Tegash (NA)
: It Would Be Nice to Have an MR Option for Grievous Wounds
You know what the worst part is? Hi-Rez has already done the answer Riot is looking for with Greivous Wounds. There's an Anti-Heal item for every style - AD, AP / AR, MR The offensive anti-heals are stronger (-45% Healing) while the defensive anti-heals are weaker (-25% Healing) because the defensive are auras.
: Casseopea's using a rune to hit endgame status at minute 10. ~~Anivia's doing the same thing, but with an item: Ludens~~. In this meta, I would love it if you played any one of them and told me "Yeh they're scaling champions with only late-game power" that just happen now to have great early-games and great safety vs. assassins (which is likely what makes them both so popular.)
> [{quoted}](name=Inari Fox Orrion,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=NFs2qiif,comment-id=00000003,timestamp=2020-01-13T20:33:32.191+0000) > > Casseopea's using a rune to hit endgame status at minute 10. Anivia's doing the same thing, but with an item: Ludens. In this meta, I would love it if you played any one of them and told me "Yeh they're scaling champions that just happen now to have great early-games and great safety vs. assassins (which is likely what makes them both so popular.) I'm sorry did you just say Luden's on Anivia lmao https://na.op.gg/champion/anivia/statistics/mid
: Client is still massively broken
My entire friends list has been without summoner icons, without any information, and always showing up offline since like 3 or 4 patches ago. I don't understand how in the world they haven't sorted this out.
: My problem with Vastayas
Honestly they should just choose to make the Vastaya the furries of Runeterra, or choose to make them the Nekos of Runeterra. It does not work thematically or aesthetically to have half of them furries and the other half nekos. Especially with no explanation as to how or why they're like this.
: Champions I never want to see in my games ever again.
My list is small as it's really only for the truly absurd and overloaded champions that make playing against them feel horrible; {{champion:238}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:64}}
: Oh true? I've never actually payed attention to SMITE so I wouldn't know. But you like the idea?
> [{quoted}](name=JL KS,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=8R65Ofnd,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-12-29T11:58:38.196+0000) > > Oh true? I've never actually payed attention to SMITE so I wouldn't know. But you like the idea? Yeah, I play both games and the 1v1 mode is actually really fun.
: New Normals|Ranked|1v1|2v2|MAP
A Ranked 1v1 Mode (Nexus) similar to how Hi-Rez implemented (Duels) in Smite would be fantastic honestly.
: Simple Miss Fortune Tweak (Suggestion)
Take 'Overheal' in the Precision tree and you needn't worry about minions taking it away since they don't affect shielded damage.
HalexUwU (NA)
: Why are draven players so toxic?
Because Draven is the embodiment of Tyler1 as Tyler1 is the embodiment of Draven. Once you main the champion, you can feel the shape shifting occur. Your height will either increase or decrease to 5' and you'll scream "this is what peak male performance looks like."
Kenneky (EUW)
: Did they give Draven high heels? But why tho?
> [{quoted}](name=Kenneky,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=FnQ580JP,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-12-12T19:10:43.256+0000) > > Did they give Draven high heels? But why tho? He's a trap now, stop judging him. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: And the bug that allows you to ward the bottom lane's bush without any risk, just staying nearby the turret and pressing on the big wall to ward the bush.
That isn't actually a bug and can be performed with any large walls by making the distance between the cursor and the ward point shorter on the longer side. Same interaction can happen with Flash.
: > [{quoted}](name=Sir Inugami,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Qe9REkRB,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-12-09T11:21:28.017+0000) > > Y'know, the one Vandiril discovered - it's being used in Ranked. Come on. Lol {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=szMZbAw1kas {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
Lmao, yup. It's being abused more and more as well.
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Aldonall (NA)
: Berserker Axe on Twitch
Berserker trait causes only the basic attack to cone outwards stemming from the target hit, and it does not affect abilities or item splits such as runaans, it will only affect the primary target.
: Why are the AI in set 2 even dumber than the ones in the 1st? Why do Ranged walk up into melee?
