: Isn't there any Game that provides a permanent Urflike Mode?.... i'll develop it myself.. Billions of BR and Moba but no Moba with an Urflike? :<
Actually, I found out a few days ago, if you hit the Training Mode to practice your "skills" you can set parameters to 100% CD reduction and infinite mana pool. Only part that sucks is you can only play solo against 1 bot. :( If I could add 5 bots OR invite someone to 1v1 that would be totally worth it to hold me over until URF comes back.
: This thread will probably get deleted, but yes, the vast majority wants URF to be permanent. The reason it doesn't happen, is because it is currently used as a super effective marketing tool. They bring it out, in order to bring all of the old players back, who are sick of mindlessly last hitting minions, and counting massive cooldowns. Once that initial swell in the playerbase caps out, they cycle it out, and try to funnel all of those players back into SR. They want players on SR, because of the esport appeal. Then, after all of those players end up quitting again (it's an old, tired game, with identical mechanics to what it had a decade ago, so of course old players are sick of it), Rito just pulls out URF again, and attracts the old players back. The thing that URF proves, is that players greatly prefer low CD's, a fast pace, and far more action. You get huge momentum swings on URF, and the action is nonstop, so it's just an insanely fun mode. It's also (by far) the most played mode in the game, when they allow us the option. For some reason, they are completely unwilling to just follow the URF model, and make a competitive version of the game, that is action packed, and fast paced. It's baffling, because people are quitting League, but they won't support the only mode that actually brings people back to it. Think about this, LoL was the most played video game in the entire world, for years, and it's only available on PC. That's incredible. Now, that isn't the case, and it's losing its playerbase steadily. The logical thing to do, would be to actually fine tune, and balance URF. Quit with the random champion crap. And give it support and love. Make it a fully supported mode. But I honestly don't think that'll happen. LoL will probably just continue its cheap marketing gimmicks, attempting to bleed the playerbase dry, and die off into obscurity. It would be really cool if they'd actually listen to the playerbase though.
I'm not sure sure about the funneling of players back into SR. I think the data shows that when URF comes in, they get the surge. Then when they take it away, they LOSE MORE OVERALL players than before release URF. I can attest to that because I am one of those players who came back and is now no longer playing until it returns! :)
Raw (NA)
: To the people who voted NO,I get it URF isn't for everyone but go out of your way to voted no on a game mode that you could've simply choose not to play is pretty sad, you're the type of motherfuckers who hate having options in life.
Yeah! I think it should be two options that say "YES" or "Dont Care, I don't play it" -- NO is way too negative and sends the wrong message I think.
Snachy (EUW)
: Only reason why I still come back to this game from time to time is to play URF when it's on since it's fun as hell. Felt sad when I logged in and it was no longer there, went for a normal game, and jesus christ it's so bloody slow. After the fast pace of URF the normal game feels like an unbelievable bore fest. Time to forget about this game till the next round of URF comes along, no idea why they don't make it a perma mode, that's about the only fun for me this game has left.
"Unbelievable bore fest" -- couldn't have said it better my man! I know we all grew up in normal games...but like jesus christ, URF is just way more fun. Lol.
: Also - I picked up a few more champs because of ARURF -- you don't have to make a 45 minute decision that you don't like a champ and you get to know their mechanics pretty quickly. I got sivir, ziggs, a skin for Karma, and jayce because I got them in random and realized they work with my play style -- I would NEVER take a risk like that in Rift - pple screaming at you, play bots and again having to learn all the mana manipulation instead of learning the champ - PLEASE BRING BACK ARURF! <3 :)
Good points and same here! Thanks to ARURF I was forced to play champs that I would never play and it wasn't all that bad!! Sometimes it sucked and sometimes it worked out! I'm cool with that!
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: > [{quoted}](name=pvpAZRA,realm=NA,application-id=GgNYATV4,discussion-id=ndmnmuNV,comment-id=0037,timestamp=2019-04-04T08:33:57.627+0000) > > Long cooldowns suck. > > Prove me wrong. Can't, because you're not wrong.
