: I don't understand the attitude in league
I had a player tell me to kms in all caps multiple times once. I wrote a ticket to Riot and guess what, they permabanned him. You have to think about the average player vs the most extreme ones.
: What rank are you aiming for in season 10?
I got in series for plat 3 times last season and the worst things happened to me there. I just want plat 4 as I feel that’s the level at which I play, and it represents an ideal for me which I aspire to (calling about 80% of ranked players plebs - haha jk).
: Udyr Rework Similar to Aphelios?
I'm a millionaire Udyr player (1.07M mastery points) and I've been playing him with great success and big failure since the last 2 seasons. The biggest issues I'm having with him right now are the following : - {{champion:77}} used to be a powerfarmer who could outrun anyone. I remember him having splitpush powers equivalent to {{champion:23}} or {{champion:24}} and getting enemies into chases not unlike what {{champion:27}} can do . Nowadays, first of all he's comparably meh at farming unless he gets an early advantage, and also since a number of champions have stupid amount of dashes available, and he can get outrun by a good deal of champions, the meta evolved without him. - I feel like having to choose between tiger and phoenix is a weakness in his design as he will only get 3 skills and a passive. Personally I always put one point in Phoenix as it helps my early clear. I would imagine if this choice would become part of his passive like {{champion:141}} , there could be something interesting in there. - Imho, {{champion:77}} is very weak in teamfights in the current meta, as a bruiser who gets kited easily. Of course, one can argue that he is way more of an early game champion rather than a scaling one, but he tends to become increasingly useless to his team as late game comes. Many people suggested he could have a dash as part of his e mechanic, but honestly, I will argue that there is a problem with e altogether, as there already is a bear in the game ({{champion:106}} with a clearly better bear mechanic. I imagine there could be another animal which would be able to lunge or stick to an enemy ({{champion:19}} yeah well that also exists), and really upon thinking about it, what would be best is the tiger form making him able to jump to an enemy (oh sorry the concept is already thought of {{champion:76}} ). Soooo I guess it's not an easy one, but honestly Udyr as a beastman, seems to have a problem with his e, and maybe his passive about the choice of main stance. My best possible idea would be that if the phoenix/tiger would be a lvl 6 choice or the like, then e would be replaced by a stance that is unique to each version of {{champion:77}} and works with the strengths of each type, which would be solo carrying (tiger) and teamfighting (phoenix). For example, have the bear stance with a dash for tiger and something like a bigger movement speed buff for phoenix. I'm also thinking that tiger and bear go well together, and phoenix and turtle also. Hey, I wish u all a great day, gonna go play some more proxy {{champion:27}} while thinking of other ways my favorite champ could be reworked!
: Whatever the case, he is {{champion:92}} 2.0. Because his skill set is the same as hers. Passive skill boosts attack. 'Q' has three combinations. 'W' enemy control. 'E' simple jerk. The ultimate ability gives increased damage and its bonus. The essence of the skills is the same, but playing a little differently, but not very personal. Imagine that {{champion:9}} will be given skills like those of {{champion:99}} . Just with a little flippers and effects. {{champion:266}} performs the same functions as {{champion:92}} , just its animation is too slow
> [{quoted}](name=Mephistraz,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=eqlWzKz9,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-11-27T12:05:12.450+0000) > > Whatever the case, he is {{champion:92}} 2.0. Because his skill set is the same as hers. Passive skill boosts attack. 'Q' has three combinations. 'W' enemy control. 'E' simple jerk. The ultimate ability gives increased damage and its bonus. The essence of the skills is the same, but playing a little differently, but not very personal. Imagine that {{champion:9}} will be given skills like those of {{champion:99}} . Just with a little flippers and effects. {{champion:266}} performs the same functions as {{champion:92}} , just its animation is too slow Riven has 300% mobility of Aatrox, while he has 300% her aoe. In my mind, they are very distinct champions. Maybe you listen too much to what other people say. Riven mains will not pick Aatrox and other way round. There is a reason for that. I'm telling you that facing {{champion:266}} vs{{champion:92}} is not the same thing at all, so your point does not hold. Best wishes OP!
