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: PBE Livestream: Kayn, today at 2PM Pacific
If you E in a wall, stay there, and the duration ends, will you get stuck in the wall forever?
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: Academy Adventures Series 2!
{{champion:143}} be all like, "Stay off my lawn :/"
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: Academy Adventures
Vladimir is a little Kawaii potato oxo
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Paquay (NA)
: Sorry, bad joke on my part. It's an off day for me. Normally my jokes elicit a courtesy chuckle. Today their receiving looks of scorn. :/
Paquay (NA)
: Don't play him. He's terrible! Source: Played Vlad in ARAM one time during free week and I got rekt! :P
Any champ is good if you put the time and effort into them xd
strut (EUNE)
: Why academy Vlad though? That skin is ridiculous. Don't take Thunderlords it can be decent in the early laning+trades but deathfire touch is stronger in lategame and in every other situation. Your lategame power and teamfighting will benefit a lot more from DFT it fits Vlad's playstyle much much better. If you don't want to/can't run ghost take Stormraider's. If you max out Cunning be sure to take intelligence. the +5% CDR is really helpful early. Try to max out your cdr as early as possible. Your goal early is not losing lane. Just play safely and get as much farm as you can. Your strongest combo is E charge > R > Let go of E > Q > W / aa. You can flash while you charge your E just be sure to ult BEFORE you pop E. In teamfights try to reach as many enemies with your E as possible but don't go to deep be sure that you can leave the fight if needed. You get your ult's healing in both w and zhonya's. Remember that. If you tap E early it deals about as much damage as an aa. This can help you prepare creeps under turret. Your empowered q heals you for much more but is less effective on minions. Jungle mosnters give you the full healing so if you need the HP and can reach a camp before Crimson Rush goes off go for it! Don't use W unless you have a good reason to. Always try to save it because it has a long ass cooldown. I advise getting at least 10 % scaling cooldown reduction from runes. I run 20% so i can get 2 CDR items which will also provide me with defensive stats and from that point i can go for whatever ap item i'd like without having to worry about cooldowns. Your build should look something like this: {{item:3158}} //{{item:3020}} Pretty much the 2 best boots you can choose from. Sometimes i see {{item:3111}} or {{item:3047}} . These are extremely situtional. If there's both ap and ad damage threat in the enemy you should get {{item:3157}} and choose between {{item:3065}} and{{item:3001}} If the enemy doesn't have a real ap threat don't build the mr items only for the sake of getting CDR. ( If you have 20% scaling cdr runes this shouldn't be a problem) More items you coud find useful: {{item:3151}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3285}} {{item:3135}} {{item:3089}} If you find yourself going too slow lategame Think about Stormraider's or movespeed quints. Luden's also gives you movement speed but is a situationaly item so it isn't a reliable source of speed every game. Lastly the most important part: Vlad isn't a vampire. He is a bloodmage/hemomancer!!!4!!!44!
Academy Vlad is life I'm in love with the skin after reading the academy adventures XD Thanks for the tips though
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: Practice. I land a lot of bubble when i play nami, but it wasn't always that way. Knowing the delay of the skillshot you're throwing at is also very important to know. Lets take thresh for example. Before throwing his hook, thresh has an animation to warn that hes going to throw the hook. While I don't have the exact time of his animation, it last about 0.5 sec. Then there's the projectile speed of the hook that last, to go at full range, another 0.5 sec. Combing those two will make about 1 sec delay before the hook reaches the preferred destination. So what do you do with such long delay? well, you have to know your enemy and how he moves. How do you do that? Experience will make you land skillshot better as you will have fought many players, know the delay of your skills and will have new strategies, but it's also important that you get as much information of the enemy movements. By knowing their movements, you can predict where they will be going and get some easy skillshots on them. Lastly, it's important that you know when the enemy is under pressure. During a teamfight, it's easy to land skillshots. Why? because people are under pressure and are worrying about other stuff and thus, they don't think about the skillshots from the other peoples that threaten him. In the end, it takes time and one thing I do to help aspiring nami mains is go do a little 1v1 vs them. By doing that, I show them how my bubble skills are way more advanced and during the fight, I explain my thoughts and the reason why I can land them easily. So if yoou have a friend and you both have nothing to do, doing 1v1 with each other by just landing skillshots can help.
