iiGazeii (NA)
: Yeah, no. Basic research would have told you exactly what it meant, and contextual clues should have told you at the very least that it was a negative, hurtful phrase. Submit a ticket if you genuinely think you have a case, but the forums have no sway over how they judge you. Riot shouldn't go out of their way to teach people what all the hurtful things people say actually mean because it would not only give hurtful people more phrases to use, but it also wouldn't help anybody feel better about what is said. The cases where someone "accidentally" says something hurtful because they don't know what they're saying are so few and far between that I'm more inclined to believe you're trying to get sympathy and avoid getting banned by acting ignorant. The acronym in question is not uncommon. It's been a part of internet lingo for years. "Keep yourself sane" is not.
Like I have said this is not a discussion to whether or not I should be unbanned, however I also do not think the point of discussion is to sway any judgement made towards the support tickets. I have a hard time identifying things and through my own definition Keep Yourself Sane was the only logical definition that came to my mind. The point of this discussion to understand why people act this way, and also how to avoid trends for players like me.
CIayman (NA)
: ***
I do not believe I should be unbanned from Riot's point of view. However by posting chat logs in defense to my status in-game should be upheld by putting into a support ticket. If no one wants to read my post, then it is up to them. Your behavior and comment towards this discussions are reasons why we have these guidelines. Please be civil when you delve into these issues.
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Lyte (NA)
: Introducing the new LeaverBuster system!
Leavebuster should only punish people who are interrupting on a regular basis (once or more per day over the courses of 3 days, not twice and the person is banned), and not to those who have been victimized from other parties that they could not control . Plus there are so many factors that could contribute to the result of a player to disconnect i.e. power outage on certain areas, internet providers that break down (cough, comcast), or even on occasions where Riot servers and netcode do not respond to players. It seems unfair for people who cannot control when or what time their game disconnects yet they receive the equal punishment if they leave, even though i agree afks are a major disappointment in games, but giving the same treatment as a person who griefs and rages to someone who have been following the rules ever since but had some complications in my opinion one of the most outrageous systems out there. This is basically killing some innocent people in a crowd made to kill a bunch of criminals. The innocents should NEVER be punished.


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