iiGazeii (NA)
: Barrier is better in a solo lane since it's on a shorter cooldown (a whole minute shorter) and gives you more protection against burst than Heal. Heal is better for a duo lane since it heals both you and a nearby ally.
Hmm, after reading this and Mr Voidling's comment, I'm tempted to just concede and say /thread. My only lingering question is, if Riot removed Barrier and lowered Heal's cooldown to match Barrier's, would those players who used to take Barrier then proceed to take Heal instead, and by doing so, are they achieving the same results or are they just settling? I guess I don't really know. I'll just say /thread anyway.
: Well the problem there then is just the conceptual idea of the two spells. 1 Heals damage, 1 blocks damage. Both are sustain spells. You can change stuff around but all-in-all they serve a similar purpose. All other spells have a larger divide by purpose or application. In order to make Barrier different you'd probably have to look into champs who use it and then what changes would benefit them. I love Barrier on Vel'Koz because during R I am exceedingly vulnerable. Just removing/blocking projectiles doesn't help me survive from a Zed R or other assassin dive, or even a Karthus R. I feel like originally Heal was intended as more of a sustain tool rather than a death defying tool, which is probably where the problem lies. However if Barrier was more of a gain a shield over 2 seconds which then persists for 1 second, or heal was over time, then that problem might be solved. Having only 1 work for clutch situations and the other for longer engagements. That would be my solution I guess? Technically Barrier can also be used at max health and still protect you, as opposed to Heal.
Good point. I'm just trying to work with what I've got; the two spells are indeed similar in general, and if Riot insists on having both, we might as well draw some distinctions. If either of the spells should be over time as you suggested, my vote is for it to be heal. Similarly to how heal grants increased movement speed for 1 second, it could also heal you for the same/similar amount over 1 second as well. The purposes of the two spells are still kinda similar at that point, but it's not a bad start... But like you said, maybe it would be better to look at champs who already use the spell, and figure out how to tailor Barrier to their needs. For that, I'll need to think a bit more, since the only thing I can think of right now is maybe having it so that Barrier can also block 1 spell regardless of Barrier's remaining shield health, like Sivir's spellshield(so, not like Morgana's)...? I'll keep thinking about it.
: Barrier is better than heal imo, as a primary mid-laner, bigger number and shorter cooldown by 1 entire minute. Only thing that makes heal comparable is the movement boost that it also provides(and secondary heal IF you are bot-side) to let you escape or catch up to enemies. Then you can add in the Grievous Wounds interaction difference. In a 30 minute game you can use Barrier like 9 times, whereas Heal would only be able to be used like 6 times. 1 minute CD is a lot.
But that's exactly what I'm saying- if and when Barrier is indeed better than Heal, it's better just because of the sheer, difficult-to-appreciate numbers. If Barrier doesn't have a more unique identity, it will always be a battle between Barrier and Heal of "which has better numbers", and a battle of "which Summoner Spell has better numbers _for this particular game_", and that's fine- -from a balance perspective. But from a game feel perspective, it's just not interesting. Do you get what I'm saying?
reba042 (NA)
: Just give barrier a slightly higher cooldown and make it just the same as Backtrack from ARAM.
I think at that point, the issue would just flip and Barrier would become more useful than heal. My opinion is that dashes/gap closers tend to quickly become staples (see also: snowball) to the point that people would still take Backtrack even if it didn't have the shield effect. (On a personal note, I don't like the idea of stapling a pseudo-Ekko ultimate onto barrier to begin with...)
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: I feel like Taric would be more pansexual though. Like he doesn't really have a preference, he just loves things that are beautiful. I feel like he sees beauty in all things and could be easily attracted to any man, woman, etc that he found aesthetically pleasing. That being said Ez is definitely beautiful like a delicate flower ;) and he want to explore probably gives Taric a sense of nostalgia from when he was human.
You know, it's funny. The old Taric seemed to me like he was probably a homosexual, but with the rework, I have to agree with you. Now, he just seems like he loves beauty in general, and doesn't really take gender or the like into account.
