: I hate mord
{{item:3140}} There are many complaints that you can make about Morde (passive damage, extended trades healing because of conq, etc) but this one’s just dumb. If your champion can’t fight him in his ult, just suck up the tax and buy it. If you can fight him but you’re important to a team fight or objective? Buy it. He becomes much less of a threat and much less likely to snowball when you play on your terms instead of his. When you play against Morde, if you’re not one of like 5 champions that can take him in a 1v1 with stats missing, why not try to play safe until you get qss and he misses his pull? If he can’t get fed and can’t ult you he’s gonna have problems unless he’s already on top of you. And don’t be afraid to spam your Botlane/jungler to get qss, especially if they get ahead or Morde starts roaming.
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Jamaree (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Swellguy1,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=f9z8r6Z7,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-07-08T04:31:25.416+0000) > > i died initially from one gank then my three next deaths were roughly off of a bad roam/bad tp. i think my last deaths were on him just withering me later in the game and being unable to run So he got fed and got to do what he pleased, I don't see the problem.
^this. Getting fed and doing what you want is what literally every single toplaner is trying to do. I don't really see how it's an issue of brokenness if he managed to grab multiple kills by punishing your team's mistakes.
: Akali: Gameplay Update Suggestions
Akali isn't balanced for solo play - she's balanced for the pros. She holds a very low overall solo winrate but becomes more and more busted the higher up you go because her kit is ridiculous - multiple dashes, stealth, good projectiles, etc - that great players are horrifically capable of abusing. If they buffed her to the point where she was 50% winrate we'd essentially be back to the old days of new Akali when she was EVEN MORE busted than she is now. Also your changes are hilariously busted, man. Nearsight and slows on her w? Bringing back the heals on q? Her healing was busted before, and that change to her w would make it one of, if not the best w in the game. I can guarantee you with those sorts of changes Akali would 100% be pick/ban (mostly ban) because she'd be absolute hell to lane against due to the healing and would be able to engage in teamfights with her w. pls no
Barkley (NA)
: Just a simple request for silver-gold junglers (and maybe higher elo ones?)
Honestly, it depends. There are some junglers you actually want to take all the kills so they can essentially 1v5 the enemy team. Looking at you, {{champion:11}} If they're GOOD, anyways.
: Is Mordekaiser too op?
I feel like you’re more upset with bruisers in general than anything else, and Mordekaiser is who you’ve decided to take it out on because he’s the flavor of the month champ that everybody is spamming. Doubly so since it seems the Morde made the (correct) play of camping you once he got ahead until you were basically useless. I look at Morde as basically AP Darius. He’s a bit pokier in lane than Darius because of his q, but he mainly relies on landing his pull so he can q auto you and get his passive. He wants to get his full combo off but has fairly long cooldowns when he misses until he gets cdr. If you can avoid the pull, chances are he won’t try to engage you until you get it back up outside of poking with q. Also, as others have mentioned, qss exists, and it’s a good idea to pay the tax (ESPECIALLY on priority targets like the adc) and deny Mordekaiser his arguably most gamechanging ability. He’s really not unbeatable - you don’t see him being spammed in pro play or at super high Elo - but he’ll stomp your head in if you don’t respect him.
Laura ß (NA)
The problem is that your tanks move at the start of the round. There's a slight delay before assassins jump to a target. It's really noticeable if you have your units far away - they'll jump behind your units in the spots they just vacated. Beyond that, it seems the assassins are programmed to go after the weakest targets. It makes sense - assassins do that in league all the time - but it's something that just "feels off" in TFT.
: Can we nerf mord already?
I mean, technically speaking he's already been nerfed. Real talk though, I honestly don't think nerfing him will make him become banned less. Imo it's not that he's overpowered _per say_ - (he's certainly strong) - but it's the fact that he's basically AP Darius and people don't understand that you have to approach him differently from other champions. People for some reason seem to think he's a mage and walk into his face, where he then hits you real quick and kills you. Much like Darius it'll take the greater community a few months to come to the conclusion that _maybe walking into his range over and over is a bad idea_. Plus his ultimate changes how you have to approach him in lane. You really can't gank him with the majority of champions (unless you and your jg think super far ahead and pay the tax early) since he'll happily turn a gank into two 1v1's where he'll probably crush you. He'll probably move off permaban status as soon as the next actual champion comes out. Otherwise don't expect ban rate to be lowered unless they nerf him into oblivion - and in that case would you still play him in ranked?
Rejecks (NA)
: Morde is a free win.
