: Griefing through the act of not trying
You were right to report them for griefing, because you thought they were griefing. Since they also admitted in chat that they would not help, you could have also reported them for negativity or whatever the category is.
: i cant report a player support league of legends
To report someone, go [create a support ticket](https://support-leagueoflegends.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new). We're just regular people like you, here on the forums.
: Is this supposed to work like that?
Your hitbox isn't where you think it is. The little circle that appears at your feet when rooted by Jhin shows your hitbox. His W goes strait through that circle.
What type of macbook are you using? Some barely have enough power to surf the web. Some are good. -------------------------------- Have you run the repair tool? Checked your firewall settings? If you still have trouble, a support ticket would be likely to help. https://support-leagueoflegends.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
: [Rant]: Normal Matchmaking
https://na.whatismymmr.com/Silent%20Gravity My experience comes from ARAM, which is like Normals in that it has it's own MMR and a very high rank is a good predictor of a player's contribution. You could simplify it and say that the team with more diamond players is going to win. They generally do (7 wins to 2 losses for the recent Diamonds in my games). But, would you rather make it so that I can't play with them because I'm unranked? My MMR (as tracked on that site, I don't really know how accurate it is) is stable in the 1600-1700 range. If I go on a win-streak and get above that, I notice that I'm outclassed. If I go on a lose streak (either the random ones or because I had a fever and played anyway) and drop below that, I notice that the games are easier. As your Normal MMR is a decent step above where accounts start; if there's a bronze in your normal games, they've probably earned that MMR. ------------------------------- But, the Plats and Diamonds ARE better than I am. So, if your solution is to give them some sort of boost, I could get behind that in theory, but MMR inflation would be the result. I don't want to cause damage to the Matchmaker algorithms. Win streaks give increased MMR rewards already, so each Plat+ account doesn't have to stay at my MMR for long anyway. ------------------------------- > [{quoted}](name=Agent Corgi,realm=NA,application-id=GgNYATV4,discussion-id=jllzJTxi,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-12-11T04:56:48.068+0000) > > > > Which brings me to another point. Why is it that Ranked Matchmaking seems to actually feel alot more fair when it comes down to who it partners you up with? Granted, some players often have rotten luck & will have rough games. However the last 6-7 Ranked Games that I played last week before I made this post, **ALL** Players were between Gold 3 & Plat 4. I've had more fun in those games since everyone is around the same skill level & if someone lost, it's because they got outplayed & not because they were outmatched. Ranked MMR is based directly off of wins and losses. Displayed rank is just one step behind because of how LP and the promotion system works. So, your matches will always have displayed ranks that are fairly close. That means that looking at that metric will always give you 'good' results. To really check if the skill level was equal, you'd have to check your games from 3-6 months ago and see where everyone involved ended up being ranked. That would give enough time for the good players to rank up and the poor players to rank down.
Tokishi7 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=AeroWaffle,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=jzrqZWjp,comment-id=00010000000000000000,timestamp=2019-12-10T05:25:17.782+0000) > > You're obligated to the same opportunity that Tyler had if you also find yourself with an ID ban. Doubt it, I don't have thousands of followers, I'm just an average league player without any backing or following. Riot cannot make any gains from a player like you or me. I like T1, but he definitely was given this chance due to his fame. If he would have made this case on the boards, everyone would have downvoted him like normal and said rules are rules, if you're toxic you're going to get banned. Banned perma means perma, you obviously didn't do this first time etc
You're responding incorrectly. The things you're saying don't make sense in the context of this conversation. Do you know what an ID ban is? It's when they ban your accounts as soon as they know that it's you playing. All of the accounts that were banned during T1's ID ban have continued to be banned. None of his accounts were returned to him.
: ***
You shouldn't encourage people to commit wire fraud. It's a felony.
: i am not talking about bad plays i am talking about players playstyle which he shows from game to game
If people play poorly, from game to game, they will have a tendency to lose games, yes? If they don't have that tendency over many games, perhaps their decisions aren't poor compared to the other players of the same rank. Those who lose games, will go down in MMR. If your decisions are better than theirs, you will have a tendency to win games, yes? If you don't have that tendency over many games, perhaps your decisions aren't good compared to the other players of the same rank. If you win games, your MMR will go up.
