: they over did it on varus and just flat out cut his balls off. not only the nerfs to lethality which was making him fotm and slightly op but then the nerfs to deathsfire touch and now you hit his Q as well and make it not worth really being able to use in lane. let alone his actually passive is shit... lets be real... he is meant to be a caster and poke from the back... he lacks escapes and mobility for this... i stated along time ago in a varus "rework" thread that his blight passive on W needs to be moved to his passive and he needs a new W ability... make his passive stack blight and scale per lvl ... and give him something useful on W , OH AND CHANGE THE Q BACK {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
I 100 percent agree as well.. I even thought the same when you were talking about the W change
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: The new Mastery levels annoy me
I have over 600k mastery points i got my mastery lvl to 7 without spending a penny. You guys AINT DOIN IT RIGHT.
: From looking into your account, it appears that you have been recently punished by our Player Behavior systems for your behavior in-game. This actually disqualifies you from earning Hextech loot after matches, which includes mastery tokens. You can read more in-depth about this in our [Hextech Restrictions Article](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/209939463). I hope this alleviates some confusion, let me know if you have any other questions.
I know this was 10 days ago but you're wrong... I was getting s-'s. I got an S that same night and got a token so no I was not punished... And speaking of behavior in game, I honestly don't understand your shitty system. Someone trolls in a game and then starts being toxic to the troll WHO IS INTENTIONALLY FEEDING and you the players GETS a punishment. You guys are only helpful when it comes to the top players like helping the pro's take care of Tyler 1. You guys don't even look into the chat. Someone gets banned just by the amount of votes. But what if those games there was an actual troll?? And get the opposing team to report with that troll? If you guys actually cared about your system I wouldnt be leaving 4 out of 7 games Ive been trolled on recently. They steal your role in champ select, they tilt your team, and they INTENTIONALLY feed. AND ONE TIME I HAD SOMEONE FOLLOWING ME WHILE I WAS JUNGLING!!! But yea the toxic mouths are worse???? Yea okay!!!! Get real Riot. anyways Thank for being WRONG about what you posted Cause i got my lvl 7 that night. :))))) and thanks for reading this post about your stupid fucking shitty banning system. Sorry real words from a COMPETITIVE gamer. Not a pussy gamer. :) League is a sport remember? Treat it like one.
137434 (NA)
: If they are S- you won't get the token, you specifically need S or S+ games at level 6 mastery to get the level 7 tokens. The S game must have been either a S- or before you were level 6.
eh I don't think so.. it only took me 2 games to get mastery 6 after that I played many more. But okay ty
137434 (NA)
: We can't see what grades you got in the match history. Are you sure they were not S-'s?
I mean I'll be honest, 2 of them were S- but the other one was an S and I got no token.
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Shadòw (EUW)
: did you already upgrade your lvl6 tokens? Dunno there should be a big message that you have earned a token after the game
Yes sir. and i just finishd another game and got an s still no token.
: I dont know but i have two tokens for Mastery 7. Maybe you glanced at it, thinking it was an S when you really got an A ? ): {{champion:32}}
I just played another game and no token. got an s dude. look at my match history you can clearly see I get s's.
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: UPDATE: Play games that matter with /remake
"No first blood" In all honesty how is this gonna work when I get first blood before 3 minutes and there is an afk on the opposing team?
: just keep perma banning him and riot will get the message eventually
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: So is anyone actually having fun this season?
I mean for the amount of people who play this game. QUEUE TIMES are ridiculous unless you queue for support/fill. Even when I play with a duo its bad. It's like as if they were forcing you to play dynamic.. I don't want to find a group to play with...I just want to PLAY AND CLIMB.
: Oh .. can you enlighten me?
What is the problem?
Immane (NA)
: Because Zac has problems w/ hp regen...
Oh .. can you enlighten me?
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: From looking at the error and knowing how rare it is to see it, I believe this is related to the issue with Clubs we experienced earlier yesterday. Since clubs had issues loading, it would explain why this error message pops up, but doesn't really affect anything.
Ok thank you very much :D But I have been lagging at moments in every game :( I never lag lol. Could it be the patch?
: Hmm...definitely sounds odd. If you could, please provide a screenshot of the exact error message. Once I get a good look at it, I should be able to provide some troubleshooting steps!
Hey since I have no idea how to screen shot the picture below of what "Piltover Customs" posted is the message I keep getting. And my friends list seems to be a bit messed up as well. My online friend would appear online but in the "offline" zone.
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: I just have trouble seeing how BMing in any way correlates to fun and pleasure, under any circumstances, both on the Rift and in real life. I've never felt the need to trashtalked friends or competitors, especially in real life, and ESPECIALLY not in my sport. In fact, I think if you provoke others for pleasure, I'm all for putting a bullet in your head. Maybe growing up in an Asian family make me feel that human beings demanded a little more respect and reservation. But as you've said, that's just an opinion, and it could be wrong. Meanwhile, I don't really give a crap about mage updates, but I REALLY want to see how good Kassadin can be with the new AP items.
