: Opps I kinda skipped over the template thingy, is it fine if i didn't use it? If not how can I unsubmit the comic to use the correct template.
Resubmit using the template. The one without the template will be removed.
: Does it have to be actual teamwork like a save or wombo combo, or can it be bad teamwork like ryze ulting in instead of out?
You can absolutely show teamwork gone wrong!
BBQroo (NA)
: Are we limited to one submission or can we submit more than one as long as they are different?
You can, but you can only win once. Your time might be better spent making one piece the best it can be instead of working on multiples.
: How do we show you guys our comics that we wrote with pencil and paper, without taking a picture of it? It says that we are not allowed to photograph or screenshot.
marhblue (NA)
: Vikings DO NOT say have at thee
You clearly have never read a Thor comic!
: THANK YOU FOR THE FEATURE!! {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
Your work is a gol' dang delight! Keep being awesome!{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Rufu (NA)
: i love the art so much but the link for it isnt working for me, anyone else having this problem?? {{item:3070}}{{champion:20}}
: I wonder how Akali will be portrayed in this universe. Will she have a crush on Kayn?
Check out Series 1. She's a school nurse.
Kei143 (NA)
: Can you update the landing page of AA1 and AA2 to include the later seaons?
Good idea. Will be updating those in a bit.
: is there only one panel rn?
There is only one page right now and we'll be updating every Monday!
DomoData (NA)
: I didn't know I needed academy ez until now
Go check out the other series. He makes more than a few appearances.
: It's back!!!!!!!!!!! Who's excit3d!!!!!!!!
Kat323 (NA)
: Teacher Zed maybe?{{champion:238}}
Zed's actually a student, and he and his shadows are usually up to no good.
: I needed this so badly (seriously - I love these comics), bless you Riot.
Urávity (NA)
: I'm actually really excited about these being back! {{sticker:sg-kiko}} {{sticker:sg-lux}}
Larriet (NA)
: Oh, this is back already! I sort of expected Crystal Quest Season 2 next, but this is just as cool. The art looks a little different than before. Looks a little more "soft", although this page has a lot of detail with all those exciting summer stories. Do you know whose eyes are showing up in the bushes around the campfire? I'm bad at recognizing this kind of thing.
We have a whole new season of Crystal Quest waiting in the wings! For now, enjoy your time at the Academy.
: In this universe, he's a teen wolf.
: Why are there not more comments already lmao, this comic is one of the only three reasons I still play the game
I dunno but we're glad to be back and glad you're excited for more Academy kid action!
: My accout can not be recovery because they cant verify me as the original creator of the account. i already proved all the information. and i created 5 years ago. what can i do to get my account back ?why dont they just send a email to my create email address.
Honestly I'm not really sure. You'll have to work with Player Support on that. Sorry I can't be more help!
: I cant Submitt mine, is there something wrong please help.{{sticker:sg-soraka}}
: Are u a riot worker can u help me plz
: I made a topic about some feedback for future contest, rooted from a problem I had for this one https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/ptpuTksL-suggestion-for-future-art-contests-memotion-problem
: Can we make multiple submissions? So let's say I do one for X champion, but end up making a completely different entry for Y champion (registered as different submissions still). Would that be accepted?
: I forgot to put on summoner name in the corner! {{sticker:sg-janna}}
: Is this contest open to Europe residents as well or is it only for North America?
: Can i do violet parr's face when she sees toby at the resturant?
Sure! It won't be considered for prizing, but I wouldn't mind seeing it.
: Are hand drawings acceptable for this contest? I.e colored drawings on paper?
: can one account be used to submit multiple art pieces?
The same person cannot win more than one prize.
ItsDish (NA)
: So from a previous question, it seems like submitting an entry with multiple expressions is not allowed. However we can submit multiple entries of one emotion of a champion is okay right?
As long as they are substantially different, yes.
: Is there a specific size for the file we must follow? As in, must it be a square crop, maybe a minimum of 1500x1500?
There aren't any particular size requirements. And do you mean max of 1500x1500? Cause that's pretty darn big.
