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: I remember this. I believe [this]( was the original thread by Relogged. Considering Thresh is a darker character already I thought a light concept would diversify his skin pool but we've gotten Dark Star, Blood Moon, and High Noon instead. While they are well executed, I really hope Thresh's next skin is Arclight, or some form of it, that or Dog Walker Thresh. These ideas have been around for at least 5 years and haven't been made yet, but Riot did eventually deliver Dragon Master Swain so the possibility is still there.
I feel like for him to have any other theme besides a dark or scary one, he'd need to make it a Legendary Skin, because I don't think his original voice lines would fit with an Arclight skin.
Kimimi (EUNE)
: Why do Kai'Sa and Rumble have the same amount of skins?
I don't think you'd be allowed to count the IG and Prestige edition skin. IG skin was chosen by the team, not riot, and the Prestige Edition is essentially just a chroma.
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: Zyra Is Underwhelming And A Bit Conflicted.
I can agree with nearly everything you say. My only conflict with it would be that the seeds randomly spawning is something beneficial to her both in mid and support. They provide zoning to help deter ganks and fighting from odd angles. Assuming you're playing support, you can keep up seeds nearly everywhere. Depending on the placement of your seeds, you can use your passive plants to distract/damage the jungler / laner while you use your w plants to focus the other.
: Riot hasn't thought of a single skin idea in 4 years.
I've left similar comments in the past but I'll happily restate them. Its all about finding a theme. Honestly before this last patch or two, I forgot that Xerath existed. He's honestly just such a forgettable champion with his base theme and lore, and almost all of his skins are either recolors or unimaginative reiterations of the same idea: a being made of pure energy held together by a catalyst. There's not a lot you can take that one. To be able to easilly recognize it as Xerath it needs to have a body with no real use for feet, and have glowing energy either coursing over it constantly, or have large gaps in the clothing/armor to reveal glowing energy. Personally, I can't think of any unique ideas that would fit his theme.
: Professor Graves did it for me. It could have gone to {{champion:164}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:10}} and fit the theme. {{champion:163}} could have replaced Lux, easily. {{champion:91}} Could take Ezreal's spot as the "anime stereotype" {{champion:126}} deserved a skin and is a total Chad Yuumi is fine but I find it strange she's a teacher when she's established to have a master, and what I assume is her own teacher.
Well in most anime school situations, you have the professors, then the headmaster of the school. So in this case Yuumi could simply be a Professor who calls her boss master for... reasons.
Zertryx (NA)
: Since you wanted games to last shorter, 10 minute FF timer please?
Honestly though with the game state as it is, most matches are determined by the 15 minute mark anyway.
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Zubevily (NA)
: NOOOOOOOooooooooooooo where is urf?....
The thing is, playing urf Frequently actually tends to lower some of your skill at the game. For example, You might get used to being able to spam flash or press r whenever you need to because you know it will be up in no time at all, but in normal games, particularly ranked, this can be detrimental. It does have its pros however, it can help you learn to dodge skillshots and certain interactions with ult's, as well as a safer place to practice and try that new build.
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Falrein (EUW)
: April Fools theories
Evelynn is actually a devout christian, and sees everyone in Runeterra as heretecs that must be punished on her divine crusade.
Kalikain (NA)
: {{item:3072}} {{item:3153}} {{item:1055}} {{item:3146}} {{item:3813}} Are all valid items for range champs Anyone who knows anything about how lifesteal is balanced knows that its broken on ranged champions. Watch your adc 25mins + into your game. Kills a minion with 20hp left, gains 400 hp. All outside of threat range to melee champs.
Simplest solution to that would be to apply lifesteal to damage ACTUALLY dealt, not what damage SHOULD be. Sure landing a 500hp crit is good but if only really does 20 damage, you should lifesteal for % of that 20 damage
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Anatera (NA)
: You see these all the time because Runes Reforged can only be OP to a select group of champions, which is what people will play if they want to win. This is because (unlike the old runes, which are all stats) every single rune in the game now has some unique effect, which means it's impossible for them to effect every champion equally. They could before because they used to just be numbers. Yeah, there was the mastery trees before too, but their impact was nowhere near as big as runes are right now. If Riot really wants to balance the game, they need to revert the runes, but they won't because that would mean they made a mistake, which can't happen.
