: PSA: Do not join Damage INC
Interesting, what game do/did you play? I am in Damage Inc now. There is a initiation process which simply is filling out a short application form and waiting to be accepted (usually takes an hour or two). There are no tryouts, even if you want to get on a specific team. Damage Inc is a community that simply wants to have fun and help the gaming community grow. Not only are the members active, but the leadership should be on most of all. Damage Inc is also a community that doesn't ask for any money or donations and is known for being the strongest of the gaming communities. Most ask for money or have corrupted systems and rankings. If you reported whoever you had contact with before you left, they might have gotten punished for it. Recruiters really try to get people to join due to certain circumstances.... (TeamSpeak) ... so they don't want to treat anyone poorly, especially like you say you were. Sorry for the bad experience. Something must have happened in the situation.
: Don't troll
I became more skilled now, there is a way to balance out jungle and counter jungle and objectives to make their jungle obsolete.
Shiorre (NA)
> [{quoted}](name=Shiorre,realm=NA,application-id=9YQRQ2V4,discussion-id=YIipkZac,comment-id=0001000000000000,timestamp=2018-11-18T18:58:27.992+0000) > > HURR... DURRR... YOU'RE TOXIC... THIS IS A SCAM... DURRR.... Like I said before, while it might sound like a scam, no one will ever ask you for anything. The community is friendly and is always ready to help you.
Shiorre (NA)
> [{quoted}](name=Shiorre,realm=NA,application-id=9YQRQ2V4,discussion-id=YIipkZac,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-11-18T18:55:13.714+0000) > > THAT LOOKS LIKE A LOT OF WORK... HURR... DURR The work that needs to be done isn't for everyone sometimes. It isn't much, but the work you do put in gives much more reward in return.
: Damage Inc Community
If you don't feel like filling out the application, here is a filled out one you can use. You do have to fill out 1b, 4a, and 4b Once you do that and have an account, put it here: https://di.community/forum/7-initiate-applications/?do=add 1 a) What game are you applying for?: League of Legends b) In-Game Information: (Name/Rank/Level/Experience, World/Server/Region) 2 ) Which Initiate program are you applying for, Regular or Elite?: Regular 3 ) Who invited you to join Damage Inc; where did you learn about us? SlandersPete, League of Legends Boards 4 a.) Do you have a Steam Account? If so, post a link to your profile. ~~DO NOT LEAVE BLANK~~ b.) Have you ever received a VAC ban? if so, why? 5 ) Idling in our Teamspeak (ts.dmg-inc.com) is required whilst you are online. Will you be able to abide by this?: Yes 6 ) Why do you wish to join Damage Incorporated? Explain specifically what made you decide to apply: To play league with other people and possibly join a team 7 ) Are you currently in any other clans or teams? ~~DO NOT LEAVE BLANK~~ No 8 ) Do you acknowledge that you will be an Initiate for 4-5 weeks, that you must be 13 years or older and that you must achieve all requirements for full membership depending on the program you are entering?: Yes 9 a.) Is this your first time applying for DI Initiation? ~~DO NOT LEAVE BLANK~~ Yes b.) If No, when and why did you leave before? Leave blank if not applicable to you. N/A c.) If you were removed from DI (or left) for any reason, why should we accept you back? (at least 2 lines of text required) Leave blank if not applicable to you. N/A
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: Don't troll
I don't understand what you are trying to convey. I main jungle. From what I understand, if I was in this situation: The jungler is probably stronger than me, so I don't cross the river to prevent being called out alone. If I spot a winnable fight or gank, I take it. Top lane is probably feeding. Helping the winning bot lane push goes into our win condition rather than help top try to fight them off and feed them even more, playing into their win condition. It is not trolling, it is strategy and common sense. You have no power in this realm!
: Help please
Use your support item for warding as well as your standard wards. Ward the river bush next to your lane, the tri-brush, and sometimes in farther places like near mid lane and over the wall where the explosion cone is so the jungler is spotted trying to jump into river. Generally, just keep vision up where you or the jungler might need it. One of the most important things for junglers is being able to track the other jungler and not get spotted themselves. If you remove enemy trinkets and ward where it is needed, you can help the jungler. The jungler will then help you hopefully with ganks.