I'm positive it's because they added two additional hex rows to the game. It used to be 3 Rows on each side, it's now four on each side. I can almost guarantee that they did not do any additional fixing or coding to include this in the AI which is probably causing it to bug out.
: I find it funny, since you've only played with/against her in Normals, where you play draft, where people outright int and surrender, that this is anything but a 'food critic' post - sensationalized to assert your opinion is the correct one, declarative as to turn arguments into dissention. You don't mention any of Senna's onboard self nerfs at all, show no actual concept of knowledge of her. In fact in 80% of your games, you PERSONALLY ban her.
Evidently you're either looking at the wrong profile or you misread statistics. I do not personally ban Senna, ever. My most common bans are; Zed, Ekko and Kai'sa. I do know that Senna has light self nerfs within her passive such as the critical strike reduction and hard cap on attack speed, but these are literal toe tippers when compared to the rest of what's in her kit. I'm very well aware of everything in Senna's kit as well as I'm aware of ways to play against her in the early stages of the game. If you had really looked at my statistics you'd see that I have an 83.81% winrate against Senna as Miss Fortune. However that doesn't excuse the fact that she is still blatantly overloaded and is the epitome of what's wrong with Riot's balance team when in comparison to their old one. PS; if you want to stoop to the level of trying to comment on my "incompetence", at least get your rank above Silver 2 when you had nearly a thousand games in S9.
eye nut (NA)
: Anyone think that Senna is actually op instead of experiencing the new champion effect?
Senna is blatantly overpowered. It was only slightly diluted when she first released because of the; 'New Champ Effect'. Her win rate was abysmal for the first week, and has quickly shot up as she's learned. She has, fundamentally; the most "we'll eat our own words" kit I've seen from the balance team at Riot HQ in a long time. Her 'Q' is the embodiment of disparity between the current balance team versus the old. {{champion:81}}'s original 'W': Essence Flux was heavily changed and gutted from it's previous iteration because it was considered; "impossible to balance". This was because it did the following to all allies and enemies it passed through respectively; Heal Allies, Damage Enemies | Buff Ally AS, Debuff Enemy AS. {{champion:235}}'s current 'Q'; Heals all allies and damages all enemies within, while also healing herself for every ally healed and granting an MS boost / AA boost to herself. ^That's just the tip of the iceberg. It was evident with Kai'sa, it was evident with Pyke, and it was evident with post-Kayle. The current balance team at Riot is lead by [redacted] that listens to [redacted] on creating overloaded Champions with kits that sell. Income has become Riot's primary balance function.
Sillae (NA)
: Guess I get to be that guy Kindred's the name of Lamb and Wolf together. Lamb is the female, Wolf is the male. So, Kindred is a they. Seriously though I'd love a new Kindred skin, but there are champ out there even more destitute.
Lamb is basically Kindred in her current iteration which is why everyone calls them; "her". Wolf is not prominent, and is nothing more than a feint particle effect while Lamb has a massive cult following behind her *cough* furries *cough*
: Are tank junglers done?
They're not in a great spot because their clear speeds aren't great and nearly no tank has the ability to pressure/take Dragon early on. Add on to the fact that tanks overall are not great in low ELO due to needing a team to follow up with them and help them with counters. Overall the Jungle changes, while originally with good intentions; only ended up setting Tank & Scalers even further behind the curve. There's no sense in playing the like of Rammus, Sejuani, Maokai or Kindred, Udyr, Rengar when you can play Kayn, Lee Sin, Warwick and Olaf. They clear faster, they have better ganks, they have the ability to take Dragon at Lv.3 (except for Kayn.)
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: Caitlyn's W is overpowered with CC botlane.
Jinx does the same thing my friend. Lay down a Jinx trap at the feet of anyone CC'd and it's basically a free kill.
zed08 (NA)
: Most HATED Champion
{{champion:238}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:238}} I apparently banned him in 72.8% of my ranked games in Season 8 and 81.3% of my ranked games in Season 9. I will never enjoy this champion, I will never enjoy fighting against him. He's simply not a fun champion to play against.
Cräfty (EUW)
: Summoners comps are problematic and this is my suggestion on how to balance them.