They realized they made a mistake with Individual Role Ranks and rolled that back. Doubtful we'll see that again in the future^
: ༼ つ ◕\_◕ ༽つ C9 TAKE MY ENERGY ༼ つ ◕\_◕ ༽つ
༼ つ ◕-◕ ༽つ C9 TAKE MY ENERGY ༼ つ ◕-◕ ༽つ
Kazo Kurosu (EUNE)
: I like that she has no womanly shapes whatsoever. She'll fit among recent and future Riot champion concepts.
Yes yes, our (my) goal is to create non-sexualizing champions in order to help maintain the fragile sense of selves the public has. We (rhetorically) wouldn't want to add to the trope of sexualizing women in video games now would we? :0
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: Again: People already suggested alot of themes with ways to implement her into the line naturally. Blood Moon: The skin line is about a cult that is having pacts with demons. In such a scenario, a woman with blades as legs is not that strange, if you can have a woman that turns into a spider, for example. The skin line is oftenly inspired by Japanese ghost stories and there is one that would fit Camille well: the Kuchisake-Onna. Elderwood: Thin, sharp legs can make sense for a plant based creature like a Dryad. The vengeful nature spirit could be well represented with Camille. Chemtech: Obvious choice, just an alternate universe in which Camille got augmented with Chemtech instead of Hextech. These are just some examples I have read here in the boards and there are more. ________________________________________ I don't know why you think her play rate would be that low that she shouldn't get skins. As far as I can find in the internet, her global play rate is around 4%, which is not that low and actually more than Lux, who just has 3% global play rate. And Lux is a champion who gets **tons** of skins regularely. I don't know why you are personally that much against a new Camille skin, but it seems this is just your personal bias against her than actual reasons based on data.
> I don't know why you are personally that much against a new Camille skin, but it seems this is just your personal bias against her than actual reasons based on data. Try not to make accusations without sufficient evidence. Nowhere have I shown personal bias. I've been giving the facts and statistics that I've found, as well as assumed likely causes as to why she hasn't gotten one yet. <3
: The community comes up with tons of suggestions for her, tho. Riot just has to pick one of the ideas out there on a silver plate.
The issue is working that into the skinline's thematic while retaining the Champion's Identity. But Camille sits at a reasonably low play rate, so the odds of her getting a new skin are low, simply from a marketing standpoint.
: And Illaoi at least had the excuse that she is alot of work, since they have to model her tentacles additionally. Camille's kit doesn't have anything like that, creating a skin for her doesn't take that much effort.
Its the identity of the champion. Camille isn't **Camille** without sword legs, and you can't throw that identity into just any scenario.
Larriet (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=SamBunzly,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=AIieoNII,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2018-09-12T11:05:01.469+0000) > > Hell, this is the first {{champion:37}} Sona skin to feature her using anything but an instrument. Arcade has a keyboard attached to it, but it's still not "just" an instrument, and she only really uses the regular buttons/joystick. I was excited about that bit of this skin, though. Playing up her ~mysteriousness~ rather than musical elegance.
>Arcade has a keyboard attached to it, but it's still not "just" an instrument, and she only really uses the regular buttons/joystick. I think the reason she only uses the buttons and joystick is because she still uses the base animation rig for Sona's model. And just IMO, I don't count Arcade Sona as using a non-instrument, because it looks like a music game controller and the 2 buttons and joystick are just there for menu operation XD But thats just me
Yljin (NA)
: Still Waiting...
Coming from a marketing standpoint, these champions aren't currently super popular, which immediately takes them out of the candidacy for new skins. If it ain't popular it won't sell. {{champion:164}} Camille currently sits at 2.6% Pickrate {{champion:240}} Kled at 1.63% {{champion:427}} Ivern's even worse off, sitting at 0.59% pickrate. Compare these with{{champion:141}} Kayn, 6.61% and you can see why he got chosen instead. If you also take a look at the champion themes, Kayn seems to fit the best for the event. A vengeful warrior seeking to gain power by taking it from another. Camille MIGHT be able to squeeze into that thematic, but Kled is too crazy and Ivern is too peaceful. Add in the wonderful work they did with Kayn and Rhaast's banter, and you get another point for the edge-lord. It's also a lot harder to come up with more unique ideas for champions with one thing being 90% of their identity. Camille has Sword Legs Kled has Skarl Ivern is a tree Hell, this is the first {{champion:37}} Sona skin to feature her using anything but an instrument. Kayn simply needs to have a rivalry with his living weapon and boom you've got a champion for multiple themes, albeit mostly darker ones.
