: New accounts do start at level 2. I don't remember the timeline of Garen V Darius, but if it was before honor 2.0 was released, then even a punishment back then wouldn't have dropped your current honor. I suggest creating a [Support Ticket](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new).
Ya I did, I was just really perplexed to see it. Garen v Darius must have been s4 or s5 since that was last time i played. I'm not even using it to abuse low level games and "smurf" (not that a gold player could/should consider themselves a smurf, but still, I'm not about that life). Didn't smack talk anyone... didn't share acct, or give acct. But ya, we'll see. I made a ticket.
: You don't have a reform card at all when you log in? Usually you get to level 0 if you get a 14 day ban right away or two chat restrictions in a row so it's probably a glitch in the system. Maybe wait a day or so and see if it goes back to normal.
Nothing at all. It's an account I haven't touched for years (made it to help darius win the fight vs garen :P), and only relogged into it to earn the free anniversary stuff. Basically I play bot games, and I haven't been toxic with anyone. There would be no reason to report me, nor has there been any indication of anything. I can still type freely in chat. New accounts start at level 2 right?
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