: Patch 9.23 notes
"Dark harvest stacks affect other keystones..." What?
: Very detailed post, the rework is a good compromise of live skarner gameplay, with some more modern twists!
Thanks for your contribution to it!
Herethicc (EUW)
: Are these posts ever listened to? I'm really curious
I can't say they've ever been specifically adhered to, but it is my understanding that riot does see them and makes a note of them in order to pass them on to people who are assigned a project if the post was well thought out and of good quality. But who knows? The bigger goal here is of course to keep Skarner visible. Though I do think my work here is good XD
Violett (NA)
: How do I carry this?
In this case, you were 100% out performed. I mean, I can only see the score lines, but every lane (yours included) seems to have lost. :/ Rough game, and they happen. Can't carry them all.
: Personally I'm fine with the current Skarner. Building bruiser early doesn't feel bad because you'll feel just as squishy if you fall behind as tank. {{item:1400}} {{item:3078}} {{item:3053}} {{item:3742}} {{item:3194}} {{item:2422}} is exactly how I want to play skarner. You don't feel gimped outside of your spires, and inside them you're a god. If he really needs anything, slow resist on W, as you suggested, would be a fine buff. He has all the tools he needs to succeed as he currently is. He's just not exciting to play for a lot of people. If he gets reworked, what I want most is W CD reduced by AAs again. If E got returned to a self-heal instead of CC for dueling potential, then entire kit's CDs going down with AAs. Hell, with original Skarner, they could have kept the slow on his Q and just added a per-target CD that scales down (if at all) with levels (or CDR?). I would have been completely fine with that. OG Skarner's E was often regarded as 'useless', but that wasn't the case. He was just too mana hungry early and it did very little at low ranks and without the additional EHP of resists. Once you started putting points in E late game, you had incredible staying power in fights due to how often you could spam E and W in combination with all of your resists. For those of you that don't remember his old E, even the wiki page doesn't list the old version. >Fracture (E) Skarner summons a blast of crystalline energy which deals damage to enemies struck and marks them. Any further damage dealt to marked targets by Skarner will allow him to consume the mark to heal himself.
You could have the current Skarner without the spires, and you wouldn't be locked into only playing the jungle or only building full tank in higher levels of play. The only major changes that NEEDS to happen is Skarner needs a new passive and that power put back into his kit. My suggestion just also adds a new layer of paint to the kit in order to help make him feel more modernized.
Avicou (NA)
: I really like this. I think there should be another component to the passive (although I couldn't say exactly what), but at this point anything is better than Crystal Spires. Extra objective mini-games are not something League needs. His other abilities that are functionally similar are fine, but I could stand to have a bit more added for the purpose of skill expression. Probably make his ult more like WW's. Up the cast range a bit, make Skarner dash into melee range to grab them, then dash out to devour the target or to reposition to maximize the damage you get off at the end.
Thanks for the support! I and many others have never liked the idea of making Skarner's ultimate a skill shot, and I definitely dont like the idea of adding any dashes into his kit. Skarner being not incredibly mobile is his biggest counter point.
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Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: November 15
Poor Skarner is 4 plus years with this forced on passive. There are a lot of discussions on Skarner and ways to go with him. Have you guys seen any of it?
AidanWR (NA)
: There was an old bug with Yasuo where if you quickly looked away, then back at you champ while spin-dashing, it would fully reset cooldown. They supposedly fixed it, but they also supposedly fixed Nunu bug, and it's still a thing
I wonder if it's the same bug. I have never been able to replicate that one.
: it's suppose to have a low cooldown to start. it is compensated by the fact that a target has brief immunity to it after being hit by it.
: > [{quoted}](name=xALESIAx,realm=EUW,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=F2Namc13,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-11-14T15:32:50.874+0000) > > Did the guy use Hail of Blades? No, its conq which mean bug is real Inleas its urft and he's trolling us
Yasuo Q is unaffected by urf since it doesnt scale with cdr but attack speed. It also still has a cap of 1.33 seconds.
: Did the guy use Hail of Blades?
: Did the guy use Hail of Blades?