: More like he is asking Lux if she wants some that night
See, that's what I want to know more about. What happened to the Ezreal x Lux hints?
: Gameplay update: juggernauts
I know what people are thinking about the Mordekaiser changes, but (minus the dragon) I honestly think it's really stupid. Riot is balancing a character around Pentakill? Mordekaiser is the last character I would expect to find in a duo lane, it just doesn't make sense. Not only that, at the highest level of play, if he's best in a duo lane, he would probably be better off in some other comp. If anything, because he doesn't possess the range traditionally found at bot lane, he might even wind up as a support, which is the worst outcome I can possibly imagine. How does a duo lane fix his problems? Did Riot stop to think about how a Morde gaining full experience in a duo lane might break the game?? This is the kind of amateur balance I would expect to find on the forums. Please, put your clothes back on, sober up, and get back to the drawing board.
Fireoman (NA)
: the hair color doesn't get me, I don't mind it changing, what I don't like is the " I need to talk to your manager right now" haircut.... At least that's what I relate it to first off.
So much this. The comparisons to an evil Disney stepmother are coming out. This might be my time to abandon the Fiora ship.
: Drophacking champion select
Got the exact same error message. Happened right in the middle of an ARAM game. Tried exiting and relogging, then tried to rejoin the game...it was 22 or so minutes in when I DC'd, and 20 minutes later, the game was still in progress??
: Ultra Build Mode? (Feature Mode Suggestion)
You would have to throw something else in there to make it interesting. Maybe increased gold, or Hexakill yet again.
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Meddler (NA)
: Guinsoo ended up getting pulled onto something else. We've got someone else taking over on Fiora as a result.
Grogba (EUW)
: Add Ultimate Timers
Didn't bother to read the comments, no idea if this has been mentioned. Why not give the circle a blue dial or something? You know, like the ones that abilities and active items have? I know the circle is tiny, but I would think that it's better than nothing.
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Kinjishi (NA)
: Interesting. This could be nice if done properly.
Example: ___ You are viewing Garen's profile! {{champion:86}} : "An honorable man of Demacia. I am fortunate to have him as an ally."{{champion:5}} {{champion:86}} : "As stalwart a warrior as he may be, I worry about our prince..."{{champion:59}} {{champion:86}} : "A shining example of Demacian excellence. I am proud of you, Lux!"{{champion:99}} {{champion:86}} : "Stay away from my sister, you scoundrel!"{{champion:81}} ___
: What Champs do you want to hear more about?
*Sigh **LET'S TRY THIS AGAIN.** Except this time, you get the short, short version: In regards to lore changes, Riot is better off starting with something small. Examples: Give each character their own small diagram, or "web" of their relationships to other characters Have a section that features a given champion's 1 or 2 sentence commentary on another character
: Did we ever get the Riot explination for Gnar's upcoming nerfs?
: Did we ever get the Riot explination for Gnar's upcoming nerfs?
