: Can we talk about how the level of fun has dropped dramatically and the level of toxicity has risen
: Jessica Nam @Riot (not just you)
: Diana needs some tweaks to her kit
Great idea. This would keep her identity the exact same while making her moon useful and less clunky.
: When your whole team dies and your the only one left to defend the nexus
: You know that base AD means that its an un-changable amount. Its the base amount that riot gave them. Its a very large nerf to CRIT overall. However if you build {{item:3031}} its almost about the same damage. Plus {{item:3031}} would also scale with level with this change. Because of this it would deter ADC's from rushing an {{item:3031}} and slow down the steamrole effect that the game has right now. You also wont see {{champion:157}} blowing you up because he built 2 items and became op anymore. {{champion:23}} on the other hand would actually deal more damage late game than he does right now and I havent checked {{champion:11}} becasue you rarely see him build crit anymore. Look at the numbers again. I did the first example with 100 AD. That will never happen because once you build {{item:3031}} you are well over 100. Plus your base AD is never 40. Thats like {{champion:21}} level 1. ({{champion:21}} has the lower base AD in the game 42). I cant possilbly see how this small damage nerf would be horrible for the game. ADC's need a nerf and this is where we can globally hit them all. It is a much smaller nerf for any melee champions however and It could actually be a buff for them.
I second this idea. It would actually work. It wouldnt effect abilities like {{champion:21}} ult but it nerfs adcs basic attacks. YAY NERF {{champion:119}}
: A couple different ideas for Dianas "moonfall"
I agree. Diana is clunky as hell after that patch
: New armor/ AP item concept
The bottom passive might be a bit high. But I really like it.
Ralanr (NA)
: I can only see this being good on Diana, and even then she's not encouraged to build attack speed. Other AP bruisers? Not so much.
Consider Diana is the only Ap bruiser I think the op thought of this item with her in mind as there is no ap brusier items and Diana is the only one. However this is a really good item for a couple champions. I would think that the shielding passive would work on azir because his soldiers count as am auto attack however the 15 damage would not work air would also gain cdr and a good amount of ap when combined with nashor tooth. Another good combo would be Kassadin because his autos always deal magic damage and his e would actually give him a really big shield. Any champion that uses lichbane this could also be a good synergy with. Then you have ezreal corki and kog maw which could potentially break this item. I like it though. Diana could really use an item like this.
: Diana hasent been touched for seasons
I actually really like this idea as a Diana main myself. I feel as if she was made more into a bruiser than an assassin she would be in a much better state.
: You sir are right. I typed it wrong but thanks for reading.
Seekêr (NA)
: In all reality this community is so uptight and butthurt all the time they have no idea how to identify sarcasm
In all reality this game ruined everyone's lives
Seekêr (NA)
: This is nostalgic of last season. The issue right now is not enough bans but that is being addressed.
In all reality no champion should be banned because they are that powerful. Powerful champions simply means riot fucked up.
: Hate to break it to you but Riot and all of their employees does not give a F*** about the game anymore let's bring it back to the old days for example riot would everyday listen to their players and FIX things NOW they're more about JUST MONEY over player satisfaction. THIS IS exactly what happens when companies Start to lose sight of what made them even who they are now. And i would also like to point out that the report button DOES NOT DO a single S*** too. If you report a player they would NOT get banned or chat restriction at all I've SEEN this with my own eyes i have played with NUMEROUS players that i have on my ignore list for a reason and what's one thing they do? Feed intentionally or flame the whole team when were trying to help. EVERY player always flame when they're having a bad day and that's normal and i can understand that completly but for someone to go out their way and feed on purpose and then blame you is a whole other thing... I'm straight up hoping a riot employee would say something or reply to my post if they even care i have been playing this game ever since league of legend demo and i have to say this game is straight up going downhill and this is just sad to say this tbh. I want the riotgames that use to update every week and are actually VERY active with their players. Not the MONEY GRABBING company that i see now and like i said this is coming from a player that has seen the ups and downs of riot cmon guys you can do better... ALSO BRING BACK THE DAMN TRIBUNAL JUDGMENT so things would be alot easier and players can be judged stop letting a bot be the judge of the report let players that have actually earned the right to do the judge it's actually more easier that way. i'm pretty sure this comment might get hates but if you have been around for as long as i am you will know what im saying....
It took me 3 years or being a total asshole to get banned for toxicity lmao. I agree. However I see it from the other side too. Banning players from the game isn't effective at all. The game itself needs to be less frustrating overall which at this point is an impossibility because riot is incapable of doing anything right anymore. The game will continue to spiral out of control because they are too stupid to okay their own game. Even if they do play the game 90% of the developers are bronze! Imagine that the makers of the game being that unskilled where they balence the game around the top players. That's how out of touch they are with this game.
