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Smyrage (EUNE)
: The Pyke problem started earlier than his release
Morgana Q is forgiving? Are you sure you know what you're talking about because it's literally more the exact opposite of that. If you miss it during an enemy all in you literally just roll over and die. I dont even like pyke and that statement couldnt be any further from the truth than it is. W poke is nothing compared to a soraka or zyra where you don't even need to land your abilities to get damage off.
: Why the heck can enemies use QSS in Morde's ult?
1. ADCs cannot 1v1 a morde and need a reliable escape from it 2. It is basically a 7 second CC taking you out of the game.
: seems like its easy to abuse by ranged champions. they have easier target access than melee champions, which means even with a 3 second timer, they have an easier time to keep the keystone up in a fight than melee champions would, or stack it up off poke before the fight really starts. the current conqueror is basically shit for ranged champions because they simply cant hold the buff. this new one looks like its useful for ranged and melee, which means ranged will abuse it as usual. id rather they decreased the effect of the keystone by 40% for ranged champions, than decrease the timer. because the timer isnt much of a restriction for them either way.
funny how anything that is usable by both ranged and melee champs is automatically "abused" by ranged champs. This is literally just fervor with true damage and a heal slapped on which weve needed for a long time. It seems melee mains will just take any chance to cry about anything that's viable on ranged champions because "MUH RANGE" despite having a fuckton of tools to screw them over in their kits not limited to slows, as cripples, gapclosers, shields, stuns, etc. You keep the stacks for 8s giving you plenty of time to quickly dip out of a fight/ kite back and then go back in when you please. Take that and leave it rather than trying to fuck over ranged champs because you don't like them.
: > [{quoted}](name=Corrector1,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=jZaHAQ7j,comment-id=0005000000000001000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-01-29T21:39:03.465+0000) > > sylas i know counters her hard no matter her range ('takes her ult earlier' e up to her by surprise auto e then auto q w auto ignite then trist ult ) sylas has sub 40% winrate. he doesnt counter shit right now. i dont care if there are single champions who might still be able to fight them. there is a whole roster of melee champions who has no options against marksmen with a burst shield. like how are you ever going to fight vayne or tristana on champions like garen, yorick, or others? its already difficult enough as it is, and the only winable play you can make is a flash burst play when theyre away from their support for a second. that becomes literally impossible. how do you burst a vayne or tristana with a fucking 600 (or even just 350) burst shield before they disengage and then destroy you? not even {{champion:58}} can do that. if vayne gets this item, i want her w changed into a short duration active on a 20 second cooldown. lol.
> [{quoted}](name=Critmaster Garen,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=jZaHAQ7j,comment-id=00050000000000010000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-01-29T21:41:23.592+0000) > > sylas has sub 40% winrate. he doesnt counter shit right now. wait...A new champ has a low way..I think it's finally coming together now...sylas must be trash.
Dasdi96 (NA)
: Yo riot, when the fuck are you nerfing lucian?
where is this elo where lucian is just stomping everyone so hard they go to boards to complain about a 50% wr champion?
: Seriously though, Where is Pykes punish window?
this question can be asked for alot of assassins
Zardo (NA)
: The dude has the 2nd highest banrate in league as an ADC, and he's not even second by much. He's at over a 60% banrate, and the next closest ADC, the much hated newly buffed permastealth vayne is only at a 13.25% banrate comparatively. He's been auto winning lane for patches on patches, but riot doesn't want to do anything before they update marksman items. (got banrates from:
banrates mean nothing but how enjoyable a champ is to play against
: How long is Lucian going to be able to abuse Black Cleaver?
lucian is sitting on a 50% wr, move on to real issues rather than why one of the only viable adcs can deal damage. Compare 50% lucian having a bit more health and armor pen to 53% wr {{champion:24}} with {{item:3508}} having 0 downtime on his counterstrike and leap
: Is there an ability in the game that you, personally, just can't dodge?
Zyras everything since no matter what direction you're going in, she's going to hit you SOMETHING.
: Jungle nerfs are going to ruin my fun.
This was a well coordinated troll. I actually almost fell for it!
: Fix Jayce's autos holy crap
same with lux E, the sound lingers for seconds after it's been detonated
: Problem with mages: 1 build path
mages do not need over 30 magic pen when void staff ignores as much mr as it does. and youre ignoring one of the most impactful items in the game {{item:3157}}
: I don't think you understand how powerful being able to reposition without the risk of taking damage is.
