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: But it isn't that dependent on blind luck. You're drafting against other people out of a shared pool of champions. It's a matter of probability and decision making more than it is luck.
Of course its just luck. Ive built comps out of legends no one else is building and still struggled to find enough to get level 2s never mind 3s. I literally just got out of a game where I spent 8 rounds looking for ONE more Gnar, no one else was building Gnar except me, and I never fucking found it. Going through reroll after reroll looking for legends no one else is building and getting screwed is absolutely infuriating. Almost as much as selling a legend you just cant level up, only to start seeing them in every single bucket you get going forward. An increased chance to get legends you have on your team and/or synergizes with your active traits would go a long way to making this game mode actually tactical. Right now, whoever gets off to a good start in the first few rounds with items and level 2s basically just wins the game because they can leverage those advantages very easily into a strong mind and late game team. And its all just luck and RNG! Maybe if they just want to continue with the lazy design they can at least let people just leave the game before round 5 if you get crap buckets and item drops because at that point youre just not going to win from there no matter what.
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: Ask Riot URF Champion Update
When you say "All Random" I take it to mean that all champions will be available for all players, so you never know what youll get. I don't understand why youre trying to do that with URF, a mode in which no one ever asked for it, and yet ignore the fact that people have been asking for ARAM to be "All Random"(fun fact: It actually says All Random in this modes name!) for...years? Do you guys even really listen to what the community would like, or do you just do whatever you want because you think you know best? Im not trying to sound like a dick here (though im sure I do), but its seriously condescending to your community when you apply an idea to a game mode where no one asked for it while refusing to apply it to the game mode where people want it.
: if in the assassin rework you're gonna make assassins kill you in substantially more time.
Riots design for assassins has always been confusing to me honestly. Almost all of them that come to mind are capable of dealing a TON of damage with just their basic abilities alone, and yet these abilities are on ridiculously short cooldowns. They are a class of champion that is suppose to be able to kill a single target extremely quickly, but because of their ability designs they end up being capable of killing multiple enemies in rapid succession. This might have something to do with the overabundance of CDR in the game now, but even before the class updates introduced a laughable amount of CDR into the game I remember assassins still having this capability. This design can result in fed assassins getting so out of control they can effectively 1v5 an enemy team simply because of their damage and mobility ({{champion:105}} comes to mind) on such hilariously short cooldowns. I don't really mind if a class of champions has the ability to kill a single priority target really quickly, but I think that capability needs to be gated with long cooldowns or some other caveat to keep them under control. Several of the most problematic assassins in the game just have insanely overloaded kits imo, and I really hope Riot can implement a fair and enjoyable update to the class as a whole.
Kiokami (NA)
: "ur lower rank so everything you say is invalid"
Honestly given what ive been seeing the numerous unranked-diamond/journey to masters series on youtube, there are a lot of players in high plat and diamond that really don't seem like they belong there. Im not saying im better than them or anything, but at least I know enough to counter build a Soraka, or to stop fighting my lane opponent that's 2-3 kills ahead of me. Its insane seeing these people who are suppose to be the top 10-15% of this games player base making mistakes that I don't even see silver level people making. This whole season is just a huge mess.
: To the people complaining S's are too hard to get:
The problem is the system not only promotes greedy and selfish play, it requires you to perform well in all aspects of the game as well. I could have a metric ton of cs as Viktor if I hoard it all for myself, but doing so is detrimental to my team. Sometimes its better for me to roam around looking for picks and warding while my adc who is behind gets all that farm. Sometimes its better to simply distract and stall the enemy team while that top lane Jax split pushes into their base. The grading system in its current form not only promotes adhering to a strict "meta" style of play, it outright requires it in most instances, which is unhealthy for the game.
kakaaus (EUW)
: The Champion Rank System Disencourages Selfless Plays For The Team
The whole grading system is seriously flawed. So many games where ive had fantastic stats across the board yet only end up with an A+ because my cs was a little lower than it apparently should be because I was busy farming champions instead of lane minions. The system promotes greedy and selfish play instead of teamwork (like hoarding all the cs you can get instead of letting your adc who is behind have it) like you said, which is pretty sad for Riot to promote. The whole system just needs to be changed around because as it is now its just not an enjoyable or healthy part of the game.