Funnily enough, out of the major reworks/new champions they've released I actually think Morde is one of the more balanced ones. People just have no idea what they're doing against him and it allows him to abuse them for free wins - especially at low elo where people get frustrated and don't change their strategy. I like to compare Morde to Darius alot because the exact same thing happened when Darius was released - dude dominated the top lane and people didn't know how to play against him so they continued to feed him free kills until he became an unstoppable juggernaut. The amount of bitching then was just about the same, too. Chances are it'll take months for people to actually come to realize that they need to bait out his skillshots unless they want their skull bashed in. Or, y'know, just embrace top lane cancer and play like Kennen or Olaf. Either champion can be considered a huge counter to Morde (or Jax, if dueling is more your thing).
: How do huge level discrepancies develop?
Well, ADC and support naturally get xp slower than other roles because they have to share. It's fairly normal for the other lanes to be a number of levels ahead, especially if they get picks/don't die. Just the nature of the beast, I'm afraid.
Xavanic (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Ryelic,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=GNU0xAEd,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-06-26T01:25:54.763+0000) > > You can dodge them, they're quite telegraphed, he only has one dash/flash to reposition himself, it has a LONG ass initial cooldown, he actually has to land edge hits to do his massive damage/popups? > > I would argue riven is much worse since she can cancel all of her abilities into autos to burst you down from basically full health. At least with Aatrox, he can't really cancel his animations into AA's since his swings are so slow and he has to land edge hits. i dunno, riven seems pretty meh to lane against, while aatrox feels severely oppressive, trading is near impossible, he out ranges riven, and unlike darius, he punishes you severely for even trying to trade with him due to his third Q doing so much dmg and beign rather hard to dodge if you trade
It all comes down to baiting out the Q imo. Aatrox's q has a very long cooldown once he gets through the three hits, and you're largely able to farm during that cooldown in the early levels. It has good range, but if you can learn what the ranges are you should be able to start baiting it out. Do that and aatrox really doesn't have all that much he can do until it's off cooldown. Or just stand by your minions and let him push the wave when he tries to q you. Aatrox is a lane bully because of his range but he has limited mobility, so he can't really run if your jungler shows up to punish him overextending. Or just embrace the natural toxicity of toplane and play like Kennen or Jayce. Guarantee you'll make Aatrox's life hell if you stay out of range.
: 100% Mordekaiser Ban. "NOT TODAY SATAN"
Well, your big problem is that you're playing regular games. Nobody actually learns things from regular games. People did the EXACT same thing when Darius came out and it took months for people to figure out "maybe I should play around his pull or I'm gonna get smacked." Funnily enough I'd argue out of the new/buffed/reworked champs Morde now is actually one of the more balanced ones - he doesn't have bullshit mobility and he actually has to land rather slow/telegraphed linear skillshots. Sure, he can become an unkillable raid boss, but that's a number of different top lane champions. He's just being overplayed right now because he's the flavor of the month and he's the badass iron juggernaut. Chances are pretty good he'll drop off once people learn how to play around him / move on to the next release.
Xavanic (NA)
: Why can't we interrupt aatrox Q?
You can dodge them, they're quite telegraphed, he only has one dash/flash to reposition himself, it has a LONG ass initial cooldown, he actually has to land edge hits to do his massive damage/popups? I would argue riven is much worse since she can cancel all of her abilities into autos to burst you down from basically full health. At least with Aatrox, he can't really cancel his animations into AA's since his swings are so slow and he has to land edge hits.
Etyrnal (NA)
: So a Mordekaiser Top Lane. A Zed Mid or a Kayn Jungle. I now have to go completely outside of my entire build path, lose all of this gold, waste all of this time to be a good carry for my team, just to survive some Ultimates and make sure I'm able to play the game. Even with the QSS, If I begin Ulting on Neeko and Mordekaiser pulls me in, I can't dodge it and my ultimates now completely wasted, I have CD's and I'm thrown back into the middle of a skirmish. Meh. Maybe I'm just ranting. Maybe I'm a crybaby. Regardless, terrible design and concept.
Gotta build stuff against the problem. Morde's just like Malzahar - you better pay the tax if he gets ahead or you're gonna have a bad time. Or, I suppose, play a champion that's a direct counter to him/frees themselves from CC through abilities, like Olaf or GP.
: riven and zed complainers honestly just need to git gud. likewise for most yasuo complainers.
Real easy for you to say when your main top/mid lane champion is Irelia - i.e. the queen of dash mobility and ridiculous damage output while still being able to build full tank. Could you truly say the same thing when you're playing a champion that can't do multiple dashes whenever she's actually in trouble?
