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: The score was already decided after 20 vs 40
> [{quoted}](name=xDogMeatx,realm=NA,application-id=EBBIvmVK,discussion-id=Lxh9EjG6,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-11-26T03:12:00.711+0000) > > The score was already decided after 20 vs 40 Worth noting that when laning phase was over it was like 15 to 12 in blues favor, so it wasn't exactly like he just got buried under his team's feed. He started 6/2 and finished 10/12 while I started 1/3/1 and finished 12/6/28 and got an S-. Even so though, if you flash your Mastery that much you better be ready to carry or get roasted.
: What a waste for such solid mechanics to be on a mastery spammer/ragequitter.
> [{quoted}](name=Cronofuge,realm=NA,application-id=EBBIvmVK,discussion-id=Lxh9EjG6,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-11-26T08:32:25.479+0000) > > What a waste for such solid mechanics to be on a mastery spammer/ragequitter. Yeah I can't really deny that he knew how to play Jhin, but I knew anyone who was THAT proud of every good move he made was gonna be easily tilted lol. He started 6/2/2 and finished 10/12/4
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VIadimir (NA)
: How do I stop being toxic
I have come very close to a permaban myself and when I get mad at someone or someone starts flaming me, make use of your mute button. It's very hard to argue with nobody. Also just remember according to 2 things called the "Egocentric Bias" and the "Dunning-Kruger Effect" an argument will almost always end with both sides being more sure that they are right than ever before. Both of these phenomenons are natural and instinctual, and almost everyone but the most level headed and intelligent people will be belligerent in response. This video will explain very nicely the concepts I'm explaining, and hopefully, if you understand these things it will make it easier to react accordingly.
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: your kinda late bro 5 year old vid
> [{quoted}](name=CasterGilgamesh,realm=NA,application-id=EBBIvmVK,discussion-id=1mAJ51JT,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-11-08T20:59:46.567+0000) > > your kinda late bro > > 5 year old vid God Damn it lol I thought I was original
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Sirlimps (NA)
: meanwhile i'm still stuck in s1... probably cuz i play off meta champs but i mean *siiiiiiiiiigh*
> [{quoted}](name=Sirlimps,realm=NA,application-id=EBBIvmVK,discussion-id=klv9XLNI,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-09-08T03:51:38.908+0000) > > meanwhile i'm still stuck in s1... probably cuz i play off meta champs but i mean *siiiiiiiiiigh* Possibly, the way i climbed really easy was i stoppped playing what i wanted to play and started playing what the team needed. Do we have a tank? If not, no sona or lux or morg. Do we have a tank, but low cc? No sona again, but morg, lux, thresh, leo is available. Do we have a rounded team, or a team with alot of heals? Ok, now i can play sona. That is why in the climb you see me on adc, and multiple other champs besides sona, because that is what i decided our team needed. 90 percent of the time, being decent on champ you could really use on your team is far more useful to winning than playing someone who you are really good at just because of your comfort with the champ.
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: Everybody should get the same amount of items.
I just commented something about this, if you kill the camp you should get the same amount of items as everyone else who does. The RNG for items should be what items you get, not how many for doing the same thing as someone else and get 0 while they get 4 on the first wave.
Jaxi (NA)
: TFT Item Drop Suggestion
I was going to make a post for this, but my idea is that you still have to kill the monster to get items, but everyone gets the same number of items per camp. I'm fine with the RNG of what items I get, just kinda shitty when someone gets 4 items of the first wave, and 3 others get no items at all. Also, I wish we could combine items before you put them on your champ, and switch items around from champs without selling the champ.
: That's a difference tho, if you look at champs that aren't flashy not over busted with numbers, you'll see low play rates. I took for Diamond according to U.GG: A-Sol: 55% win rate, 1% pick rate. Taliyah mid: 52.31% win rate, 1.3% pick rate Donger: 54.77% win rate, 0.7% pick rate According to your "nobody plays him thus he needs a rework", Donger would need a rework before A-Sol. Stop thinking that everything needs to be flashy and played by everyone. Most people just fun him boring, but he's not bad, his win rate is quite absurd.
All 3 of those champs do need a rework, they are shovelware champs. If nobody plays them, there's a reason....