I'm in agreement with you as are many others. The only reason Summoners aren't currently talked about more is 1.) Olaf and 2.) They're a late game comp. IMO these are the two changes Riot should make to keep them viable but not overpowered as they currently are; * Summons no longer have Health and are no longer targetable, changed to Duration. * Summons now die when the Summoner dies. * Summoners Trait changed to Damage +25%/+50% from Health +50%/+100%.
: Summoners are not problematic, they suck to play against, but they aren't overpowered. Malzahar is the only one who is a problem, but his power does not lie in how strong his Voidlings are. His power lies in his ability to fuck with the aggro and targeting of your units, once he starts spawning voidlings the game becomes 50/50 whether your units will just start focusing the voidlings or their actual units. It is so frustrating seeing 3 of your units ganging up on 2 Voidlings while their team reams you for free. There needs to be serious changes to how targeting AI works in TFT when there are a bunch of Summons on the field. Its too inconsistent, Malzahar feels so bad to play against.
Malz is far from the only problem and they are problematic. Malzahar with Mage Cap + Mages = broken Annie with Mage Cap + Mages = broken **Zyra** with Mage Cap + Mages = broken Even without the mage cap they become obscene in the late game and are only counterable currently by two things; Brand/Ocean/Mage or Olaf/Glacial/Berserker. Death Blade **could** work but Sivir is all it works on against Summoners and Sivir is REALLY bad - like worst 3-Cost and worst Ranged by far. I fully expect that once Olaf's nerfs come as they will, that Summoners will be the next hot OP thing.
: i feel like all of the people commenting in favor of the support item changes arent support players
Both Support and Jungle are left feeling significantly weaker by the changes. While Riot had good intentions with the changes on both fields, it didn't go as they saw on paper. In no circumstance should the Support role be generating between ~2,000-3,000 less gold by the end of a game on average compared to pre-patch... nor should the Jungler be Level 5 when the SLs are 7 (or 6 when 8/9).
Porglit (NA)
: Bronze Veig 1-shotting gold Tibbers??
Good. At least there's counters to Summoners, because right now they're broken as hell and the only reason they aren't talked about is Olaf. IMO Summons should NOT be targetable enemies on the board similar to how Zyra and Azir's summons work. When you can get a comp going that just spams summons left and right it becomes a totally one sided victory dance for that player because enemy champions won't ever target your champion - just their endless summons.
Wulfran (NA)
: [Gameplay] Warwick Ult whifs when cast towards a player who is flashing.
My dear friend; this has been a noted Warwick bug with his ultimate since shortly after his Rework, and it's not just with {{summoner:4}}. **ANY** *Blink* ability will stop Warwick's ult mid-leap 100% of the time. If you use Warwick's Ult on, let's say the enemy support and the enemy Ezreal uses his Blink - it will completely stop your ult mid-flight. This as well as a few other breaking bugs with Warwick's abilities have been present since his rework, and nothing has been done to fix them which might suggest that they are neigh unfixable, unfortunately.
Rαy (EUW)
: Strongly disliking the tint coming with Dragon map changes
Ocean has the only tolerable tint because it barely changes from the natural tint SR has. Infernal and Mountain are horrendous. Severe Red and orange/yellowish tints are just straight up eyesores and the flames/dust going around the map is VERY distracting. I keep thinking abilities are going off on occasion.
Pyrosan (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=HommeGoujon,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=r1oBe1F8,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-11-22T17:09:30.415+0000) > > Once you get the toggle tho, it sounds pretty easy to trigger it. If you can actually touch anyone, Urgot's W shoots 3 times per 1 second so you just have to hit E then hold W on them for 3 seconds Sounds very easy doesn't it {{sticker:sg-janna}} You know despite Urgot's main damage being in his passive legs and usually when playing Urgot you have a very minimal window of engage if at all so you have to force your legs around them once you've E'd them so by the time Conqueror comes up you've already wasted your main damage source and they're able to get away
Actually, no. Abilities that can hit multiple times in one activation will either give one Conqueror stack or zero. Sivir's Ricochet, Anivia's Ult, etc. give zero stacks.