No. He had conqueror. This wasnt "max cdr Q", it was literally NO cooldown. I'm at work, but I will add a video here once I get home. EDIT: This is my main account, you can op.gg me, it was the last match I played, in case you want to check:-)
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: >1) A HARD reset on mmr: added divisions and the experimentation with role based rank have really muddled things. After 10 years, resetting everyone's mmr imho would be a good way to get the distribution back on a more level and accurate playing field. Would lead to a lot of hard-fucked early seasons and require a lot more grinding on the part of anyone in high ELO. >2) offering the highest achievers some actual rewards for playing. FLEX DEM SKIN SALES! all jokes aside, giving players an incentive to reach and stay at the highest levels of play something that isnt purely in game cosmetics would make higher tier play retain value and likely increase gameplay quality. Like...what? What benefit could they reasonably give that isn't just cosmetic stuff?
> Would lead to a lot of hard-fucked early seasons and require a lot more grinding on the part of anyone in high ELO. This is true, but it would be one rough season to set things back into a better distribution overall. It would suck for people not getting to start with a super high mmr and let them instant climb to challenger, but I think it would be better for game health in the long run. Im not suggesting this every season, but I think one time every so often (in this case, 10th season of the game with and after a lot of changes that affected ranked distribution) would be good. > Like...what? What benefit could they reasonably give that isn't just cosmetic stuff? Not really sure. I know they used to give challenger jackets. You could go back to jackets, offer cash prizes for the top 5 challenger spots (multiple accounts not withstanding of course), tickets to the next worlds event, gaming accessories, they could even pole current challenger players and see what they find worth while.
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: Being held hostage by riot in champ sleect
Similar issue, except TFT never loaded and I was stuck with the "Accept" button "waiting for other players" Forced closed the client. still not fully loaded back in.
: > Her bloody passive is raw stats & deals damage for attacking opponents she CC Her passive can be played around. Enemy can try to damage her and wait before her armor is gone, Sej can try to stay out of combat and regain it back, and she can intentionally catch some damage and slows while the armor is still on. Skarner's passive is just more stats at some places. You can try to fight enemies near the spires but thats basically it > Her Q is Dash Knockup That can be used from afar to close the distance, or at melee range to guarantee CC, or both if you manage to hit it Meanwhile Skarner's Q is just a generic damage tool with nice synergy with Sheen and passive AS but thats it > Her W is skill shot slow that leads into auto stun 2 skillshots with different areas, 2nd shot can be aimed by moving, like with Lucian's ult Skarner's W is a shield+ms boost. > And her R is just a skillshot Stun that slows. And, because it is a skillshot, it can miss. Or not, if you hit that skillshot. It also has better effect if hit from afar, so there is a choice between dashing in and reliably throwing ult, or risking and using ult from afar Skarner's R is a melee point-and-click cc. Sure, you can time it before enemy throws you away, and you can move the enemy under allied skillshots, but nothing much here. > With these "Skill expressive" Champions, they're goal is to make your opponent interact less I already said what "skill expression" is: the ability to express skill. I don't know where you got that connection between "skill expression" and "interaction" > AND FINALLY, buffing mobility & nerfing ult? Are... are you okay there buddy? His mobility is fine, rather too much actually with predator. Second you fail to realize that E is the over arching CC in his kit, Being reduced by the R Supress duration (not counting the 0.25 root), you will nearly always have E up after Ult to chain together But if you nerf E, it nerfs R. His mobility is fine for a CC bot. Not so fine for your "back and forth combat" you want. If his E is not nerfed, he WILL be a cc bot. His ult is just too strong, so everything else is all about "how can i get to that enemy and ult him". Remove it, and he has to actually build some damage and try to actually outplay people to be useful while at the same time gives some space for buffs that add that outplay possibilities
https://youtu.be/2A3nFtWlBKc Skill expression. Skill is 100% always a display of decision making: being able to use the tools you have at the right times for best effect. Skarner has plenty of ability to express skillful play. The only thing hurting Skarner right now is his passive and overloaded E, as it causes everything else in his kit to suffer. Skarners ult is not and never has been a problem. Crystal Venom Skarner was a perfectly fine champion. They didnt update Skarner in the jugger-fail update because he was a problem, but because they wanted to try making him more unique and give him some kind of niche. Not because he was imbalanced, or bad, or even unpopular (he had around a 3% pickrate then). It was literally just, well why not Skarner? It's not what tools you have that depict skill expression, it's how they are used. You can argue having more tools gives you more potential for skill expression, but that's as far as it goes.
