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: To everyone complaining about Kayle
Forcing a champ to be really weak in the early stage of the game is really bad. If riot is constantly making games shorter with changes and buffs then why make a champ be super strong late game if there shouldn't be a late game. Her really bad early game costs so many matches due to her being an easy target where she cant even do what she is meant to do. You made it where she cant auto during her ult , that ruins the point of late game kayle where she can throw tons of damage without being damaged.
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iNathh (EUW)
: The Trollers are back.
Well i hope the tribunal isn't lazy because i just come back from a ranked game that we were winning. after playing ranked for a day i've been playing with trolls it feels like but this one is the worst of them all. we were winning with almost no problem and we were about to get in their base when a vote came up to FF. in almost a second 4 yes came up and we lost a game that we were going to win. Trolls are everywhere and they are not getting banned for what they've done. i hope they fix it too


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