: Had a great time at RR today, so glad it was in NA this year! Although I must ask if this can be answered, but what were our QR wristbands for? Was it to confirm we were paid ticket holders or some cool soon to be profile for people who visit the studio games?
Hey there! The QR wristbands are being used as a trial to help us understand our fans' event experience better and something we hope to utilize to level up our future events. Based on data the bracelet provides on what stations they interact with.
Hey there Flash Ward. Sorry you're having a hard time getting to the content you're passionate about! ULOL actually has their own website and you can go to their YouTube page here to find the videos from that league: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8RToqB1bw_aaon_70bdDqg As for Challenger, it hasn't started yet so there's nothing to show yet. But once the summer split starts, the CS VODs will live on lolesports.com/vods. Hope that helps!
: Team Envyus NV has the same problems as they did a year ago; they're decent early but when it comes to the mid/late game they just fall apart. It's becoming predictable for the enemy jungler to come to NV's botlane to pick up either 2 easy kills or just 1 from Hakuho who has poor map awareness mainly because of himself who doesn't ever ward as a support. It's annoying because Apollo who I believe is one of the most underrated players in NA and has been for some time now has to lane with a support that dies almost every game within the first 3 mins because of ganks that are predictable because of Hakuho's reputation of not warding. Hakuho needs to improve for the ROLE that he is playing as not the other way around. He's #1 as far as dmg goes for supports which can be thanked for the meta around supports but is dead last in wards as a support! Think of Hakuho as Jesse Ventura from Predator who does alot of damage with his machine gun but just can't see the Predator(enemy team) because of the lack of wards but with 1 hit/gank and he's down for the rest of the movie/game. Immortals Thinking how many times Pobelter will die total in Immortal's series this weekend as well as bloopers from Dardoch. Other than that Immortals have actually been a decent team, sure they're not top 2 or so but they are doing things that is catchy at times maybe a little too much aggressiveness from Dardoch trying to make a play but I can forgive that due to the experience factor with the players on the team as well as their passive play styles. Team Liquid - Phoenix One This team needs a mix of 50/50 aggressive/passive play from someone on the team. Zig and Adrian are somewhat aggressive but mainly back up players because of their roles, while Ryu and Arrow are the aggressive players and with Inori he was an over aggressive player and it just didn't mix as well as it did with Meteos. Meteos is known for not his mechanics but mainly for his follow up his lanes, he farms in the jungle and if his lanes push he moves up the map similar to say a Commander would in a battlefield; you don't want to stay too far from the troops but at the same time you don't want to get in the way of the soldiers. Ryu and Arrow aren't good follow up roamers for the team, instead they are good lane phase players who want to play somewhat passive in lane for a bit before doing anything that might delay their builds and with Meteos being passive until 50% of the map isn't shared is the same way. They might want what I call " push ganks" from time 2 time and it's something Meteos is really good at, instead of "kill ganks" they just want the enemy to be pushed off of them so they can farm safely for a clean back or just time for an item. This helps greatly mainly for Ryu because he just isn't a good roaming mid. Look at how many times he gets caught out either too late or just gets caught out because of roams. Ryu is similar to say Fenix where he's good in lane but isn't stuck solely in lane ass to lane like Froggen he does roam but he needs time something that just isn't in Froggen's vocabulary. Roaming whats that ? - Froggen Counter Logic Gaming Stixxay/Aphroo are really under performing than what they once were but looking at the other players it's not much of a surprise. I wouldn't be surprised if this is Darshan's last year or maybe even split depending if CLG can either make it to playoffs or don't do good during playoffs. Darshan is know for his split pushing method and I thought this meta would favor him because it's not tank tank tank but instead champions that could be used to split push maybe not like Riven/yasuo but can splitpush somewhat safely. Xmithie isn't impressing me like he did back in 2016 with his dragon/barons steals and just being in the right place at the right time but now he's just .... there like a shadow it's everywhere you go but doesn't do anything especially in the dark and the light is closing on CLG to do something. Facing TSM and P1 this weekend is going to be interesting that's for sure. Echo Fox This team reminds me of Willy Coyote where they come up with decent ideas/plays/thoughts ways to win but most of the time they just fall back down to earth after igniting a rocket/idea. I thought Looper would have been much better than what he is showing ATM on EF, I didn't think he would smash NA but he's not far from just "another top" player. If this team could actually TRY to help Keith, you know protect him they could be a top 3 team easily but yet they leave him out to dry as something like a decoy for dragon/baron but the problem is they do this way too often. Akkadien has the