: How many cs should I aim for?
: Phew, oh boy. So, it has been a long time, but I actually had an idea for Skarner a LONG time ago that I think might really bring his kit into the modern era with fairly minimal changes to the kit. So, there is a piece of the champion "landscape" that has been a part of the game for several years, but only recently started seeing some fiddling done to it: trinkets. We currently have three trinkets if you will plus we had ghost poros for a short while. The ghost poro's demonstrate that there is a way for Riot to utilize the trinket space for more specific effects. So, I give you my change: Addition to Passive: _Every 180 (modified by cooldown reduction) seconds, Skarner sheds some of his outer shell creating a Crystal Shard in his trinket slot. Skarner may place this crystal shard creating a temporary Crystal Spire. Temporary Crystal Spires last 10/15/20/25 (at lvl 1/6/11/16)seconds and may be attacked by enemies (have 1/1/2/3 health at lvl 1/6/11/16)._ This little adjustment to Skarners kit would give him a little more control over the battlefield and allow him to pick the places to skirmish and provide a level of complexity and choice to some of the opponents decision making. What do you folks think?
I fear you will find anyone with any interest in temporary spires. Though as far as the idea goes in general, yours is the best Ive seen so far. TY for not suggesting he place spires and drag them around with ult... UGH
: > he's an extended skirmisher. He's not designed to zoom in, steal the carry, and then be useless. The thing is with how fast teamfights are usually decided when would you ever want a champion that is good at extended skirmishes?
There are other Skirmishers in the game ya know...
: Even just +10 MS would help so much. Same with some currently underwhelming marksmen.
: the problem with Skarner is that he isn’t a jungler. Skarner is a toplane champion with a passive that shoves him into the jungle. They should make it so skarner can control where he puts the spires. He can place up to 6 by clicking on his passive and targeting an area. Then he can ult the crystals to move them, and if he ults a crystal, the ult duration is extended by Like 5 seconds and refunds like 90% of the cool down
I find that to not be a good idea at all... too much to micro manage in a fast paced game
: its sad to say it but the current skarner and many of the older champions just can't keep up with the game. the only thing that would save him and many of the older OGs is a total overhaul of their kit. i'll admit that i have no idea how one would ever start with reworking skarner, but i know for certain that if they keep his current gameplay in mind, then he'll most likely never be a successfull rework. even if they were to change his spires and give him something half decent, the main problem would be his outdated gameplay and its uneffectiveness in actually engaging a fight. as it is right now, skarner's engage is dictated by him either having predator or righteous glory or both even. it really sucks because i played the OG skarner and it was the most fun i had while playing old league. i eventually had to drop the champion off, seeing as there were and there are picks that do his job but faster,better and safer. i am ashamed to say this as an oldtrox main, but the only thing that would save skarner is an aatrox-like rework
I personally think that aside from spires, Skarner's kit is fine. It's just not tuned for what it's supposed to do. As someone else said, Skarner is not an engage tank, but a duelist and extended skirmisher. The kit works well for that but is undertuned for doing so.
Yosigi (NA)
: Meant to just fix a spelling mistake, not delete. Oops. Here's what I posted: Besides the spires, Skarner's kit is pretty good for the type of champion he is. The main issue is that most people, including the pros, have forgotten that he isn't an engage tank: he's an extended skirmisher. He's not designed to zoom in, steal the carry, and then be useless. He's meant to follow up on engage from a real tank in a team fight and use his ult to peel, and outside team fights he's meant to be one of the best duelists in the game. Riot has made the mistake of giving him so much cc that he can't be allowed to have decent damage numbers, or he becomes too strong. This leads to his current pro play style of being a Righteous Glory Predator ult bot. The original Skarner, the champ I learned how to play League on, was a sticky bruiser. The perma slow on his Q was a bit cancerous, but that and his ult was all he had for cc so he had to get on top of you first to do anything. Skarner was part of the juggernaut rework of season 5, but he's never really been one. Other juggernauts (Darius, Illaoi, Volibear, etc.) don't need a full damage build to be able to win. Skarner, on the other hand, does not have their level of damage unless he devotes 3 items to doing damage, at which point he gets one-shotted by anyone with burst. Skarner's not a tank. He's not a juggernaut. He's a skirmisher and duelist, and it's time Riot was reminded of that.