: Why are players allowed to ruin matches?
OP, I would just like to throw in my opinion here for you, happy if it can bring anything. Basically, your mindset influences a lot how you perceive the experience of getting griefed by a teammate. Some days I just want to win so bad and I'll get mad at the feeder. And then there will be one in the enemy team a couple games later and I won't notice. So when I have this mindset, I'm setting myself up for fail because I'll always think the game is rigged against me for simply not noticing that feeders are pretty much evenly distributed. That's not even factoring in when I am the feeder, too. So basically before asking Riot to fix this, which is pretty difficult considering it goes with how you feel about it, there is some great room for improvement in keeping your focus away from feeders or griefers and actually trying to play your best whatever the handicap you're being given. Best wishes and keep your cool!
: Who remembers the old Aatrox?
I honestly think new {{champion:266}} is a better champ, and while people complain that he's a {{champion:92}} 2.0, he definitely has a different set of skills, for example he can only dash once when executing his q combo, also the chain trap thingy is a unique skill on its own; I don't play him, but he definitely feels like a unique champion to me when I play against him. While you'd mostly want to stay away from a fed {{champion:92}} , you'd want to jump a fed {{champion:266}} but would be deceived by his ridiculous healing. As much as I find him annoying, I think his design is pretty good. The only thing I can say for old Aatrox is that his jump knockup was cool and ofc, his ult was better.
: > [{quoted}](name=Savage the King,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=bsH0vHsv,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-09-18T02:30:35.731+0000) > > I do have 47 keys atm. Imagine my pockets. > [{quoted}](name=The Stripy Bag,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=bsH0vHsv,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-09-18T01:34:09.044+0000) > > Meanwhile on my account. 59 Hextech Chest on the wall. 59 Hextech Chest on the wall. One of them doesn't go down another one goes up. 60 Hextech Chest on the wall. I'm honestly not sure how you manage to get that many chests or keys. If you never get S okay you'd have a ton of keys, if you never log out, ok you'd have a ton of chests. But you'd literally have to like NEVER do those things to accumulate that many of one but none of the other without spending rp.
> [{quoted}](name=Anthonyst,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=bsH0vHsv,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-09-18T02:57:49.763+0000) > > I'm honestly not sure how you manage to get that many chests or keys. If you never get S okay you'd have a ton of keys, if you never log out, ok you'd have a ton of chests. But you'd literally have to like NEVER do those things to accumulate that many of one but none of the other without spending rp. I'm a 1-trick with level 3 honor so I get key fragments pretty much every time I log in, but I rarely get the chests as my champion pool is limited. Rinse and repeat for a year and you might get that many keys.
: Everyone talks about having too many keys
I do have 47 keys atm. Imagine my pockets.
: Gold-Diamond differences?
Statistically speaking, I read that a team of Diamond 5 (no one boosted) will beat a team of Plat 5 90% of the time. That's what the numbers say about the difference a tier makes.
: Actually if you are below D2 you are trash by definition, myself included (P1)
> [{quoted}](name=Mythrandill,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=Pq5BEZNA,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-09-16T21:07:50.961+0000) > > Actually if you are below D2 you are trash by definition, myself included (P1) Although this might make sense for d2 player and above, this is absolutely ridiculous. Anything over 50% of the ranked player base is by definition a good player.
: the state of gold right now
I am in a very similar mindset to you. I hit plat series twice and couldn't make it through, one lane inevitably started inting to no end. Finally reaching plat would mean so much to me, as I've been playing this game since 2013. Oh well, I guess I need a break.
: When you get matched with an excellent support in SoloQ, but they don't accept your friend request
I am a support main, and I will add any adc that made me win game with easy plays. If I didn't need to work hard that means the adc is doing their part and I love them for it. That's all.