: Riot rolls out new system to catch smurfs
Oof. Good joke but wrong board. I thought this was a legitimate discussion till I saw the content. Might wanna see about getting it moved
: I think the worst thing here is that they kept these skins under wraps to avoid spoiling their great trailer, but the event is launching the 12th, so I hear, so that doesn't leave them much time to make edits.
> [{quoted}](name=Oleandervine,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=Z2s4rYyK,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-09-10T20:11:33.391+0000) > > I think the worst thing here is that they kept these skins under wraps to avoid spoiling their great trailer, but the event is launching the 12th, so I hear, so that doesn&#x27;t leave them much time to make edits. It wouldn't be the first time Riot's responded to outrage over cosmetics and rushed in for an edit or two. Just go back and look at the Sweetheart Xayah/Rakan scandal.
: This sounds amazingly great! Now, thing is; the other ultimate skins. Udyr can't have a chroma which changes the look because his look goes to what power he possesses at the time. Pulsefire Ezreal and Gun Goddess Miss Fortune would get the most kick out of this. Elementalist Lux, however... She'd have to have some sort of personal rune page just to change chromas because of her 10 forms with different recipes.
Thats the whole point of it though, a little extra menu in your collection that lets you pick what goes where. I could imagine Udyr having different species / colors for each animal. Yeah theres tiger stance but does it have to visually be a tiger? Why not a puma? Pulsefire Ezreal and GGMF I feel like would work well. GGMF could just add it onto her total transformations at the fountain, and Ezreal would likely just be small touchups for visual effect. Kinda like a Matrix glitch occasionally? :0 (kinda like spacetime travel went bad owo) Lux, Personally, I feel like she'd do well with retaining the 4 basic elements, but being able to swap out one with another element. Not that theres a lot else to go on. Maybe something less traditional like steel/iron. THe biggest drawback would be things like possibly locking what element can be swapped out for another (only being able to swap steel and fire) and creating 4 new forms for it.
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: That actually sounds really badass. It makes me think of a restrained version of Kayle. She's melee, but can freely empower herself to go ranged. This guy, the one in the teaser, is physically menacing, but once he's unrestrained will legit blow you away. I could see some cool scalings in this cute. Make him AD in his base form, but when he turns into the caster, his AD converts into AP. The shtick here would be that he's very hard to itemize against, and due to his scalings becomes a late game menace.
YES! The biggest issue though is that I don't want his kit to revolve solely around his ultimate form late game. I want his base form to remain viable throughout the game, while his ult exists to just dish out some more raw damage. Something like having his base form loaded with a silence and maybe a slow/immobilization effect, and his ultimate form having range on par with Lux with large damage. That way you're not tempted to forgo utility just for raw damage because it leaves you open, being an immobile bruiser.
: That's so clever based off of nothing but a picture. How long did you guys talk? xD
like, 30 minutes XD hes hella creative
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: Possible Champion/Event Teaser?
No, I've went through kindred's quotes and theres nothing about falling for the corruption. After hearing about the speculation of the event riot is releasing, I had figured that it might have been a teaser for some type of Rune War event.
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Kei143 (NA)
: 2 months to get back into h1 ? Pretty good. May I ask, how many games do you play a month?
Being honest here? I think I average anywhere from 5 to 10 a day, sometimes more. I've got nothing but free time lately.
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Nhifu (NA)
: But you lost though? Winning lane should have a benefit. You won.. ? Why should the enemy team still be toe to toe if we are destroying them? Might as well give both teams gold bonuses for turret take-downs LOL
Playing the game competitively means giving each team equal opportunity to win. The opportunity to stay under your tower and play more defensively allows you that equal opportunity in a losing matchup. Following your logic, whoever gets counterpicked should lose the game.
: I believe it was stated that “hurr durr, ADCs nerfed, towers need to be nerfed too”, but this is a ridiculous statement. Towers haven’t been relevant in diving under them in months, maybe years. They need to be fixed, somehow.
