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: Star Guardian Little Legends are coming
lmao 20 dollars for a glorified emote foh XD
Terozu (NA)
: Riot hard buffs Lux, she gets a prestige. Riot hard buffs Pyke, he gets a legendary.
God it's almost like riot is a business or something and have to make money what the fuck right?
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Sukishoo (NA)
: And still no treeline...
No one cares about or plays treeline cept you and 10 other people. TFT is viewed more on twitch than LoL right now by a huge margin.
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: The fact that there is a locked in meta for botlane is the problem.
marksmen are the smallest class and only two of them function outside of bot lane. im already tired of seeing mages in botlane they do way too much damage. did you not play under 8.14? riot literally broke the class. adcs are already a liability at this point since mages can push towers, every role can carry, and they dont die in 2 seconds and thier items dont suck. why not just remove marksmen from the game?
Cµpcakke (EUW)
: Full crit riven is the dumbest thing ever
there are so many broken armor items i dont wanna hear that shit. randuins tabi then build damage so you can actually trade back instead of just dying slower.
: Assassin's are so shit this cause the amount of defence, healing from supports and cc there is. As a mage U pretty much one shot them as long as you hit ur cc, most ADCs have a defensive ability such as {{champion:145}} having invis and shield ult that is also mobility
you do realize the only supports people play are mages and nautilus right? the nautilus will be too busy trying to tunnel the enemy ADC. no1 ever fucking peels.
Laura ß (NA)
: There should be a minimum mastery required to play a champion in ranked
Nah. 90% of these basic ass champions dont require much anyway. and no one has mastery over anything below plat.
: Nerf Sivir. She's become S tier and has no counter play.
Kazekiba (NA)
: Shes a better Sona? Her R alone can get 700-1200 damage and she has a giant shield thats essentially never down if shes not dead Q is way less committal too. Supports don't actually need nukes {{champion:16}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:267}}
the base dmg and ratio are awful and it's dependent on your teammates positioning. sona can just fling it out and it stuns, not roots. And the Q is not less commital sona's Q range is like 850 and for some reason goes through minions sometimes. so no adc in the game can actually hit her ass back. and even if you do she just shields and runs away.
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: I think Yuumi's win rate is heavily suffering from people genuinely not knowing how to use her.
No it's because she's bad. She literally a squishier more convoluted sona that does less in every way. she needs buffs across the board.
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: How come riot only punishes the one type of toxicity that can be remedied with one click of a button
becuase it hurts peoples fefes. Riot created this frustrating ass game of course they arent going to do anything about people who make it even more frustrating that would requiire them to make the game better. they'd rather punish the people who get angry at their frustrating game because its easy.
lil koda (NA)
: then why does jax e block gangplank q lmao
Becuase gankplank's Q is an enhanced auto attack that's why it applies on-hits. jesus you kids dont freaking read.
: Don't mess around in ranked. Ever.
nah people are gonna pick teemo and play for fun forever. and if you say one word you'll get banned. welcome to one of the many reasons why LoL is dying.
Zeanix (OCE)
: Prestige K/DA Ahri was a real big let down
its just a $100+ gold chroma who cares
: The fact that this game isn't balanced around Silver.
It ain't balanced around gold either! Anything below plat is low elo so why don't you calm down there sparky.
Bultz (NA)
: It's time to remove lethality from the game
yeah you should just be able to build ninja tabi and bramble vest and take no damage /sarcasm
: Riot Your Ranked Matchmaking is Garbage
This is what happens when you use a single player ranked system (The elo system, originally created for Chess) in a team based game and progress is only based on win loss and not actual performance :D
Moody P (NA)
: Stop ignoring trundle
he's simply outdated. the only reason he ever sees play is when his ult is relevant. all of the "i just run at you" champions like garen, voli, nasus, trundle, need hard cc or something just bonkers about them. It's pretty hard to function when every champ made past 2015 has 17 dashes and invulnerability and stealth or some shit. But these champions arent flashy so they wont be in LC$ so dont expect much to change.
: I despise Riot's obsession with saving essence flare
2 of those champions are trash. jax is OKAY. Spear makes him GOOD. This game needs about 20 more items anyway. there's only like 7 legit builds.
: Remove position ranks. It's 10 times worse.
I've been having fun playing other roles and learning new champs. but im in low elo i can see how this would be an issue for high elo ppl who already have to deal with one tricks and what not
: Ok so Yasuo can have 3 shields now?!?
PD isnt good on him anymore. he dosent becaome a tank from the 12% dmg reduction and its way less attack speed. Also Maw and hexdrinker are better for mid lane.
: If your a stoner and high. PLEASE dont play ranked.
Seriously go be a dumb stoner on fortnite or in norms
: So no sylas base auto damage increase? He feels a bit weak in early game jungle, maybe a base 5 attack increase is needed
His early clear is ass but after he gets runic he's fine.
: For future loading screens: I would love to see how good my opponents are. Exp: Ranks, best champs, stats, etc. I miss the feeling of "oh crap hes higher than me, lets put on my A game feeling". Makes ranked more fun imo, should be a toggle though for players who can't handle that.
People who can't handle competition should GTFO out of ranked.
: Alright, now let’s bring back deathfire and revert glp :P
Or no. Mages have enough utility and power in their items.
