: Worst designed champion?
For me, it's {{champion:48}}. Originally designed as a jg, delegated to top & support (lmao) because he lacks the stopping-power that other jg's enjoy. Identity revolves around strong 1v1 capability.....but gets pounded into the dirt by half the melee AD pool. I love Trundle but it sucks to see him in his current state, Riot pls!!!!
: Tahm Kench good?
4th highest WR toplane champion in Plat+ NA this patch--he's a lot better than people allege. A lot of folks on here are just extremely salty that he can't apply stacks with his abilities anymore.
: Sett's actually making me enjoy league again after a year and a half
he's a lot more fun to play against than most juggernauts
: Might be a form of protest although everyone does it 'together alone' kinda style. No one cares about unity or whatever but they'll do it individually and simultaneously. It's like when you play those tycoon type of games where you got a ton of Sims and they all unhappy cuz you suck at managing your resources and such. That's us and Riot is the player kek.
"i want to get off Mr Riot's Wild Ride!!"
: Diana is so broken...
if Riot wants to tweak Diana without making any drastic changes, her mana situation would be a good place to start. she isn't the least bit gated by it at all, and it contributes a lot to her ability to bully the enemy laner so relentlessly pre-6.
: If Riot Games was a Restaurant
it's 2020 and we still haven't got any chick'n nugger from Riot, fix the menu or I will boycott the game
: Burst Meta Ruins the Point of League
i'd probably be more content with the current meta if mobility-creep wasn't so prevalent runes reforged provides champs lot of free movespeed--without the caveat of having to use a quint that would've otherwise went toward dmg stats in the previous system--and as much as its appreciated for champs who needed it, it's much better utilized by champs with an abundance of it :'(
: How tf do you get S on yuumi anymore?
try taking death dance, buying ludens echo & one-shotting noobs with your guided t0rped0 Q
: I am kind of sick of seeing Karma
OP don't be surprised if you catch flak for making this thread, Riot broke my support-waifu's legs with the nerf-bat and she's consistently been an underwhelming support-pick for a long ass time. can't really comment on top karma players, but if they were able to shut you down that easily in either botlane or mid then you either got outplayed by a good player, or shafted by the rock-paper-scissors phenomena of LoL
: Anyone Else Ready to see Shurima's Story Move Forward?
after all these long years, will Jax finally get his shuriman eggs? :'(
: Have you ever played with an intellectual before?
as Benjamin Franklin used to say; blessed is the man who never expects yas to not int, for he shall never be disappointed
: Objectively speaking can someone explain to me how Senna is Overpowered?
People usually base their assumptions as to whether a champion is OP in at least one of two ways.....the numerical side of their kit (their base stats & stat-gain per level, the damage of each individual ability, those abilities' CD, et cetera) or their overall design-philosophy (the types of abilities a champion has packed in their kit, how those individual abilities come together & the natural rock-paper-scissors element that a champion has relative to their role). My impression of Senna is that she is a bit OP....not because there are elements in her kit that do too much damage or whatever, but because she does decent damage at any stage of the game IN ADDITION to having an effective AA & skill-range longer than many other supports, 0 sustain issues once {{item:3028}} is up, AND untargetability. I've heard from others of how she plays-out sort of like a Soraka clone--a Q-spamming healer with a goofy soft-CC throwdown and a global ulti. I tend to agree, and I think the contention-point here is that--comparing the kits of these two champs alongside one another--one definitely seems a lot more loaded than the other.
Rewt (NA)
: How do Europeans deal with the Language barrier in league
the whole BR thing is more than just a meme--it's a phenomenon that dates back to the golden era of online-gaming where Brazilian players would flock to, in particular, private-servers for NA-populated MMO's that didn't charge a monthly subscription-fee (which was the monetization-norm of the time)......if a game did not cost anything, the BRs would be there beyond the racist diatribe about people who don't live in the USA not having money to spend on vidya, Brazilian gamers DID actually show up on these servers en-masse and would usually make a coordinated effort to form guilds or clans and pubstomp the shit out of whatever PvP or GvG content said server had to offer......or, they would flame other guilds/clans to no end if they didnt. regardless of either outcome, one could be certain that they would receive an abundance of jajajajajajajajaja's, huehuehuehue's and XD's. Brazilian MMO players will go down in the annuls of gaming-history for their unmatched competitive and vindictive nature
: Do I need to play filthy?