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: The problem is I was playing as Yasuo with the regular build plus mortal reminder and keep in mind I was 13/4 Nasus was 1/0 with 200 stacks. I walk into the fight fairly confident given the difference in Kills and his items compared to mine. He hit me with one Q and my health went from full to 40% with one Q. How do you beat someone that two shots the fed champion?
To be fair, Yasuo is one of nasus's favorite matchups in top lane. The problem is that outside of your shield, you're one squishy boi, so Nasus isn't gonna have any trouble dealing damage to you while it's down. (The general guideline to that matchup is to just all in everytime yasuo gets near nasus - he wins at basically every stage if you aren't massively ahead since he can just ult and go for q's every 2 seconds) . General counterplay to yasuo is w -> e -> q's- you're heavily slowed, you lose your shield, and you lose quite a chunk of armor while you're still inside spirit fire. Doubly so if you don't have any minions to dash through. If you don't have mobility you're actually quite an easy target for Nasus to all-in, especially if you don't have R or summoners ready. I have no idea how much gold nasus had, since oftentimes you tend to measure it more from CS or tower plating than actual kills, but assuming he has triforce done he is certainly a force to reckon with if you aren't building tanky. Best general advice I can give is to NOT stand and fight. That's exactly what he wants you to do so that he can wither you and then q you to death. His R gives him a massive amount of stats, so don't underestimate him unless he's significantly underfed. Kite him out or use minions to take short trades and poke him down.
: Nasus
How else do you want him to win lane? Nasus doesn't really do trades unless he's forced into them or procing runes since he's usually too busy farming stacks to be relevant midgame. He all-in's super hard when he gets to 6/gets stacks/gets items but is generally quite squishy before that and can easily be forced back/forced out of lane by a number of champions with ranged abilities or lane bullying. He needs the lifesteal so he can stay in lane long enough to actually become relevant to the game. Yeah, he snowballs, just like most other top lane champs in the game. That's just top lane though - get ahead by enough and suddenly you can carry the entire game. If you want to nerf his sustain, you can always just grab an item with grievous wounds - it'll hit him hard when he's trying to sustain through laning phase. Otherwise, play smart and aggressive before 6/before stacks and you'll probably win lane. Win lane and nasus is stuck farming for stacks which basically means he'll end up useless for the majority of the game. You can't count him out since stacks are infinite of course, but every moment he's farming stacks is a moment he isn't demolishing towers or winning a fight during his splitpush.
GripaAviara (EUNE)
: Karma, Lux and Brand support should not be a thing as long as auto-fill support exists
I can't really speak for Karma or Lux, but you leave poor Brand alone. What more do you want Riot to take away from him? He can barely play mid at the best of times. He has no mobility, poor waveclear, and is arguably one of the easiest champions to gank in the entire game. He has one of, if not the highest average death ratios in the game, around 7-8 deaths a game. If he's not super careful/doesn't have someone to help him out he will get caught out and die by the majority of midlaners and even a number of supports. I play brand mid/support and most of the time if I'm not ahead I'm stuck constantly trying to poke with w from my side of the lane because if I get peeled or cc'd I'm pretty much dead or forced to pop flash to survive. Or the enemy jungler shows up and gets a fairly free gank. Early on Brand basically has the power of a wet noodle if he's ganked in the middle of his casting against the enemy in his lane. He can't spam spells in lane because he'll quickly drain his mana pool if he does. You can't generally rush tear because you need to rush damage to have any sort of impact from your lacking kit. His only cc requires him to land another ability first - a w with a cast time that's generally quite easy to dodge, or an e that requires him to step up to hit you. Plus, he, y'know, actually still has to hit you with the q. You can dodge it. There's _actual counterplay_. I know in this day and age that's a rarity, but it's actually there. Once the game gets past laning phase his only real benefit is in teamfights, if the enemy is dumb enough to group up to get hit by his passive multiple times. He doesn't really have the damage to burst anybody down like the majority of mages do, and he's usually stuck constantly trying to poke to get any sort of momentum going. I'm not saying that he can't be oppressive at times, because he certainly can, especially with an aggressive ADC like Draven - but the key to winning is actually pretty simple - play more passive and don't do anything stupid. If you do, they'll either overextend (that's generally me going for the e -> q) or push the lane far enough for any jungler with half a brain to gank Brand for an easy 300g. It really sounds like you're trying to match his aggression, which is exactly what Brand wants you to do so he can hit you in the face with his spells behind his minions while not having to overextend. Just play back and you'll have a much easier time against him - I guarantee it. Or, y'know, buy some MR to survive instead of just rushing straight for your first crit item.


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