: i too wish i could unga bunga but defensive itemization had been slowly nerfed until non frontline champs no longer want to buy them.
It's not just itemization that is the problem. It's also the runes. Too much damage there.
Meddler (NA)
: We'll take preseason changes into account, he's looking sufficiently out of line though that we can't just leave him until 9.23. Would rather put a bit of power back in if he ends up too weak post preseason than just let him sit that long.
Would it be safe to confirm whether Conquerer's is the main reason Garen has a higher win rate than usual? And thus, would it be possible to change how Conquerer's works on Garen's E?
: Garen's Villain mechanic was a essential part of his kit that got removed for no reason other than "hur dur he managed to kill me even when I have 20 kills hur dur nerf plz" and many players apparently don't understand that. Garen's kit was created and balanced around on him being able to lock down a enemy and kill him while at the same time being able to withstand some damage, a combination of a juggernaut and a diver who never fit on one class more than the other and his villain mechanic is what kept him in the fine and balanced spot he was at. Did he needs some changes, yes, was this a necessary removal, no, just lazy balancing which we have gotten used to. Now about Skarner, I doubt that they will change him at all because he is extremely dangerous to modify. Skarner right now is a Vanguard, a tank that will catch enemies out of guard and start the fights around these oportunities. Here, we have 2 problems. 1, that Tanks, especially those that rely on movement speed to catch their enemies are extremely out of meta (Hecarim as a exception, who is not a tank but still relies on speed) and 2. that he has no passive to help him out on that. Skarner is like old Nunu, extremely good and easy jungling but poor ganking capabilities. As Skarner you have to rely on the enemy team making mistakes so you can punish them which is one of the reasons his playrate is so low on high elos, high risk-low reward and that is a risk that most of the time you can't take. Now, I said he is dangerous to modify. Again, we have 2 reasons why changing him is extremely risky and tricky. 1. Vanguards, if given extreme tankyness they become straight up overpowered due to the CC they offer and 2. because if they create a new passive with the current balancing team's mindset, they will likely end up giving him damage something that he does **not **need. Skarner is a tough one to change and that is why I belive they have not tried to change him since his last rework which for me, is fine.
Holy s**t, wtf you did say about Garen and his Villain Mechanic? The Villain mechanic CLASHED with Garen's personality AND Gameplay **_entirely_**. The Villain mechanic made less sense on Garen's theme of a man of justice. He literally became an Avenger, the man who avenges his teammates dying. When in all actuality, Garen is just a simple soldier of Demacia, a man who fights for justice, and honors the Demacian code of Strength, Courage, and Unity. The Villain mechanic literally said f**k that, let your teammates die. If they do, you become stronger... to that one Enemy Champion. A man, who if you read the lore correctly, was WILLING to go to the end of a cave to meet the Rock Hag, bargain with her, and bring a comrade back to his people. He was willing to put his life on the line to fight and protect his people. Overall, it clashes with his personality, lore, and theme. All because of how it functions: Let your teammates die, so that you can become stronger and relevant until you kill the one responsible. Gameplay, the fact that I have no control over my justice's "full power" because I'm depending on my "incompetence/competence of my team", randomness of the game, and potentially a Yumi being a villain. How the f**k do I ult an untargetable cat? All these factors literally clashed with your potential, and having no real control over it made it all the more reason for hating the mechanic. The Villain mechanic wasn't essential at all, it was "essentially" unreliable. And the Villain mechanic removal WAS NOT LAZY balancing. It was one of the most argued factors for its removal **_by the players_**. And Riot listened.
Tayzzer (NA)
: 1B cant connect to server
I have obtained it as well. And I have to say this is quite ridiculous. The fact that we cannot even PLAY ANYTHING on League is just not right...
: Shens dodge zone doesn't reset garens q anymore?
That IS interesting. I think it's a bug because normally, you would consume your Q.
: Patch 9.20 notes
I thought Garen's changes would be big enough to be on the Patch Highlights. Guess not.
