: Let's list some contenders: {{champion:266}} - allegedly kills gods {{champion:34}} - Freljordian demigod {{champion:136}} - creates stars, galaxies, etc. and maybe the universe {{champion:432}} - honestly, nobody knows the extent of his power {{champion:203}} - not necessarily a god; more of an aspect of a primordial force {{champion:516}} - Freljordian demigod {{champion:33}} - . . . {{champion:33}} {{champion:106}} - Freljordian demigod Most Targonians: they enslaved ASol
Yeah, in terms of the Demigods, yes, they are *DEMI* gods, but not full gods, I am looking for those above them. Aurelion Sol has been stated by multiple Rioters to just be a demigod as well. Bard, Soraka, Zoe, and Aurelion can be considered gods, but they don't really fit my idea of a god in this term. Targonians are especially not gods, no mortal can be a god in essence. That's why I was saying who are full-powered gods in LoL. Upon doing some further research after posting, the only god that can be defined as such is Nagakabouros (Illaoi's god). It really depends on who you ask, but to the league of legends universe, Naga is the only known full god at the moment.
: which board do you recommend buddy?!
Probably General Discussion/Esports in the community tab
: League Displays, I live in NA, but want LEC teams
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: > [{quoted}](name=mrmeddyman,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=nK83pcel,comment-id=0001000000000000,timestamp=2020-01-04T05:57:33.718+0000) > > Is it possible to do "maps within the map" (aka mapception, I'm trademarking that btw) It seems like the next logical step would be to be able to zoom in on Piltover and Zaun and get a more detailed localized map within breaking down levels, showing famous landmarks and even little cameos oh look there's Caitlyn trapped behind a mountain of paperwork in the Piltover Wardens. I can guess with a certain Netflix show the dimentions of Piltover and Zaun are now clearly defined and realized and to coincide with the release of a certain Netflix show a map update like this would be VERY welcome > > This can work for other structures too. The Sun Disc, Mount Targon, the Frostguard Citadel. It would be so cool and would breathe so much more life into the map. Having the ability to zoom in to much finer details, with as you've trademarked* mapception, was something that was discussed when the player-facing map was being created. At the time I thought it was a fine idea! As long as it wasn't me who was required to create a google-Earth style level of detail for three continents and change worth of landmasses (not to mention oceans). Basically, I would keep responding with "Ha ha! F*** off." or words to that effect. I realize that makes me the baddie, but at the time, we were behind schedule for getting the map out as it was. However, that doesn't preclude the possibility of having mapception in the future. I'd certainly welcome it with the appropriate support, etc. For example, while I love making a good map - my maps are, shall we say, 'functional' in appearance ;) I.e. ugly as sin. So there would need to be art support, not to mention the technical support to bring the feature to the site. And probably UX - those folks get forgotten about, but without them, we'd get lost in menus and hate buttons for no discernible reasons. TL;DR - I'd like to see mapception. I stopped the feature during initial development because it was scope creep, but I'd welcome it now. It would need skillful people to support it.
That does seem like a Scope Creep issue, is it reasonable to hope for a small number of town maps (Like the Medarda Heirloom) to be released eventually? Or am I just keeping my hopes too high xD
: I mean, good friggin luck on attempting to map out all the famous cities of Runeterra. You say you're lost on Piltover and Zaun, but I'm doubting the other cities/capitals will be any easier. There isnt enough playerfacing lore nor anatomic-like descriptions of infrastructure, and most artworks depicting cities are from the facade point of view.
I can certainly try lol! I managed to get a fairly accurate depiction of Demacia, Noxus, the Sun Disk, Nashramae (Shurima), Bandle City (Through the Pentakill MV, not sure how entirely canon that is but works for me), Marrowmark (Shurima). I haven't started on Ionia, the Shadow Isles or Bilgewater but for areas like Freljord, the map structure is mostly tribal and feral, thus using references based on the technology section in the Runeterran map. Regardless, even if Riot doesn't know exactly what the address of Jayce's workshop is, its easy to see that it is located in Bluewind court in North Piltover, the concept art shows it against the cliffs meaning it is either facing towards the west on the upper part of Piltover or facing away from the cliff on the lower side of Piltover, assuming I interpreted all of Bioluminesecence's hints properly. I don't think that anyone is expecting perfect fanmade maps, especially when riot is still working on them but, a close estimate is all I really need!
: Hello, fellow cartographer! I was tasked, a while ago, to map out Piltover and Zaun, so I absolutely know and understand your pain. Not sure how much I can get away with saying here, today, but heck - everyone's asleep so let's map-chat! _STANDARD DISCLAIMER: Nothing said here can be 100% relied upon to go forward. Unless it's published and translated to all the appropriate languages, it's subject to change because posting in one place in one language is a lousy way to distribute information. Use with caution. The State of California says it may cause cancer._ One of the biggest challenges was dealing with the two 'sea level' heights - one one side of the Sun Gates, the water level is clearly very much higher than on the other. Now, while it's tempting to use a dam or something, for Piltover and Zaun, they are both of them open water. Piltover and Zaun are on an isthmus between the two continents, with the lower ocean on the SE side, and access to the higher seas between Valoran and Shurima on the NW side. While it might initially seem a bit nutty to have different sea levels, this is actually something that does happen in the real world due to the rotation of the planet, the movement of the moon, and the geometry of coastlines and oceans. Earth doesn't have anything quite as _extreme_ as this, but it's a matter of scale, not of possibility. Next, and I'm not sure you even mentioned it in your post, is the River Pilt. Having a river flow onto an isthmus is challenging, but not impossible. I recommend just tweaking the heights/contour lines until you get it working pretty well. I had it dumping out into the lower sea. However, it dropped very suddenly to do so, resulting in quite a few stepped waterfalls. At least, it used to. Until the explosions. Then, the caves and reinforced edges of what was Zaun on the waterfall collapsed into what are effectively long sinkholes - creating several chasms at or near the lower sea level, with the River Pilt crashing down into the first one and making its way through what is effectively mineral Swiss cheese of crevices, underwater caves, and the like, until dumping out in a very polluted fashion on the SE side. These chasms are approximately perpendicular to the Sun Gates to the NE. When the chasms opened, the riverbed drained, revealing new prime building space (New Town style) for what would be called Piltover. Gotta go before the lore-police finds me. Hope you enjoy and I salute you fellow map nerd!
This was SO HELPFUL! I cannot express my gratitude, o bearer of infinite map knowledge! Though, does that mean Zaun (conceptually) is shaped more like a series of interconnected tunnels and caves or, as one large divot in the map, like a large scar in the earth that falls off from the isthmus? or something else entirely? Based on what you had written about the River Pilt (Yes, I forgot to mention that whoops), it seems like the chasms and sinkholes that the River Pilt crashed through is where Zaun is built, am I correct in assuming that? (again, thank you super for all the help already <3)
: Far as I can tell, the Sun Gates or other water management systems are what's keeping Zaun from being flooded despite it being underground. Zaun is also probably a bit further inland because it was the original city and Piltover came later.
Yeah, that's what I assumed too about Zaun being more inland, but other documentation for the layout of Piltover / Zaun shows that Zaun is nowhere near the water. (i.e. [this one](https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/leagueoflegends/images/2/2b/Piltover_Zaun_Connected_Cities.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20170112210626)) The background of that image has the sun gates, or at least the arches near/on top of them, again, inconsistent, to be found far in the distance. Regardless, it doesn't seem to look like a city nuked its way into sinking below another city, rather, it looks more like a crater or cave.
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