I dont think you understand that invisibility is not equal to invincibility. Skillshots still hit her, AOE still hits her, CC prevents her from being able to tumble at all it's up to the player to dodge all the shit being flung at them, the invis and dash is to further help with this
: I made a thread about this buff some days ago. The entire thing is filled with ADC mains saying its just a small buff and it wouldn't make her overpowered at all because she is still squishy and short ranged. How they don't understand you don't need survivability if you are perma invisible and that you don't need range when you have perma mobility/dashes is beyond me. Can't wait to make another thread showing her winrate skyrocketing through the roof to show them how dumb they are.
It is a small buff. The cd on her Q is already substantially low and its not like you want to be invis more than you want to be autoing, you can't do both at once. it's literally just giving her the option to restealth a second faster if she wants.
Lhuhz (EUW)
: To be fair, who puts Jhin on his name and then mains mages ???
what, I think you're looking at the wrong person brother
rayzo (NA)
: *checks match history* yup, this guy recently got dicked on by a trynd... why exactly is anyone upvoting this dude?
bro.. what? xd. I had to search extra deep for this. That game was on the 2nd. Almost an entire week ago. It completely escaped my memory. Usually you'd make a rage post immediatly following a loss, during the aforementioned rage, but I'm going to wait 5 days because...? And even if it was a rage post what does that change about the statements I've made on the champ? Nothing
wolf jade (EUNE)
: {{item:3047}}
great! now Instead of getting 3 shot we can (hopefully) only get 4 shot!
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Zed genius (EUNE)
: Why is Riot refusing to do anything about Zed?
only people who play zed complain that he's underpowered
AjXtar (EUW)
: Burst meta summarized in one video
it really is just league of assassins now
Mindzur (NA)
: Kha'Zix is WAYYYYYYY too safe and WAYYYYYY too easy for the damage he puts out.
Thats most assassins these days. Easy to get a lead when you can just farm squishy champs as if theyre nothing. Especially an ADC when they can't even auto you and are slowed by 90% when hit by an unmissable W.
Sxoda (NA)
: Riot did you forget about Azir's passive when you decided to give towers 5k hp?
: Where did Swain go? The only champion we are not talking about right now.
49% wr is "nerfed beyond recognition"? Have you taken a look at gnar or ryze?
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: So play champs whose skills don't need a target to cast? Akalis problem is her ridiculous early game lifesteal boost off 1 item. Not the fact that she goes invisible (INVISIBLE, NOT INVINCIBLE)
thats like saying the counterplay to windwall is "just play a melee champ bro! duhhh!"
: Windwall is so skillful
Windwall is the least of our concerns now. You thought a projectile blocking wall was bad? how about immunity to all targeted abilities and auto-attacks just for being able to locate your W key? {{champion:84}}
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Comentários de Rioters
: Q not having worked ground. And Q having 100% damage on minions. NOT monsters. MINIONS.
and bring her back to being a braindead waveclear then leave champ, wonderful idea.
: Pyke is fine. Actually play him and you will see where his weaknesses are. Also the DH Pyke is such a fucking meme. It makes him useless as shit. Unless you are 10/0/0 but even then you are just a weaker version of Shaco.
Fill me in on those weaknesses. I've played pyke support every time I'm filled and his only REAL weakness is if he gets behind. That really isn't a weakness when you have so many tools gifted to you to make sure you get ahead. What can you do against him in lane realistically? You can't poke or force him out of lane because of his passive. You can't all in or catch him out because he has a dash, invis, and movespeed on two spells. You can't fight long trades because ignite (still) takes 1/4th of an ad's healthbar just by itself. He's more 10x obnoxious than alistar and 10x as deadly. Can't forget the 90% slow tacked onto his Q because ????. As if being hooked wasn't bad enough here's a 90% slow to make extra sure youre dead. You can't do anything to pyke _because he's pyke_. Riots erection for faceroll assassins gets more and more annoying by the day.
: Instead of nerfing Lucian and kaisa
kaisa has a negative wr and lucian is the only adc that can have agency throughout the game, why would they nerf them exactly? adcs should all be last in the list to be nerfed when shit like {{champion:38}} {{champion:238}} and {{champion:24}} exist
: Yes. People aren't going to play a unique champion that's broke as hell because they're old looking. From what I've seen, a _lot_ of people want an old lady champion. A _lot_ of people want another monster. A _lot_ of people want a more diverse cast. What's different/unique about Neeko, design wise? Hot chick with a tail? How many hot chicks, tail or not, do we have in League? I really don't think you see the possibilities for an old lady champion, and I feel like you're one of the people who's on the far side of "I'm against this", so much so that you're unwilling to accept the fact that an old lady champion is what people actually want.