: League is dead
You know you had to BUY rune pages once right?
RuFiot (EUW)
: When Yasuo asks you for a gank the second time
When your top lane asks for ganks all game despite being overextended and you being on the other side of the map.
: i guess its your farm
> [{quoted}](name=im not your sis,realm=NA,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=P1I47PlU,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-10-26T16:15:16.975+0000) > > i guess its your farm The general goal is to have about 7 farm every minute. I can't see how long that game was, but assume it was a 30 minute game. 7 * 30 = 210. At the minimum in that game, you should have the same amount of farm as Cho (155).
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: Can someone explain what "inting Sion" is?
Take Sion. Build Titanic and Steracks. Use the Tower Breaking rune. Attack towers relentlessly in ALL lanes all the time. Don't focus on kills, only towers since objectives are worth more than kills. Take towers, Inhibs, Nexus, Win. Or get banned in champ select by me.
: Its called im too bad to play a champion that requires higher micro management and mechanics so I just pick sion with the rune that breaks turrets , build titanic and steraks and 1 vs 1 everybody even when im 0-20 and just rush every turret in the game.
> [{quoted}](name=Dönäld Trump,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=2rbvUZmf,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-10-24T12:45:52.789+0000) > > Its called im too bad to play a champion that requires higher micro management and mechanics so I just pick sion with the rune that breaks turrets , build titanic and steraks and 1 vs 1 everybody even when im 0-20 and just rush every turret in the game. This is why I banned you in champ select.
: A question about editing game files.
I changed my minimap size to 200%/100% in the files. That is a perfectly reasonable and legal thing to do according to RIOT. I don't dare touch anything I don't know for 110% sure is safe to touch without getting permabanned for "scripting." If someone here says it is ok, I would do more research on it. Good thing to do is ask RIOT Support if more particles/effects/color increase is legal or not. If you don't take caution, you might step on a permaban landmine.
: "We recognize damage is too high in league and we are working to fix it" -riot games
: Tbh that's a much better name. "Splitpush Sion" doesn't quite encompass it, and "inting Sion" gives people the wrong idea. "Reckless Charge Sion", however, not only is a cool-sounding name, but properly encompasses the idea without giving the wrong image of it. Would +1 more if I could.
> [{quoted}](name=DuskDaUmbreon,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=2rbvUZmf,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-10-24T12:26:55.959+0000) > > Tbh that's a much better name. > > "Splitpush Sion" doesn't quite encompass it, and "inting Sion" gives people the wrong idea. "Reckless Charge Sion", however, not only is a cool-sounding name, but properly encompasses the idea without giving the wrong image of it. Yeah, it's a cool name, but the problem is that it is cool. We don't want to see Sion in game against us. I went against Inting Sion once in ranked and said nope, hes getting banned every game.
: > [{quoted}](name=SlandersPete,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=bO68EGn7,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-10-23T19:18:41.896+0000) > > Nah m8, give the neglected champs skins. > {{champion:427}} {{champion:136}} {{champion:9}} Aurelion Sol got a skin this year. Fiddlesticks has a robot skin on the PBE that was announced today.
What about IvErN??!? Where is ma dudes skin?
ilyvm (NA)
: twitch skin
Nah m8, give the neglected champs skins. {{champion:427}} {{champion:136}} {{champion:9}}
leng (NA)
: Why do I always get shit teammates?
I have the same problem you have. I have a 60% win rate (might rise due to dropping Gragas since I lose a lot with him), but my teams are crap in Silver IV. I want to get Gold right now. I can hard carry, but there will be a bad player that holds my climb back like a ball and chain. I focus right now of KDA and team support more. I used to get 20/10/10 KDA, now I got 5/2/20 KDA. Focused on Ammumu and Jax. I need to pick up a 3rd champ.
