: Is this bannable?
The first sign of negativity from a player just mute them, or if youre irritated by teammates/enemies just /mute all. Whether youre toxic or not, if you get into an argument you can get reported and chat restricted. And yes afk'ing whether youre told to or not is reportable
: if he is not the one playing on that account, it is account sharing (being hacked notwithstanding)
: This game is a bug
you can play around Nasus and Brand really easily if you know what youre doing and your team is cooperative. Annie, you can easily one trick annie to plat with or without skill, as long as you get the idea of how to use her stuns, youll climb fast... and for garen, idk wtf riot is doing with garen right now
: This Garen changes are dumb.
Agreed, Garen is either pick or ban in most ranks right now
: My first impressions with Ranked.
Ganking a losing lane will usually end up giving up a single or double kill leaving the jungler behind and feeding the lane even harder. Its best to focus on winning lanes and have them carry the losing lanes later on.
: Please Don't change my skin in ARAM from battle boost
I havnt had this problem but what you want makes sense to me! :P
Youre probably still in that elo because you dont know how to snowball your team using your lead, or knowing how to end the game. Your team is probably to blame but that doesnt mean you couldnt have played it better
: Hardstuck Gold cAuSe iM rLy BaD aT tHe GaMe
youre telling me you run into win traders in gold elo? hm...


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