> Here, I'll save you some time: > > http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/player/NA/Fearless > > http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=46561127 > > Fearless was the unqualified employee allowed to have full reign of the biased Sona nerfs. Thanks for the links. I've got quite a bit of food for thought now. You know, there are things that I didn't like about the Fearless rework. For example, when I use my W, I understand that its effectiveness varies depending on the situation, but I'm confused as to its optimal usage. Whether it be team fights or in lane, is it better to mitigate the damage of a full health ally or heal it after it's dealt? If one is better than the other, does the other option count as superfluous design? It seems like the ideal use of the ability is to shield 4 full HP targets and heal+shield one injured target, but this scenario isn't in my control. The new E is now supposed to serve as another method of engagement for ult follow-ups. I don't see how it's more effective than her pre-rework E + ult engage. Wouldn't a stronger, decaying MS buff accomplish this better? On another note, wouldn't this make it easier to tag allies with her "cuddle zone", especially when allies are moving away from you? Speaking of "cuddle zones", correct me if I'm wrong but: Wouldn't the gameplay for them be deeper if the effectiveness of the buffs increased proportionately to how close you are to your ally and/or if the duration increased based on how long the ally was in the zone? For example, if I'm trying to "cuddle" an Ezreal against a Draven, wouldn't this make Ezreal think about where to Arcane Shift? In this case, if Ezreal has to Shift to avoid a skillshot, it becomes most effective if he Shifts somewhere inside the zone, which means that he's relying on me to have good spacing so that both of us can simultaneously avoid the skillshot and retain maximum benefit of my ability. On Draven's side, wouldn't this create gameplay if he knew he could alter the effectiveness of my abilities by using Stand Aside to push Ezreal out of my zone and force him to either Shift back in to gain the benefit, or do not and lose out on the buff? In this case, you'd have to stick to your partner like glue while your abilities are up, the ADC would have to make good plays for you to follow, and the benefit of the duo being most effective when the two have good coordination. But no. I give Ezreal a variety of buffs and he can Shift away with them all willy-nilly. Draven can push Ezreal away but he can just walk back in to a zone for a buff that's equally as effective(the only exception being the heal). ZZZZ I'll give this some more thought though.
Pika310 (NA)
: So let me get this right. You want to move her sub-par, 1000 range, 10 second heal onto a 550 range, AA reliant one that requires 3 charges for a minimum of a 12 second CD and almost thrice the mana cost. You want to remove her built-in exhaust, her last uniquely defining characteristic. Lastly, you want W to only do the paper-thin shield with a half-second lifespan and nothing more. We don't need your Sona-hating, Fearless-worshiping around here. Your blatant nerf suggestion is so biased and anti-Sona, I put the odds at you being Fearless' smurf at a 70% chance.
So, let me (attempt to)set this straight: ***As a Sona player***, I would like it if her heal had better interactions. I personally like the idea of having to go to work for my heals as opposed to being a stay-at-home Sona. I understand that not everyone feels the same way as I do, but you can't have change without someone getting upset. Since this would indeed affect her viability, you can take that 12 second CD and make it lower, or reduce the mana cost, or -dare I say- increase her AA range to encourage aggressive play-making. I would like it if her invisible damage shred was, well, more visible (see Arcade Sona). I merely mentioned its removal in the event that her Diminuendo became too overloaded. As for her shield, again, there are many levers to pull here. You can buff the strength of the shield (maybe based on how close you are to your ally?), increase its duration, etc. You want to read another cool idea? It would be cool if shielded allies had increased healing effects while the shield was active. Sona is my waifu. Also, I think I'll go look up Fearless to figure out what the heck you're talking about.
Meddler (NA)
: Gnar - main focus of the changes is to reduce his lane bully potential a bit (we feel he's just too dominant in many match ups), while leaving his late game power intact. Sona - looking to lower her sustain a bit overall, particularly in cases where a lot of damage has been traded on both sides and Sona/her allies recovery's a bit faster than we think's appropriate Rammus - Reducing early ganking/dueling power a bit basically. This one especially we'll want to monitor closely, keep an eye on how Rammus does once the new jungle changes roll out.
In regards to Sona You're probably very busy, and you probably get like a million replies to your comments on a daily basis, but I think I have a cool idea and there's no way to get it out there without saying it, so here goes: I know that what I'm about to mention is basically a rework of her already reworked W, but I always thought it would have been really cool if Sona could only heal herself and her ally by landing Diminuendo. She's always been an aggressive poke support, and I thought that this idea was in line with that identity. I also considered how sitting back in lane and mindlessly spamming heal (a la pre-rework Soraka) to undo all the interaction from trades was pretty boring for me, and probably pretty lame for the enemy. This idea, if implemented, would probably cause the name of the power chord to be changed and its current effect of shredding damage to either be moved or removed. In my opinion, removal would be the better option since her shield still has the effect of mitigating damage. Or she could just have a loaded chord; no renaming necessary. If this isn't a good/feasible idea, I would be very grateful to know why.


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