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: Are you bronze but can’t find a team? Well look no more!
IGN: Waylon Park Current rank: unranked, highest silver 5 Role: support/mid Top 3 champs in role: support - sona, lulu, janna mid - lux, diana, ahri Strengths: good mechanics and map awareness Weaknesses: working on communication Why do you want to join?: to grow and learn as a player, and get better at communicating more effectively
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: LF - people to play normals with
oh ill be out for a bit soon but ill add you as soon as i can!
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: Good players no feeders just to play some normals and chill NO DISCORD NEEDED
Jeday (NA)
: Looking for players to play normals for fun. 5 man parties with Mics. Discord Pref.
: M- -M- -M- -Mari here!
added~ im also a gaymer!
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: Hey! Looking for people to play with, norms or ranked! (NA)
hi hi! im ren and my ign is pastelspider, id love to be your friend and play with you! i main mid and support and my main is.... {{champion:99}} im super casual and also complete garbage at this game.. feel free to add me and ask for my discord! i hope we get along!
Powato (NA)
: Looking for players for fun
hi there! id love to play with you, i have a discord too! i play mid and support mostly , feel free to add me on league and message me for my discord! ign: pastelspider i hope we get along!
Crsty (NA)
: Looking for a Casual Group
id like to play with you! my ign is pastelspider and i have a discord too
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