: Genuine Question: Fair Game vs Fun Game - Which do you prefer?
I'd prefer Fun AND Fair. And it is a hard concept to master, especially in League of Legends And it's not really helping that some new champions, while they DO add some uniqueness to the game, just are sometimes too OP and overloaded in their kits, making it a nightmare to balance. Is the Champion fun to play AS? Is the Champion fun to play AGAINST? Are the items fun for YOU to use? Are the items fun when used AGAINST you? Are the Runes fun to play WITH? Are the Runes fun to play AGAINST? HOW is the game FAIR? Is the Champion fair for you to play AS? Is the Champion fair to play AGAINST? Are the items fair for YOU to use? Are the items fair when used AGAINST you? Are the Runes fair to play WITH? Are the Runes fair to play AGAINST? And Balance has been getting this wrong too often as of lately, but they do sometimes do get it right.
Trias000 (EUNE)
: When is this abomination getting reworked?
I have two problems with Nasus: 1. His Siphoning Strike's stacking mechanic makes no thematic sense towards his lore, or how it places his character. Nasus is a Scholar, who prefers "Tactician" over "Brutality". And then you have a mechanic that states "MURDER EVERYTHING WITH MY Q AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE!". His Lore and his current gameplay, those thematics are conflicting each other. 1. I love his life steal. I HATE how it's tied in with his stacking mechanic. He gets permanently stronger, and thus permanently outsustains you. Not a fan. But overall, Nasus is a cool champion, but it's just a conflicted narrative and gameplay that doesn't have cohesion together. He's got a sustain mechanic on top of a stacking mechanic that makes it even harder to kill him unless you have the CC for it. You're only real option is to shut him down early game. Nasus does need a rework, but he's doing quite well that there's no point right now. He has a reliable kit, even if it doesn't fit his lore. And he's not that dire of an issue that needs work, unlike some other champions. Nasus I believe is a Tier 2 or 3 for a rework.
Tomster (NA)
REinstall League. Had this before, THIS was the only way to fix it. Hextech REpair REPATCH did not work. REINSTALL did.
: What about Teemo mini rework?
Teemo's PBE test run was way too finicky. His new W and E conflicted with each other: One sped him up, one slowed him down. They did give him minor QOL buffs to help him slightly while they went back to the drawing board and hope that one day they come up with something "concrete". I really do think he needs a GU/mini-VGU overall though. His kit has too many "annoying" elements that need "balancing".
: To be fair, Yasuo's shield involves pretty much no gameplay. There's almost no point where someone's standing still. There are a lot of passives that involve no gameplay and invisible power.
Not really, Yasuo moves around in order to get Flow. There's some interaction there.
: Here we go again... (Garen PBE)
Base Stats: Eh, just minor changes to make it more "Whole Numbers". Innate - Perseverance: Not a huge fan starting with a weaker Dr. Mundo Passive at level 1. I think it should start at 2.0% and then scale. And I'm still skeptical of Non-Epic monsters not breaking it throughout Garen's lifetime, but only time will tell. W - Courage: Ok, this one I'm curious about. 12% of Garen's HP is Tenacity when you activate Courage. Goodness. I feel it might be procced to fast, especially as AD Garen. I mean, Tank Garen might get an oomph now though. So this is a buff to Tank, nerf to AD/Crit UNLESS you time your Courage with another shield. HOWEVER, losing that 60% Damage Reduction though, yeesh. _Edited: Now that I think about it, it might feel a bit too clunky. I'd rather rely on my 0.75 seconds than a shield. Mainly due to how more "reliable" and "predictable" you make use of it. The shield is less predictable, because anything can pop it real fast. _ E - Judgment: I think the requirement for the Attack Speed should scale. So it starts with 10% for the next tick, and increments for each tick you have up to a cap of like 25%. R - Demacian Justice: Honestly, if this was the ONLY thing that changed, I'd be ok with that. When I get time, I'm gonna check this out on the PBE.