: > [{quoted}](name=Rozair,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=7lMOFGxE,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-02-20T14:31:17.120+0000) > > Psa: the only good department is the art department. They are amazing at what they do. Thank you art department! Actually the current art department is atrocious. The Iron Stylus era was great though, current era I have no idea who is in charge but he sucks compared to Iron Stylus.
True but it's in a better place in comparison to every other division
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: i was wondering did you get out and if you did how much did it take you because i'm in the exactly same situation with you
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: Is it fair for one item to completely counter a champion?
All of grievous wounds is broken. First off it shouldn't have a % health on it to trigger like on morelomocon. It should reduce healing by 1% from all sources for every 1% the enemy is missing. Balence complete.
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Snowic (NA)
: I'm a leblanc main. She can lose to a good Zed, Corki, Syndra, Ryze, Yasuo, or Diana. And if you play bad you'll lose to everyone. But who is camilles counter again? Oh yeah no one
Darius, Fiora, garen, malphite, lux, anyone can with enough skill actually
Snowic (NA)
: Riot if your goal for camille was to lock down mobile squishy champs
Stop hating on the one champion that can beat LeBlanc
resumed (NA)
: lethality isn't the new devourer because having a devourer jungler in the game made 9/10 people not want to play because if the devourer jungler on your team couldnt 1v5 you lost and if they could they just 1v5d until you won and the only person who got to play the game was the devourer jungler themself and only 30 mins into the game
Who wants to play against riven or pantheon right now
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: Well to be fair that is because there is AD carries, and AD assassins, but only AP assassins. There isn't (many) AP champs that rely on auto attacks, but there are plenty of AD champs that do and don't. Assassins couldn't get away with building a typical ADC build, and when lethality isn't broken ADCs can't build an assassins build. AP Assassins only scale with their abilities, so they only need AP, same as AP mages. While there is a difference between the build of Katarina and Karthus, items like Rylais, Ludens, Rabadons are functional for both roles.
Kassadin Ekko, Akali all rely on basic attacks
AmazoX (EUW)
: Diana is classified as a Diver by Riot Games.
: Imagine if it was as easy to build magic resist as it is armor. I've seen 700 armor on multiple occasions but don't think I've ever seen over 400 magic resist.
Never once have I seen 700 armor. Not even on once. Maybe high 600ish but if your building 600 armor you are wasting other stats. Even on malphite. Armor pen is also much more effective than magic pen because mages are using only abilities to deal damage. Meanwhile ad champions have abilities and auto attacks. They can also crit and alot of them tend to deal true damage.
: Until they make an 1100 gold Lethality Shoe, I'm fairly happy with how it's balanced out. Lethality itself is an issue due to its effectiveness.
Ap has the issue of items not being cost effective compared to how effective ad items are
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: Ivern really doesn't need buffs at the moment.
: > [{quoted}](name=Vis3xuaI,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=6HsiHR9T,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-02-13T22:08:37.182+0000) > > Yea but none of those have any form of CC except Daisy. Besides Ivern can already give her a slow with his shield. There's still no reason why she doesn't proc rylais.
Agreed. Heck anything Tibbers can do Daisy should deffinitly do as well.
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: As an Ivern player, I agree. Daisy is way too easy to avoid.
even with {{item:3116}} daisy is still so buggy and cant catch anyone for shit
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: > [{quoted}](name=Big Lincoln,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=3r8EYcEp,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-02-12T14:26:45.146+0000) > > good thing there's only 3 melee mages in the game {{champion:3}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:38}}
{{champion:245}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:68}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:27}}{{champion:31}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:38}} assassins dont really count but for the purpose of melee mages
Eedat (NA)
: How long are we going to pretend that items don't need to be balanced around melee/ranged?
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: ive never had any issues with daisy not doing anything, you can direct him by holding alt and clicking to where you want daisy to go/attack ect.
Exactly but then that target moves our of range or something and diasy goes crazy. Even worse if you kill am enemy champion with diasy she just stands there and litteraly gets dragged when you walk out of range of her.
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Jrugss (NA)
: Chat Restriction Suggestion - The "Self-Mute"
I said the exact same thing a while ago and got downvoted to shit
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: Crit is better, but because the towers are made of paper, games dont get to the point where crit can compete. IMO the solution is either -Make towers stronger -Make crit ADC items easier to buy
make towers stronger and make armor actually effective you make crit items cheaper and you have a huge fucking problem
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