: I see, that's a shame, but thanks for clearing it up.:)
: So one is good enough, but will it still be accepted if someone does a little package like in the first one? Mayby a little chain of scenes(like in a comic) where they are connected and the expression changes? (but the whole thing only includes the same, one character)
This is important, it will not be accepted if there are multiple faces or it becomes a comic. Focus on one champ, and one expression.
: What exactly do you mean by Traditional?
Anything done with physical media: pencils, watercolors, paint, stuff like that.
: Are we allowed to also post our entries on social media such as an art twitter/instagram after we've submitted them? Gonna have to study a ton of facial expressions before even trying this, but it's a great way to motivate myself! Edit: Didn't see that my question was answered already!
Pya (NA)
: is the submission supposed to be one emotion(one face) or something like the first picture where there are many different expressions? thanks
: Hello, I had to resubmit my work because apparently the format that Woobox takes crops the whole thing a little bit, so even though my art itself wasn't affected, my summoner's name was left out of the picture (so I just moved my signature and re-uploaded the whole thing). Will this be a problem?
Terozu (NA)
: Can we share our submissions on the boards?
: im trying to submit an entry but it keeps saying "you did not choose the correct value for Server" i dont know that that means. i ASSUME it means the server my account is linked with (NA) and i have NA selected from the server list but i keep getting the error
Did a little fiddling on the backend. Should be fixed! Lemme know if you still can't submit.
Suuja (NA)
: Should submissions be painted/rendered or left in a black and white treatment like the example? And is it okay to include some hands in the portrait as well to contribute to the emotion? Thanks!
Feel free to include as much color as you'd like! As for hands, try to get the emotion across using just shoulders up. If some hands sneak in that's probably ok, but try working on just selling the facial emotion.
KatsisVi (NA)
: Can you put two champs sharing the same emotion in the same frame?
: My favorite champion wheres a mask with an eternal smile. Am I allowed to change the expression on the mask, or should I attempt to convey emotion through that crimson orb he calls an eye? Jhin gives the best "you're next" looks tbh.
Champs with masks, or things obscuring their faces, are gonna be tough for this contest. You're more than welcome to give it a shot though! Maybe for Jhin, he's got a The Mask style mask?
: Does it have to be the Champion's Default skin? or could you do Skins that they have aswell?
As long as we can immediately tell who your champ is and what their emotion is! That might be slightly harder with a skin, but still more than doable.
: Is it only 1 emotion submission or if not how many can we submit?
You can submit as many times as you like but it may be more beneficial to spend time on one piece, so you can really push the polish.
TopRaman (NA)
: > Pretty sure Surface Book 2 should be the grand prize since it's considerably more expensive 😂 Wat. 2400 vs 1200? I think you are confused. The grand prize is twice as expensive.
That's the Surface Book 2 without being configured to spec. We've updated the post to reflect!
dqflynn (NA)
: ***
Heyo this doesn't relate to canon League lore at all. All our community collabs are just fun alternate universe explorations! Also new page is up :)
: i noticed a Popstar Ahri poster will she make an appearance?
krt (NA)
: Interesting that the thread with 1000+ comments got replaced by this one, just because of a typo in the title. https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/riot-games/announcements/clash-na-launch-cancelled-due-technical-issues
This is actually a good call out and not something that we intended to do purposely. Because of how we wanted to display the messaging in the client, it wouldn't display quite correctly on the website so we made two different instances: one that could be opened in client and one that lived natively here. We should have just used this one to redirect to the other announce. I'm going to swap the this one with the article from the client, but you'll still be able to find this one if you click View All News. Thanks for pointing this out.
: One trundle is more than enough to beat the shit out of olaf
Caomha (NA)
: I have a comic for league if you'd like to check it out, I'd be honored to have it here among the other comics. {{sticker:sg-soraka}} https://caomha.deviantart.com/gallery/65960646/Keeva-the-Returned
Heyo this is super neat! Swimbananas showed me this a while back actually. This space is only for our community collabs, but keep up the hard work!
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