needs a VU! Morde needs love {{champion:82}}
{{champion:82}} Needs more than VU, he needs a whole rework. His ult is strong yes but the rest of his kit fails to be up to par with the range/mobility stage the game is and has been in.
: Oh he's in the sights as well..
{{champion:82}} Would say that his gameplay obviously doesn't fit with the current state of the game. Such short range with no movement abilities, and no CC in order to be a good frontline. Rito pls make the champ i fell in love with and lvled 1-30 more playable in this meta. Huehuehue
: Delete teemo !!!!!!!!!!
Well they did cut him out of the "Teamplay" picture lol


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