: Possible ban mistake, and issue with ban ticket
Infractions from old accounts do not factor into the equation, but the formula of toxicity/time that determines when to issue punishments and what punishments to issue really hits hard against low level accounts. There is also speculation that smurf accounts are held to a higher standard than actual new players. Given that, I can understand why they would give an escalated penalty for this chat log to an account of your level. But, I think that it would normally only have been escalated to a 25 game mute or a 14 day ban. Going all the way to permanent is a little out of the ordinary. So, I would make a support ticket to ask if the escalation was intended or a malfunction. https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
: does it take same time if i donf type never. or if i type gg or i like to play metal gear solid etc". I am in control.""Vengeance is only a step behind you."
None of that is punishable, unless you spam it or use a quote you use is unacceptable (like directly saying that you're going to kill someone). Remember, Solid Snake is a fictional character with dialogue that is suited for his role in that world and it's aimed towards other fictional characters. You are a human that is typing to other people. >Unfortunately, killing is one of those things that gets easier the more you do it. This is a good quote, use it when you're really fed. >It’s only when I’m cheating death on the battlefield. The only time I feel truly alive. Good after an escape. >Vengeance is only a step behind you. Good after you _didn't_ escape.
: a honor level
If you don't hit honor 2 in two months, you should reevaluate your chat. Taking longer than that indicates that you're being validly reported enough to be really close to your next punishment.
Banning them during the game would not really be a great choice. First, because that would mean the IFS was working without a report filed. That would hurt 5 man groups that are having fun together. Second, because playing 4v5 isn't fun. So, for the period from when they start flaming till the end of the game, every potential punishment functions exactly the same. Permaban, ID ban, finding their houses and burning their computers; that'd all be functionally the same during the game. Punishments will happen after the game. With that as a basis, we have to decide how to act during that time. I've decided to mute them in my games. There's no reason to listen to them. In effect, you hold the key to stopping their flame instantly. Press TAB to bring up the scoreboard, and there are 3 mute buttons by each portrait. Mute Chat, Mute Pings, and Mute Emotes. Click em. Insulting others is against the rules. Report them after the game.
CyberPhobic (EUNE)
: If your caught Wintrading you should be IP banned
I agree that premeditated actions should carry a harsher penalty. But, the difficulty here is in the detection of the action at all. I'd send in a support ticket.
klin537 (NA)
: it don't work like that; it's 50/50 since you aren't including the fact that you might be the afk (disconnects, crashes). That does happen, and you will lose lp. So it has to be taken into consideration if you're trying to figure out how much afk's affect lp.
> [{quoted}](name=Silent Gravity,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=x4nYXlRJ,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-12-05T03:43:46.802+0000) > > In every game where you don't go AFK
: why does everyone get punished for one afk?
AFKing is a problem. No doubt. The lost LP isn't a problem though. In every game where you don't go AFK there are 9 other players who all have an equal chance of going AFK. 5 of them are on the opposing team and only 4 are on your team. Over a large enough sample size, you will always gain more LP from games with AFK players than you lose (unless you cause people to AFK >25% more than average).
: Why is riot like this
When you 'abuse' a troll, you're not hurting them in the least. You're encouraging them. They want a reaction. That is their only goal. ------------------------------ Don't feed the trolls.
: For example there's a Teemo top vs a Poppy. Teemo has the advantage. Poppy has a Heimdinger mid lane, who will have a much easier time sitting behind his turrets and zoning out Teemo. But People would rather Poppy get clapped in lane then flame/report Poppy for losing to an extremely hard counter. But screw it. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Your team had a Diana mid. Diana, also being melee, can have a rough time against a Teemo. The opponent mid was a Heimerdinger. Heimer is also difficult to lane against as melee.
plz ff (NA)
: Riot's Moderation on Post Regarding League's Toxicity
[Boards Syncing Tool](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/community-moderation/6JI91pva-boards-profile-syncing-tool) Go here to fix your account.