Vuosta (EUW)
: His shield was far from being up all the time. If he wasn't dealing damage, he didn't have shield. His Q and W (his 2 main spells) had very long cooldowns early game. If you managed to avoid his big bonk and his W reactivation* you would beat him and if you didn't do that he would likely beat you unless you were a duelist and had outscaled him. *His W and Q had really short duration timers , if you avoided Morde for 4 seconds his Q would peter out and he would do no damage.
> [{quoted}](name=Vuosta,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=bBFyIElO,comment-id=000200000000,timestamp=2019-09-22T17:43:55.286+0000) > > His shield was far from being up all the time. If he wasn't dealing damage, he didn't have shield. His Q and W (his 2 main spells) had very long cooldowns early game. If you managed to avoid his big bonk and his W reactivation* you would beat him and if you didn't do that he would likely beat you unless you were a duelist and had outscaled him. > > *His W and Q had really short duration timers , if you avoided Morde for 4 seconds his Q would peter out and he would do no damage. Oh no, I managed to walk away from Mordekaiser to avoid his Q and W. I guess he wasted his abilities? Nope. He'll just say "Come here minions, and give me my shield that lasts for almost 20 seconds...." about as long as when the next wave shows up. For some of us who played against Mordekaiser, it was up almost all the time, leaving hardly any opening to trade against him. He sticks near our minion waves to get his abilities off, literally to FARM, WAVECLEAR, TRADE, HEAL, and SHIELD at the same time, which would negate our full combo in trades and thus, we have no choice but to fall back from him AND his minion waves. Your options were to DEAL MORE DAMAGE than Mordekaiser to break his shields and SUSTAIN HIS DAMAGE to compete with his shields. And you had to do it consistently and constantly throughout your fights against him. Or pick a champion that outscales him, can definitely validate your claim there. Or pick a ranged champion too. Keeps whittling his shields down.
: Personally I just want his passive and W to swap :/ I liked it when he had a shield, all the time.
I personally wouldn't. I'm no Mordekaiser main, but I actually enjoy playing against him because there is an **ACTUAL WINDOW to trade with him** via Melee matchup rather than _dealing with his shield being up ALL THE FRICKIN TIME... _ I think his "defenses" have become more balanced and makes him more tolerable to deal with and requires skill and timing to make the metallic metal golem fall. I do not even consider him too OP or UP, he's the most balanced form compared to his Pre-VGU.
Romuva (NA)
: Technically there's 2 keystones that can't be taken by Everybody {{champion:69}} can't use predator.
> [{quoted}](name=Romuva,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=KZBJ1xPz,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-09-22T11:17:14.367+0000) > > Technically there's 2 keystones that can't be taken by Everybody {{champion:69}} can't use predator. Huh... You know, I completely forgot about snake woman not being able to buy boots. I "stand" corrected.
pwc2016 (NA)
: Nasus and Infinite Stacking Champions need reworks
_**The ENTIRE STACKING MECHANIC on Nasus makes no thematic sense to his character. Period. **_ You read his lore, he's an ancient scholar who became an Ascended being. He was not a fan of war, but he deemed it necessary in some cases and studied it. He always preferred knowledge and peace over wars. So then, why is this game mechanic ENCOURAGING Nasus to murder the fuck out of everything that exists in order to become the most powerful bitch on the Rift? This mechanic clashes with is identity, his character, his lore. I'd personally be down for the removal or rework of his stacking mechanic, with his Thematic Lore clashing his Gameplay Mechanics being one of the biggest reasons. As for the OP's reasons, I can understand how frustrating it is to deal with Nasus. I'm not agreeing on everything with the OP, but he has most of his points down on Nasus gameplay mechanics being somewhat problematic.
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: Can Ivern get a passive on ARAM?
Allow Ivern to instantly activate health relics? The initial AND the AOE? Or allow an Ally to pick up an additional health relic? Like how an Ally can pick up an additional Red and Blue buff.
: Would you say there are any items that need reworks?
