: Problem with this is is that people who aren't near-levelling up will just give up and be toxic since they can't be arsed to hold back that long. Edit: Which dumbass is downvoting everyone for no reason?
i was also able to have an account with the name "REPORT no homo" for SIX months before i was made to change it.
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: ***
it would have been on this account. i went through the ban stages because i frustrated at teamates not procing relic sheild for me on jinx. and they got more mad at me trying to tell them to proc the relic sheild. and then they report me (i dont report people cause thats stupid ) i have another account still apart of the community right? but this account was unlawfully appropriated from me and its not fair :).
: Problem with this is is that people who aren't near-levelling up will just give up and be toxic since they can't be arsed to hold back that long. Edit: Which dumbass is downvoting everyone for no reason?
i leveled up 2 account 2 lvl 30 (one is lvl 158 i belkive) i think its not me. just a bad time in my life and controling system. very harsh. to perma ban me for 'toxicity' im sure those people had some things to say to me ass well :) all well im going to be playing fortnite and guitar if i dont see change in riot.
: I don't really care about honor tbh. Do people care about honor?
i did before you could only honor one person. honor is in game actions not calling someone a moron on the rift. look at people griefing and down voting. i dont think people get saying something and doing somehting are two different types of honor and nobility
: Yeah, screaming "YOU'RE TRASH KID" in all chat and "F you, kaisa", and "U SUCK", "SO BAD", "Report ___ players" is pretty fucking toxic man. Also, REALLY not the thread to be stuffing this into people's faces on. If you actually read, the Player Behavior boards would be a place to make a thread next time Reform and maybe you'll get another chance, but you have a long way to go.
is pretty fucking toxic man. nice.. man. said the f word. youre permabanned and i respond to you and not mute lol so fucking selfish humanity
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: Hello! This happened to me too.. I literally jungle CARRIED my team 12-1-10 or something ridiculous and typed at the end "God bot lane was fuckin heavy" and was banned for "Toxic player" by my own team (they were a group) no matter what I said to the dumb administrators they said that if someone gets offended they must punish so.. w/e new sissy generation.. I was banned 14 days and told that any other complain even a "GG EZ" would be a perma acc ban. So I served my dumb 14 day sentence on an acc I've spent hundreds of dollars on, then got back on playin and "/mute all" from first second of the game and played like that. It's been nearly 6 months and I barely made it back to "honor 2" ranking. I've dared talk here and there now more often but I simply got used to not typing at all now and honestly don't even look at the chat anymore, just forgot it even exist, it's made the game much more enjoyable since 90% of the community is straight up mouth vomit. I talked to an administrator later and he said "if after enough games your account makes it back to good honor standing, further reports would reset" I asked specifically what "good standing" means and he just said "we would look at your trend and how many games since the last time you were reported".. so I would assume honor 3 and 200-300 games with no reports and party appreciation would reset you. It's been about that much for me and now I'm getting honor rewards again. I've said a couple things since too, like "AP Lee is trash that's why your 0-11" and not been instantly crucified so I think I'm probably safe again. My advice to you is to serve the 14 days and simply /mute all from now on every game norm/rank/aram/etc from spawn and just play. Honestly my game also got better, forget everyone and put music on the side, that's how leagues is suppose to be played, with no chat or human community interaction. Good Luck! PS. Also forgot to mention, your next "Toxic Chat" report would be a perma ban until you reset like I explained, BUT this DOESN'T apply to other reports such as: AFK/FEEDER you can feed all day but say nothing in chat and you wont get banned on "toxic" your punishment scale for that offense is different from the chat offense. I know cause the administrator also told me that when I asked if any report at all would count and he said "No, only chat reports".
I believe my account was sabotaged by riot. please read my chat logs.... are we really going to accept riots actual abuse to its community and totalitarian control?
: Hey Kiwistealer, i have the exact same problem but my account was created a week ago ~, and i have plenty of champions. My friends that has a even newer account could join. My "Clubs" tab is grayed out aswell.. Could you help perhaps?
aRE you or were you at honor lvl zero? i am having the same problem but im thinking it might be from my chat restriction


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