Voluug13 (NA)
: > His kit requires him to be in the middle of the fight, He really doesnt, he can precharge his Q gust on minions/monsters and throw it from range safety for instant engage. To the point he can easily zone out ranged midlaners while laning because he has either a long range or midrange point and click knockup that crits. > and the only defensive items in his usual build is GA and sometimes Bloodthirster. His kit is full of survivability. His itemization is full of strong items with side survivability. He has ways to instantly engage at range, and his kit is pretty much Zed 2.0 when it comes to laning safety and reliability on midlane. > He has a hard time running away from enemies without flash due to the fact that his E requires an enemy minion, jungle monster or enemy champ to use. Unless he is outnumbered he doesnt need to run out, not in midlane where he dominates most match-ups, even against those he is supposedly weak against (like vs Malz). > Due to him being a melee champ, most ranged champs (and some melee champs) have an easy time fighting and poking him during lane. False, Yasuo was designed to go toe to toe with **ADCs and supports**, midlane mages cant do much when their very own minions pose a threat to their safety, all the while Yasuo either free farms and perma-charges his Q for easy zoning (specially since his Q can be a point and click AoE knock-up that crits). Also Yasuo doesnt even have real counterpicks anymore, bulky anti-dive midlaners like Malz have been purposefully nerfworked. Any disadvantage that Yasuo might have are basically negated by the absurd amount of advantages has on midlane, he is just Zed 2.0: Infinity Blade Boogaloo in that respect.
It sounds like you should main Yasuo, and climb until you encounter people who know how to counter him.
: Just to show how inefficient Riot's system is at punishing trolls.
Why did you say that you were going to report him? Just report them after the game. Trolls want people to respond to them. That's their entire goal. That's like being upset about beggars, but handing out a hundred euros to every one you meet.
: i want unban me acc
Letting other people play on your account will also result in a permanent ban.
: What is classified as friendly banter?
If you want to learn about banter, the first step would be looking up the definition. >ban·ter >/ˈban(t)ər/ >noun >noun: banter > > the playful and friendly exchange of teasing remarks. > "there was much singing and good-natured banter" >verb >verb: banter; 3rd person present: banters; past tense: bantered; past participle: bantered; gerund or present participle: bantering > > talk or exchange remarks in a good-humored teasing way. > "the men bantered with the waitresses" If you want to practice banter, I suggest going to a restaurant or other semi-public place, and trying to have an enjoyable conversation. Don't try to make friends. Don't try to get in anyone's pants. Just be friendly and have fun. Just talking about the weather will give you a very strained, forced, boring conversation. Liven it up, tell jokes, tell stories, ask questions. Have fun. There is zero danger of anyone viewing your comments as offensive.
TechMom (NA)
: Reporting
Would you share your chat logs or whatever is displayed on your reform card?
: Friends account banned, need advice
You are allowed to name accounts as long as you aren't shaming them (for example: trying to get them punished). But, in this case it wouldn't be much help. The forums can't do anything for them, only Support can. You can have your friend check their match history, at op.gg or another site, and look for games that they didn't play. If their account was compromised when the action was detected, it's possible for them to get the account back. But, if they loaned their account out to a 'friend', reused an old password, or purchased a boosting service, then they're shit outta luck.
: if I pull up your profile, will I see ANY 0-1X-0 player on your team in the last 30 games you played?
That's a good question. Nope.
: i should add i was in a 5 man so i'm assuming the other team was a 5 man and they 5 man reported me.
There is no difference between 1 report and 9 reports. Was any of your chat in /all? Did any of your group report you? If they 'joke' reported you, then, this is a time to learn that jokes have consequences. If the answer is no for both, you can try making a support ticket and have all the people you were grouped with also create support tickets mentioning your ticket number telling Riot that they were not bothered by your chat. Then, it's possible that they'll reduce your punishment. Not guaranteed.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tP-Ipsat90c& It's likely that your interpretation of 'streaks' as an outside influence stems from an unfamiliarity with the nature of randomness.
: whats mmr? well i guess me asking this its obvious i dont play much, but does this mean i should stay in normal draft mode untill i figure out how to properly do things?
MMR is Match Maker Rating, it's a number that is used to match you with players who contribute approximately the same towards victory. https://na.whatismymmr.com/derpyfush It goes up or down depending on wins and losses. Everyone starts towards the middle.
: source?
At the very very beginning, it was used to help the matchmaker. http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=2358545&page=1#post26957077
SlothMob (NA)
: I put a lot of money and time into this account and it sucks that while I'm on vacation it gets taken away from me, I don't have the money to replace what I bought. I can see what he said while he was playing and it was pretty toxic, but he says that they were also toxic towards him. I just want my account back so I can play with the skins and champions I purchased with my own money.
The person who destroyed your account is responsible for replacing it. Just like if they destroyed your microwave through misuse. /edit A better example would be them breaking your sex toys, because those are clearly not meant to be used by other people, like an account, so there was no onus on you to specifically forbid them to use it. They not only used what they should not have used, they misused it and destroyed it. /End edit Have them give you enough money to purchase every champion and skin you owned.