{{item:3056}} - I've always believed this should have a similar passive to the Demolish Rune. It should also run "Raptor Cloak" because for some strange reason a cloak of raptors grants you Movement Speed for dead turrets? {{item:3022}} - Could have the Glacial Augment Rune instead, be a more balanced version of this item. Just change some of its stats. {{item:3161}} - The sheer fact that it gives ADDITIONAL Cooldown on your basic abilities just for casting your ultimate is absurd. DEFINITELY mandatory for a rework or removal. I'm not interested in URF for my Normal League of Legends. {{item:1083}} - Curious why this item exists honestly. {{item:3812}} - I LOVE the sustain when you use abilities. I HATE the damage reduction it grants you. Remove the Damage reduction mechanic entirely and I grant you permission to call this item "Balanced" {{item:3124}} - I really don't know what to do with this item, but it needs some... work. ..........That's all I got...
: Lets talk about Tryndamere
Tryndamere is Tier 1 for a Full VGU. While it won't be anytime this year, there is a possibility of next year or 2. He is in dire need of one. As a Barbarian, all he ever does is split push and 1v1 when his ultimate available. I expect more "Barbaric" action when Riot gets around to it.
: Boots of Swiftness
Wait, give Boots of Swiftness "Ghost"? I'd be down for it.
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Moody P (NA)
: garen isnt changing enough
Most other fighters have something to KEEP them in a fight. Garen does not. Garen needs something...
: > [{quoted}](name=Magnesium14,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=HPbNwT1P,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-08-26T21:10:54.343+0000) > > Game is too snowbally, automatic gold regen is needed for many reasons. If jungler gets off to a bad strat due to invade or dies in a team fight, its kinda immpossible to get back in the game. Also with bot lane being auto filled so much its needed for both both laners, also gold the support gets thru items are not enough. The whole game would be based of a few lucky plays if gold regen was nerfed, if antything it needs to be buffed, also because of the current ban system being used to ban OP champions instead of counters, bounties are also needed if you cs good. I'm not saying completely remove the gold regen. I'm talking about reducing it. If a jungler gets invaded by the other jungler, the other jungler should get rewarded for taking the risk of invading no? Because if an enemy jungler invades your jungle, it's easier for your top, mid, or bot to come collapse on the enemy jungler and set the enemy jungler really behind.
One of the main reasons they increased gold regen was to implement shorter games. I personally wasn't a huge fan of shorter games, it just began encouraging the stupid FF at 20 or 15 more often.
: pyke. an assasin with stealth. mobility, fast heal IN COMBAT a hook, an execute, slow. stun
I've always felt Pyke was just Garen 2.0, the way his kit functions. Has better CC, better mobility, surprisingly reliable durability AND regeneration, and a much better Execute. Even though Darius WAS supposed to be Garen 2.0, Pyke just does Garen things MUCH better as well. Pyke REALLY needs some elements removed from his kit. I can think of a few mandatory nerfs that Pyke needs: 1. His Out of Combat Heal - it's complete BS. Other assassins actually EARN their Heal. {{champion:121}} gets his heal by landing his W WHILE ACTUALLY BEING CLOSE to the Enemy Champion he hits. {{champion:107}} gets his heal by actually landing his W NEAR Enemy Champions. But as for Pyke? He just has to bitch out of a fight. Doesn't EARN his heal, just bitches the fuck out of a fight. Removing his out of combat heal will still make him relative in fights, he just needs to be more cautious and careful. (Or make it to where he actually EARNS his heal...) 2. His ultimate resets are WAY to free for what they're worth. Compared to {{champion:122}} who actually EARNS his ultimate's damage by finding a way to land 5 stacks of bleed on any one champion in order to unlock his hidden AD bonus in order to land better ultimates, Pyke just gets his resets for free, even bypassing SHIELDS to obtain them. What makes his resets EVEN MORE BULLSHIT is the amount of mobility he has in his kit. It just makes it THAT MUCH EASIER to get your resets, compared to Darius who is one slow champion that actually has to EARN his way through the battlefield and get his resets off. Overall, Pyke DOES NOT NEED his ultimate resets. Already bypassing shields is enough. 