most kills on the team but is 3rd in damage while Keith is 3rd in kills but is 2nd in damage. Keith has shown in the past to maybe not "carry" but be a good LT to the CPT type of player that helps to carry with TL and TSM. CLOUD 9 Going 0-2 is bad but at the same time it wasn't a 0-2 got destroyed type of situation, they didn't get bent over or anything but Impact was painfully bad if not comedic when it came to him, but I see Impact bouncing back and looking like the regular Impact. C9 are a good team but it's gears aren't doing anything breaking mainly Sneaky. Sneaky is memed for his " lane" even back in 2016 Summer it was a common Sneaky meme about not doing well in lane even tho it was common place for him how was never a 10/10 lane player. He's slowly been getting better and better in lane since his 2013 Summer start but the memes are all but gone even tho his 2016 Summer was better so for than his 2017 Spring. Sneaky's kill participation was much higher last year, his gold differential at 15 mins was higher and his damage per min was very impressive. 2016 Summer - The meme Split Sneaky 70.1% Kill participation 8.4 CSPM +142 Gold difference 515.7 damage per minute 2017 Spring Split - The meme is gone good but he's now considered a god 60.8% Kill participation 8.4 CSPM -7 Gold difference 491.5 damage per minute I will say tho Jensen has my vote for MVP unless he falls of a cloud and just doesn't perform like he's so far showing. FlyQuest Hai actually has my 2nd place MVP because I didn't think he would be this impressive. The concerning part about FQ is Hai dies too much instead of the peelers dying for him, he's literally 30% of the team's deaths while Moon/Altec are around 33% COMBINED! That's the thing Hai is so much FQ that it's so easy to just walk away from Moon,Altec,Balls who don't do much of anything in lane are just aren't impressive in their career as a whole(Moon) and just go after the damage, the brains, the thought, the shotcaller, the carry, pretty much FQ itself Hai to win. The thing is FQ as a whole if they do help Hai out some the team can a monster early game and mid/late game they are pretty good but it's the early game that makes them who they are. Dignitas Much better than what they were at the start of the split that's for sure. This team is like a 6 out of 10 in almost every category, the lanes are ok, the CS per min is ok, the ganks are ok, but the communication just isn't there. Like a chicken with it's head cut off it can still run around for a bit but it will fall down and eventually fold and it was happening to Dig at the start of the split they would get cut where it hits home the most and just fall, but now they are putting little fight and it's good to see, as I hate these over hyped teams just not know what to do in game deciding situations. Team Solomid People can say Wildturtle needs to go and while he has been shaky I will take a TSM with WT over a TSM with DL and I'll tell you why. Wilturtle is a great teammate something Doublelift just isn't, he has gotten better but you can't just change someone in 1 split or their personalities or lifestyle, the way they were taught, raised etc. Wildturtle comes up big for TSM. I'm not saying DL didn't for TSM or CLG but Turtle has more of a track record when it comes to exploding and shocking viewers with how much he does but yet not get noticed for doing so. 2013 Spring Turtle changed TSM from a good NA team to a respected region team, 2013 Summer he carried a team that had it's shotcaller and vocal leader Reg who was dying like 4 times a game on average. 2014 he had the most kills on TSM and helped carry them to a #1 Playoff finish in 3 grueling series in the playoffs(14 total games with each game being like 40 mins long. Hell even the Korean teams/coaches thought it was actually Turtle being the cause for the success of TSM more so than Bjergsen who has a history of being camped for 24/7. 2015 after 5 splits were Turtle was great he had 1 bad split 2015 Summer and instead of finding ways to help they trashed him instead. Yeah he got caught out but let's not delude our selves with Turtle getting caught out and Doublelift doesn't ! DL has a book called " I get caught out but pimpin ain't easy" after all. Outside of Wildturtle we have Svenskeren who honestly is the protective layer of TSM, he either loses TSM games alone most of the time or helps with TSM winning. It's not just Sven's fault when TSM loses but it does fall on him most because of his aggressive nature and habit. He also has a history of being toxic, racist when things go sour but I won't go in detail about this being he has flip a leaf with it and it's good to see.
It's AWESOME to read another in-depth review/assessment/thoughts of the teams! Thanks for taking the time to leave yours and make a discussion of the thoughts afterwards, too. :) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Mr Tim (NA)
: Potatoes of what variety?
Baked potato with butter and sour cream and chives mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
: Maybe this comment wont be important for the majority of people here. Some of you will ignore it, most of y'all wont bother to read and it'll go unnoticed along with other comments maybe I'll be criticized for this but i just want to let y'all know I'm selling potatoes. {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: What is Riot doing up at 1:50 AM posting on E-Sports ######Inb4 everyone yells at me about timezones
: Find out next on SummonerBallZ
I want to watch SummonerBallZ! Maybe Meteos will bring back his SSJ hair this week!?