Cheehee (EUNE)
: Ivern skin pretty please
I agree, he needs rework and buffs and a new skin, just not a edgy skin like Lava Ivern or something. Definitely something that matches his personality.
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: A New Idea!
I like the idea. Get RIOT to hire you.
ChokeMee (OCE)
Sounds... interesting.... but you first need to rework Ivern to be better. If you know how to play him like a god, you can do ok in game, but he needs the rework 1st.
: Adding(marking) favorite champions in the collection
They should match the champ select to the collection when it comes to how they set it up. Another annoying difference is how they made the collection say Tank, Mage, Assassin, etc. but in the champ select, its Jungle, Mid, Top, Bot, Support.
Strings (EUNE)
: the climb system
Right now, LP is based solely on if you destroy the nexus or not. Season 9 will be based more on skill, so it will be better hopefully.
dute9 (EUW)
: Can we get a new jax look.
I was told his lore hints to him being a Shurima Troll. I do agree, he is butt ugly with his purple blanket monster design and hair ploom. I play God Staff Jax because it looks epic and I am worthy of it. If you listen to Jax story linked below, it sounds kinda gross too how he is designed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wU1RZJMtHCk&t=497s
Rexxiee (NA)
: Can we nerf lucian already?
Just ban Lucian when you play. I have seen plenty of scary ADC picks though. A good player can delete Lucian with any character they feel. {{champion:22}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:7}} I fear these characters if played well.
: Has anyone trolled in your champ select?
I main jungle. Everything I do wrong or right gets me yelled at. I no longer use chat, I made a Vow of Silence when playing ranked and drafts because people are tilting. It isn't trolling per say even though I would call it that a few months ago because I was stupid. One of the following happens in every game: -ADC and Supp feed the other laners and argue with each other and give up. -Top lane demands I camp them or they will feed and cost the game. Top should be able to play a game without getting a friendly gank in laning phase. -Mid feeds and complains that they can't deal with the massive camping happening. Part of my job as a Jungle (main) is to feed my lanes. People get really mad at me when I don't gank them to get them out from falling behind. When you fall behind, I can't help you because you will drag me behind with you. It plays right into the enemy team's strengths. Instead, I work to feed to other two lanes. Call it trolling all you want, but when we win and everyone but you has a good KDA, I call that strategy.
: If i have the right op.gg, it looks like you are level 31 and unranked. is this you : http://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=Breezy+Boyy ?
> [{quoted}](name=SoulNibbler,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=cctxgsAo,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-10-21T01:12:39.515+0000) > > If i have the right op.gg, it looks like you are level 31 and unranked. is this you : http://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=Breezy+Boyy ? If so, then they are good on Nami, but need to stop playing Janna and Lux ASAP.
mkiller5 (NA)
: ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ C9 TAKE MY ENERGY!!! ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
: I have a great connection. 100/mbs with only me and my daughter on it. At most 3 devices going during game. My lap top is only 3 months old and plays everything else from tomb raider to civilization just fine. My computer is up to date on OS and drivers. So software from riot is my problem.
Yeah, I just saw two other reports of client crashes in ranked over today (10/20/18).
