: > [{quoted}](name=Bulshlaka,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Qv0zs7Qi,comment-id=001d0000,timestamp=2020-02-19T10:09:16.698+0000) > > +18-23 is the normal lp gains since the system was implemented > if you are close to 50% win rate it will be +18 -22 > this is so that you need to increase your win rate to climb which is normal > > if you continue for a long time at 50% win rate you will butcher your mmr and make it difficult for you to actually climb but you will also be playing vs much worse people > > for example you can be playing vs platinums in diamond this means your mmr is terrible and your climb is hard but you will have easier games as well which should balance things out in theory I've used to have normal gains up to season 8 I think.. then something went really wrong. Is not even related to winrate, I was having 75% winrate in ranked and specially with Ahri. I'm at 60% with Ahri now and still I don't see any benefit. Honestly it just doesn't make sense. I have usually good KDA, participation, damage, cs, vision... it just doesn't matter. The matchmaking is broken and either the MMR is not catching up or is taking the average of all your life in lol so I was always Silver... even if I play right the system still trying to keep me there?
Well the system only cares if you win or lose. If it cared more about stats that determine if you're a good or bad player, then we'd get somewhere. In soccer or any other sport, you know that a good player can be on a shit team, and no matter how good they are, they still can win the game for the team. But the community still know that that player is good. We aren't ranked based in kda, vision, cs, etc. The factors that determine a good player. And that shit sucks.
: I actually want to say the exact opposite. I’ve learned a lot being hardstuck gold for most of the season. I have over 1k games this season, and I finally made it to plat today. 1. You cant always carry games. Sometimes you are the only one doing well on your team, and thats a shitty feeling. 2. You are not always the carry. Sometimes, you are going to get carried by your jungler or bot lane, so its better that you play around them instead of focusing selfishly on yourself. Make it easier for your team to carry you. 3. Games are mostly onesided in this elo, because most players (in my gold experience) are trigger happy mofos, and give up way too easily. 4. Instead of focusing on your teammates, the only way to truly climb is to focus on yourself. I pretty much went full tryhard mode today, Climbed from Gold 2 to Plat 4 over 9 games with an average of 7.1 CS/MIN. Granted, I have over 1k games, the number of games Ive played is irrelivent, because I’m still low elo. Hopefully I can make Diamond next Season. Good luck to you next season too. I was hard stuck gold 2 for over 600 games, dropped to Gold 4, got back to Gold 2, and 100% focused on “doing everything right” aka csing instead of taking stupid fights, not chasing enemies into the fog of war, and just accepting I wont carry every game. I miraculously climbed 2 divisions in one day, never really being in Gold 1, finally to plat.
That is the problem that you fail to grasp. If you are good enough for Plat you shouldn't have been bouncing up and down like that. The matchmaking is straight awful and no one can convince me otherwise. I'm arguing for both sides, both the people who get stomped and those who do the stomping. It's not supposed to be as one-sided as it is, and it happens within 10 min. And no, you are an exception. You can do EVERYTHING right, and go on massive winning streaks, and then the game decides, "No you can't get Plat, you need to have 50% win percentage, then sends you rolling back a whole division from your promos to Plat. If you focus on yourself, you lose. You cannot get teammates to survive that long on their own without your help. Or they rage at you if you don't help them. It's lose lose. And it's like this EVERY time I get Gold I or promos. Just massive losing streaks that start with feeding bot lane in the first 10 min. It's like clockwork and is the only consistent thing in this game.
: Fuck season 2019
Preach. The matchmaking is truly awful. I was in promos to Platinum. Lost my promos, and have lost 90% of my games since then for the same shit you've probably experienced. Back down to Gold II. There is no fucking consistency and it's beyond ridiculous now.
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: Nobody never even noticed kayle until now
I you get beat by Kayle, its honestly you and your team's fault. It takes her ages to get strong enough and she's about as durable as a paper bag.
LeDjent (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Sepherie1,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=2YY8ELXi,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-04-28T18:01:24.475+0000) > > So as everyone pretty much experienced when S6 started, I dropped a good tier or so after my placement matches from my Season 5 ranking. I didn't play S6 much during the beginning of S6 because of this, but like always, I found myself back in the game trying to climb after they released dynamic queue. So after the Solo Queue debacle that everyone ranted about and my own experience using Dynamic Queue I have come to the following conclusion: > > It is easier to climb than it previously was. > > I don't know what the difference is (maybe I "got gud"?) but it used to take me full seasons to even come close to Gold or even Silver I or II. But now, I was able to get into Gold V in the span of 3-4 months. And this is averaging maybe 3-4 games a day, give or take. I will say that playing against premades CAN mean a very difficult time, but it clearly didn't prevent me from getting to Gold. > > I just wanted to write my experience out and let people know to stop blaming the system and actually improve your play and focus on a just a few champions to play and get good with that champion to where you have a large influence on the game. Blaming the "system" for preventing your climb can apply in a few instances, but more often than not, where you end up is based almost solely on your play and skill. I am not saying Gold V is the pinnacle of achievement in League, but objectively, once you get gold you are in the top 25% or so of players in the game. > > TL;DR - Moved from Bronze I to Gold V in S6 playing solo. Don't blame dynamic queue. Git Gud. I have primarily played all of this season solo and actually have a winning record, whereas last season I did not have as many wins. I kind of agree with you, don't blame the system, take a look at how you are performing and see what you can improve on to get better. It's not always someone else's fault!
Yes indeed! I think the problem most people had/have is that they ignore the "team" aspect of the game and think the game is all on their shoulders. Play with and adapt to your team. If you are as good as you think you are, then playing around you team helps them out. It isn't a single player game.
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Rebonack (NA)
: I'm trying to figure out what the OP is actually complaining about. Aside from Morde being complete bullshit bottom lane, the balance is honestly pretty tight. It's been a *long* time since something was honest to God overpowered.
I just feel like the game is stale too often. The same strats, the same champs in every game, the same bans, and the same bs you have to deal with from other players and the OP champs that weren't banned. I feel there are too many bannable champs at the moment and 10 bans is needed. I also wish they would remove chat from the game. It is not needed when quick ping is there and if they wanted people to communicate effectively and quickly, integrate a voice chat option. Chatting in a MOBA is just an interruption. The game has too many champions that are not played as well. They need to take a step back and reduce the pool or really, REALLY dig deep and try and make all the champs playable. I have seen the new changes coming and I'm cautiously optimistic of what those changes will do, specifically with solo queue. There are just a lot of issues with the game that have not been addressed and just have been festering for years.
illogik (NA)
: get good, can't even beat silver 2.
Was gold in Season 4. Was Silver I till I dropped to Silver II. Get out of here with useless comments like that.
: > [{quoted}](name=Sepherie1,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=jEhllKPM,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-11-02T05:49:56.760+0000) > > Finally uninstalled the game **again**. What happened at the first time? Unable to promise the uninstalltion from Rito I bet? :3
Actually uninstalled because it had a part in ruining my last relationship and it was frustrating me and pissing me off more than I was having fun with it.
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