: PSA to People Who Play Thresh and Can't Last Hit
Speaking from the other viewpoint, its annoying as a Thresh player when your ADC just doesn't acknowledge your need to last hit some minions for relic shield, thus forcing the Thresh to try and do it too quickly which usually results in missed cs.
: An Analysis of what damage creep is, and what has caused it (WARNING: WALL OF TEXT)
Riots itemization decisions have been a serious problem lately. The issue is that a lot of items simply provide too much stat-wise on their own, the most recent example of this being CDR. CDR used to be difficult to acquire for most champions because it was on so few items. After the ADC and mage updates however, its rare to see any champion not having 20-30% CDR in a standard build, from tanks to ADCs to supports, its simply ridiculous. They need to do a massive overhaul of their item pool and change it around so they don't provide so many different stats on one item. CDR should be something you specifically need to itemize for, crit should be something you specifically itemize for, you should need to sacrifice at least one type of stat to get another (such as less AP for more CDR or less AD for more crit etc).
: Why does Riot show such double standards when it comes to CC?
A lot of the problems with {{item:3116}} could be solved if they nerfed its interactions with DoT abilities (brand/malz come to mind) and controlled creatures (mord ghosts, tibbers, sand soldiers). As far as I can remember, most typical mages don't have spammable abilities that would allow them to permaslow someone with any reliability. The exception to this would be Viktor Q in late game I guess, but he has to be pretty dangerously close to his opponent to use it consistently so I don't see why that's really a big deal.
: Can we like, stop bullying Viktor?
Riot doesn't even know what Viktor is though. I remember in the mid season mage update patch notes, they mischaracterized Viktor as a "diabolical mastermind" which, as you said, harkens to some sort of Saturday morning cartoon villain. The guy just wants to make the human race stronger, he isn't out to conquer the world of wipe out humanity or even destroy his enemies. He is a misguided idealist or something at worst, really.
: [opinion] why are sand soldiers invincible? They should tank for their king and be attackable
Why not give his soldiers some sort of GP barrel mechanic where they spawn at full health (3-5hp) and the bar deteriorates over time down to 1 hp, where it will stay for a short time until the soldier finally disappears on its own. That way, the Azir has to decide if he wants to use his soldiers at full hp for offense, or if he should use them to farm a bit first before sending them in to attack. Obviously if he chooses the latter, he runs the risk of his soldier simply being killed by his opponent, but if he chooses the former then he has to potentially sacrifice farm.
Komatose (NA)
: Dear High Elo Players in Low Elo Ranked Games
This has been the worst season to date for toxicity in games, and I seriously think its a by-product of the dynamic queue model. Its not even just anecdotal pertaining to my own experiences, as I watch numerous Youtube "unranked to diamond" etc series where in most games, there is typically at least one person on their team that gets really toxic, and in most cases its two people, and this is a bare minimum. In many of these games, the high tier smurfs cant even carry them because their teammates get so demoralized and/or spend so much time typing insults the game just becomes impossible to win. If high elo smurfs cant even carry games in gold because of toxic people just dragging everyone down mentally, I shudder to think of the experiences non-smurfs have trying to climb.
Dr Poro (EUW)
: How to fix high ELO ARAM
Instead of such severe dodge punishments, just design the system to remember what champion the dodger was given in ARAM when they left, and force them to always get that champion until they complete an ARAM with it. GG dodging accomplishes nothing in ARAM now!
RocketRex (EUNE)
: why didnt i get S and my team did
Because the system is flawed and takes too many aspects of the game into account. You essentially need to play a perfect game to get S/S+, especially considering they compare your performance to that of others.