I have no friends {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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: Also "Always wanted" it's been out for like 3-4 months xD
XD Now, I think that I will definitely buy it :3
: I feel it is. ^.^ The price is high, but it is like having multiple skins in one and it can be fun to change things up. :3 Support or mid makes no difference, play what makes you happy. :D Besides, if they gifted you the RP for the skin it would probably make them happy if you got it. :D Seeing people use things you gift them feels good. :3
: I told u Sakura get it for yourself. And if anyone thinks I'm being creepy in her/him in real life.
Thanks for the RP :3 I think I'm going to get Elementalist Lux now :3
: Just because you can only play Support Lux doesn't mean you shouldn't buy it for yourself if you want it. But, if you'd like a psychological reason to get it, here's one; If you want Elementalist Lux, and then buy it for yourself, you will likely enjoy playing Lux a lot more because of the skin and - consequently - will likely play more confidently with it, which would likely improve your game-to-game play. And, for one last, basic reason; why wouldn't you deserve to have something you'd enjoy? {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
This is all so tru :3 Thank you for giving me more reasons to buy Elementalist Lux :3 I feel so motivated now T-T
: dude it is freaking amazing. I actually play Lux a ton, borderline main her, but imo it's the best skin they've ever released. I'm still figuring out the combos, love the whole concept story of magical girl, etc. I mean seriously. I was on the fence, but we don't pay for this game? It's like $25 dollars? IF you're going to spend hours on her or something like that then definitely. It's actually the one skin that I don't even remotely regret getting. I like these expensive skins, it separates, imho, people who have mains from those that just don't like the base skin. well I guess that's my opinion, then. If you don't main her then no. if you do then yes.
Ikr :/ I just have a money spending problem I can't spend any money
: Those skins are way too expensive to warrant a purchase with me, but if you're a Lux fan and you were given the dosh to spend specifically on it AND you like it by all means go for it.
Lol XD I probably won't buy it knowing me :/
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: Jinx is my best champ but I'm not super good. I'll give the best advice I can. Switch the guns when you either need short range shred (shiro) or long range poke (kuro) (I only play sg jinx). Once you buy runaans, the rocket launcher will become an amazing tool for wave clearing. Use the ult at fairly short range and use it to finish a fight. Follow your instincts with it. More than once I've taken down a fleeing enemy or stopped an enemy who flashed to the bush and offscreen with my ult despite them being out of vision. I typically use my chompers one of two ways. The first is zoning. Need some space from an enemy leblanc? Slap that shit on the ground, watch her weep salty tears. The other way is to buy me some time during an escape. It's saved my life from garens and yasuo's multiple times. Hope I could help!{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Lol XD This helps a lot :3 I miss my ult and position my chompers incorrectly, and I often get killed by Leblanc. Thanks for the advice!
