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: Only advice I can give is to play with a group of friends over VC. Game is negative in chill otherwise, regardless of mode.
i used to half fun games with randoms now i get people who get 1st time champs 3 games in a row
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: Low level accounts full of smurfs (which looks like you are one too). It's a very different kind of toxicity/beast down there where most smurfs couldn't care less about losing their very low level accounts. There are also possible true beginners mixed in with the smurfs who may had been frustrated after being stomped by smurfs and afk. I'm not trying to justify it. Toxicity is toxicity and it can be quite toxic down there I'll agree with you. It's also difficult to discern between "inting" and "I don't know what the fuck I'm doing, why is this smurf pubstomping me" when we're talking about level 3, 9, 13, etc. It's a known problem that's difficult to solve with Rito's free-2-play model and the drawbacks of restricting account creations. To answer your question in the opening post, try play on your main account...
daezed is my only account
: i played kat akali and taliyah in order
ran it down, didnt listen to teammates advice and afks after the loss is garunteed
: I haven't looked at your match history, but I will make a bold assumption that you'll probably need to revise your definition of what "inted" means... If I am wrong, plz provide links to these 3 match histories IN A ROW i played kat akali and taliyah in order
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: How can I increase my skill, map awareness and knowledge as a player of this game?
dont not worth it understanding the game makes it harder to play when u lose for a stupid reason
ipv (EUW)
: Thank you riot for perma banning all these toxic players!!!
toxic? how about the afk inters i get every game?
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Kei143 (NA)
: If you understand how the AI works, then it's not hard to get around. It's about them fixated on hitting a certain target when that unit has no space around it. Position differently is an easy way to get around it.
but why does the AI pick a target it cant get to in the first place
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Koegii (NA)
: If you get this bug again it's due to multiple processes of league running on your computer. To fix it should it arise again you need to open task manager, go to background tasks and end all league of legends processes, then relaunch. Also, editing your discussion title to [Client] Game still in progress but no game launch! will give you a better chance of being noticed. Good luck!
the client doesnt open after i end all processes
: Riot Games is a joke... why would they do anything... its more fun to just ignore everything and play games while working
cant play if it doesnt work half the day
Teh Song (NA)
: Basic error of human psychology. These trolls are on the enemy team just as often as they are on yours. You just don't notice.
i cant remember the last time an enemy player inted me or my team
PBcali (NA)
: lol i read this before posting my ticket against a player inting and thought nah that's impossible. my next game 30 minutes later i get the most flamboyant inting yas bot i have ever seen and a jungler executing 8 times in 15 minutes to monsters with zero dmg to enemy. I very rarely get inters so now i come back here and read your post again. LMAO
: No, you're the "bad guy" for flaming back. You got a suspension for that flame, not for misclicking during a fight.
i was alraedy be x9 before i said a word
: Everything is too small to play
u can increase the size of these things, u know that right?
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: Got my first Chat Restriction: Here's how I feel
my mid queue for norms is 6 minutes only for me to get autofilled too and when i get autofilled, i just so happen to get trolled in that same game
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Shmeeve (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=rujitra,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=9vmooLmJ,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-07-28T05:58:53.424+0000) > > If you have a crystal that would allow For to see if someone will troll or not before matching them in a game, I'm sure Riot would love to buy it from you. It is now confirmed that riot wants to be a bunch of wizards.
rujitra (NA)
: Yes, and those trolls are punished when confirmed. So there's only a few possibilities: * The players haven't trolled other games, in which case Riot doesn't have a crystal ball * The players you're calling trolls aren't actually trolls, thus they haven't gotten punished. * The players are trolling, but there isn't enough evidence to confirm they are intentionally trolling yet, in which case, again, Riot doesn't have a crystal ball.
the proof is in the game, unless riot cant watch replays then i understand
rujitra (NA)
: Your entire post is you complaining they're putting trolls in your game. For them to be doing that, they'd have to know the player was going to troll your game. Which requires a crystal ball.
What makes u think riot doesnt know who trolls their game. Im sure reports go in everyday for trolls
rujitra (NA)
: So you're admitting that it doesn't exist? How is Riot to avoid matching you with them then?
i dont think i said it existed in the first place
JackMcCarry (EUNE)
: What do you consider a "troll"? How can you have trolls in ARAM besides people running it down inting.
yes for example a rakan in my aram game ran it down 7 times giving 7 kills ofc, buys essence reaver doesnt auto attack once, flash ults into enemy fountain and then afks
Prandine (NA)
: If you're having trolls in every game (highly unlikely as that is) then wouldn't that make you the troll since you're the only person present in all of your games? Also, are you sure your losses are due to actual trolls and not just honestly poor performing players such as yourself?
if i was the troll i woulda been banned eons ago and i dont even enjoy trolling cuz im too focused on trying to actually play the game :/
rujitra (NA)
: If you have a crystal that would allow For to see if someone will troll or not before matching them in a game, I'm sure Riot would love to buy it from you.
If i had that crystal, I'd have the longest queue time ever recorded, cuz im gonna be dodging every game i get into
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: I get it, mate. It's just this is a f2p game. They got shit obligation to any of the players. Even to those who bought RP stuff from them... ;)
the fact is it took a partnered league streamer to quit their game "yassuo" in order to fix one bug on yasuo's windwall. SMH
: Lulu Ultimate Glitched
gay like riot and thier balance team not being able to fix a couple bugs that might as well be apart of the game for how long theyve been in it
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