4renDub (NA)
: yea if fizz cant 100-0 me level 4 that would be nice
The problem is that a mage will likely oom themselves and miss a good portion of cs trying to force Fizz off the wave early, only for the Fizz to out sustain the mage with corrupting potions 3 charges so that once he hits a fair enough power spike, which even happens pre-6, he gains the ability to at least stall out the lane. This allows him to get lane control once he hits 6 since his burst combo (even without using his ult) will likely be enough to force the mage to back completely or at best forfeit the wave until it gets closer to tower range so they can farm with some relative safety. And god help you if you burn your summoners, because at that point you aren't even really safe under tower anymore.
: The LCS jungle champion pool is awful and boring.
But how can they do that without seriously impacting lower tier play? If they make other junglers stronger so they can compete with the big 4 you always see in pro play, then those buffed junglers would probably end up running rampages throughout the lower elos because of how strong they would be. Im not sure nerfing the big 4 would be the right track either but who knows. Is riot going to have to split game balance between the pro scene and the rest of the game so they can properly balance certain aspects? Sounds pretty dramatic to me, but it would likely help them get a more diverse pool of champions into the LCS I think because they wouldn't have to worry about how their changes would impact the non-pros.
Lucifer (NA)
: Response Bias in Dynamic Queue Survey
I don't understand... If you want to know if players prefer solo queue or dynamic queue, why not just word it blatantly instead of using such contrived wording? "Would you prefer a ranked queue that only allows solo players over one that allows premades?" or something like that. Ill never understand why companies insist on using what can easily be argued as complicated wording when asking questions. It invites questions on bias even if that isn't what the company is doing simply because the question is worded so foolishly that people might choose the wrong answer if they don't fully understand what theyre reading. Simplicity is the key to getting 100% unbiased survey statistics.
: So, a lot of people have been starting to complain about Rylais.. (A Morde thread, again...)
To be honest I feel like the item shouldn't even apply its slow (at any %) from a champions minions. Champions like {{champion:268}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:1}} get a lot of bonus benefit from the item because they get the ability to have multiple sources applying it to multiple targets. I also feel like these champions are the real "problem children" when it comes to talking about {{item:3116}} in reference to it being OP. I feel the item should apply a slow ONLY from the initial impact of a spell cast, and any further impacts from that spell should not apply the effect. Note that this wouldn't nerf Mord in any way, as his 3 Qs can be considered independent spell hits, but would also slightly nerf Viktor since it would no longer apply on his aftershock or subsequent ult ticks, though im sure it would still be a core purchase on him.
: sooo, if im dead and the enemy is about to end and i type "/all wow guys, i never had such a good game in a while, ggwp" the enemy will stop pushing and we can win? in reality i type "fk this unbalanced game" and get chat restricted gggggg
Toxicity helps no one. It doesn't matter if the enemy is killing your nexus when you say it or not, being a jerk to your team accomplishes nothing positive.
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: Remember how Riot likes to nerf champions who have very uninteractive laning phases?
Id happily exchange his ability to full clear waves so early to get back his ability to instantly nuke squishies with his E/ult, like he used to be able to. It was always fun utterly annihilating the enemy back line with 2-3 spells like in the good old days. At least now his ability to dumpster people is delayed and has counter play(early/mid, anyway), such that in order to really reach his full potential he needs a good team to work with. The reason he is so popular in the LCS is more because of his ridiculous damage potential more than his wave clear. Viktor almost always has the most damage to champions by a large margin in games that he's in, as far as ive seen anyway. But Viktor has always has insane wave clear for as long as I can remember, and even when they nerfed his E damage prior to the mid season mage update, he was still eventually able to full clear a wave with one E, it just took him slightly longer to do it. Again though, this was when all of his damage was up front and he could literally obliterate a squishy target in the blink of an eye. It is annoying, sure, but I don't think its all that overpowered, and his early game is actually fairly weak compared to some other mid lane mages at the moment. Cant we all just get along and focus on hating that avian hellspawn Azir instead? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: It shouldn't be like this...
