: Position ranks and split rewards coming to PBE today for 9.2!
Wish you guys weren't so hellbent on shoving this down our throats when so much of the community has made it clear we don't want this.
Irìss (NA)
: I never said to increase her damage. I said to increase her damage against minions!
Yeah but I see Riot's point here. Adding a + damage against minions attribute to her is a band aid that would lead to them applying that attribute to other champions. I'd rather see them nerf wave clear in general on other champions instead of a mid champion being 'good' being decided on wave clear. They talk like they want to do just that but it's been talk for years so who knows. If they don't end up nerfing wave clear in general I like the E charge up idea, if you want to poke you detonate it immediately and if you want to wave clear you let it charge up a bit. Adds some depth to her abilities. I'm just afraid if they did that they'd nerf her base damage as well which would only hurt her as it's her primary strength.
AD Yuumi (NA)
: There’s actually a large number of people who like playing support Lux. OFC if we were to buff her in that position the goal would be to maintain the strength of mid Lux as well. “Moving” her from mid to support would not be ideal.
I don't think actual support players are the ones playing her support though. Mid lane players who got auto filled or put support secondary because a few of their mids work as supports probably fill a large chunk of that player base, that and low elo where everyone just cares about doing damage. Maybe buff her shield so that she doesn't stop moving to cast it. It's ridiculous that using her shield while fleeing is punishing and it would be a nice little QOL buff to both her mid lane and support without pushing her in one direction or the other. Increasing her Q speed a bit would also be a nice buff to both positions as it's super easy to side step right now because it's both predictable and slow compared to other skill shot CC's. Maybe one buff or the other but just some ideas. Whatever you do don't 'transfer' power from her mid to support, it would be completely uncalled for and would only cater to a small niche of players.
Jag (NA)
: Our opinion is that Leblanc and Syndra are not hurt too hard by DFG's removal (or at least not so badly that they'd need compensation). Annie is another story. We're working through some changes that can make her still feel good about bursting people without so heavily relying on "drop Tibbers, cast spells, enemy explodes" pattern.
What kind of changes for Annie? She didn't absolutely need DFG so I don't expect buffs but what's happening to her play style? I know nothing is final and don't want the whole bible but a few tidbits would be fantastic.
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