463 (NA)
: One thing that I see inexperienced players struggle with, on any champion, is that they feel obligated to use their cool downs when they really should be saving it. Q switching you will just have to get used to. Fish bones for range obviously, and gattling for CQB and also used to quickly take down a target that's within kill range. You just have to put in a little thought about how to properly use these skills during situations tbh.. I'm surprised at how much people who play this game, don't even take the time to think about how to play it. When they play it 4 6 8 10 hours a day. Fish bones = Range obviously and AoE. Also provides a 10% bonus AD, which is nice for your AoE crit. Gattling gun provides attack speed at a shorter range, so it's to melt targets nearby. W = Slow / long range poke. Rarely used in team fights and only to catch targets out of range of Fish Bones. If you're good enough to spot it, you can immediately use it after a kill to slow a pursuing target and use your remaining passive movement speed bonus to distance yourself. But it's hard to judge, since it leaves a window where you're rooted in place to cast the skill. You will have to remind yourself if the pursuing champion has Flash or a gap closer to catch you during the channeling. E = Usually you save this for yourself in case anyone decides to jump on your nuts. Could be used to catch running targets or zoning the enemies from reaching you in a team fight. It's quite a hefty cool down, so your decision is either one of those 3 and if you're unsure, just save it for yourself in case of danger. Survive at all costs as an ADC. R = The lower their HP, the higher the damage. High burst finisher. I would say it's situational, most of the time you want to be using E and just Q in fights. IMO W and R are situational and I can leave the thinking to you on when to use them. The more you play, the more you will feel out what situations are great to use W and R and which situations weren't really necessary to call for them. Jinx is not so bad right now, I would say you could definitely use her to climb to D5 or above depending on how good you are.
I didn't know jinx was that good XD Thanks for giving me all this information! I will deffinitley use this when playing Jinx!
: I'll address the three points you mentioned in your post: "switching my guns, ulting, and throwing down my chompers at the right time." I have a ridiculous amount of time on Jinx, so I think I know enough to help others as long as I can word it in a way people can understand. Without further ado... **Switching your guns**: Jinx's Q, Switcheroo!, allows her to switch between her two primary weapons: Pow-pow and Fishbones (or Shiro and Kuro if you're a magical Jinx main). Here's some technical stuff you might want to read: >Fishbones, the Rocket Launcher: Basic attacks deal 110% Damage to the target and nearby enemies, gain 75/100/125/150/175 range, drain Mana, and scale 25% less with bonus Attack Speed. > Pow-Pow, the Minigun: Basic attacks grant bonus Attack Speed for 2.5 seconds. This effect stacks up to 3 times for a total bonus of [0]% (bonus scales with spell rank and Jinx's level). Stacks fall off one at a time and only benefit Jinx's first attack after switching to Rocket Launcher. Essentially what this means is that Fishbones is great for long range, short duration poke, while having a splash effect. You can use it for last-hitting low health enemies that are far away, and you can even use it to soften up enemies AND farm, because of the splash. However, Pow-pow is generally best for farming when possible, so you can conserve mana for your other spells. Additionally, if an enemy tries to fight within Pow-pow's range, Pow-pow is best for that short range single target damage. However, fighting with Pow-pow isn't always the best option against something like a Vi or Kha'zix. That takes me to our next point: **Throwing down chompers at the right time**: Sometimes you have to turn tail and get out of a bad situation. One of the things as Jinx that comes with experience is timing knowledge: How fast is the enemy moving? How fast will my chompers activate? By figuring these out quickly, you can determine where to place your chompers to buy yourself some time from your pursuer. Just remember that they can flash over your chompers if they're good enough, and so never assume that chompers=safe. Also, if someone towerdives you, you can place chompers if you know you're going to die, and take them down with you. It's great for when Vi ults you under your tower, kills you, and then tries to walk away, instead hitting a deadly trap that leads to you trading their ult for... nothing. It's great. However, the chompers' purpose isn't just for deterring an angry Vi. If you have an aggressive support (which are usually better for Jinx), you can place chompers behind the enemy as your support stuns/hooks them. This cuts off their escape and can usually net you a kill. For an example, I'll use Thresh as your support. A good combo is for Thresh to hook, and as soon as you hear the sound of the hook connect, put chompers directly behind the victim, between them and their turret. You should then get in Pow'pow range and start firing, while attack moving towards them to close the gap. Once Thresh's CC is done, the enemy will either run into your traps or be forced to go around them (or flash). This means that they should still be in Pow-pow range, so you can continue shooting them down. Continue chasing them with Pow-pow until you reach their tower range or the 'danger zone' of their own support, at which point you'll want to fire a Fishbones rocket, Zap, and an ult if they aren't dead yet. Sometimes if the enemy support isn't there, you can flash and heal to stay in Pow-pow's range while under turret and taking fire. This is a risky play, but if you have confidence in it, the tower dive can sometimes be worthwhile. **Finally, ulting**: As Jinx, you should be looking constantly at other lanes, trying to spot out low health enemies. This can be difficult to do while farming, but doing this can lead to kills you wouldn't have gotten before. However, don't look at a low health enemy and immediately ult; using Jinx's ult can often be a waiting game. The best way to hit the ult is to predict where an enemy is recalling, as it is during the recall channel that they least expect to be hit by a giant rocket of death (also they aren't moving). As soon as you see a low-health enemy enter the fog of war past their turret, it's a guessing game. And you have about one second to guess and shoot, or you'll be too late on hitting the enemies across the map. This isn't _always_ the way Jinx's ult is used. Sometimes, especially if you're not confident in your sniper skills, you should just hold onto it for finishing off your own laner. If you have a blue ward (which you should once you hit level 9) you can ward behind their tower, watch them panic, and then watch as your rocket of death hits them in the face. I hope this was helpful and I didn't forget anything important.