Zed is a great example of "healthy assassins design" according to riot. Never being seen in matches seems like the healthiest design for assassins to me.
: If vision items flashed brighter the longer they weren't used in low elo
You know, funnily enough, ive sort of noticed that higher elo players actually seem to be worse at clearing pink/blue wards than low elo players. I assume it has to do with the higher elo players focusing more on the map and on taking the most efficient routes possible in their travels, but ive really been noticing it a lot lately. Watching high level streamers and game commentary videos and chuckling to myself as these diamond/master tier players just walk right by a bush without entering it, only to find a ward in it a few moments later when they check it after their gank fails. Or my personal favorite, when they do in fact walk through the bush but don't notice the ward sitting in it and just keep on running along their path.
: Last season for Ohmwrecker?
I think it could be repurposed quite easily into an active support-centric item that increases allied damage done to major objectives like towers and epic monsters via a debuff. That would actually potentially increase the kill priority of the support in the event an enemy team wanted to try to do an early baron or something. Having said that however, such an item might make it simply ridiculous for teams with multiple earth drakes or elder buff to push down objectives, so that's prolly not a good idea.
Dragfin (NA)
: Or other people had better games with Ziggs over all then you did, thus raising bar. That is the fairest way to grade and one of the things that RIOT has done lately that has made sense. You were close to them just not close enough to garner an S grade. 8 deaths is a lot on Ziggs too and my guess as to why you only got an A+. Shave half that off and you probably get your S.
But 8 deaths in an ARAM isn't very many at all. It was the least in the game in fact, though I know that doesn't matter with the current system. I shouldn't need to play like a plat+ level player in order to earn an S, which is apparently what the current system expects. I haven't played ranked in years, and when I did I was high silver I believe, but if I had to give myself an arbitrary rank at this point id say low gold at best. Theres pretty much no scenario where I can finish an evenly matched ARAM game with only 4 deaths, and in this game the other team had a Nautilus and Lissandra that could easily get damage/CC onto me. I just think the expectations are too high if a performance like that isn't worthy of at least an S-. The only way I could have improved my performance is if the game lasted longer, which is not only a pretty counter-intuitive system, it almost promotes poor sportsmanship through dragging out a match in order to pad the stats. There really has to be a better way than what currently exists.
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Poske (EUNE)
: Viktor rework is Horrible. The whole Wombo combo support niche direction is flat out retarded
He's in an absolutely horrendous state. If you want your E/ult to be viable damage sources you need to invest in {{item:3116}} as a first item, which is a huge kick in the teeth now that they completely gutted mana regen as a concept. He feels extremely counter-intuitive to play because logically, you need to upgrade your {{item:3200}} for augments, but you need {{item:3116}} in order for your E augment to even be useful, but you need something with mana sustain in order to stay in lane/on the map to be relevant. He's in a position where he is absolutely gimped until at the very least 3 items ({{item:3196}} /{{item:3116}} /({{item:3027}} /{{item:3165}} /{{item:3030}} )), and this isn't even taking into consideration the cost of boots as well. But what do you get first? If you get mana sustain youll be able to stay in lane/on the map but lack damage and wont be able to reliably utilize your E/ult. If you get Rylais first youll be able to utilize your E/ult to greater effect but wont have the mana/sustain to stick around. If you upgrade your hex core youll have the utility of a speed boost and/or your aftershock but wont have damage OR mana/sustain. Theres no right answer for Viktor at the moment, at least not until the 30 or so minute mark, at which point he will hopefully have access to enough items that he can start to do his job. Yet even still, he needs a team composition with heavy AoE CC to be able to fully realize his true potential in a team fight, so if you don't have a team built around you, youre STILL up shits creek without a paddle.
