: What anger/offense? You took from my statement what you wanted to mean. Jumped to conclusion, nothing more.
So what does this mean: "Now I know that "12 year olds" isn't so much of a meme." I'm pretty sure that, anyone over the age of 12, would read it the same say..
: "You misunderstand. Now I know that "12 year olds" isn't so much of a meme." You're putting words in my mouth, Straw Man!
I was simply responding to your statement as it was an open ended comment about people not growing up. If you would like people to understand what you are saying then please clarify it in text that consist of more than 1 or 2 sentences. I am truly sorry that you have anger, and offense, like this towards people that simply respond to your comment placed on a public forum.
: Im 32, i know my friend lets his daughter play coop vs ai with him, and shes like 6 or 7. Sooo... the age range is pretty huge.
My daughter is 18 now and I tried to get her into video games, she just never did lol. She tried some on her phone but only stuck with them for 6 months at tops lol. I joke around saying that I'm a failed dad cause I didn't get her into gaming but she is a smart young woman with a great future ahead so I can't complain lol.
: I’m in my mid 40’s and will continue to game until I can’t physically hold a mouse or controller anymore!
I am 34 and I agree with you 100% lol
: Well that would explain a lot of "never grew up" mentality of players...
This post was not intended for negative comments towards anyone's age ranges of who plays this, or any other, game. There are plenty of us older people that have great stable careers, own our homes and cars, and have a family and raise kids. Instead of us going an playing a round of golf, we play a video game. Instead of us going to a club with our friends, we play a video game with our friends. Just because you play video games doesn't mean you did not grow up nor does age make you a grown up. If someone acts like a child online then, your right, they probably didn't grow up and doesn't have all of the things that I mentioned in the above statement. Well, either they didn't grow up or they are just really drunk gaming because I have seen that too.
: I think you'd be surprised by the actual age numbers if they were to collect them in a large sample. 16-24 has lots of gamers for sure, but I find that gamers **remain** gamers. Those of us who are older millennials born somewhere between 1980 and 1989 grew up with video games in our hands...and we didn't stop. :)
I agree with you. I am a late millennial also. I started out playing The Realm on dialup internet and I still play games to this day. When I state my age in-game I am called "old" but many but I think that has to do with mostly young people being in the pro eSports series (in all games) so it is assumed that gamers are around their age. On the other hand, most of the people that end up on my friends list, in-game, tend to be around my age for some reason... Maybe we just connect better than I would with someone that is 21 or 16 years old, I honestly don't know. I think it would be interesting for RIOT to actually poll the numbers from what they have on the accounts. Maybe it is more of just a "fun fact" to some people that I would find it to be an interesting social study.
: so i get a chat restriction
I have had this happen to me before, on a different account, and I just assumed that they held a record of punishable behavior for x amount of time. I thought nothing of it but if you, and others, feel that the system shouldn't do this then I would suggest open a ticket with the support team. Like I said, I just assumed it held punishable behavior for so long... I never actually looked into if it does or not. Nor did I even submit a ticket to ask if that is the case.
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: From my own experiences I find that most players are 16-24 on average Interesting facts, did you know that the age crime curve is a bell curve similar to the most (guessing) common age demographic for league?
In my experience, in the past several years, is the same that it is 16-24. I got curious because with the growth of eSports and LoL exposure I've noticed a lot of older people playing in the recent 2 years. A lot of military service members in the age of 25-35 play that I know so it got me wondering if it is exclusive to the military community or civilian too.
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