: > [{quoted}](name=Sona Cant Mid,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=0sQywX1a,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2019-06-18T19:50:11.335+0000) > > My problem with everyone who said "there's tons of champs, if you don't like him then don't play him" is, A. That's a waste of money and resources as I said before, and B. Why have so many champs if 1/4th of them are like Soll? He's shovelware of a champ, another tally to increase their library of overall champs. Your problem is that if you don't like the champion that is more than enough of a reason to want him changed. You don't like him? Then don't play him. Other people like him. What you think is irrelevant. You don't get to decide what is "fun" or what a respectable pickrate is. There will always be a champion that is insanely popular and those who aren't. You can rework him, just means that someone is going to take his place and is assuming that a rework would even get people to play him.
I don't have to decide what is "fun" or "an acceptable pick rate" because he has been unanimously decided not fun by 99 percent of the playerbase, and if you don't think less than 1 percent pick rate is an unacceptable champ, then I don't really have any reason to discuss anything with you because you're either being contentious to prove your "point", or you're really dumb.
: EDIT: I misread, so this is a Kat complaint thread. I thought it was about Poppy. Kat can be easily countered by simply using a hard CC at her when she ults, which basically just destroys her. This includes, but not limited to, using Poppy's E OR R on her when she channels ulti. So you wouldn't have to worry about Kat's dash, since she wouldn't be doing anything if you're Poppy anyway. Not to mention given that Kat has a pretty rocky early to mid game due to her high set up time (that is also telegraphed) and the fact she is basically a non-champion before getting her Hextech Gunblade, as long as you keep her in check she becomes instantly irrelevant for the game.
A good Katarina dissent let herself get CCd because she has a blink on 0 CD though. Lots of hypercarry champs are destroyed by hard CC (Jax,Yi, Annie, ect), but don't have a no CD blink, resets, and no Mana. Old Kat could use that blink bc she had little outplay potential, now she has ALL the outplay potential, so that blink being a blink seems like overkill
: > [{quoted}](name=WarmSpaceRide,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=0sQywX1a,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-06-18T09:49:28.846+0000) > > I don't think there's anything wrong with his kit, he's just very seldomly played because he's a very niche pick. His play style is incredibly awkward for most beginners but he is perfectly capable of climbing the ranks for those who master him. OP also conveniently left out how ASol has the highest WR in the game according to OP.GG. He's a niche champ with dedicated mains because he is niche and also hard to play. His kit can function though if you're good which is proven by the fact that he has almost a 56% WR.
Highest win rate with .58 percent pick, that means the numbers are skewered compared to other champs, and of course he wins when half of a percent of people pick him, nobody knows how to play against him because he's not a champ.
: Instead of Ryze's 6th rework, can we get a rework for Aurelion????
My problem with everyone who said "there's tons of champs, if you don't like him then don't play him" is, A. That's a waste of money and resources as I said before, and B. Why have so many champs if 1/4th of them are like Soll? He's shovelware of a champ, another tally to increase their library of overall champs.
Flaithet (NA)
: Riot, you're a child
I CANNOT possibly {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} imagine why you were punished....
: Any Good reason why Poppy's w stops everything except Katarinas dash???????
I understand everyone's comments, as to why she doesnt get cc'd by these things, but my real question is why is this a good, healthy, idea with her resets and lack of using mana. Shouldnt that be enough? Couldnt it be a dash instead of a blink and still be a good champ thats not so god damn annoying to play against?
deathgod5 (EUW)
: Because Ryze was problematic and aurelion really isn't. The Ryze rework that was currently changed had the problem that it was really op in pro play and underpowered in normal play and if played optimally, also terrible to play against. Aurelion is fine according to the players that play him and not problematic overall. They even explained why ryze was reworked in set patch notes:
The problem is that Riot spend presumably thousands of dollars and waited YEARS to make this champ, and then less than 1 percent of people play him. Thats a terrible waste of resources and money, and indicitave of poorly designed champ, even if his kit technically "works".
: I don't think there's anything wrong with his kit, he's just very seldomly played because he's a very niche pick. His play style is incredibly awkward for most beginners but he is perfectly capable of climbing the ranks for those who master him.
There's clearly something very wrong with him if his pick rate across all elo's is .58 percent. His kit might "work", but that doesnt make it a fun or engaging kit.