I tried playing ARAM yesterday. My flash was on 3-4minute cooldown? My QWE were all over 5 seconds...like what? how am I supposed to do anything with that?
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: > [{quoted}](name=gragaaaaaaaas,realm=NA,application-id=GgNYATV4,discussion-id=ndmnmuNV,comment-id=002a,timestamp=2019-04-03T21:53:05.459+0000) > > I think another overlooked item- League is pushing ten years of age. Your playerbase is aging along with it. I'm 35 now... and even the guys pushing 30 don't have time to pursue the pipe dream of being competitive and climbing ladders- your population of 18-22 year old "wannabe pros" is generally static, but the population of older guys with families, careers, responsibilities and not as much time- thats growing year by year. > > We enjoy kicking back and enjoying a mode without balancing resources like mana, that moves faster, but offers a lot of the fun that normals give you. Think about making it permanent. Besides.. its 2019- virtually every game in the universe has run custom game modes or fun game modes in a permanent basis. This temporary rotating game mode nonsense makes zero sense to me. Damn you're making me feel old, I played this game since season 1 at age 24 lol.
Haha yeah dude. I joined during Vladimir champion release and I'm 29 right now...I'm a grown ass adult, and I don't care for this slow competitive non-sense anymore! I'll leave it to the young immature kids but give us old gamers URF!
Danketsu (NA)
: Riot, you have a community of players who like to play ARURF after a long day and roll a blunt/drink and chill out. Stop forcing people to play try hard and let us chill after working for slave wages at our soul crushing jobs. Don't be that guy.
I don't smoke/drink but I totally agree 100% brother on everything else!
: MAKE AR URF PERMANENT PLEASE ITS THE BEST GAME MODE EVER!!! ill play this mode all day, everyday for the rest of my life. i dnt care about the unbalance, its jus so much more fun than always bein out of mana or energy or rage... every other mode u haft to jus sit at turret cuz u hav no mana and the tower divers jus hav there way with the people with no mana its jus unfair... urf makes it fair. i swear i will love riot forever if urf becomes permanent. i love riot already but urf... MUCH MORE LOVE. please and thank you. dnt let me down riot. please dnt let me down. #ARURF FOREVER <333333333
I love URF too! I've even grown to appreciate ARURF. But anyone who complains about it being not balanced doesn't know URF. Every champion is overpowered to varying degrees. And honestly, some times you win, some times you don't. End of story. URF/ARURF is supposed to be chaotic! That's the whole point! ULTRA RAPID FIRE!!! Just saying the name you know it's going to be freaken insane and uncontrollable. Now you want to balance it? LOL Give me a break. It doesn't need balance. The only difference between ARURF and URF is when I lose in URF, it's on my own terms with my champion that I picked. In ARURF, I just have to get lucky I don't get a champ I never play or don't want to play. Sejuani? Never touched that !@#$ in my life.
: this sounds terrible because it will make champ select longer so someone can pick their champ and even more unbalanced then it currently is due to one person having a choice while the others dont(unless their 10 games lined up with yours)
It's already unbalanced and chaotic as is! If I can pick a champ once every 10 games, there's no guarantee I'll win. Even with randoms the other team might just be better. But letting me have my one thing and lose on my own terms? I don't think that's asking for much.
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Honestly, I didn't see the Azir ghost as a bug...it just made sense. If anything there should be a status effect placed on Mordekaiser when he gets the Azir ghost that says, "The ghost of Shurima's Emperor will never bow down to the Master of Metal."
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: You only get the timer if you were there for the kill, just like the minimap icon on live.
What if I leave a ward at the enemy buff? Will me having vision due to a ward, automatically time the buff for me or do I need to still do something?
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So can we get that Udyr buff to all other champions if it looks like it was a success this upcoming patch? i.e. Jarvan, Nautilus, Braum, etc.
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Would it be possible to give us pipeline updates or updates in general like once a month? I'm sure myself and the rest of the community would appreciate it!


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