don't brush your teeth or take any showers for at least a week before playing; you gotta be as filthy as possible if you wanna win
: It IS the only lane where first picking top is a death sentence. That's why you play casters with mobility/cc to gain a massive advantage early on. It's disgusting but if you're fp that's usually what you have to do. Top lane sucks in that aspect
I've found that picking something that one's toplane-opponent might not anticipate works pretty well too. A first-pick {{champion:106}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:59}} might just as easily be interpreted as a jungler pick, and these champs have a lot going for them from a 1v1 perspective & can be really oppresive in the right scenarios. Another great thing about them is how well they can 2v1 under turret, and how easy it is to farm under turret with them also. They're criminally underrated toplaners xd EDIT: and as OP mentioned, karma can be another good one, but I don't have any firsthand experience with that bc I've never taken my support mommy there
Keiaga (NA)
: Open forum about Fiora
I m a fan of Fleet Footwork Fiora, friend
: Start W, max W, use Arcane Comet, Cheapshot, Relentless Hunter, Celerity, Scorch and Manaflow Band as runes, spam W on the enemy ADC whenever it comes off cooldown. Congratulations, you've just tilted the enemy ADC! {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
dont forget to buy ludens echo, its generous amount of mana & 20% CDR makes it the ultimate support item :o)
MrEnds (NA)
: What role is Aphelios made for?
he is made for the e-sports role, but can also be played in the twitch & youtube clickbait roles
: What hero is the most OP
now this is one helluva good thread, the number of upvotes it has speaks for itself
Dantenial (EUNE)
: Bee Queen Lissandra skin
iMidg3t (EUW)
: Everyone: walks through walls Kayn: Am I a joke to you?
*****kayn, one of the most picked junglers for a long time*** riot: hmmmm how should we address this? ... riot: let's turn all champions into kayn!! xd
Speeedy (NA)
: Should Free Speech be allowed in video games? (school project)
The first amendment does not give one the right to say whatever they want--on any platform & in any context--without punishment. Freedom of speech is defined as being free to express an opinion without persecution or suppression of one's government, and is not a rationale for hate speech. Over the last decade, various groups have tried to create their own platforms/hijack other platforms to recirculate stuff like hate-speech "in the name of free speech", but it is a gross misinterpretation of the law & more about signal-boosting controversial material--particularly in this age where many, if not most, platforms are not regulated to scale of the services they provide--rather than protecting people's rights. platforms like YouTube and Facebook are particularly vulnerable because there is no bonfide user-authentication that guarantees that an account belongs to a person who they say they are, and the degree of anonymity these services can provide to an otherwise legitimate userbase has proven to be an extremely volatile societal mix.
: Illaoi's Skin Concept by someone that has 0 drawing skills
: If you were given the job of making a new passive for Kog'Maw, what would you make it?
kogmaw lays an egg, when the egg hatches, baby kogmaw comes out and does tons of damage
Critty92 (EUNE)
: I have a question for Soraka players/mains...
i hittem with my E, Q and a banana at the same time for optimum damage :^)
Trixelle (NA)
: Riot Spelled Freljord Wrong
Raffyk (NA)
: The Ranged Conqueror Change is an Unbalanced and (Near)Game-breaking Nerf to Urgot
I wouldn't know, I'm a 0 IQ aftershock urgot player, I just love throwin myself at enemy champions too much to not take it
Crashyy (EUW)
: +9 adaptive force, 8 armor, 6 magic resist, 15-90 HP...It's boring.
I think people were more ticked-off by the fact that runes used to cost IP, and how people were sort of pigeonholed into buying page bundles with RP--lest they slowly accrue them with IP (which was a huge disadvantage for solo-laners and junglers in particular, given the growing number of champions in the game & the bigger incentive for playing a broader pool of champions), rather than the meat-and-potatoes of it. For a long time, the weekly free-champion pool was also quite small in proportion to how many champs were being added to the game, and being a new player & having to familiarize oneself with all these new characters & kits while being gated by IP-paywalled systems contributed a lot to the daunting new-player experience that so many players had to dredge through. I also liked the pre-Runes Reforged system a lot more. There were things about it that were pretty unfair (how much mileage certain already-good champions got from stuff like movespeed/spellvamp quints & arpen/magic pen stuff) but, overall, it suited every need of every champion to some extent whereas the new system has more resemblance to Masteries, which often felt like a dysfunctional mish-mash. You could often get pretty creative with your rune pages as well, in the context of trying to shut people down with an unexpectedly tanky or bursty loadout, which I liked a lot. I wish we could go back to it as well, or at least some iteration of it :(
Morglics (EUNE)
: They were nerfed cause some people actually started playing supports how horrible I know. Riot couldnt let that continue so they acted before it got out of hand.