: Hey, how about fuck off, if you don't play that champ. As player of 1% pickrate champ, the last thing I want is Riot touching my champ. Ryze was/is broken, that's reason to rework, Asol is hard, that's not.
Hey, how about you learn that Riot doesnt make champs for people to play him less than 1 percent of the time, thats a terrible waste of resources and money; and watch who you're talking to son. The only reason im not your father is because your raggedy mom couldnt break a $20, so show me some respect.
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: Can mmr from summoners rift PLEASE translate in twisted treeline.
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rujitra (NA)
: So... here's the legality of it. Keep in mind IANAL (I am not a lawyer, not "i anal"). You own, well, **you**. And Riot, being the creator of League and the owner of multiple computer servers, has said that **you** have the *credentials* to access the "Sona Cant Mid" section of their servers (be this a game in progress, account history, access to skins, etc). Thus, *you*, the person, have been *credentialed* to access such part of the server. Riot is the one that determines who is credentialed or not. Riot has said that instead of having to utilize some long, convoluted method to prove your identity anytime you wish to access the parts of the server you are credentialed to access, you can just utilize a username and password. As part of your agreement that permits you to use a username and password in lieu of proving you have been credentialed, you agree that you will not let anyone else utilize your "credentials" (i.e. the username and password). You signed a legally binding contract, in which you said you would not knowingly let anyone other than you (the credentialed human being) utilize the credentials that Riot has permitted you to use. Now, this is all based on a **contract** that you willingly signed. Contracts are not laws - however, when you sign a contract, it generally becomes binding in a civil sense. As such, it is not "illegal" to sell or give away your credentials, but you are in breach of a contract which you signed. The outcomes of this could be very similar to an illegal act - you could be taken to court (or arbitration) by Riot for both damages and punitive awards, other companies may find out and be leery to "credential" you in the future (i.e. give you privileged access), and you may be subject to a court order prohibiting you from accessing Riot services in the future. TLDR: No, it's not illegal. Yes, it's still against the contract you signed, and as such you can be held accountable with various damages and punitive awards. **** To address your other point, you aren't licensing a copy of the game so to speak. Online games are different than, say, the PC games of the 2000s. The PC games of the 2000s, while they still generally came on CDs, also came with a "license". This is what permitted you to install it on multiple computers (usually), but limited the number of computers and number of people who could share the software. So, you ended up buying a license that just so happened to come with a physical copy of the software. In today's day and age, you generally aren't buying a license to software. Software downloads are cheap - and in fact you can download the software (the installer package) without ever signing a contract with Riot Games. However, the software does not do you any good - just as the Runescape Launcher doesn't do jack shit for you without an account. When you create an account on a game nowadays, that is when you are getting the "license" - but it's not a license because it doesn't entitle you to any further software - it entitles you to access certain parts of the Riot Games servers (namely those associated with your personal account). As such, it's not a "license" that you're getting but a set of "credentials" that you can use - and Riot is "credentialling" you to access the parts of the server associated with your credentials. Sorry to go into semantics, but it's a very particular topic in the legal world from the cases I've read/researched. #AGAIN: IANAL (I am not a lawyer) and this cannot be construed to be providing any sort of legal advice, nor does it establish any legal relationship. This is merely my understanding and opinions as another human being.
Thanks, informative and detailed response!
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TrulyBland (EUNE)
: Assuming you're not talking about forum bans: I never heard of anybody being punished for saying lewd things, so I doubt linking to something lewd would result in a punishment. Generally Riot doesn't seem to care too much about things that are "sexually offensive" outside of summoner names. I wouldn't bet my account on it, though. Linking to a ZT word as a means of circumventing the automated detection probably warrants punishment though, as it's still clearly against the spirit of the rules. That said, precisely because it circumvents automated detection I wouldn't exactly hold my breath, since that means it will require a manual review which are relatively rare.
thats about what i figured, someone had a macro in my lobby that link spammed me to something delightfully intellegent called "The F****ot Song", and i dodged before even getting into the game so there was no chance to report, but was curious if I did play it and report if there would be consequences.