This was great :3 Thanks for giving me the advice, I will certainly use this while playing Jinx!
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elduris (NA)
: If you try to log in, you'll be notified if your account is suspended.
elduris (NA)
: Ah, okay. In that case, no, you won't be able to tell if you account is suspended from playing just by looking at your boards account. You'll need to try to log in or [open a ticket with player support]( for that.
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: Well whoopee for u mr. Perfect I'm asking for information, not personal preference
And look at my match history before u assume anything Common sense
: I hope you will get 14 days ban if that happen in ranked game. I have no doubts your team mates been asking you to play safe or stay behind. If you ignore all the warnings, you deserve to be banned for spoiling other players experience. There is no excuse of dying 20 times while getting only 3 assists. You have insane range of all your abilities, therefore even if you been dying you still should have had way more assists.
Well whoopee for u mr. Perfect I'm asking for information, not personal preference
: For the sake of yourself, I beg you not to listen to "Great Muta"'s words. He is someone who got permabanned for toxic behaviour but will not except his own mistakes. Listen to the feedback like you have been continously, the people telling you to keep in mind the system will not ban you for doing your best are correct, Muta just wants to make as many people like him as possible. You seem like a very nice person and probably don't need to be talked to about being toxic, so don't take advice from soneone who's toxic.
: sure you will ignore all these riot fanboys who say you will not. the system isn't very smart and is not manually reviewed i literally saw a screenshot with a punishment card yesterday how a guy was banned for intentional feeding because he lost his lane 3 times with a much better score than yours i think i can even find it and post it here, if it's against the rules mods can always delete it his sona likely sold sightstone/boots to afford zzrot and banner to counterpush, either way those are good items
: Yeah :( Since League won't change their ways, I've decided the best action I can take is to stop buying RP and encourage others to do the same in the hopes that Riot will listen.
I will take part in not buying RP too :3 I also need to save money, so it's a win win situation XD
: Instant feedback system is stupid in its current state and only bans people who run it down mid. You're fine
elduris (NA)
: You don't get banned for being "group reported" despite what Great Muta says. 1 report is the same as 9 reports to the Instant Feedback system. As long as you aren't intentionally feeding or arguing with your team in chat, you have nothing to worry about.
: It's legitimately a confusing, inconsistent and backwards behavior system that is honestly just creating more toxicity than it stops. People get banned for saying simple stuff like "idiot" and "retard" while other people are feeding, throwing games and putting out threats while nothing is happening.
