: Add a little League to your holiday gifts IRL!
: Your name will never be as great as my username.
: I **love** your name. {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
8] *flashes mastry 7 bard*
: Pick’em is Coming
Jokes on you I already have all the ultimate skins {{sticker:sg-janna}} (what am i doing with my life)
: Bard To School Bundle
Jokes on you rito I already have all the Bard skins (Darnet im 69 rp short for the icon)
zaire90 (NA)
: A patch with a bard buff is always a good patch
: EXECUTED: The Terrible Truth About Jungle Monsters
Next do most owned icons/skins/champs pls 8)
: So if there are Star Guardians who help protect the universe...do they serve under {{champion:432}}, the Cosmic Vagabond? XD
Yes all the star guardians serve under me. I am the head star guardian
: {{item:3070}} farewell bard. RIP: Mained 2015-2016{{champion:432}}
: > The gratitude that we have... there is just no amount of words that can express it. Lets try anyway with "Thank You" because I can't wait to loading into game with my 10 year icon when the 20 year one is released. {{summoner:14}} Love this game
I already haf swag season 1 icon 8) 6 years with this game still not diamond im a disgrace
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: When you already have all the {{champion:432}} skins {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
feelsbardman i got a my shop 20% off for elderwood bard and here he is 50% off. rito pls
: Patch 6.12 notes
: Champion Reveal: Taliyah, the Stoneweaver
Is it just me or rito just wants you to pay attention when you're going back to lane
: As a D3 Vinegar main, I have a proposal
I also agree. The 1.2 ap ratio was obivously desighed for late game. At lv 6 it only deals 30 more damage (not counting mr) considering the enemy has about 30 ap (from dorans and runes ect) but when you reach late game youre gona 1 shot everything not tanky anyways, and the enemy ap scaling becomes pointless.
: Riot Pls
Alright thanks for the heads up. I look forward to anything you guys decide to do!
: Why does it say Veigar is Tahm Kench's ally on the wiki but not the official website?
Wikis are edited by trolls,ect 8) jk Rito could be trolling and wants tahm to eat all the yordles (according to http://gameinfo.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/game-info/champions/tahmkench/ )
: Why does bard have red eyes.... well, guess I'm not sleeping tonight! {{item:3070}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3070}}
Why did you tell me rip sleep for me too {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
KabiMode (NA)
: Why did I build Tear of the Goddess {{champion:238}} {{item:3070}}
Why do you do this to me, Zhoyas{{champion:238}} {{item:3070}}
: If you own every champion and every skin, Riot will mail Phreak to you. Upon unpacking (a hammer or crowbar is recommended to open the crate), he will grant you one (1) high-five and up to three (3) puns of his choosing, at least one of which will be a never-before-heard exclusive pun.
Arie (NA)
: Share Your Best URF Moments
My favourite champion to play in urf was Veigar. Once I get e to like rank 3 you can literally perma cage someone. Plus 20 second delete timer on ult the dream
: > We're currently examining ways to add more meaningful counterplay against Yasuo I know that nobody is going to read this, like, ever, especially because it's almost too late at this point for anyone to even be reading these, but I have an idea on how to partially balance Yasuo, and a reply from a Rioteer acknowledging the receipt of this comment is much welcomed, rather encouraged, but not necessary. Anyways, {{champion:157}} has an ability that has absolutely no counterplay. His W. Wind Wall. Now, before you discount this comment, I want to point something out. Remember back in Season 1, those things you removed because they were OP beyond belief? That's right, dodge runes{{champion:24}}. Now, what is Wind Wall other than a temporary version of that, for the entire team? And there's no way to deal with it. Anything that scrapes a pixel on it is gone. That's not an okay mechanic. Here are a few possibilities on how to fix it. 1) You could make it so that the wall can only be "hit" by a certain number of projectiles, be it skills or auto attacks, before it "breaks" 2) You could make it so that the wall only blocks the parts of the skills that pass through them 3) You could make it so that skills that pass through it if less than half of their hit boxes (in the direction of wind wall) actually hit the wind wall 4) You could make the wind wall only block skills once it has reached the position it has been placed to, and things that pass through it while it travels are not blocked 5) You could make the wind wall directional, so that things that pass through it from behind or the side aren't blocked Any of those 5 suggestions would easily make meaningful opportunities to counterplay such a safe champion. Also, take off his shield. He already has a dash on a second long cooldown. There's enough safety in that. If you don't believe me, try it out. Or, change the shield mechanic and make it so that it is activated by using a skill (wind wall?) and not automatic upon taking damage. To be honest, {{champion:157}} is rather silly.
: Patch 4.17 notes
I am sooo glad the silence has been removed. I could do nothing against Talon In lane except for staying afk not to feed him;.; (Veigar main :3)

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