: > [{quoted}](name=zPOOPz,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=Y7dQVNH7,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-11-26T01:46:16.028+0000) > > You never get notification from LeaveBuster. On another note, LeaveBuster also doesn't required you to report anyone in order to flag an afk. Then why does the report option exist?
The report for AFK is for players that stop playing the game but continue to be connected. They could be sitting in fountain, wandering around the jg, or AFK pushing side lanes while refusing to group, defend objectives, or push objectives. (That last one is not to be confused with having an alternate view on what course of action will win the game, it is for those who are actively not participating.) When reported and detected, the punishment for those forms of AFKing is a 14 day or permanent ban.
: I'm lvl 22 dude, I'm starting another account so I can learn another position when I get autofilled in D2. Why would I talk about the reality in higher elo without playing in it XD. **Edit:** Dude, you play ARAM and bot games. Don't talk when you don't understand the subject discussed. https://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=SILENT+GRAVITY
The rules, that are the same in every game mode, are what's being discussed. I understand that subject. Was there something you would like to learn about the IFS, or the reasoning behind your punishment, or were you just here to vent?
: If the game is legit doomed, sure!
The rules don't change based on what other people are doing. You signed a contract. Other people disregarding their contract by trolling does not invalidate your contract. Other players playing poorly does not invalidate yours.
: Having an issue where i cant see notifications and messages on forums
Do you have an adblock installed? Some are overly aggressive. I had to disable mine to see the report button.
: Oh wow.... yeah no, you should not have been chat restricted then. Normals mean nothing and the guy should have just played the next one. I guess the argument could be made that it doesn't matter if you lose, so let the kid play. But the chat restriction was bull.
The rules are the same in every game mode. > [{quoted}](name=CominTowardsYa,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=oTHGxJOA,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-11-24T00:36:51.405+0000) > > its kind of a higher elo commone practice under the table so you have to keep it on the low. Also, he's not high elo. https://na.whatismymmr.com/HonorTheSuppport
: Trolling? You kidding right? 4 vs 5 and the system doesn't allow us to ff. Meanwhile a 3 vs 1 vote for an early ff would have passed. Opening mid is a way to finish the game quicker so we can move on. In what sense this is considered like trolling? Even the Riot employee didn't mention this was the action that lead to a chat-restriction.
Would you prefer that opening mid be completely acceptable? Let's duo. I'll play mid. Remember. You said it's not trolling.
: Received a 10 games chat-restricted penalty because I say "Open Mid"
Opening mid, being a form of trolling, should earn a 14 day ban. Using chat to encourage others to break the rules is also against the rules and punishable.
: i was reading the last moderation message i got.
If you see a post that you believe violates the rules, hit the report button. That will send it to the moderation queue. The mods don't read every post.
Mr Sa1nt (NA)
: From the ToS: 5.1. Can I troll, flame, threaten or harass people while using the Riot Services? (No. If you do, you might get banned.) and also v. Transmitting or communicating any content which, in the sole and exclusive discretion of Riot Games, is deemed offensive, including language that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, sexually explicit, or racially, ethically, or otherwise objectionable; Streaming, is transmitting and communicating. He is trolling and flaming, while using Riot Services. ToS would like to disagree with you. Why is it better that he can flame to an audience of 40,000, than for him to flame to the in game audience of 9 other people?
The 9 players in game are Riot's customers. The 40,000 are Twitch's customers. If you don't like the content of his stream; don't watch it. I sure don't. If you think the content of his stream violates the TOS of Twitch, feel free to report his stream to them.
: You cannot 'steal cs" as YOU DO NOT OWN MINIONS!
It sounds like you should switch to mid or top. I think you would be happier.
: Losing streak winning streak losing streak winning streak
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tP-Ipsat90c& It's likely that your interpretation of 'streaks' as an outside influence stems from an unfamiliarity with the nature of randomness.
: the player behavior section of the boards are a cesspit
> [{quoted}](name=2kewl4life,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=EK7iRn0g,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-11-16T04:57:28.080+0000) > > typical regular league game. >of course you will be enfuriated >the game itself instigates toxicity >you dont put yourself in their shoes If the game itself instigates toxicity, then we don't have to put ourselves in your shoes. We can view the situation from our own shoes. We play the same game. We encounter the same situations. If you think we don't, then there must be something about your own behavior that is causing such a difference. If there is such a difference, then addressing the issue from our own perspective is again useful.