Honestly, the biggest issue I see with turret dives being so easy is the lack of damage a tower has starting off. Yeah, the damage does ramp up per shot on the same champion, but because nearly everyone in the game can dive, 100-0 you in 2 seconds, and get out, towers don't have the time to ramp up their damage. I feel like an attack speed increase with less damage to minions would work, or increase the scaling damage to champions.
: > [{quoted}](name=nuclearwarpotato,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=fl4vNVKL,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-06-08T20:12:47.767+0000) > > A main reason why is because of auto attacks. Bruiser like champions are a mix of durability and damage. Too much of either sets them up as just a tank or an assassin. This means most are relegated to more of a sustained damage/duelist play style. while building 1 or 2 ad items you not only have abilities for small burst but autos to really cement the sustained damage role. Ap champions are harder to make fill the same role because of their reliance of abilities so much more than autos. This means that if they rely entirely on abilities there isn&#x27;t a reason to not just build straight ap and have burst. The closest champs we have to this are battle mages like swain and vlad. Give them an ability like an auto atk!
Something similar to the Yasuo Q? How about no... You can get much more AP than you can AD, so let's keep that idea benched please? :D
Myrmiron (EUW)
: I think you should played some full AP Malphite toplane. It's fun as shit and all your arguments don't apply to it. 1. True Damage: Just Q+E them and walk away, lul 2. Isolated: Against full AP Malphite's cheesewheel spam your ENEMY will cry for ganks, not you. 3. Lack of Impact: Your impact on the game is oneshot the enemy carry every 40 seconds. Questions? Didn't think so.
> Questions? Didn&#x27;t think so. Actually yeah I've got some. Assuming you wind up getting ahead as your description implies you will, what happens after the enemy team 5-mans you and keeps you down all game, because you're not tanky enough to survive the beating you dish out? Is full AP Malph viable in ranked, and if so what's the highest rank you've reached playing it?
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: Most mages outrange ADC with their abilities so they usually win trades/all-ins
Most ADCs have lifesteal and a Mercurial Scimitar versus a mage. with 100 cs, I'm pretty sure the ADC is going to end up victorious over the course of that duel.
Kythers (NA)
: Convince me that ADCs are OP with evidence rather than rhetoric
1. Low-Cost High-Efficiency itemization: Adc's have the lowest costing item pool of the entire game, and gleen way too many rewards from so little gold. 2. DPS vs Burst: Bursty mages have to wait for cooldowns on their spells before they're viable again. Adc's can dish out damage constantly. 3. Lack of Counterplay: Adc's also have access to many items that help keep them alive and protected, again with that (relatively) low gold cost. For example, {{item:3072}} {{item:3139}} {{item:3153}}. These all give lifesteal, while one protects them from mages and crowd control* while the other provides movement speed through an active item. This is just a boiled down summary, I could go on for DAYS about the state of adc's in this season and last. -EDIT- *forgot to mention the qss effect on Mercury Scimitar
: Which season do you think was the most balanced and fun to play in?
Definitely 4 or 5, when I first started playing. Honestly, I'm bad with time but I started playing a few months before Ekko was released. The game just felt good, not as snowball-y and definitely more rewarding for making a good play. Since then there's been a gradual damage creep that's been ruining the game play experience. Not gonna lie, it's definitely still fun and entertaining, I just feel like the "good old days" are gone.
: Toplane in a nutshell
I'm completely wondering where this meme format came from like, this movie has been out for years now what the hell
: Good luck surviving late game vs full dmg carries with 500 range trying to get 5 autos off
That, my friend, is why League is a team game. You have allies with Crowd Control that can also add stacks to your passive. Which helps you proc that damage.
: Spectator mode on the Twisted Treeline
You've gotta remember, Treeline is also used for Hexakill. Maybe it's just the default map thing and its too minuscule to change it? ~~I mean who even plays treeline???~~
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WarWork (NA)
: Hey lore team, A bestiary maybe?
Surprise. Every creature in Runeterra is a Poro in disguise. ~~whoops~~
: Ancient Syndra [Fan Skin Concept]
I love the concept, but I don't believe it has an "ancient" feel to it. Your skin makes her look like more of a golem an something ancient. It's definitely a great skin, nonetheless. Your work really shines in the ability effects and the splash art. I like the multiple design options you chose while sticking with the dark gray / golden-orange color scheme. As a side note, perhaps reuse the ability effects for an Arclight Syndra skin?
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