3. His ultimate grants more gold than necessary. Goodness, his whole team's getting gold because of his resets. Like, if you remove the reset, you can keep your stupid bounty shit, it does fit his theme. But if you choose NOT to remove his ultimate resets, REMOVE his gold generation because he's getting WAY too much. 4. His base stats are VERY high for being an Assassin. 130 ARMOR? 2300 HP? I mean, what shocks me the most his he has less AD than other Assassins, but MUCH more durability FOR AN ASSASSIN. Riot has focused the WRONG aspects for what Pyke's supposed to be just by looking at his base stats. He's WAY too tanky, and it's just that much harder to punish him. Have they ever tried 1v1 against a Pyke while playing {{champion:86}} during laning phase? That's what it feels like the whole game, you can only do so much for trades, but HE ALWAYS COMES BACK with more HP than you, and it just makes your trades against him all the more useless. He full combos Q and E, flees with W as you try to fight him but he's camouflaged. Then he's back to more HP than you while you try to figure out a way around him, but can't. There's no reward for trades, he has really high tanky base stats, he doesn't earn his executions, he has WAY too much mobility to consider his execute resets balanced, and gives way too much gold ON TOP of his ultimate resets. These are what makes him WAY too frustrating to play against.
: I count 13 solo lane Garen games in a row. Please tell me how that computes to "every 3 ** games in normals"
Or maybe you should REALLY check to see if I ACTUALLY solo-laned as Garen 13 games in a row for Normals. _THEN you should correct your response_. I legitimately said during Normals, I get autofilled WAY too often.
: I'm currently at 54% autofill since I started keeping track. It's truly an awful system.
Originally, it wasn't even that common. I would get autofilled like once every 6 games back then, which was quite annoying but reasonable enough to just let it slide. Every 3 games though? How the actual fuck am I supposed to enjoy the game AND role if I cannot even GET IT OFTEN??
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: > [{quoted}](name=Oznap,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=8Anyo39z,comment-id=000000010000,timestamp=2019-08-19T21:34:16.659+0000) > > I miss the crystal scar and it really hurts to know we won't get anything similar to it ever again. {{item:3070}} {{champion:72}} {{item:3070}} Hide n seek
Damn I miss Hide and Seek...
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Bârd (NA)
: Why is Garen now more of an attack speed champion than Aatrox?
Because new Garen learned from old Aatrox, and New Aatrox learned from old Garen.
Sageace (NA)
: For fuctual sakes, get these eternals off my screen during the GAME
WELL, I have something **ELSE **to add. Why is it that when I go to my collection to check on the champions I have, the first thing that pops up is FUCKING PROGRESSION? Not the Overview, which is WAY more important, the Progression... **the stupid PAY TO WIN AND LOOK AT MY AMAZING ETERNAL BULLSHIT?? The PAY FOR THESE EMOTES AND GOALS shits?? WHY?!?!?!?** **OVERVIEW is ALWAYS... FIRST. PERIOD. Do the world a favor and put that stupid Progression shit in the back behind skins where it belongs. I'd rather look at skins more than these stupid eternal progression dumpshits**
: eternals is live already?
No, PBE. It's aggravating to see this shit constantly during teamfights.
: Garen rework on PBE.
Garen's new spin does not work on Shen's W - Spirit Refuge. In fact, it completely negates aLL of Judgement's Damage, not just the On-hit portion.
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: Frankly it just looks like an all around nerf to me. Unless you are building {{item:3091}} or {{item:3153}} his damage output goes way down, and he's squishier even if he doesn't. I'm sure it will be great for all 2 Garen challenger players, but it basically deletes him for everyone else. Bravo.
That's why I feel they are focusing a bit too much on the "attack speed to buff Judgment" path. I personally like the idea that attack speed makes judgment better, but too much focus will detract from what Garen should be focusing on. Not to mention his current builds are reliable enough in my opinion, but I wouldn't mind being able to throw an a random attack speed or on-hit item to increase his versatility even further.