: How do you overcome the problem of "pick a different champion, one that riot actually cares about" without just doing what riot wants you do? How do you "overcome the problem" of not having fun in a meta which is, in no way, conducive to how you enjoyed playing League of Legends? How do you "overcome the problem" of roles being entirely dependent on either 1. picking one of rito's favorites (whichever one just got a legendary skin) 2. shackling yourself to either a duo or someone who've you've never met ?????? How about, instead of me having to "adapt to the issue", riot games stops forcing the game to go in this damage creep, strategy-less path?
There is a way to shut down the most fed {{champion:133}} in the world. You just haven't found it. Start with this and stop blaming Rito.
: "just pick a different champion" fuck off
... get lost. If you don't want sound advice from someone who had the same problem but ended up overcoming it, you're most welcome to remain hardstuck, or to uninstall if you wish so.
: Surrendering
Here are two instances where surrender is useful : 1- a player never connected, surrender at 3 mins. No point in playing that game. 2- all 5 members agree they don't want to pursue the game further, rather lose now and move on quicker. No point in carrying on. Quite honestly, the only instance in which surrender leads to abuse is when a player spams it, imho it is moderately to highly toxic behavior. I believe I can turn this around, and this one feeding {{champion:17}} doesn't, at the 3rd surrender spam this guy will actually get under my skin and tilt me, making me believe even if I try my hardest, he is destroyed mentally and won't even try anymore. OP, I disagree that we should get rid of the surrender system. A player that has called for surrender 3 times in a game though, should be barred from doing it a 4th time (I guess).
: If you're smurfing, you'll eventually get back to high elo, unless you purposefully lose to stay in low elo so you can smurf, in which case there's a problem there.
See it this way though, if the smurf wants to stay in a specific rank (say silver 2) and wins/loses pretty much 50% of their games, then statistically speaking there is absolutely no difference between this smurf and a hardstuck silver 2 player. If the player does not identify themselves as a smurf in any way, then there is no means by which to differentiate this player from any other. In some instances some unlucky player might meet them in two wins or two losses in a row, but that will hardly change the game for them or anyone else.
: ????? Guess I just shouldn't even play the game then if I picked sivir? I am so fucking glad you people don't have any sway over the balance team, though tbh it seems like riot is sympathetic.
{{champion:15}} does not have mobility except her ult. Her kit makes her completely dependent on a frontline except if she is hyper fed... and I don't see many fed {{champion:15}} s. I will tell you that she is the adc I least appreciate by far. Before uninstalling, you might wanna consider picking other ad champions.
: Just because you find normals irrelevant doesn't make it so. It may be your opinion, but a company does have to consider it all. You take rank the most serious, others may take norms, and others still different modes.
no one reports anyone in normals.
Glîtchy (NA)
: why do people blame the jungle for their bot lane fucking up?
As jungler, finding the right words to make your laners understand you can't be everywhere and there are some lanes that you might not even go during games... this is not ez. You have to act in such a way that they get it, but don't tilt because they feel attacked. Thickening your skin is the best thing you can do.
: > [{quoted}](name=Savage the King,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=y77U3blf,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-08-14T03:48:59.772+0000) > > The other weekend, I had that really good streak consisting of 18 wins 3 losses. I probably reported no one during those 21 games. I think I report more people when I win. The amount of toxic people that feed in a team and get carried in the end of the enemy team is insane during victories.
> [{quoted}](name=symphony4ria,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=y77U3blf,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-08-14T04:59:24.941+0000) > > I think I report more people when I win. The amount of toxic people that feed in a team and get carried in the end of the enemy team is insane during victories. Unless being extremely toxic or actively trying to make you lose, I firmly believe reporting people when you win entails bad {{champion:43}} so I almost always refrain.
: I feel this discredits you. Normals, Ranked, ARAM, and RGM are all part of the game. You don't get to go "Well, fuck this game mode. No one cares about it." Things only change slightly between them, like no role stealing exists in Blinds since Blinds don't have assigned roles.
I think in 900 or so normal games I must have used the report function less than 10 times because I don't care much about the game outcome. The report function essentially _is _ irrelevant in that game mode. That user's perspective _is _ irrelevant on the subject matter, sorry.