: If you dislike it let @ricklessabanadon (in charge of viktor changes) know about it on twitter.
If I remember correctly, he already responded to people who were complaining about how clunky new Viktor felt to play by saying something along the lines of "saying something is "clunky" is just another way of saying "I don't want to relearn the champion"" or something to that effect. Which pretty much means "I don't care what you all think about the changes, theyre happening anyways so get over it and leave me alone."
: So the unranked guy who spends an hour or 2 on league a day knows exactly where balance will stabilize, while the top tier players who playtest all day, for a living, still aren't graced with that knowledge. Please do tell Scramrail, where do you get your divine inspiration?
You make a good point. Its not like champions ever get released in poor states, be they OP or UP, because they get play tested so much, right? Its not like champions ever get kit reworks that destroy their ability to function on their own, right? You sure showed me.
: Viktor's Patch 6.9 entry shows that whoever worked on Vik has no idea who he truly is >_>
As if I didn't enjoy you around the forums before, I really appreciate the support you've been giving for Viktor. Its unfortunate that, once again, riot has completely destroyed another one of their champions thematically (among other areas), but maybe they can learn from it this time and no other player base needs to worry about their main getting slapped around so much.
: I have seen the word 'clunky' mean a lot of different things. In the sense of the responsive-ness of his button presses (the most common meaning of clunky) they all cast the same way they do on live. If by clunky you mean that things are harder to land, then yes, the E2 is harder to land. In regards to the ult changes specifically, one of the more ridiculous things Viktor could previously do was instant burst people similar to how annie would. This is a play pattern that I would call unhealthy: if Viktor holds on to his abilities, squishy targets aren't allowed to move forward in fear of getting 100-0 bursted. While his new ult is unable to do that to the same extent, he can now pretty aggressively zone out high threat targets with the ult alone. As an AD player, I actually feel like I have options against this version of Viktor, even though I think it is overall stronger. What it basically comes down to is removing the unhealthy/unbalance-able portions of Viktor's kit (super burst combo that he can consistently get due to reliable wave clear) and adding in more sustained damage/zoning potential. With all of THAT said, there are so many moving parts that it is incredibly difficult to know where he will actually land, so we will be keeping an eye on how he performs regardless with the intent of doing any necessary follow up work
Its actually pretty easy to determine where Viktor is going to land. He is going to be incredibly strong in organized play, where a team can be built around him with heavy, preferably AoE CC, allowing him to land his clunky damage potential. For me personally, I consider a kit clunky if it doesn't really work well on its own. Against even marginally skilled opponents, landing your stun from your W is rare, and because of that his ability to land his aftershock/ult ticks is going to be equally as rare. Riot has turned Viktor into a champion that will likely be borderline OP in an organized environment with a team built around him, or UP bordering on a troll pick when played by a solo. While he has a TON of THEORETICAL damage potential, when you really get down to it he is likely only ever going to be getting off half of it in unorganized play, which is where the majority of this game takes place. I can understand wanting to shift some of his power budget to be more spread out over time instead up upfront, but I cant for the life of me understand why you decided to put such ludicrously long delays on that damage. His E aftershock having a 1.25s delay is a long time considering its on one of the skinniest skill shots in the game. His ult having a 2s delay in a meta that sees almost every champion with over 400 movespeed is just ridiculous. Is there any other champion that has to wait such insanely long times to do their damage AFTER using their ability on their opponent? In a straight up 1v1, Viktor is likely only going to reliably land the initial damage on his E, the initial damage on his ult, and his Q. If his opponent doesn't have flash then maybe he can get one tick from his ult. The thing that really kills me is that you could have just as easily given shorter delays on his E/ult, but you simply chose not to. I would absolutely LOVE to see a comprehensive post about WHY his ult damage tick is on a 2 second timer instead of 1 second, and his aftershock is on a 1.25s timer. Rylais is going to be a core item on Viktor now, likely rushed first or second, and it provides him absolutely NO sustain what so ever, which is a pretty big deal considering his E costs 110 mana at rank 5.