: So it basically all other "Ranged " top laners able to easily proc Conquer while Urgot can't
{{champion:15}} suffers a very similar problem. Since her Ricochet bounces to multiple targets, it won't proc Conqueror stacks at all (not even on the first target hit) and makes the rune basically trash on her since the *healing* part also doesn't proc on it.
Sedonis (NA)
: XP balance is unreal this patch
Oh it's pretty crazy. Played a Custom match with 9 friends in a little skirmish when the Patch launched (played ASol mid) and when I roamed bot I realized that when I was Lv.11 (Rank 2 Ult) the enemy bot lane and my bot lane were 6/7. Junglers were Lv.9. Lol
: Another shit patch, another shit reset, well done Riot!
1st Place Player: {{champion:2}} + {{item:3124}}{{item:3072}} 2nd Place Player: {{champion:2}} + {{item:3124}}{{item:3094}} 3rd Place Player: {{champion:2}} + {{item:3124}}{{item:3124}} Yeah, I'm really liking Set 2. It feels so much more diverse in terms of champion powerhouses, comps and overall end game viability.
Shmeeve (NA)
: So by all accounts Olaf is the new Draven of tft?
*ahem* Guinsoos x2 + RFC = 600 Range Olaf (and with the Berserker fix, the Cleave passive now procs from the enemy hit.)
NY64 (NA)
: Wow TFT got improved so much.
Set 2 is probably more unbalanced than Set 1 was. Yes, Draven, Jinx and ASol were problem champions despite all their nerfs and continued to be. Now, to replace them you have the Olaf Glacial + Berserker for AoE perma-team stuns. Olaf's healing isn't the problem. Throw a Guinsoos or two on him with a couple berserkers and you'll see the hilarity ensue. You have the Summoners as a whole archetype that are insanely overpowered late game because of how Summons work. You also have Brand. Get 6 Mages + 2 Oceans with a Brand and GG to everyone else that doesn't run Olaf.
: For real, remove glacial.
Glacial needs to be reworked, I entirely agree. I think what it should be changed to is; Glacial Champions have a chance to slow enemy attack speeds. * 20% * 35% * 50% Summoners also need to be reworked. They're entirely game-breaking if they can make it to mid/late game and have only two counters -- Olaf and Sivir+Deathblade. I think Summoners should be reworked to; * Minions Health removed and changed to untargetable(think Zyra & Azir). Health is replaced with Duration. * If the Summoner of a minion dies, the minions respectively die. * Trait Bonus changed from +50%/100% Health to +35%/+70% Damage.
: Yea hadn't thought about it, but they did remove Ohmwrecker just because it was a meme item. But they replace it with a meme rune soooo..... :/
It's just yet another contradictory set of statements from Riot. Zz'Rot and Ohmwrecker removed because they're niche and only used in meme games -- and like you said; they go and add a rune that's the exact same as them essentially.
: Gotta love how hard Riot contradicts themselves all in the same post...
Oh they didn't just contradict themselves with the Jungle. Items, too. Remember when Deathfire Grasp, Youmuu's Ghostblade, Force of Nature were removed or reworked (reworked in the case of Youmuu's) because the stats they gave were just too good that anyone built them of a certain class. Sanguine Blade. Because every Bruiser, Juggernaut, Fighter and Assassin needs to now be a split pusher and nearly unkillable without 2+ people. Have you tried building {{champion:86}} with a {{item:3181}} yet? Yeah. Do {{item:3078}} + {{item:3181}}. Gg.
Dolfro (EUNE)
: Strategy gameplay is constantly decline in our game and that's a bad sign.