Moving my reply to your repost XD Amen!
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Shahamut (NA)
: It's almost preseason
Thanks for the upvotes guys. Any comments? Thoughts? Concerns? Suggestions?
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Cräfty (EUW)
: Senna: What you might have missed and why she's not as broken as you might think!
I mean, sure. Whats not op about a teamwide mobile Akali shroud? then when they all exit, you dont know who is who...
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: October 25
{{item:3070}} {{champion:72}} {{item:3070}}
Meddler (NA)
: It's been a topic of discussion yeah. Some things that came up: Pros: * Player requested feature * Potentially creates game variety as teams craft their comps around the element Cons: * Potentially leads to players feeling forced to player champs they don't want to based off the element (don't think the power difference will be that large, but some perception risk at the least) * Increases in champ select dodge rates * Removes some in game uncertainty/need to adapt
E.G. "I'm a rengo main. Auto dodge all flame rifts. "Me see Rengo and ocean rift. Auto dodge"
: How good do you think Skarner is going to be with the new Cloud Dragon buffs?
Xavanic (NA)
: Skarner is gonna need a rework, things are gonna get weird with cloud dragon and his spires, and hes gonna enter an area and like launch off the map
5050BS (NA)
: So Imagine as {{champion:41}} Proc Electrocute 7s later Proc Arey, 7s Later Proc, Comet, 7s Later Proc Grasp, 7s later proc Fleet Footwork, 7s later repeat all of the above. All at lvl 1
Or he could just proc grasp on Qs cooldown over and over again...
iiGazeii (NA)
: Your list is too long. It's Lethal Tempo, Fleet Footwork, Aery, Comet, Phase Rush, Predator (only if you have boots), Electrocute, Hail of Blades, Grasp of the Undying, Glacial Augment. Basically any champion that weaves in autos and has a combo that can easily proc Electrocute/Phase Rush can use this rune. {{champion:80}} will probably be the best user. {{champion:145}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:110}} are other champs I want to test it on. I hope they make it so that you can't roll Aftershock if you have no hard CC. That would make the rune much better.
: let's talk about the positives and negatives of this new "klepto" keystone. first klepto is an inspiration keystone. that means you cannot use it without first accepting the fact that all you will be able to get for runes is delayed items, healing, and cooldown reduction cap increase. - so no bonus damage or added defenses. all you get with inspiration is basically... free temporary gold. second klepto will take 7 seconds to cycle between keystones after use. that means you must wait 7 seconds in order to benefit from the ability a second time. this basically limits new klepto to poke champs because not even tanks can last longer than 7 seconds in a straight up fight. and last... it make absolutely not sense as a keystone for any champion nor does it fit at all with the rest of the runes in its category. don't even get me started on the fact that "klepto" means to steal. ------------- okay now let's talk about the positives. ezreal can still use it... and that's it.
For the record, it's no longer called kleptomancy
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: So mages are just supposed to be the best class in the game at everything? Great teamfight great laning phase great scaling great cc great itemization and now great dueling? Mages are not supposed to be able to 1v1 bruisers. The reason why those mages likely feed garen the most is because they are silver players and have bad positioning. Theres a reason juggernauts are almost never picked in pro play and thats because players there understand how to position and use range to their advantage. The only recent exception is garen yuumi which abuses the fact that yuumi has a nearly undodgable slow, speed boost and root that nullifies the range gap that holds garen back.
: Oh. My. Fucking. God. Top laners bitch about junglers being top lane. Top laners bitch about junglers ignoring top lane. MAKE UP YOUR FUCKING MINDS! Oh wait. That’s right. Top lane is the lane that cries the most while also being the strongest lane in the game by miles. And you all want to keep up the facade of being “poor, abused, weak laners”.