: Huge True Damage nuke from nowhere. [GAMEPLAY]
I don't think ive ever seen so much information displayed in a death recap.
: My worst experience in league is still from when I was lvl 7ish
Sounds like a smurf to me. Imagine how much better the new player experience would be if riot did something about smurfing. What a world it could be.
: @Meddler, can we get some context on the Viktor changes?
The problem is that rework Viktor has an almost insane amount of theoretical damage potential, but that's just it, its theoretical. Sure, Viktor has the ability to dish out a buttload of sustained damage in a team fight, but in order for any of it to really be impactful he needs a team built to accommodate him. This type of gameplay direction is extremely unhealthy, because it leaves the champion pathetically weak on its own (or in a team comp that isn't built around them), but incredibly oppressive in the right setup, with very little middle ground to speak of. Im really struggling to think of a mid lane opponent that Viktor could actually do well against during the lane phase. The delay on his E means that he will almost never be landing the after shock, which means he will likely get out-poked by every other champion if his focus is on E. If you want to be able to combat your lane opponent effectively, youll need to focus on Q, but that just leaves him painfully open to being shoved under tower, at which point youll likely need to use that Q to farm. There will never really be any kill pressure on your opponent in lane by yourself, and if your jungler doesn't have some form of reliable hard CC, getting ganks from them will be almost worthless. TL;DR: Theoretical damage potential is a horrible design philosophy for a champion.
: You will upvote this post, and send it to the front page
I don't think Daniel Craig plays League of Legends...
: @Riot; How to tweak the Viktor PBE changes properly
There are a lot of ways Riot could rebalance his kit to make it work beautifully together, but for some reason they settled on this mess. They just created a new form of CC, grounded I think its called, which prevents people affected by it from using movement abilities. Now ive always thought his ultimate was very underwhelming as it is currently on live, as its basically just a big dump of damage with nothing much else to show for it. Considering what it is, a black hole, I felt there was a lot they could do with it, especially with his ability evolutions, that could make it really thematically interesting and impactful. They could easily leave the ability the way it is now on live, but tack on the new grounded CC to anyone caught in its effect. Perhaps they would need to reduce its burst potential a little bit, or perhaps they could shift a considerable portion of its damage to being done over time (keeping the damage interval the same as it is on live, or maybe even speeding it up). Or maybe they change the function of his Ws evolution so that they can shift the "pull to the center" aspect onto his ultimate (really hammer home that "black hole" feel). Honestly his E feels perfect the way it is on live. It functions the way you would think thematically, in works really well in his kit, and it feels rewarding when you get really good at using it. The change to his E is far and away the biggest mistake in all of this, and its completely unnecessary. I feel like his current E is an excellent representation of a skill shot and an ability that you need to think before you use. Its cooldown means that if you use it to clear a wave, or miss it on a poke attempt, your opponent has a decently sized window of opportunity to punish you, even so far as an enemy team forcing a fight because one of your biggest damage spells is now on cooldown. Things really clicked when I play Viktor, and he is so far the only champion in my 3 or so years of playing LoL that I can honestly say I FEEL the impact I have in games. Ive played tons of games on tons of champions and he was the only one that ive truly fallen in love with, and now Riot is gutting his identity completely in favor of some kit setup that basically REQUIRES a team to be built around you with HEAVY AoE CC potential so you can get your damage done. If these Viktor changes go through to live, he will be almost unplayable as a solo because his kit doesn't even work on its own, it needs outside assistance to realize its true potential. And that right there really goes against Viktors thematic as a champion, because this is a man who, COMPLETELY HIMSELF, replaced his entire body with machine parts. VIKTOR DOESNT NEED ANYONE ELSE. THATS THE VERY CORE ESSENCE OF WHO HE IS AS A CHAMPION!