žid (EUNE)
: Fix the freaking client
You've only had 5 remakes in the last 4 days. That is still a lot. It is a problem. But, exaggeration isn't useful when you're talking to engineers.
: Riot employee please respond...
> [{quoted}](name=Master Griefer,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=zYIGFB5i,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-11-15T20:05:08.742+0000) > > What are you honestly doing about inters, trolls, toxic players that are preventing an enjoyable experience in this game? There are two things they are doing. First, they directly punish those actions. Second, because the people doing those actions are doing it for attention, Riot also punishes those who feed the trolls. >feeders This didn't fit with the other group. To deal with feeders, Riot has implemented an MMR system. People who feed will tend to contribute less towards any given team's chances of winning. That will lead to them losing games, and losing MMR. Then the matchmaking system will put them in games with other players who are at approximately the same skill level. >Why do you punish people who point out trolling, negative gameplay? Because Riot does not like trolls. Removing their motivation decreases incidences of trolling. >feeding Riot punishes pointing out feeding because chat is a tool for helping your team to win the game. Misusing that tool to be a tool annoys their customers. >What will you do to protect players who don't troll or feed from losing LP so they can rank up? Riot has masterfully designed the game so that there are only 4 teammates on your team and there are 5 enemies on the other, so any negative trait that you don't exhibit will effect your opponents 25% more than your team. ------------------------------------------ Goodness, I am snarky today. But, the information is sound. If you have any questions, I'll try to answer them directly, with a minimum of snark.
: One game lost is a ton of negative time for the remainder of the people in your game. You are responsible for managing you time. if you got a lengthier punishment I'm guessing this isnt the first time that this has happened. Just manage your time better. if you only have time for one game safely, then just play one game. its not great but again, it's on you to take responsibility and make the correct decision. If you enter a game and leave 10 minutes in, even if your team surrenders at 15 minutes, thats still 5 minutes for each player at 5v4 which is not a fun experience for your team at the very least, and all nine players at the most. This means that there are is up to 45 minutes of uneven gameplay total because of your poor time management. That doesn't count other consequences (LP loss, etc) that may come of it.
The full 15 minutes are wasted, not just the 5 where the OP was AFK. Then there's also Queue Time, Ban, Pick, and Loading. 20 minute LPQ x 5 games is 100 minutes. Just the 15 minutes x9 is already 135 minutes. That's if the team surrenders asap, and if you ignore all the other invested time. 20x5 is an injustice. It's like stealing 200 dollars and being fined 100 for it.
: New player (about to be former player)
Don't let yourself be berated. Don't let it go on and on. Mute them after the first unhelpful line.
: How Leaving One game Destroyed my week
No matter how aggressively LPQ is given, because it is capped at 20 minutes for 5 games, you will always have wasted more time for other people than you waste for yourself. When you look at how few games you can play, and see that 20 minutes is an imposition, know that you did that exact thing to 9 people. When you get upset about how your time was wasted, know that you wasted more time. Also, this is all because of your actions. Don't 'thank riot'. Blame yourself. This is your fault.
Sekksi (NA)
: Ya I did, I was just really perplexed to see it. Garen v Darius must have been s4 or s5 since that was last time i played. I'm not even using it to abuse low level games and "smurf" (not that a gold player could/should consider themselves a smurf, but still, I'm not about that life). Didn't smack talk anyone... didn't share acct, or give acct. But ya, we'll see. I made a ticket.
According to Krissi2197, GvD happened while honor was active, so it's possible that you were punished then. Your honor would still be at 0 in that case. If the punishment had been a chat restriction, you would have games left on it, but chat restrictions only reduce your honor to 1 (if you are above honor 1). Because you're at 0 honor, that means that the account was 14 day banned. When a ban expires, the reform card is no longer shown upon login.
: Account Got Broken Into then Banned for 3rd party applications
I'd edit that pic to block out your summoner name. It's much easier to gain entry if you know that.
Sekksi (NA)
: Nothing at all. It's an account I haven't touched for years (made it to help darius win the fight vs garen :P), and only relogged into it to earn the free anniversary stuff. Basically I play bot games, and I haven't been toxic with anyone. There would be no reason to report me, nor has there been any indication of anything. I can still type freely in chat. New accounts start at level 2 right?
New accounts do start at level 2. I don't remember the timeline of Garen V Darius, but if it was before honor 2.0 was released, then even a punishment back then wouldn't have dropped your current honor. I suggest creating a [Support Ticket](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new).
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