: Best/Worst: Week 1 - That Smeb ult and International Wildcards
Man for this Worlds, one of the best parts of Week 1 is how exciting Week 2 can still turn out to be! I thought it was super fun to watch CLG spread their wings a bit with A. Sol and agree that Smeb's ult was still my biggest OOOOOOOOOOMGGGG moment of Worlds so far.
Shadòw (EUW)
: link doesn't work
Hey there, sorry about that. Try this one: http://www.lolesports.com/en_US/articles/player-experience-streams-worlds-2016
: She probably spins more actually. Spin to win is the way to go.
: SUPER excited for this split! ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ C9 TAKE MY ENERGY ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ all the way to worlds! Also, didn't think about the white text with the white background for Team Envy very well did ya Rito? hehe
Yeah that was my bad, oopsie. Sorry about that, and it's been updated! Thanks for the heads up and hope you enjoy this Split. ^^
: "My favorite moment was when SKT beat RNG because this is where Xmithie gained the attention of everyone." Now what does SKT beating RNG have to do with Xmithie?
Synergý (NA)
: Yeah dont really understand the xmithie skt and rng thing Other than that great article
Yup Wolff had it right. I made an oopsie. Fixed now, and thanks for the feedback!
: Aidan "Zirene" Moon “My favorite moment was when SKT beat RNG because this is where Xmithie gained the attention of everyone." The play he talks about and the play posted is from the correct CLG vs RNG match. Pretty sure it's just a typo, might want to make the correction.
Yes! I typo'd, my bad. :( Zirene definitely meant CLG beat SKT, and I've updated it. Thanks for looking out!
: Team Fight Breakdown with Jatt: ROC vs. FNC
Hey everyone! Please let us know what you think of the newest TFB and have a great time watching EU LCS! :D
: Again greetings from the other side... of the pond :)! I watch LCS (na/eu) but i dont take time for other regions with the exception of ofc international events. So this TFB (team fight breakdown) is even more awe inspiring to me. As i stated in the previous comment on the NRG-IMT TFB, i really love these. It not only shows where someone was, but it explains why it was good for one team and bad for the other. Respect! Kinda sad i am the only one commenting :(. GJ Riot and GJ Jatt! Well i am off farming my Master Yi and getting my plat back :D. Fist bumps to everyone! (ps. just nerf lee sin already :D)
We really appreciate the comments and are so glad you're enjoying the Team Fight Breakdowns! Thanks so much for your feedback <3 {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Team Fight Breakdown: TSM vs. CLG
Sorry bout that! We'll try to get that fixed. In the meantime, try this! http://www.lolesports.com/en_US/articles/team-fight-breakdown-tsm-vs-clg
: Team Fight Breakdown: TSM vs. CLG
Hey everyone, this is our new Team Fight Breakdown series! Please let us know what you think and what improvements you'd like to see. :) We'd love to evolve this series with you guys! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Thanks for watching!!
: Wtf why are people hating on her anyway? Any youtube channel or twitch for her so i can send some positive vibes her way?
Remi is awesome! Feel free to follow her on Twitter @RenegadeMaria :)
: New in 2016: Jungle
I don't jungle too often, but when I do, I usually go with {{champion:254}} or {{champion:102}}. SEEMS like they still might be good! Any new champs you guys wanna try in the jungle this season??
: {{champion:150}} Same here, Gnar is killer up top. Highly aggressive vs melee and excellent on the escape versus other ranged. In addition, Ignite over Teleport all day. That extra bit of damage to push the enemy over early buys you time to teleport back home, gear up, and then come back in time to Turtle out of the tower. Gnar is king up top right now.
I actually really love running Ignite, because it seems soooo many people run TP nowadays that I can usually Ignite and get First Blood, or other random kills in the game. I'm sure TP is really good and all, but I prefer Ignite haha.
Siachi (NA)
: {{champion:150}} Don't care who's popular or how strong he is, little guy's my go-to for top.
Yesss! I LOVE Gnar :)
: New in 2016: Top Lane
I play top the most! What are your favorite champs in top right now? I'm really liking Trundle, Lissandra, and Dr. Mundo. OH, AND Illaoi! She's soooo good!
: Did Incarnati0n change his name to Jensen?
: where did neils go?
sam sam (NA)
: This was a really great overall article. The combination of the quotes, stories, playing experiences, all fun to read. Then the highlight games added even more. But nothing beats those photos lol! Those gems really put the piece over the top; thanks for posting this!