Scoroct (NA)
: He actually will be a disruptor (meaning generally zone control mage) ala anivia or orianna or zyra. However this decreases his reliability and agency for his power to be shifter to making massive "you dont want to be here zones". However unlike anivia he lacks a lot of tools to keep people in the zones where she has a wall and a much faster stun. Before this he was basically an aoe burst/battle mage hybrid and this change greatly changes his playstyle, and in turn makes him have way less agency in non-teamfight situations which feels bad.
Honestly even if that were true, his ability to effectively control a zone is laughably short. His E can only effectively control a zone for a mere 1.25 seconds, his W only lasts for 4 seconds (and lets be honest, with the amount of mobility in this game at the moment a large number of champions will be able to simply ignore this), and his ult only lasts 6 seconds. All things considered, he can hold a small area (such as a jungle entrance), himself, for 11.25 seconds, but of that, a whopping 7.25 seconds of that total is just a damage threat with no form of CC to make it menacing to anyone built even somewhat tanky. His ability to control a single area, utilizing pretty much his entire kit, isn't all that effective. Compared to actual control mages like Ziggs or Anivia, who can control areas far longer with less of their kits, he really doesn't hold up. Theyre trying to ham-fist too many sub-class-esque elements into his kit, and he is going to suffer irreversible harm because of it.
Death Ray (EUW)
: Viktor??
Maybe they just want to see his win/play rate fall to historic levels before they decide to make him viable again. I was a Viktor main until that first nerf he got a couple months ago, and was waiting until the mid season update to jump back on him (I basically gave up on playing SR and have been sticking to ARAM, so its not like I just bailed on him for some FOTM), but now that they have decided the mage updates purpose was to leave mages in an even worse state than before, I think ill just stick to ARAM.
: "Zed will be permaban after the qss/hourglass changes"
The only, ONLY good scenario that MIGHT come from this change to QSS is that Zed will become so utterly dominant, and his ban rate will get so horrifically high, that Riot will be forced to cut his damage output considerably enough that he will no longer be a dominant presence at all stages of the game. But lets be honest, they likely wont bother doing anything. And even if they do it will be a month+ down the road. And at most it will be something foolish like a little nerf to his attack speed or something.
Arcyvilk (EUNE)
: Edit: at the end of the post are some PBE videos --- These changes make no sense*, especially when paired with the previous 6.2 nerfs to his early game waveclear. Everything in his kit is now _greatly_ delayed. On top of W arming time and his autoattack range not matching the Q range causing the delay, now we have twice as long time between the secondary E explosion and ult ticking 4.6 times less often. Due to W delay, he will have _an extremly hard time_ applying the secondary damage unless he gets the setup from his teammates. The only way he can make it work himself is buying Rylai - to make secondary E hit _even possible_ - but at the same time the synergy with ult is gone due to lower tick ratio (slow lasts 1s, damage is applied once 2s), therefore greatly lowering team utility. Both E and R secondary damage instances got their damage buffed, but let's be honest - given how mobile majority of meta champions is, who is going to just stay in place and wait to be hit by the goddamn 1.25 second delayed laser explosion!? Probably only goddamn minions or 200 ping Kog'Maw. Riot, in 6.2 patch you've nerfed Viktor's early game waveclear. Now, with these new ratios, it is back. He can even have -20 AP at level 9, he will oneshot caster minions anyway. Why do you _force_ him to PvE now then? Why make him a second Orianna, as a champion that relies heavily on wombo combo to work? Why do you increase his clunkiness even though the major point of his first, S4 rework, was to _elliminate_ that. And the worst part is that his damage got actually buffed so if we complain about all the clunkiness added to his kit, you can just say "But these changes are actually pure buffs, just look at numbers!". Pity that numbers aren't everything. --- *EDIT1: When I shook all the salt off me I realised these changes are probably aimed at enabling him to choose between Q and E max, and specifically, between Q focused tanky skirmisher mage and E focused glass cannon teamfight monster. Q no longer scales with levels, E's damage got buffed so it can be a waveclear tool even when not maxed, Q shield scaling with mana... It actually makes sense, and while it makes me less salty because it opens new opportunities for Viktor, I am still not happy with the changes since it was The Laser that attracted me to champion and I greatly enjoy his current playstyle. Tanky toplane Viktor being viable would make me happy, but _not for such cost_. --- EDIT2: I toyed with him a bit on the PBE. He is so clunky now, that it feels like I had constant lags (and yes, I play a lot on PBE so I am able to differentiate actual lags caused by high ping from champion's clunkiness). It was a terrible experience. If anyone is interested how significant the delay on his lazor is, have this: And this is a test regarding all the delays existing in his kit: [And this is /r/viktormains thread I've made with calculations, math and analysis behind his changes.](
I feel like its pretty telling when the delayed E damage isn't even landable on fucking bots, lol.