: All the changes are telling me is that garen players are gonna buy {{item:3078}} a lot more now, And I hope his E procs {{item:3748}} because THAT would be funny.
It will. But only to the nearest enemy that Judgment hits. All the more reason why I think it shouldn't, because we all know that would be hilariously Overpowered, even if it's 50% of the damage.
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Jimpax (NA)
: Just lost my promos because im a leaver????
Same thing that happened to me. Was complete bullshit. I literally WAS able to log back INTO the client, but was unable to get back INTO the game.
: Pyke is a stupid idea
For an assassin with an ultimate reset, he's VERY MOBILE for it, compared to someone like Darius, who actually HAS to earn his resets due to how slow he is. Pyke should not get a reset at all honestly, it's fucking bonkers.
: There was an augment that gave Ziggs a shield when he jumped with hiw W and made him deal AoE damage when he landed. Was abused as a strat by running 5 Ziggs with this augment and all were sitting in a corner, spamming their W, giving them insane amounts of shields on top of dealing good sustained damage.
That's interestingly hilarious for an Odyssey game mechanic. But anyways, I was merely suggesting his satchel could have an additional mechanic: a sick "Hexplosive Re-engagement" Tactic. Or the Pool Party variant of a "Cannonball!" because satchels are better diving boards.
: So basically you want to get what one augment in Odyssey did for Ziggs, minues the shield?
I only played Odyssey once. No idea that was even an augment.
MkMayo (NA)
: Everyone says Wukong is shit so who should i play?
Wukong CAN be good once you practice him enough. Don't give up on that monkey, BECOME the monkey king. To do this, you have to explore MORE of his capabilities. Try out more runes, builds, playstyles. Wukong can be viable once you learn the monkey way. Don't give up on him. Wukong does have his moments, even if the meta is not in his favor.
: Sion QoL change -- Make his ultimate zoom out (like on Nunu's snowball)
Does it not? I have to see this. Haven't played Sion in awhile. But I would definitely approve this change.
: Is it me, or Jinx is too much of a carry?
The ONLY reason she is capable of suddenly "skyrocketing" (pun intended) KDA is because OF HER ROCKETS. That AOE can crit too I believe, but overall, she just has a more impactful teamfight capability for it. I mean, I LIKE the idea her rockets can AOE, but... it's just harder to predict the AOE range and when you suddenly receive random crits when not even being the target, get's really frustrating. I wish there was a way to make the "Rocket" Attack more predictable. Or maybe a little bit more counterplay against her rockets.
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: Can we have an indicator for Absolute Focus enabled?
Wait, Absolute Focus exists? And it's been out for so long WITHOUT an indicator?
: Can something be done with Riven already
As far as I'm concerned, she's one of the very few champions that has the capability to proc Conqueror's to full stacks at Level 1 just by unlocking Q. Almost every other champion has to land 4 autos and one ability. She uses 3 abilities and sweeps 2 auto's in there and boom!
Prandine (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=hoganftw,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=uj68di73,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2019-08-02T23:23:45.211+0000) > > I'd say I've been a Garen main for the last couple of years and it feels like Riot stacks the deck against champions like him. > Many champions can kite him out, shred through his defenses, harass him under tower, and overall just flat out counter him. > They would have to honestly rework Garen to make him work in modern day League or literally break him with more stats. > I don't know if I want to see another Garen rework, seeing as how Riot just tends to change champions completely. Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't Garens ult the only thing that received a substantial rework? To the OP if I'm not mistaken Garen did have some pro play success in the very early days of competitive LoL (S1-2 if I'm not mistaken). That aside yes Garen needs a substantial rework (or at least some added effects on his abilities such as innate lifesteal on his E for example) to even have a chance in pro play in this day and age.
If Garen did see some pro-play in as early as Season 1 and 2, I believe it's mainly due to how few champions existed back then. I believe now it's almost 250% more champions compared to back then. Additionally back then, Tanks (which was one of Garen's best roles back then) was the best role to use.
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