Bro stop playing competitive games if you're going to cry about this type of shit. ITS A COMPETITIVE GAME GET OVER IT KID.
: That's got to be the weirdest reason for stopping playing a game I've heard in a while.
lol I said no motivation to play not quit haha I just wont look forward to owning someone as much as I used to
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Tool (NA)
: So sad they took away in-game mastery 5 emote :'(
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: [Skin Idea] Arclight Jhin
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: > [{quoted}](name=Silent Arrow,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=pzw3VpH6,comment-id=0018,timestamp=2016-05-01T20:26:19.545+0000) > > Just go hp and mr ..or get a sunfire yourself... lol So go pure defense to counteract them building a hybrid item and in turn making me unable to do anything? I hope you have to deal with tops who rely on snowballing doing that in your games and see why that is not a good option.
See now you're making up a scenario with a hybrid item now. lmao Thats different. But yes that could still work just have that lane be camped. It's called teamwork, win as a team.
Xepheral (NA)
: Psycho E-Sports Now Recruiting for All Positions (Gold-Plat)
I want to add but I have no mic yet, just skype on my phone that I have a mic for. I will get a mic in the future. Let me know if i can still add and apply. Mid main.
: Riot we need a good item to rush to counter sunfire cape.
Just go hp and mr ..or get a sunfire yourself... lol
Flaherty (NA)
: I think ONLY the bronze players hate it because they use the change in queue as an excuse for their inability to play this game with any semblance of skill. I'm Silver 2, the majority of my friends are mid Silver to low Platinum and literally none of them complain about dynamic queue. Also you're gold after being silver the last two seasons so why the fuck are you complaining?
Who cares about the last two seasons? I'm in the present not in the past. And awww little baby is getting offensive :( How old are? 16-17? lol And people are complaining about it every day and all day. So please go somewhere child.
: riot fix ur game especially on weekends , most popular game and has problems every couple days
Flaherty (NA)
: Dynamic queue is fine, if the enemy team has premades then yours does too. It's really not that much different than solo except you can do ranked with more than 1 friend now and don't need 5 online at once to do ranked teams which was an annoying thing for a lot of people.
Dynamic Queue is not fine. If you're a Bronze player then you dont understand that the rest of league HATES Dynamic.
Stacona2 (NA)
: AD Casters aren't new and Varus is a marksman/mage because he fits into both the role of ranged basic attacker and caster (usually dependent on how you build him, like armour pen, cdr, and mana for the AD mage and attack speed and basic attack buffing effects for marksman (Varus can be an AD or AP marksman))
I know they are not. But I want them to introduce more of them and actually make it a role specified to a hero is what I am saying.
: Not able to login?
I'm in! But ranked is down
: Enough with the jerk that got banned, Let's spam boards again for Solo Queue Season 6
: Not able to login?
: varus wouldnt be changed as much as your looking for if he was at all (and hes not going to be). and ad casters exist in 2 forms. things like {{champion:238}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:91}} and {{champion:64}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:126}} they wouldnt allow for an ad caster to have the same power as an ap caster for the reason that by going ad they have the benefits of their autos having an impact by default unlike champs like {{champion:101}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:115}}
AD casters are Varus Jhin and Jayce. those are melee assassins.( Big difference) Talking only about Range casters. And ahh true their autos... good point.
: I believe the term you're looking for is burst assassin. characters like zed.
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: I feel like I have no life sitting here staring at the screen waiting to get back on league
Slythion (NA)
: I'm a jungle main, and if you want to jungle you need thicker skin that that. People *will* rage at you, and you wont change their minds (especially if you leave the game lol). Either mute them if you can't handle it, or do as I do and keep chat open and ignore them until you want to provide information ("ganking top after blue") and that shiz.
Teeana (NA)
: > tower hug and freeze lane. So they wont KEEP dying. Your asking bronzies to "Freeze Lane". Let that sink in a second.... Sure maybe some bronze/silver know how.. but majority of bronze and Silver... Nah.. Silver is sand blasted bronze basically...
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Machinë (NA)
: Making team for new season of BSGL (Gold only)
IGN - Silent Arrow Role - Mid Rank - Gold 5 Top 5 champs - Varus, Xerath, Brand , Twisted Fate, Ekko, Cho Preferred VOIP? - Team speak/skype Can you shotcall- Rotation/Teamfights- are my best calls I can call for baron when I see it is right. Usually when their jungler is down. Timezone - Eastern Availability - All the time for now Experience playing in a 5v5 environment - Been playing mobas since dota warcraft days
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: i can taste the salt here
> [{quoted}](name=The FirstDemigod,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=QtEIfRJ1,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-04-22T04:44:03.278+0000) > > i can taste the salt here learn to read then
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