: Lol, we're done here. You're doing an awful lot of attacking of me rather than the arguments. I don't have to prove the negative, you all need to prove your claim that the system isn't working. Have a good night!
Buddy, I will add that you completely discredit yourself by playing only normals; as reports are essentially irrelevant in normals, so is your perspective on the report system.
: "don't stand under your own tower" I guess i just won't leave fountain then?
If you tell me you are alone defending your turret as {{champion:15}} , buddy you should let turret go. Now stand behind that frontline, and don't let those high speed runners and those assassins get to you. If I learned to do it, so can you.
: What is the longest game streak you ve gone without reporting someone in ranked games?
The other weekend, I had that really good streak consisting of 18 wins 3 losses. I probably reported no one during those 21 games.
: Really loving how every single game is literally "who can burst the other faster"
Buddy, the only good and true answer to your problem is : do not get caught.
: > In the meantime, I think it's fair for me to voice that I believe Riot should work towards making players who hate playing this game, hate it less. And unfortunately, Riot can't please everyone. That's you, that's Soul Dealer. There are far, far more players who are either neutral in opinion on this system or believe it's had a positive influence than the 10 people a day who come on here because they can't climb due to an unusual amount of trolls and inters and AFKs. > I encourage you to work your mind around this problem I can't do that, because **I don't have a problem with the current system**. My own ability to tune out assholes helps me primarily, and on the very, very, very rare occasion where I've had a legitimate intentional feeder (which I can count on two hands since I started playing at the end of Season 1) I trust they'll get what's coming to them. You are in the minority whether you choose to believe it or not.
It's your opinion. Mine's mine. Show me the stats. Occurrence of board threads is not a reliable indicator. Don't choke on people's input if it's legit. Makes you someone that kills the conversation. You are being emotional about your replies in a way that is borderline toxic. I still encourage you to work your mind around this problem, which is not "do I feel okay with the system" but "why some players hate the game?". If they say they do then they do and your thinking they're a minority is not a valid argument to dismiss them.
: > decides to ban my hover. So I tell him "know the rules bud? carry me" The rules? The rules in draft pick are that bans come first. Your hover is not a guarantee of anything.
Don't take it as face value sweetie. People talk like that all the time. And people do this all the time. I do not represent authority. The {{champion:101}} knew what I meant, what you apparently don't know. It meant "buddy, you just banned my intended champ and tilted me hard by doing so".
Lapis (OCE)
: Actions or intent, which determines trolling?
Just a recent example from one of my games. I wanted to play {{champion:350}} for the 3rd ranked game (I had only practiced in bots but that's how I go about it, I dare anyone tell me it's not okay), but this {{champion:101}} decides to ban my hover. So I tell him "know the rules bud? carry me" and I proceeded with the{{champion:254}} support pick (tell me I can't do this). Funny thing, we won! and I managed to help my team big time by saving ALL my ults for the enemy {{champion:157}} (think of it, she is the best bouncer when he starts running wild with her point & click ult). So my point is, offmeta picks and apparently troll picks don't matter if the player knows what they are doing. Win or lose, if I did well with my support vi, and I was useful to team, I'm absolutely unafraid to get reported.
: I finally found my playstyle.
: **Report DOES NOT EQUAL punishment.** Period. Report flags the system to review the player in question. If they've met the criteria to be punished, they will be punished. If they have not met the criteria to be punished, they will not be punished. Why is this so terribly hard for people to understand? Even if the dude was negative as all hell, he's not going to get punished just because you reported him **unless** the system has determined his **PATTERN OF BEHAVIOR** has reached punishment level. People need to stop expecting instant gratification out of this system, release the bad mojo, and **move on with their lives after reporting someone.**
I don't think any sort of caps will add strength to your argumentation. You don't address the point I bring which is "there is a consistent occurrence of toxic in-game behavior". If with increasing time, it does not decrease, then there are legitimate reasons to believe the system doesn't work. Your level of trust in it is as relevant as the point of view of an individual, and mine is most probably just as good as far as opinions go. When people don't trust the system to work, things like this original post happen. It's simple as that and I encourage you to work your mind around this problem, that you apparently oversimplify to "report and go on". With time increasing, the toxicity problem makes people hate playing this game. It's hard to go on when you are hating the game. We are not all zen masters like you, but I assure you we'd all like to be. In the meantime, I think it's fair for me to voice that I believe Riot should work towards making players who hate playing this game, hate it less.