: Got to love the OG memes btw neeko ult is still super broke along with akalis shroud . . . .better nerf irelia xD
: Nice helpful post. It feel great to see Sylas lovers instead of Sylas haters. I do like the champ, except for the huge mountainous late game powerspike he gets once he reaches lvl 16. Kinda hard to take him down at that point.
that's the point he suffered thru horrible early game and now he's an unstoppable god
: Playing against sylas
Yeah he's basically AP vayne. His early game in any position is ass, but his late game is BONKERS. and he's a ton of fun :D
: "Mage supports are OP!"
they arent supports they just go down there abuse how useless adcs are for free kills.
: > [{quoted}](name=Rysophage,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=KiQ09unR,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-05-03T21:38:24.145+0000) > > Are we missing something? Vayne has a huge crossbow and she's actually in shape. Don't tell me that she's so crazy she gets super human strength? What's in the water in Zaun?! It s a game that s why!What s ur next does nami or fizz live without water?
They're not actually fish? nami is vastayan and fizz is an aqua yordle. just because its a game dosent mean it makes 0 sense have you read any lore from any game ever?
: that is because vayne is far more meta defining polarizing and less fun to face. ( and overall toxic ) and you can actually fight back lucian ignoring his support. while a fed vayne can casually 2vs1 or 3vs1 alone. you do not ever see fed lucians 2vs1ing or 3vs1ing out of the blue.
meta defining? when was the last time vayne saw serious competitive play? And no im not talking about caps' random game on her. when she had an actual pick and ban rate in pro play. Now compare that to lucian.
: Lucian has been 52% winrate 25% playrate for weeks
People whine about vayne whenever she isn't dumpster trash and its annoying. She's beent he worst ADC in all of season 8 cept for like 2 patches and she isnt even THAT good now.
: So what doesn't Sylas have ?
he's not tanky honestly. No way out once he gets in, fairly weak laner tbh, his jungle clear is pretty shit early. when fighting him if you can dodge his E just shit on him after. he has no way of getting in after that. He's NUTS late game but his early is kinda bad.
: Vayne gets rather drastic buff...
Akali cost me 20 dollars. you just have to play the game. its also a skin. who cares.
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Bultz (NA)
: Crowd control needs to be nerfed
Naneroh (NA)
: Zed is one of the most op champions in the game.
: Crit Item Explorations Part 2
Reaver is terrible, PD is terrible, Crit items being weaker again after you already made them awful is not the right direction. This dosen't fix any problems with current crit ads feeling like the same champion. This dosen't make build paths more exciting you're just making the items weaker while reverting reaver and IE. New items would make build paths more exciting. Room for experimentation and not having people spam pinging me every time i build essence reaver would be exciting. Also alot of ADC damage abilities are a dps loss late game. How do these changes address that? There should be a minor crit item that dosen't suck. Not brawlers glove or That dumb cloak. something that gives AD or attack speed WITH crit. Maybe it would be too gold efficient but so what? ADs don't even feel like champions until they're 5 or 6k gold into their build which is nuts considering you want games to end at 30 minutes. Phantom dancer is also nowhere near strong enough to replace Maw if i want defense. Maw gives me sustain after it activates AND mr. I also don't see why this weaker item needs to be 100 gold more either? You changed reaver so it would be used more so you're revering it back? why? Essense flare is super cool it just needs a decent way to proc it that's not only for lucian and vayne and i guess xayah. And can we talk about why there is no lifesteal crit item? You buffed ignite to take 1/4 of my HP at every point in the game and burst is at an all time high with every playable rune being a damage rune. so don't give me "sustain would be too strong". Bloodthirster is literally only built on draven and yasuo or as a 5th item and by then the game's over. That item was nerfed back when sustain was actually op but today its way too expensive and dosen't do anything because anyone clicks on me late game and im dead anyway. (And every mage has morrello's and there's 3 ignites on every team yaaaaaay) On a positive note Stormrazor is probably one of my favorite items lately. having an item that gives AD and attack speed that isn't bork or rageblade feels really nice. we need more of that. /endrant
Kyoia (NA)
: You could take cleanse but lets be real, if you do that your support is going to complain that you didn't take heal and use it when they fail trade and die while you sit at full HP killing minions.
i thought cleanse only stops the healing debuff? and yes i'll get flamed. i take cleanse vs bullshit like ashe leona.
DeejayF (EUW)
: How to do I counter riven?
Play literally any auto attacker. Jax, Trynd, Olaf. Champions that can just stand there and beat the shit out of her while she combos you.
Khabith (NA)
: People would complain more about talon if he was a new champion....
??? I hate all Ad mids they're all dumb and played way too often.
: I am really getting sick of ignite.
yeaaaah im really tired of being an adc and the enemy having a spell that does a 1/4 of my HP at every point in the game. its so low skill and has no real counter because barrier is trash.
: Riots policy on Banning accounts needs to be looked at
I bet there's something in their ToS that no one reads saying they can ban for whatever reason and you dont get money back.
: The new Essence Reaver and Spear of Shojin on the PBE
wait wtf why did essence flare get moved to spear? and reaver has no passive? wtf is this?
: Wow careful that joke almost took your head off luckily it flew right over
i understand the reference. im just saying it dosent apply here. its almost like you didnt even read what i said.
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