Herethicc (EUW)
: Wait, so the music was from ekko? If i play the skin in the next season will it keep the music or is just for this event?
No clue, but it's what Riot was focusing on rather than optimizing their monkey ass game.
Lifeat0 (NA)
: Game freezing
Yeah this is an issue Riot is sitting on their own thumbs with. They'd sooner be pandering to some crybaby about "refunding True Damage Ekko cause you couldn't mute his music" than actually fixing their game.
Zardo (NA)
: It was an aram and the player has like mastery 1 on yasuo, I'm not sure I'd call them a "yasuo player"
That just makes his whining even worse.
: What are you supposed to do against a malph support?
Stomp him before 6. How do you not figure this out on your own? Are you Iron 4? Do you just let other supports with good level 6's just get there without a single issue and whine about those too when they slap you for having a worse level 6 and not punishing THEIR bad pre-6???
: I mean...self awareness is a nice thing to have.
Yasuo players and self awareness don't go in the same sentence.
: this shit is killing the game for me
Yasuo player hates Blitzcrank for being actually impactful as a single champion But true to all other Yasuo players he wants to 1v5 ez Penta Ironic.
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