Xphineas (NA)
: From wishing death to eachother to having children, thats actually pretty sweet.
I really hope you didn't take that last sentence at face value. All the rest was legit tho.
: Name and shame should be allowed
What I have to give to this OP's argumentation is, while I would not agree with name & shame, negative players are present on a consistent basis (there seems to be little reduction in occurrence of toxic in-game behavior) and we have no means of knowing whether the reports we give produce results, proof No. 1 is that there is a consistent occurrence of toxic in-game behavior. Even tickets seem of no use, and the last time I wrote a ticket for some extreme behavior (2 tickets in 6 years I think I'm being moderate), this blitzcrank bot telling me "we got your stuff into the system". Talk about feeling powerless. Why does there seem to be always as much toxic behavior? Does the system work at all? I would be tempted to answer "no".
: Getting Permanently Stunned Still Unfun
Mr Video (NA)
: Food for Thought (from a former toxic player)
Here is my story. I faced this {{champion:84}} twice on the enemy team the other day, and she sucked big time. And I told her. And we beat their team twice, her bad play scoring high among the reasons for their losses. So I meet this {{champion:84}} again a few days later and I recognize her in pick stage, so I tell her "oh I remember you, {{champion:84}} . You sucked a**." Of course she granted me with a troll pick and inting all game, and we exchanged rude words all game long, and in post-game lobby, and she requested friendship, which I accepted because I wanted to tell her that she sucked some more. She tells me "Q UP NOW" because she wanted to face me another time, unfortunately we got in different games. Long story short, we carry on the bitching 15 minutes in the other game, how pointless right. So at that moment I realize, I just msg her back "enough toxic. I rly hope u win" and she answers "u2". I won my game, she lost. So I felt bad about it and offered to redeem my meanness by giving her my heartiest game of true effort to give her a win. We won and her {{champion:24}} destroyed the enemy team and single-handedly won us game. Today we are married and she is pregnant with my future triplets.
Laura ß (NA)
: Some games are just outright tilting
One thing is _certain_, telling them they suck will not help out. I struggle with this also. I try to find my fun elsewhere in hopeless games, eg. cheesing.
: TBH I'm tired of being negative.
"this game sucks, I'm gonna stop playing it now". - me, 2019/05 "dammit this game is fun again, I'm gonna play nonstop for one full week during my holidays". - me, 2019/07 Difference? Mental hardening (handling criticism especially. I do still have issues with flaming others but at least when ppl flame me I react better).
: Isn't Kha'Zix a bit overpowered?
I rarely have any problems with {{champion:121}} . I main {{champion:77}} , you see. Jungle is my home.
: No no no no no its your fault you were playing {{champion:72}} and lost a 1v1 at level 3 to {{champion:107}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:5}} , not like your {{champion:91}} was one wall flip away from making it a 2v1 nonono you should have played it out better REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
You should definitely have expected it. Happened to me today, that {{champion:59}} got backup from fed {{champion:91}} ... 6 times. Yes, no one picks {{champion:143}} mid anymore unless they know what they do but even if she fed the {{champion:91}} , it was my bad for not expecting the invades. Dang it that loss was painful tho.