Strategy as a whole has been in decline. It's largely due to the increasing smaller attention spans of younger audiences and the prominence of eSports around FPS/TPS games. Strategy based board games such as Risk, Chess, Stratego and more have seen _drastic_ sale drops compared to other shorter ones. Real-Time Strategy games such as StarCraft, Age of Empires and the like saw a massive and rapid decline in playerbase due to the aforementioned attention span reason. Fact of the matter is that for the foreseeable future; strategy has no mainstream appeal in games. People are not willing to put in the time needed to learn them, and prefer the instant gratification of kills, plays and flashy lights. League's champion playrates are key pieces of evidence for this. League's top three most played champions - Kai'sa, Yasuo and Lee Sin - are overloaded, simplistic and have-it-all type champions who reward their players with incredible kit-to-item synergies and easy-to-use skills. League's top three least played champions - Aurelion Sol, Anivia, Ivern - are unique and complex champions who reward their players with incredible tenacity and time spent learning all the facets of their kits as well as their strengths and weaknesses.
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XeptionaL (EUW)
: Elemental Drake visual tint
I don't like the tint to the screen in any of it's variations, I feel like they're genuinely too distracting and some of them can make certain abilities harder to see especially with some skins. Played with a Kha'z one game on a Mountain map (using Guardian of the Sands skin) and his W was basically invisible. I'm hoping that an Option can be added to toggle the visual effects on/off. I know there are some whom like the effects, but there are also a majority that don't.
BestGmers (EUNE)
: Because if you have friends you can literally farm it?
You can farm ARAMs in a similar style with friends as well. Even if individuals went through the trouble of amassing 8 friends for a game of TFT it would still take a minimum of ~15-20 minutes to complete.
BigIdea (NA)
: Can someone explain what makes the highlighted team so strong?
It's his three stars. He has some synergy; Ocean, Mage, Inferno and Warden but the latter two are meh. Currently in this Set certain Tier 3 Champions are stronger than having compositions through the early/mid stages of the game. Namely; Vladimir, Zyra, Diana, Ezreal, Nasus and Qiyana.
Cräfty (EUW)
: Summoned units need a number and/or HP nerf and Berserker's cone attack needs a nerf on its range.
Azir and Annie are balanced summoners in my opinion. Azir's minions aren't targetable and have limited range and Annie only summons one. Now Zyra, Malz and Yorick on the other hand... IMO the way to properly balance Yorick is to make his Spell cast-able only once per round. They also need to fix the bug where he can bless Tibbers and Void Spawn to spawn Mist Ghouls. Malzahar needs the same treatment as Annie - only gain mana once his Spawn are dead... if you throw a Seraphs & Spear on Malzahar he will literally fill the entire board with Void Spawn and there is no way to counter it at all. I think the Berserker Cone is fine because it's severely reduced damage, but Olaf needs to be changed so that his Cone doesn't proc Glacial - same with Volibear.
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: Over 30 minutes in Que for Gold ranked.
No one is really playing ranked right now. It's already the end of the season, there's nothing to gain from it.
: Alright no, Mage Conqueror test is over
Meanwhile my girl {{champion:15}}'s [W] - Ricochet doesn't proc Conqueror on any of it's bounces or it's primary attack.
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: Her starting range needs to go down to 525 or 550, personally i say 525 (she woudlnt be weak enough at 550) because just like tristana, shes supposed to be weak early game for her infinite scaling. Its absurd that she has ashe range at lvl 1 as a supposed infinite scaling champ, its like if they made veigar or nasus a lane bully, it would be stupid as hell.
500. Every other champion that gains range stacking on either an ability or passive (Kindred, Kog, Twitch) have 500 base Range to compensate. No clue why Senna was treated with 600.
: Senna simply does way too much poke damage
Oh I'm full with you, even if I think Senna is a bit on the weak side. Let's look at this objectively {{champion:203}} _**Gains +75 Range at 4 Stacks and +25 more every 3 after that, and starts with a base Attack Range of 500.**_ {{champion:96}} Gains +100-210 Range for 8 Seconds, starts with a base Attack Range of 500. {{champion:29}} Gains +300 Range for 4 Seconds, starts with a base Attack Range of 500. {{champion:235}} ... 600. Despite having an infinitely scaling Attack Range and despite it being ten times easier to farm than Kindred's -- her base Attack Range is 600. I think it's because Riot doesn't set bench marks. They don't care much about counterplay. One could argue that Senna needs that base range because she stands still for 0.5s whenever she autoattacks -- but she's already compensated for that by gaining a large burst of MS after attacking something.
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