: Stop Before It's Too Late
What the fuck kind of role will Viktor fit in now? He cant wave clear, he cant burst, he cant poke, and he doesn't have effective zone control. Those pretty new mage sub classes seem pretty worthless if youre going to be reworking mages to not fit into any of them. These changes, shifting so much power to his Q, are going to make him an extremely risky pick because of how close you need to be to enemies in order to deal respectable damage. Are they trying to turn him into some sort of Riven-esque mage? Are they trying to create a new playstyle of bruiser-mages? Im not really sure what their plan is here, but these changes are fucking bullshit.
: Do they really?... Because a quick look on LoLking shows most of the top 10 winrate champions in ranked for all ELOs deal significant magic damage.
Im sorry, I meant mages have horrendous win rates, not all champions that deal magic damage.
Meddler (NA)
: Syndra's Q is getting a ratio bump from 0.6 to 0.7 as part of these changes to compensate for some of the loss of damage from the current passive.
That's nice, except that AP will be lower across the board with the mid season mage changes, so a .1 ratio boost is going to mean pretty much nothing.
: We feel like an item shouldn't counter a champions entire kit... {{item:3155}} {{item:3156}} {{item:3070}} {{champion:45}} {{item:3070}} Rito logic: "let's buff Zed and remove his biggest counter even though he's at a 62% ban rate and no one wants to play against him" "oh a 1300 gold item completely counters Veigar's kit and is built early on by every AD champ? Veigar has a 44% win rate? That's fine.
Don't even need to specify Veigar, {{item:3155}} /{{item:3156}} counters every AP champ, and most of them have horrendous win rates at the moment.
iTaLenTZ (EUW)
: @ Riot: Can we get faster mana regen in fountain?
Havent you realized by now that riot WANTS mana users to be at a disadvantage? I mean take a casual glance at pretty much every other aspect of the game and mana users are at a severe disadvantage in almost every area except maybe effective attack range.
: With these mage item updates, all I can think is...
{{champion:13}} and {{champion:13}} again, until {{champion:203}} become {{champion:107}} .
: ATTENTION ALL SOLO PLAYERS: you want dynamic boost to gtfo? STOP PLAYING RANKED
It doesn't even need to be 100% of solo players stopping. Even just a large portion of solo players not queueing up (especially during peak hours) would impact the queue times so much that riot would either be forced to re-implement solo queue or start making the matchmaking window so large that games would be utter stomps. Of course it wont happen. People don't want to sacrifice their ranked play in order to make things better/achieve their goals, much as it is in real life.
Tranoze (NA)
: Stop decrease AP item cost and total AP.
Remember when they increased the cost of AP items but didn't increase the AP on said items to compensate (and in fact reduced the AP on some because reasons)? Its nice of them to finally lower the prices back down to reasonable levels again, but because of that they have to further nerf the AP on those items obviously. Sometimes I wonder what riot is smoking when they come up with these decisions.
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