: If You Are Wondering Why High Elo Players Smurf instead of Their Mains. Here is Your Answer
I would just like to contribute this to the discussion, that I've had smurfs on my side and the enemy side so many times over the years. Of course, being only gold 2 it might only be 1 in 5 games or less, but still, it is extremely frustrating to face a player that is just so much better than you, that you basically stand no chance of winning and you get destroyed down to your inner core. Statistically speaking, as I'm the challenged person in my elo, it is more likely that the smurf ends up on the opposing team, but this did not prevent me from climbing in the end. As it's inevitable in this game that some players are smurfs, when I notice a player who consistently plays in a way that I would not expect, then I conclude it might be a smurf, and I take the opportunity to try and shut them down, or even outplay them once. To me, correctly identifying a smurf the earliest moment possible is a minigame in itself. But yeah, when the smurf is on my team, I'm quite happy to get a free win. So my point is, I've had mixed feelings of rage and bliss regarding smurfs, and I wonder if that is not the same thing as attitude in general in the game ("I can't climb because teammates" vs. "I can't climb because of me"); that seriously puts some doubt on whether I think smurfs should be banned (if it was possible to do so). Thank you.
: You’re seriously buffing Jax?
I ban Jax in 100% of my games, and that since season 3. I don't mind that they buff him, because that one champion does not exist in my game.
: Let's look at something that was recently popular: "inting Sion," as most people called it. You would often end up with an extremely negative KDA, but at the same time you'd win your team the game simply through the destruction of the enemy's base. Why punish this player for having a different play style than the traditional 'win lane, win game' way of playing?
ur right, but that's quite the exception. Anyhow, just throwing the idea out there. I still think a bonus would make the game less frustrating for losses in which you did an awesome job.
: Why would anyone want this? It discourages dying, which in many cases, is a good thing.
Well, if it was me I would rather encourage people who do great, rather than discourage dying. Maybe just a bonus. Would definitely make the ranked play experience less frustrating for ppl who (almost) only lose when there are feeders on their team. Makes it so much longer to climb u see. Source : climbed from bronze iv to gold iv, and experienced this more than many times.
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Xaviar (NA)
: I did a complete uninstall and re-download with leaving the script open to see if I could catch the hang. But, when I re-downloaded it just did the same thing.
me too, after reinstalling when I launched the patcher, it stopped at 33%, but I closed the window, then followed a bugsplat popup, then I opened LoL again and it magically resumed successfully. Hope u can get this solved, its a rear pain in the real.
Xaviar (NA)
: I can't get past calculating differences. I have plenty of space for download over 2tb open and I have 55 down with 10 ping. Why will this not download? fix your down loader Riot it isn't working.
same here. it SUCKS. (edit 2 hours later) I browsed the interwebs for similar problems and found out that I probably had corrupt files. Only thing that did it for me was to uninstall LoL and download/install it again. About 3 Gb and and an hour and a half later, here I am ready to play once again! Hope this helps guys.
: Update...
Patch 4.9 update, 850 mb left to download, estimated time 249:00... come on Rito, how long until our computers can't handle the game anymore?
: Why are the LOL servers so bad recently
bleh im starting to get really bored of this situation. DDOS or not, being so vulnerable to these attacks is no good.
Comentários de Rioters
: AFKs rampant in ranked
Frequent afkers will get banned. Also, I would like to see chat in these games you are talking about to see how many of these ppl who go afk did so as a rage quit. For the ones who simply dc, well there is nothing you can do about it right. Being careful about what you say to your teammates is the best (and only) thing you can do to reduce the occurrences of people who go afk. That being said, sometimes the afker is on enemy team. That {{champion:37}} this morning was very arrogant at me, the enemy {{champion:412}}, for not landing my hooks a couple times so im like "wow u think silver 4 is lcs level baby?". Suddenly our team starts to collapse around bot lane, a bit later we start pwning them hard, then she went afk about 5 minutes before endgame. There is often a pattern of speech in people who are likely to leave games.
: Ranked help!
Think {{champion:92}} of {{champion:75}} champions {{champion:157}} that {{champion:121}} can {{champion:84}} snowball {{champion:38}} out {{champion:103}} of {{champion:24}} control {{champion:29}} easily {{champion:119}} (those are kinda random examples). Once you know how to get fed early game, dominate the enemy team by making smart plays and not allowing them to come back in the game. If you are behind, play carefully and wait for that moment when the enemy makes a mistake, then s**t on them. Basically if u lose because of a feeder in your team it kind of proves that the fed enemy is a better player than you are. Which could explain why u are staying in bronze V. Good luck breh i was once where u are.
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