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: Probably just a tooltip bug
> [{quoted}](name=DarkenedAuras,realm=NA,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=GVnirvEY,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-04-06T04:43:36.088+0000) > > Probably just a tooltip bug This is the case. Tested in practice tool. The tool tip shows no bonus being gained from AP but the damage still goes up normally.
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: Chicago Connection Clinic Megathread [Closed]
Just want to pop in and let you know that stopping the peering with Shaw upped my ping from 62 to 85 ;-; Definitely not better :/
: Random 4-win IP boost?
I also got one when I logged in today but have no clue what it's from.
: The meaning of life is R... oh wait you said other than. Uh... I dunno, to be the best person you can be I guess? Or soup. One of those.
The meaning of life is to be the best soup you can be? I must consider....
: Updated Patch Notes layout. Thoughts?
Would be nice if the Related Content section at the top right didn't make for a huge empty space down the entire side of the patch notes, although that's also an issue with the general layout of the new site (like how almost half this thread is empty grey space for me because of my monitor size).
: gifting other summoners
The reason you can't gift IP is so that people don't just IP farm and then attempt to sell it.
: Arcade Sivir
I'd suggest checking out PAX Sivir :P
: Mystery Gifting Request
From Riots product manager Saberprivateer: "Don't worry, the giving spirit will be back in time for Snowdown! For now, we wanted to give players an opportunity to treat themselves to a Mystery Skin." So don't sweat it, it will be back soon.
: Also, all of her damaging abilities proc spell vamp for some reason, wtf? As far as I can tell, {{champion:25}} Black Shield will negate all of her abilities so maybe the answer is as simple as an E from a certain Fallen Angel?
The shield will block the CC from Riven sure, but you're still taking the damage regardless. Remember that it's a spell shield which only blocks magic damage, not physical.
: Is this a Caitlyn Bug: Killed by her ult after recall completes.
If the shot fires before the recall animation is done, the projectile still fires, regardless of distance. So no, it's working as intended.
: Changed up the visual design of our sales posts. What do you think?
One thing that's kind of annoying for me (I'm at work atm so the monitor is fairly small) is clicking the art to open the splash makes the artwork expand the page past my viewing area, and just clicking the background doesn't remove the image, so I have to manually scroll over the bottom right of the image and click the X everytime I look at a full splash.
: Riven Ruins Games
I completely agree. In all honesty she is one of the most broken champions at the moment and to me is one fo the worst examples at the moment of poor counter play. Obviously the skill of the player affects the games, but as soon as you know her abilities, she's one of the easiest top lanes to snowball. She is able to play way to safely because of her E giving her a good escape and shield and her passive applies lifesteal for some reason so as soon as she has any lifesteal she can just sustain. Personally I'd like to see her abilities changed so that if she's slowed they don't move her as far and change her passive to not apply lifesteal. The amount damage she can give out early, while high, wouldn't be nearly as bad if she wasn't able to just walk away from almost any encounter (she has rediculously high base move speed considering all of her abilities can be used for movement).
Blaze20 (NA)
: Yes show the backlog. Also i think its kind of pointless to have the chat log say all the summoners have joined the room. whats the point of that because you can clearly see if they joined or not. And if there is some off chance that someone did not connect then it would just kick you back to the queue. Unless you are really fast you cant even see the summoners name to then add them to your ignore list if you wanted.
Actually the icon showing someone isn't connected doesn't update properly in champion select so it can be unreliable. And a backlog isn't necessary, just disable the chat until everyone has connected.
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