"unique and broken as hell" I don't know where you got this, but either way it doesn't work. If the champ isn't pleasing to look at (see: hot or cool looking) the champ is going to be played less, broken or not, this is a fact. what's unique about an old lady champ? she's old? The thing is that the cast IS unique, youre just trying to force in things that no one wants. Urgot was hideous, he's cool now. Yorick was hideous, he's cool now. Poppy was hideous, she's cute now. The list goes on.
Zyranium (EUW)
: Why are you assuming that a granny champion is "grotesque" ? As far as I can see, the lady portrayed in Ahri's story was described as a beautiful woman, you can make your age but still be elegant and pretty. I don't know why you are making such a big deal about the godmother archetype which both {{champion:127}} & {{champion:164}} don't share, but are still considered as old women.
You're trying to strawman so hard and it isn't working at all. I didn't say a granny champion is grotesque, grotesque is an adjective I added to granny. Lissandra and Camille both can still be considered hot women by many. And I REALLY hope you're not trying to bring ahri into this.
: Oh look, it's another generic hot chick.
What did you expect, some groteque grandma? The only alternative to this is a hot dude or a cool monster, delude yourself more. Riot doesnt release ugly champs anymore because ugly champs dont get played and ugly champs dont sell skins.
CIayman (NA)
: Just go for Pyke first lol I don't think they ever intended for him to be rushing FH. His tank build got nerfed and his damage build got buffed. That means he risks instant explosion by using e
"just go for pyke first lol" how exactly? He's not only one of the most deadly supports in the game he is also one of the safest. His E and W give him enough mobility to compete against even leblanc. His grey health can completely nullifies what would be good trades so poking him isnt an option either. All of that combined with his pull having a 90% slow tacked onto it leaves blitzcrank as "just a worse pyke".
: "We as ADC mains don't want more power we just want less snowball so we can be a late game class"
I want leads to mean something. I could be 8/1 as jhin but OH NO, HERE COMES A 0/4 [Assassin] WITH ONLY A COMPONENT TO ONE SHOT ME.
: Turns out I'm not crazy when I say 90% of my games are jungler coin flips
the heal from smite needs to go, you can basically jungle with anything and never have to back because you get so much free sustain from just pots and smite. Also adds too many variables in a fight. Oh you beat a kayn half to death in a close fight? too bad he smited crab and got 150 health back. How were you supposed to know? unlucky :)
: [GAMEPLAY FEEDBACK] PBE Turrets and Minions
It's fine, they are enough to last you atleast 3 mistakes instead of the previous 1 or 2. Towers shouldn't be nigh unkillable in the first 10 minutes just because "muh lane phase".
Salron (NA)
: If we do that Banshees also needs to go back to what it used to be
Be an ap mage/assassin buy zhonyas and "boards reverted" GA, and Banshees Become virtually unpunishable for any mistake. While still doing comparable damage due to 3 more free item slots. Great idea.
l MrD l (NA)
: Can we change GA back to being a pure defensive item?
no, mages have so many built in self defense tools and you're calling for more? I'll pray youre bring ironic. This will lead to GA/Zhonyas stacking on champs like ekko, fizz, vlad, and especially akali. The safety that ap champs are hand-fed is the reason zhonyas is your only option for delaying/completely avoiding a death. ofc boards circlejerk for mages once again.
: Draven Rework?
why would he need a rework? He's fine.
: New Dark Harvest: Awful + Less Skillful + Different Identity
isn't every rune brainless? They're mostly just "do what you usually do to do it more effectively." Are you shielding? more shields! Are you auto-attacking? more damage for auto-attacking.
: Champions that do damage without building it (lots of damage)
{{champion:34}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:69}} "dude AP champs are useless when are they going to buff them!?"
: Can we decrease the size of Yasuo linear 3 second cooldown AOE knockup thats barely visible?
YuGiHo (NA)
: pretty much anyone who gets skin cant have a job/go to school/have any type of daily reoccurring responsibilities.
I have college classes every single day with a job in between and currently have 1993 worlds tokens. Blame your own laziness for not being able to get it.
saltran (EUW)
: Braindead Gameplay Boards coment on the top of the thread. It never misses.
don't worry riot has already stated they don't take the boards seriously, these low IQ suggested changes don't/won't go anywhere.
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GripaAviara (EUNE)
: When they will realise Alistar is almost free win?
ali is one of the most unfun and uninteractive champions to lane with. An undodgeable displacement, knockup, followed by a stun because you made the mistake of being in the range of his abilities. Him along with rakan are the most boring supports to play against just because of how MUCH CC they give without even having to do anything as little as aim it. Imagine if leona could just stun you just by grazing you with her ulti, its the same deal.
: Somehow 10 bans doesn't seem like nearly enough anymore
it's almost like you can't ban out everything that poses a threat to you because you want to autowin your lane. take a lap.
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