: Man, I Was Fucking Stupid When I First Started Playing
Yeah, you don't deserve Bronze (or Iron). You deserve Silver II, so that is where you are at. You play off-meta, and don't really care to keep in meta playing only your favorite 2-3 champs depending on how you feel. And when the other ADC gets two measly kills, you give up. That is your entire problem, you even said it yourself! You need to change a few things to climb into Gold/Plat/Diamond. To me, it sounds like you can really do it, you just hold yourself back. There is -101% reason to feel guilty about playing meta to climb Elo. Literally everyone does it. Off-Meta favorites only = Wearing a 50 Pound Vest to hold yourself down. Take it off, play something meta, I am certain you will enjoy yourself more. If you fail with one character, you play another! In a FPS, I am bad with Rifles, but can destroy with fast sub machine guns and heavy weapons and shotguns. Why would I play with a bad one? I love the shotguns, but there are times when I need to use a sub machine gun or a heavy weapon, and so I do! Why play Lulu if she sucks now? Play Alistar!!! He is god tier stronk!!! You might even like playing him more! **_(Jungle Main)_** I thought Ammumu was stupid and never played him. I played Tahm Kench and Xin Zhao only. Now I play Ammumu and Jax Jungle. They are meta and I love playing them. They help me climb elo, not make me suffer and hate the game. The game is a team game too. You must rely on yourself, but also your team. Especially in your role. You must feed your ADC and kill their ADC, ignore their tank and go for the kill if you can. (Not if you will die though.) If you have a bad KDA, aim to make it better! Say you have a decent KDA: (I dunno, like uh) 4/8/12. yeah, sure. Try to make it better! Try to make it something like this I guess: 5/2/20. (That is my Jungle KDA goal.) Just try to get that as an average in your games. And keep this mindset: Objective, Kill Assist, Kill Secure. Objective: If you can kill or take objective, always take objective. Kill/Gold lead can help, but in the end, the goal is objectives and the Nexus. Kill Assist: Help the ADC (or others) kill the opponents. The more kills they have, the more gold they have and the more fed they are. Kill Secure: If you feel that the ADC (or whoever) won't kill the enemy, go for the kill yourself. It is fine to take some kills and get yourself up in gold rather than let them escape. Just don't die trying.
: Tired of crashing!!!
If you have a proper computer, good software, and good connection, you should be good. You got a problem that is not client side.
: Differing opinions and toxicity
> [{quoted}](name=Brightheart,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=fhyERwny,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-10-21T00:07:50.657+0000) > **_Rude comments will be ignored._** Screw you, buddy. Nah jk. Yeah, the community is toxic, I can't add much to what you said due to that summing it up. Dunno what rank you are, but everyone in Silver and lower tend to be kids and stuff. The general population doesn't know what restraint is. There are three options when it comes to chat in general: 1. Be toxic af and get banned. Standard stuff. Even negative attitude gets people banned nowadays. 2. Say only nice things. If you try to be positive, you **_might_** make your team stop arguing and cooperate. If you can't control yourself though, you can tilt too, even from your own self. This also seems to do nothing for honor if you are looking to get more honor. 3. My personal favorite. The Silent Oath. When I play, I don't use chat except for two things: Start of game: "GLHF" Or if the team beats me to it: "You can't tell me what to do." (Reference Drake and Josh) End of game: "GG" Or "GJ" Do not talk in Pre/Post Chat either. There is no use for them. I think the higher tiers generally get the idea and use 2.3 (Like a scale) where they only chat when they have time to type and when they have positive commentary or a joke to tilt the other team.
cleuvrin (NA)
: it saids that can't start the match because the different of the rank
Its probably because you are in Gold II and they are in Silver I. That is a massive difference. If they made Gold V, they might be able to play with you. Or you could just troll and drop ranks to match him.
: Players in ranked
What rank are you? If you play in Silver or lower ranks, you might have games with various players. Some people go into ranked because they are: -Bored -Trolling -Trying to rank climb elo (Ragers) -Have fun -Duo In higher ranks, you see less of the above and more of the serious players that know what they are doing. Keep playing ranked and do your best to help, whatever role you are. It is good to rely on others to win, but you need to be confident you can handle yourself.
Laura ß (NA)
: Worlds is boring AF with only 20 champions used every single game
That is what happens some seasons. It's called a bottleneck when there are only so many viable champs to chose from.
: i am having a lot of bad games i dont know what do i do?
If you lose twice in a row in ranked, go to drafts and keep playing there. How are your scores? Are you getting lots of kills and not using the lead you have to aid your team? Are you overextending in your area and or feeding? Try to find what you are doing wrong and change what you do to fix it, even if it might be something you always do. Habits can lead to repeated failure.
: Ivern's Smite and Passive are Buggy
I play Ivern and never had that problem. Smite problems might be you missing keys, you might have high ping, or other problems. As for camps, make sure you click the large monsters. You can't click a small chicken, only the big one. Only the two headed wolf, not the singulars. Also make sure you have both mana and health. First clear can't be done without a health pot because he would die taming camps.
