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: I think it's time to nerf Vayne W to what it was before.
I main vayne, and I always have thought it would be appropriate to completely change her W from doing true damage, but instead magic damage that scales on AP.
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: S10 Placements
They did this to almost everybody it appears, It is a mind game to get you to grind back up to where you were so you end up playing more. Riot Games is a greedy corporation that hates happiness.
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My theory is that Riot plants bots into the team that it wants to lose, The bots will start out fine, but after 20 to 25 minutes they will start "auto piloting" and split push the entire game, they may say generic phrases that aren't related to any conversation or just not say anything at all, Riot has me on a loss streak to get be back to 50% win rate because i got up to 60 to 65% win rate and i've noticed this bot like behavior from several games.
: VOTE: Remove queue dodge for not locking
Why NO??? The draft pick system worked totally fine before they added this!!!
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: Patch 4.12 notes
Riot Please, I am tired of getting a great score, and then losing LP because of some idiot on my team. This happens to everybody. You gotta find some other LP system! How about instead of based on WIN/LOSS, it is based on your score compared to your teams average score. If you win a game, and got 0/10/3, You really don't deserve a full LP reward. If you get 15/2/10 and lose, You really shouldn't lose any LP. THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED ASAP!


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