: I took a peek over at that match on just to see if there was anything on it that would look like intentionally feeding, as that is one of the things that angry teammates may sometimes report for (and since you mentioned talking back a little, I assume there was at least a little arguing in chat). It's obvious looking at the match that you were not intentionally feeding there. If this is your main account, and not a smurf, then you were just in a really rough lane match up. Zed already counters Lux, and that player was Gold V. Most of your team was feeding as well, and you didn't have a single lane that wasn't playing against higher ranked enemies. So no, as far as your score, you won't be banned for that. If you happen to have any future rough matches while learning, and your team gets to be too pissy, just mute them. It's much better to ignore them than to try and argue back. You can get in trouble for flaming them, even if it's only in retaliation to something they started. (And one tip, as far as Lux into Zed... pick up an early Seeker's Armguard. You don't have to finish the full Zhonya's Hourglass, though it can definitely help with surviving his ult, but having the early armor, and getting the AP stacking on it will help you survive laning phase.)
: It's true. 8 people asking for your report increases the chance that one of them actually does report you. It also goads you into fighting 8 people and leading to more trouble. And when you can get banned for calling someone an idiot or a retard only the odds don't favor you. >As long as you aren't intentionally feeding or arguing with your team in chat, you have nothing to worry about. Good luck not arguing with 4-8 people who want you banned. When the Pope can't even resist arguing with Trump, this is ridiculous. We also do not know how the report system works with stacking and various categories. Do verbal and negative count together/seperately, stack or get discarded because of double reporting? There been no official word on it. When you get banned, it does not differentiate whether it was due to verbal or negative, just bad behavior. If I report people, I do both verbal and negative, because they are so similar that it's hard to differentiate and we don't know whether it would count as 1 for each for a total of 2, 1 report total or if it's thrown out for double reporting. It's also free to report, so I might as well pick 3 report categories of my choosing. Every time I've been punished it has been after a group's reporting effort. Could just be luck, but this has happened 4 times now and I think there's something to it. The system has to be addressed. It's too easy to abuse, people are getting banned for pretty stuff, it's not keeping people from making 2nd accounts, the rules are totally unclear and toxicity is still a huge problem.
: You could be if you got group reported and talked back to the people who harassed you. Had it happen to me.
Oh.... Wut if you only talk back a little?
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: eve is a very versatile champion that can be played many ways depending on the enemy team comp. She can be played as a initiator tank She can be played as a AD bruiser She can be played as an AP assassin In my opinion until courage of the collosus is nerfed you might want to reconsider eve as a jungler. She can still win game but with the tank meta somewhat being a thing again she is more situational but if you are going to play her for the sake of learning something new go for it i would recommend going the AP build and taking {{summoner:4}} {{summoner:11}}. There are a lot of players that go {{summoner:14}} but i think with the amount of CC in the game its not worth it because you can make so many more outplays with {{summoner:4}} and it removes some of the punishment you can get in early level invades and ganks and so on. runes you can take AD reds AP blue's AP quints and armor/scaling HP for yellow I also personally replaced 2 AP quints with spellvamp quints for the only reason being to make her first clear a little easier on her for masteries just find someone on probuilds or something they are typically all the same or very similar I usually play her as AP and the core of her build is typically {{item:1402}} {{item:1414}} the smite buff is generally up to you i prefer the blue smite because eve suffers from sticking to some champions and this usually helps {{item:3158}} or {{item:3020}} depending on what you think you will build later on and if you want a earlier power spike or maybe whatever is affordable at the time. {{item:3152}} is really strong it gives burst and acts as a nice gap closer gives hp cdr and ap which are all really nice on eve after these you can go almost anything you want and it will varry based on the enemy team comp {{item:3140}} {{item:3100}} {{item:3001}} {{item:3157}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3115}} {{item:3742}} {{item:3025}} are all generally good items on eve after the 3 main core items I'm fairly certain that Tank evelynn still goes {{item:1402}} i'm not sure what the rest of her items are maybe {{item:3025}} {{item:3102}} {{item:3742}} you can look around at pro builds to see what they are building too {{item:3153}} AD evelyn i think is a little weak at the moment its strong late game but typically more expensive i still believe you go {{item:1414}} maybe AD eve kind of goes with tank eve but you just trade a little big of tank stats for AD
Thanks :) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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