Riyotous (NA)
: Riot, the way you do things really confuses me.
I used to love deciding between flat AD runes for a better lane phase or full lethality runes for a better lategame on GP the choice I made actually mattered a lot and I could feel the difference now I just go grasp every game...
Knoyle (NA)
: When a Smurf is in denial.
It's my favorite thing when I play with lower level friends of friends and the when the enemy team loses theres always that one guy who's like _"shit team can't carry gg"_ no shit your team might be bad; believe it or not there **are** actually people that are new to League....
: The feeling when both toplaners are 1/1/0 but the teamscore is 25/29
A few weeks ago I played a {{champion:86}} vs.{{champion:126}} top lane and we just let each other farm When the waves would come we would just walk past each other and dance until the next one came I had like 100 cs 12 minutes in Later in the game I got super fed and In a homicidal rage I saw a low-health enemy at the top of my screen and Q nuked him in the name of Justice I didn't realize until it was too late that it was Jayce, and after learning of my betrayal I commited Seppuku to the enemy {{champion:51}}
: The Master Yi changes on the PBE are brilliant! More changes like these please.
Matter of fact I played against a Level 7 Yi main Both teams had dc's so it was 4v4 Yi could literally 1v4 us and the only reason the game lasted so long was because he wanted full build
Gasolena (NA)
: Illaoi Immune to Skills?
I can tell you that in the clip you tried ulting Illaoi as she ulted Illaoi can't be disabled while ulting but she can still get killed Other than that idk ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Prxzm (NA)
: Riot Has Spoken
Apparently I synergize best with Thresh adc.........
Ralanr (NA)
: Funniest in game accidents that were "totally planned."
My jungler went bot to help get the 1st tower bonus so their jungler came too. I threw a Ziggs ult to pressure them off turret and got a Triple instead......


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