: Crit Item Explorations Part 2
I really dislike the IE and PD changes. The shard buff is very welcome because the item itself was so horribly gold-inefficient; same with the last whisper change. I think those 2 item updates are very nice and should be implemented. I really don't like the IE changes. Not having the tank-shredding aspect (true damage) in it anymore forces ADCs to burn an item slot on last whisper instead of another defensive option; it makes them even harder to function versus tanks and assassins alike. The only benefit this IE change does is help ADCs win off of RNG sometimes in the early game or be a tiny bit more bursty (not even that much compared to true damage because it's only 225% now). It also actually puts a really hard cap on their lategame. In regards to the item changes, I don't think it'll feel very good for a lot of people. It'll feel really bad if you lose to a lucian who dashes into you and crits twice in a row with 20% crit chance from essence reaver; that just isn't fair given how snowbally this game can be, and you can lose the game literally off of a diceroll. For champs like caitlyn, jinx, and jhin, I can easily see stormrazor -> IE -> RFC becoming the go-to build. This also isn't really fun for anyone to interact with; no one wants to play against a champ with only 2 items (stormrazor being relatively cheap) getting a point-and-click crit for over 200% damage then running away with fleet + storm movespeed. It also falls into the same problem as what I described with lucian and ER: you can get undeserved wins/snowballing with a 25% crit chance highroll. This doesn't represent skill well at all. I can legitimately expect caitlyn and maybe even jhin to go mid after these changes and the AP item nerfs since they are far less susceptible to burst and have decent ways of managing the waves such as waveclear, and can easily bully the opponent with the stormrazor + IE combo. I don't think these changes are sustainable through different meta cycles and riot will probably have to look over the items again in the future and change them; I think the current iterations are actually fine because in all honesty, most of the super low win-rate ADCs are either there because their skillcap is extremely high (caitlyn who has a lot more depth to her than she seems, or kalista for a more straightforward example), the champ itself just needs buffing, or the games currently are too short for some of the super lategame ADCs to take over (Tristana, also caitlyn if you go the 100% crit chance build). I feel the proposed changes won't make any parties happy.
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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: July 11
Recently I have been very pleased with the direction Riot has been taking the game, with the aim to add more diversity to champ options in bottom lane. I always think people being encouraged to explore new options is both healthy for the game, its community, and fun for the players. This is an opinion of mine, but I don't think gold funneling should be addressed so quickly and with the self-admitted band-aid fix you are currently putting out. I think that riot should try and let more of a metagame develop, and let players shape the meta themselves. Most of the time, something seemingly OP comes out due to a patch that riot releases, and then players are quick to jump on the "oh my god, this is broken" train without spending the time to try and find a counter. It took many people a very long time to find out that tabis, for example, was a great counter to early lethality rush (or just early armor items in general). I believe there are lots of ways to counter gold funneling that isn't just "be a gold funnel user yourself"; people just haven't put the time in to find new ways to deal with it. And then people will find counters to the counters, and then counters to those counters, and thus a metagame develops. What I have found in the riot patch cycle is that before people can find counters, very fast patches to nerf what seems to be OP are released, even if it isn't actually that broken. What this actually leads to is a ton of "sleeper OP picks" that fly under the radar simply because the playerbase doesn't make a ton of noise about them, and some of these actually are ones that provide lots of balance issues that aren't addressed until much later (like taric). My point is, I feel that with many patches riot forces a new meta rather than letting it develop naturally. It takes out a lot of room for players to experiment with stuff they like and settle in, and devolves champ variety and playstyles in a lot of ways. I would like to see how the game's meta would pan out if riot gave a lot more time for the playerbase to determine the meta rather than be "forced" into one. I know this isn't popular with a lot of the players but I personally think it would be a lot healthier for the game and lead to more interesting developments in the metagame and in LCS. This includes gold funneling too, and I don't think the proposed fix is a good idea. I feel that if you give the playerbase time to find a way to deal with it, they will find several different outlets to counter it. What are your thoughts on this? I am really curious as to riot's philosophy on how metagames should form/develop. I apologize for the disorganized post because it has kinda been a very condensed stream of thoughts over the past couple years I've had.
: @Riot: Grave's AA animation
I saw this too, and so did a teammate of mine apparently. Could give pretty much anybody epilepsy if they were exposed to it enough. Happened to me in the last 5 minutes or so of my game but I pray to god this doesn't happen early in the game to anyone else.
: Kindred is kind of a letdown kit-wise
I feel the same way. I actually really hate its E. It looks like a lot of artificial creativity slapped on and really looks more like a skill for a laner than a jungler. It slows the target for 1 second and does 5% of their max health in bonus damage on the third proc aside from a flat amount as well, with a large CD that's over 10 seconds. In the jungle this translates into basically nothing. During ganks, all it becomes is a short CC and a bit of bonus damage. It can't even be considered a tank shredding skill because the percentage is not high enough and the CD is way too long for it to be used that often. I really don't like the idea that riot just slapped this skill onto a champ that's supposed to be in the jungle but it's the most straightforward thing ever. There's literally no timing required at all on this beyond very simple common sense. You just activate it and it makes your life easier. It doesn't even have the kind of timing that some gapclosers can rely on during ganks (using your gapcloser to get in faster vs. saving it for after flash/escape, etc...). On the bright side (maybe?) I think kindred could do really well top as a kind of ranged bully. Fairly low mana costs in Q and W. Melee champs (especially the tankier ones) will at least feel a bit of extra hurt from her e, and they will be easier to get them stuck in your W's ranged zone. Despite the fact that you do end up losing benefits from your passive, if you're a ranged bully and pushing kind of champion I was thinking that you might as well roam to scuttle and maybe even the enemy's jungle if you think you can handle it after you push hard. The really low base movespeed can make you really vulnerable to ganks though, but your ult can save you from towerdives if your opponent gets far ahead enough to be able to dive you consistently.
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: Rewards for positive play
There actually is no reason not to be positive, especially in ranked. At the very least, to not be negative, since flaming other people just gets them distracted and angry, which makes them play worse. I try and always be positive in ranked because it just makes a nicer environment and in many cases the switch from a pessimistic to an optimistic mentality has turned losing games around.


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