<3 I love these photos too! They're so great. You can find a lot more over on our Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/100899330@N03/
: Loved reading the camaraderie stories b/w these great players! Great idea for an article and very enjoyable!
Matoks (NA)
: Good article! Double lift and Aphro so special to read again.
ploki122 (NA)
: I guess Riot took a new *SpiNN* on their usual jokes.
jtron3 (NA)
: How much is parking at 12200 West Olympic Boulevard Saturday/Sunday? Or is it just limited parking?
You can get your parking validated by Riot Staff when you enter, it should be free. Enjoy!
: Wow Riot, this is both innovative and awesome! Props to the rioters who helped this become a reality and thanks for the content :)
Dan Braum (EUNE)
: Well, we can say, one of the Assassin's has an overwhelming populAhrity! (Not like I wouldn't retweet+fav all of her tweets too... #AhriMain #BestchampsareAhriandBraum #SNSD)
Meanie40 (NA)
: Why did I find Kog'maw's "tweet" the funniest?
That one was my favorite too! ;D
: While i doubt someone among the top team to read this - thank you all payers for the amazing tournament. I felt like watching the World Cup. And it was about ll the players in all teams. We all watched great games, great comebacks. We enjoyed cinderella stories, fresh pick, cool games. And in the end - the best team won. Keep up for the next great season. We are waiting for more comebacks, outplays and emotions. League is life, league is love!
Yay, glad that you enjoyed Worlds! And I agree with you -- win or lose, the teams and players were remarkable this year.
wrentch1 (NA)
: I was really quite surprised to see that none of the Tigers' players were listed among the top 20 players to watch at worlds this year. Every single member of the KOO Tigers have had outstanding performance and play-making ability this year, even as shaky as they have been. GorillA lead Najin White Shield to victory in (correct me if I'm wrong) every single game that he played Thresh at S4 worlds. I'd like to see him on more of these play-making champions, PraY replaced Doublelift as my favorite player in the world when I saw them go head to head in the Season 3 All-Star event. PraY's team Najin Black Sword lost in the semifinals of S3 Worlds against SK Telecom, which games were arguably the true finals of the year. And in Spring of this year, the formerly titled GE Tigers crushed everyone else in Korea until their downfall at IEM. These guys are the reason Viktor was popularized in pro play, as well as "Juggermaw". If they can continue to pick compositions intelligently they might have a real chance at placing even higher this year.
KOO have definitely shown up big at Worlds and have impressed me a lot over the course of the tournament! Who have been your favorite Tigers at Worlds? Any plays that you really loved from them??
: Smeb vs Huni, this will be incredible. My body is ready :3 #{{champion:120}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:81}}
I am so excited for this series!
Fekapeta (NA)
: Guys I don't think he played Maokai on the tournament! He had 2 games on Renekton not 1...
<3 thanks, this has been updated!{{summoner:3}}
: Wouldn't it be something if SKT wins Worlds without dropping a single game?
Heck yeah! That would be a huge accomplishment.
Wase (NA)
: no love for bengi?
bengi is awesome! We've spoken to him in a few other interviews throughout Worlds 2015, but for this one we just talked with Faker. Thanks for reading! :)
: Correction. they play on Sunday the 11th, not Friday :P
: @Leah Jackson "Origen never let KT stay ahead for long, and **from the outside**, the game was a see-saw -- one team grabbed a lead -- the other snatched it back." Did you mean "from the outset"? Otherwise nice writeup
I meant from an outsider's perspective, as in-game, xPeke told me he didn't seem to think so. But in any case, thanks for bringing this to my attention and I've edited it a bit to make that a little more clear. Thanks for reading, and enjoy Worlds! :)
Justaslave (EUNE)
: You made a mistake: Under ´Players to watch´ you state that Imp is attending his seccond world championship in a row but he's attending his third.
: Cloud9 completes miraculous gauntlet run, earns spot at Worlds
: i came to this post ONLY because of the Phreaky pun for a title..
But will the Earth be able to give C9 enough E N E R G Y to take down the mighty MVP Rush and TIP? And how will Hai and his friends get through Team Liquid?! Find out next time, on the NA LCS Regional Qualifiers- Z.
: Explosive moments of the 2015 LCS Summer Split Quarterfinals
Hey guys! We are trying a new video format and would love to know what you think! Do you prefer these HTML5 clips, or Youtube embeds? Let us know!
Tritan (NA)
: surprised they didnt include the liquid vs tip backdoor, or frontdoor, but nonetheless great article.
Didn't include 'em all because I really wanted to hear about some of your favorite plays -- like this one! :D It was indeed a great call from Fenix! Thanks for reading =)
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