now that more people are playing support, I have to wait a whole extra 5 seconds for matchmaking, absolutely unacceptable
: Is Ivern really unlliked or has he just been an awful weak champion
champions who do less damage--in just about any context, and regardless of any positive-tradeoffs--tend to be viewed poorly by a pretty wide subset of players. but, in fairness to those players: doin damage is pretty important in this game (lol), and a lot of times those cool quirks aren't as impactful as seasons pass & the meta changes (especially in the context of jg, as changes there can often be pretty tremendous in scope). I think Ivern is just ageing prematurely because he's got such a loopy kit. I like playing him, but there are a lot of times I'll get autofilled in jg against a team-comp that looks really gnarly, and just say to myself "nope I'll just play nocturne or voli instead haha". if the enemy jg can deny your invade & counterJG you effortlessly enough, or if their team has some serious burst-per-second-gigafed strats goin on, then he just seems too risky of a pick for me to consider playing. and so, I think he is pretty weak......maybe. but also, maybe not.
: Question......Why is Lee Sin in every game?
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: Rengar is a fun champ
jump cat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! {{champion:107}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:107}}
: What happened to support items?
Doesn't give CDR either, feelsbadman
: Who is better at dueling darius or Fiora?
it depends.....who you're laning against, and what both team-comps look like, weigh heavily into which fighters in particular one might want to pick. fiora can 1v1 really well against MOST toplaners (MOST being the operative-term), but gets zoned out of teamfights extremely easily unless she becomes gigafed darius deals both a ton of single-target rotational damage & pretty nice AoE dmg when compared alongside most fighters, but is extremely slow & gets zoned-out by ranged hypercarries & mages who scale really well into lategame. fiora can get curbstomped by those same hypercarries & mages to an extent, but generally has more opportunities to outplay/get on top of her target and try to burst them down. and so.....it depends. no toplaner particularly excels at getting freelo because toplane has drastically less influence over the course of the game than other roles.....barring specific strategies that revolve around, for example, splitpushing harder than an inexperienced toplane-opponent could manage, which isnt always a reliable one. i think having a diverse set of toplaners to pick from, and knowing when (or when not) to pick them--especially in the context of blind-picking, or picking your toplaner before your opponent has picked theirs, giving them the opportunity to counter you--is key when it comes to winning as many games as possible.
: What the hell is up with Mods lately?
dear Riot Games, please remove all Christmas skins from the game pls, Christmas is a holiday commemorating the birth of Jesus and I find it very very offensive lel
: Akali Runes?
i like to run precision+domination on her (fleet footwork, presence of mind, alacrity (the small amount of aspd helps a lot imo), coup de grace, taste of blood & ultimate hunter; with 10%CDR, adaptive damage & either armor or mr depending on the matchup) the two ult CDR runes are exceptionally good on her, and she gets quite a bit of sustain from this setup.
: Impossible to get an S on Kindred
you could try gooning toplaners with her--your performance vs their toplaner, relative to other kindred players playing top, is one of the things that goes into how your score is determined. another thing that plays into your endgame-score is how much gold you earn, and if you were to cs really really well that would probably go an extremely long way toward getting S, so long as you dont fall behind in other metrics. this plan could easily backfire though lol--its advisable to only try this against toplaners/on teamcomps where it would make at least some sense.
: Can we do something about phase rush top laners?
i like to take it on {{champion:126}}, its a lot of fun xd
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: .................................................................Suggested top laner anyone?
in addition to ones that were already mentioned-- {{champion:48}}--i think this guy is crazy-good against a pretty wide variety of toplaners; he gets a ton of stat-buffs between spamming your aa+Q rotation and dropping W down, and does a brilliant job fending off incoming enemy junglers or messing with grouped enemies in teamfights with well-placed E's. his ulti also a notorious psychological-warfare tool that can completely unhinge players and send them into a fit of gamer rage {{champion:2}}--ridiculous ranged poke, a generous chunk of true damage and steroided AA's that can all be strung-together pretty fluidly; does a lot of damage both upfront and over-time. he's also got built-in lifesteal, CC immunity & free resists @ 6......he's a pretty fucked-up champ, gotta love it {{champion:59}}--a knockup-machine with a shield+slow that's pretty difficult to play around. he doesn't have the strongest harass compared to most toplaners but properly timed shields can flip trades in your favour. his kit is also invauluable for pressuring objectives & teamfighting, ofc.