: toxicity isnt the reason why you lose games
The first step to becoming good is knowing yourself that you can improve. If you can't see your failures and mistakes, then you have no hope.
ItayUra (EUNE)
: Suggestion - Notify when game starts
Reported for AFK. I don't care that you had to do your laundry. No you can't have a sandwhich!
Fidis (EUNE)
: can you tell me how to win while having good score cause everytime i have good score i lose
What role are you? If you Jungle or Support, you should try to get assists and help your lanes win. If you are a laner and win lane, you then do something wrong to throw game. You need to learn how to split-push the other lanes to victory. This is the hardest part of LOL gameplay and where most people quit. This is your biggest wall. You need to learn how to get an early lead and use that lead to win your own lane and help the others win their lane. I am pushing my way through that wall now. It takes time. Might take you a month, or two years. Good luck and have fun.
: Can we buff Wukong's Jungle interaction already?
I like you. You should work for Riot and make this happen.
: Rift Herald and Trinkets
Pink Wards are a thing, also only Bronze deploys Rift in bushes accidentally. Lots of higher ranked players deploy Rift in the bushes next to lane to keep channel from being interrupted.
Zerenza (NA)
: Inting Sion Strategy.
1. Don't kill Sion, just hold your lane. No Sion death = No problem. 2. Report Sion = banned Inting player = Better game for everyone.
: How do I win mid lane as melee against ranged?
1. Learn how to control the minion wave. There are plenty of tutorials out there for both ranged and melee in all lanes. 2. Hold minion wave in a good spot. Ex. Right outside of your turret range. Just be defensive and hold the lane. It may seem bad, but you just keeping your lane secure and not dying rather than pushing does the whole team so much more than you possibly winning your own lane. Once your team has another lane won or jungle control, they will help you more and you will start winning lane. Stay calm and have fun.
: 10 Ban Mode!
10 bans is what happens now. 5 on one team, 5 on the other. Sometimes you get overlap like 2 nasus bans or teemo bans. Makes no difference.
: Perma banned in 1 game. Was this really ban worthy?
"You talk too much" -Riddick No but seriously, if you can't think of anything positive to say, don't say anything. I personally made myself do a "Vow of Silence" when it comes to playing ranked and only talk small talk or positively in drafts. What I saw that seemed bad/ Infractions: DangerousLee: i carry every game DangerousLee: right now we got one good player mid DangerousLee: and u cant group DangerousLee: press alt delete DangerousLee: why didnt u type DangerousLee: ctrl alt and esc DangerousLee: i meant DangerousLee: close the box out common sense DangerousLee: u and graves if u wanna torll please surr DangerousLee: we would of won ages ago DangerousLee: u kept afk farming while they gank right next to u DangerousLee: trash jg DangerousLee: no counter ganks or ganks all game DangerousLee: steal their red more thatll help DangerousLee: tahm and me would of carried easily if u ganked DangerousLee: a team> DangerousLee: wow DangerousLee: too late buddy DangerousLee: learn to end games sooner DangerousLee: try grouping DangerousLee: with 5 DangerousLee: bro GROUP DangerousLee: every silver game DangerousLee: gotta beg for group DangerousLee: its sooo sad DangerousLee: why would u do baron without pink or tank DangerousLee: and u SEE THEM on top lane DangerousLee: waiting DangerousLee: how many times i gotta say that in silvert DangerousLee: i cant even shop DangerousLee: caus eu die that fast DangerousLee: focuses urgot DangerousLee: instead of ulting mid to save tower and triple DangerousLee: but wants me to ult lock ppl Trust me bro, I am Silver IV: No one knows what macro is and what communication is. All you can do is be better than them and push through.
You should also put: - Your time table. EST, CST, etc. - Your Server: EU, US, etc. -Your availability: Afternoons only on weekends and Tuesdays. (Example, not mine.) -Your role(s): Main Top, Second Bot, Dodge Mid.
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