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: {{item:3071}} {{item:3046}} {{item:3156}} {{item:3139}} {{item:3813}} And you have a support. Idk why you play the squishiest class in the game, probably over extend or aren't patient enough in fights. You need to practice the ADC role more. If an AD assassin kills you and your support does nothing because you're in an elo where that happens, then you should find a duo or play the AD assassin because you'll find more success in your elo that way
Im silver, so im guessing my positioning isnt always good. When my positioning is bad, thats when im fine with rengar 1 shotting me, because i was out of place and that was his opening. But when I'm in the back of the team where im supposed to be, or in the middle and rengar just cucks me before i can react when I'm where i should be, thats frustrating. Also, I like how you just assumed my positioning is garbage tho, and that I haven't been playing adc for 5 years and probably have hit my celling on them, must just need to practice some more.
: > [{quoted}](name=Sona Cant Mid,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=0sPXANpl,comment-id=00090000,timestamp=2019-05-13T06:14:17.179+0000) > > half of the supports arent tanks tho I didn't imply that Tanks needed to be Support. Most "Tank" Supports are absolutely trash at soaking damage if they are the only front line you have. I DID say "Shield Supports". There was a time when Shield Supports were strong enough to negate a LOT of assassin damage. Now, Assassins blow you up through shields anyway. When I mentioned Tanks, I wasn't suggesting Tank Supports. I was suggesting Tanks period. Especially Top Lane Tanks. Currently, they are useless in lane and don't survive long enough outside of lane to be viable. Especially if the enemy team has a Vayne that can kill you in 6 or less auto attacks despite having a 800+ armor and 4k+ Health Malphite. ADC's don't need defensive options or you make Fighters irrelevant. In a traditional ideal scenario, the ADC's primary job is to kill the enemy tanks faster than the enemy ADC kills your tanks. Enchanter Supports do their best to keep the ADC alive, Assassins look for angles/opportunities to delete them, the Tanks will soak as much damage as possible while disengaging to try to peel for the ADC, and Control Mages will try to zone enemies way from being able to effectively deal damage. ^^^ This is more like the balance you will want. ADC > Tank Tank > Assassin Assassin > ADC If we include control mages? Control Mage in a controlled siege or anti siege.... Control Mage > ADC Control Mage > Assassin Tank > Control Mage Control Mage when not protected by turret or team..... ADC > Control Mage Assassin > Control Mage Tank > Control Mage I had to leave out Fighters for the time being because I am not feeling well and typing is difficult.
It's like i said in the OP, i dont think adc's should have a "fuck off assassin" item that just completely counters them, as their main job is to blow apart a squishy. I do think i should have more options when i hear rengar's ult than run to my turret and pray that he jumps on someone else. Its more of a problem with certain assassins than others, mostly the ones that go invis {{champion:28}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:29}} because nothing feels more frustrating than being 4 and 0 and having rengar ult and 1 shot you in the middle of your team, then roar to break the cc and run away, or kha to jump on you while completely unseen and then jump away. Its not a good feeling game. Tanks have counters too, but they have room to play against them because most counters for tanks are cc. The counter for an adc is "hey im rengar with a 40 second cd on my ult, and you're dead now". Control mages have cc to stop them even though they are squishy so theres an outplay potential. Tanks are tanks and arent countered by assassins. ADC's counterplay is "oh please flay this fuck off me thresh".
: > [{quoted}](name=Sona Cant Mid,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=0sPXANpl,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2019-05-13T04:57:35.424+0000) > > knights vow isnt an adc item tho, and you cant tell your support shit most of the time so... it would be better imo if there was an antiburst item for adc's like zhonyas or a barrier item thats not that weak ass pd shield. phantom dancer and its a team game. if ur support is ap, your top/jungler should build it for you. just ask later
right except you're Diamond 2. You are using logic for diamond games. In diamond, you might as well be playing Overwatch its such a different game from silver. Im level 7 on mf, but as soon as the {{champion:131}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:141}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:555}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:238}} locks i have to go grab the lube because i have no options for them when playing MF, Jhin, or Xayah, which are my main adcs. You even quoted me saying "weak ass pd shield", then say pd. ITS GARBAGE AND DOESNT STOP SHIT.
: Have you tried Bloodthirster, Death's Dance, Tabi/Merc's, or Mercurial Scimitar?
these things are all sustain items that people are pointing out, bloodthirster helps late game, but the lifesteal doesnt stop kha, rengar, zed, ect from just jumping on you and blowing you apart before you can even fire a single shot.
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