: A friend of mine is starting league for the first time
: Pantheon Mains... who do you struggle to play against?
when i play top panth, i struggle to to play against........the enemy jungler!! xd
: "WTF a Tank Malph"
i havent gotten around to playing him much but, on the occasions that i did, tank-build worked really well--as a toplaner, at least. iirc my build was Inspiration (klepto/bootz/biscuitz/5%CDR) & sorcery (mana/10%CDR), corrupting pot start, into IBG and whichever HP+armor items wouldv'e been helpful, on a match-by-match basis. once you figure out his shortcomings compared to other toplaners (not having very good natural hp-recovery, and poor itemization options to that end, for example) and play around them, he's actually a pretty consistent pick & can both trade in a 1v1 situation or set-up kills pretty well. knowing which abilites to level in which order is also really important, and the correct answer tends to vary.
Moody P (NA)
: How is Kennen not a t1 VGU candidate
after reading this, I think I will play some kennen, thanks for reminding me about this cool champion xd
: Hate break it to you, but the list you've used for this poll seems to be outdated by a fair bit. By using the collection tab in the client, I've found 22 legendary skins that aren't included, and they seem to be ones that have released over the past few years (for example; Battle Academia Ez, SG Xayah/Rakan, Project Pyke/Vayne, God-King Garen/Darius).
> [{quoted}](name=HeartVine,realm=OCE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=Uk5EAX7N,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2019-10-27T01:15:00.168+0000) > > Hate break it to you, but the list you've used for this poll seems to be outdated by a fair bit. By using the collection tab in the client, I've found 22 legendary skins that aren't included, and they seem to be ones that have released over the past few years (for example; Battle Academia Ez, SG Xayah/Rakan, Project Pyke/Vayne, God-King Garen/Darius). i got project pyke :o)
Helmight (NA)
: So what exactly is it that makes new Pantheon so strong? I've been trying to crunch it out in my head and I honestly can't understand what makes him pick/ban at Worlds. EDIT: Not trying to imply that he's not broken, I'm just legitimately curious.
> [{quoted}](name=Helmight,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=EI6Pij9n,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-10-23T04:58:20.048+0000) > > So what exactly is it that makes new Pantheon so strong? I've been trying to crunch it out in my head and I honestly can't understand what makes him pick/ban at Worlds. > > EDIT: Not trying to imply that he's not broken, I'm just legitimately curious. His point-click stun & damage reduction on E are hard to play around, for many matchups, and his new tap-Q hits really hard. I personally think that his kit is waaaaay less toxic than pre-rework Panth, tho.
: Sorry, this is america, we don't do censorship here. Go live in another authoritarian country if you want censorship.
> [{quoted}](name=Worst Brad Japan,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=uuYHlAKV,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-10-22T18:05:18.585+0000) > > Sorry, this is america, we don't do censorship here. Go live in another authoritarian country if you want censorship. But America is an authoritarian country, euromutt
: The word ''KYS'' should be censored.
I honestly don't care either way. Saying KYS in chat is already a bannable offense, and if someone wants to shoot their mouth off at me ingame, then I'm all for them giving me leverage to report them. Both the people who flame excessively & the ones who get triggered easily need to grow some thicker skin.
Weexazys (NA)
: Playing as and ADC has been the most frustrating, infuriating role forever.
runes reforged & arpen/lethality change sort of jiggered up the adc meta imo, it's not nearly as lucrative to pick up flat armor penetration on-the-fly to press a potential early-lead for many adcs anymore, or capitalize against a botlane comp consisting of two really squishy champs (or a squishy team-comp overall) if u can get away with it, sort of neutered some champions' potential for outplay really pigeon-holes adc's into their alloted "power-spike" time or whatever and contributes to the snowball-y-ness of botlane, on top of other contributing factors (imo the inconsistency of matchmaking has hit bot like a double-whammy--two champs in a lane equals twice the odds of there being a disparity in measurable-skill; matchmaking should take more care in pairing lane-opponents/narrowing the gap between matchmaking on a role-by-role basis at the very least)
Ulanopo (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Shrek Luigi,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=m9QMwyHU,comment-id=0015000200000000,timestamp=2019-10-09T20:35:15.428+0000) > > would tons of people boycotting this game "influence the situation at hand"? because posts like this are certainly going to push people in that direction. get off your high-horse pls. I'll believe it when the slacktivists actually do something.
g e t o f f y o u r h i g h h o r s e p l s !!!!!!!
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