Keiaga (NA)
: Now I know you're just trolling lol. The only core trait that makes a tank a tank is durability from health and resistances. Everything else are secondary traits
Juggernauts are "tanky" but the way Riot has chosen to CLASSify champions (whether or not you, I or anyone agrees with it) is by their in game role. In the case of this discussion, Juggernauts are a subclass of fighters, as their primary function is to deal damage. In riot's eyes, a "tanks" primary function is to provide utility to the team, PRIMARILY in the form of initiation and/or peel. Im not saying Riot's class/subclass system isn't flawed, or VERY inconsistent, but it is pretty clear that being "tanky" was never riot's definition of a "tank". Because "tankiness" is a champion quality, not function, and FUNCTION is how riot has tried to define their classes. Asassin- access and destroy a high priority target. Tank- Provide team wide utility Marksman- Ranged AA based damage dealer Mage- Spell based champion Fighter- Melee Damage dealer This is where they started. It has sense gotten even more convoluted and confusing since they started adding sub classes and changing what some classes are even called, but I hope I have at least shown you that the framework riot works under was the champion's function over its qualities.
: Careful when you say "Tanks have mobility" {{champion:516}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:31}} Mobility isn't the best identifier. Mobility is headed into Fighter and Assassin territory.
pretty sure Sion and Cho are juggernauts, and not tanks
: https://oi512.photobucket.com/albums/t328/zezockary7/League%20Tanks.png
Juggernauts are technically (at least according to RIOT) a tankier sub class of fighter, and not a more damage oriented tank. If you ask me, its 6 one way, half dozen the other. I think the difference they are going for though is that juggernauts primary role is to deal damage, while a tank's primary role is utility. Its confusing because, while its true that lots of other types of champions share traits with all other classes of champions, the reason you pick them up and their PRIMARY function is what RIOT wants to focus on. Juggernauts are a tanky fighter varient. They are still primarily damage dealers, but they tend to also have high survivability or "tankiness" mid fight. The trade off is usually low mobility and low cc. Tanks are about team utility. This can be in the form of large AoE lockdown/initiation (mummy/sej) or solid amounts of peel/protection (Maokai, Taric) but what ties them together is the reason you pick them in a comp. Utility. You don't pick Darius if your goal is to protect your adc with his one pull and slow on W. You pick Darius to try and dunk 5 worms that have the audacity to play on YOUR rift. You don't pick Illaoi to initiate fights, you pick her to be a constant side lane threat with very high 1v1/1v2 potential and wave clear. Its a tricky conversation to have, but juggernauts are in fact NOT tanks. Though they are certainly "tanky"
: Why do I keep getting condom commercials on spotify holy fuck
Probably due to the frequency at which you drop the F bomb and say things like "whack"... {{sticker:fiora-cool}} Ill see myself out now.
: The stun duration for starters.
: thanks for not forgetti us {{champion:72}} main =)
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: October 18
Is there anything being planned for Skarner? {{champion:72}} I know he is a top tier candidate for a full on VGU, but with what is already in the pipline, that is still a LONG ways off if he even gets selected. He is sitting at less than 1% playrate with a 47% winrate last time I looked... So even though he is largely just played by the few of us that still main him, he is struggling super hard in solo/duo queue. Is there anything planned for him to hold him up until his eventual rework?
: Very interesting to see a bunch of replies here saying "You could have just muted him" when a week ago someone made a thread on here about why people shouldn't be banned because of toxic chat because the mute button exists, and it was FILLED with people saying that they shouldn't have to mute, and mute is not a solution. :)
Regardless of what anyone says on these boards, what you do is your responsibility. If its tilting you, the best solution is to mute the person, and report afterwards. I don't think any sane person would come on here and say that you are wrong for your feelings on the matter. Your feelings are justified in being offended. But I would like to encourage you with at least a part of what Tenebris3 wrote above (or at least my retelling of it): People like that are generally out to get a reaction out of you. You know, I know that they are wrong and that the way they are acting is both insensitive and irresponsible. Don't give people the satisfaction of knowing they upset you. Don't say anything to them, it gives them too much credit and CONTROL over your personal feelings and life. Which of course is what they want. Don't give it to them. Mute, Report, move on. And for emotional support, find a friend. To anyone else reading this: Just because some people have the kind of mettle to be completely unaffected by things like this does not mean that everyone can/should. Try to be supportive and encourage the correct actions, but don't be an insensitive jerk about it. People's feelings can be wrong or misled, but we don't heal wounds or teach people by pouring salt in it. Hope you have a better experience on the rift.
: Failed to launch Legends of Runeterra
Have you tried contacting support...?
: My actual reaction to this as a Vel'Koz main: https://media.giphy.com/media/l4FGJODwB6guNDteg/200.gif But i am honestly surprised that Kai'Sa was not included in this line.
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