: Kalista
Kalista is left to sit on the proverbial shelf of "champions that are hard to balance so we ignore them." If she's buffed enough she becomes unrelenting in games. If not shes worthless. Riot cant seem to hit the sweet spot so it'll be a while if at all before they fix her. Let's hope they do fix her. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
Riot Pls (NA)
: Future Stories
A continuation of the short story where Jax and Fiora encounter one another. Champion interactions are what we love, especially these two dueling it out instead of leaving it on a cliff hanger. Please! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
Whiisp (NA)
: Every single players I asked for, players who are competitive on my D1 Account as well as my D3 Account are heavily in favor of this as at this level, people make time to play and don't just squeeze 1 game a day for fun after work and want quick queue time. They want quality practice/games. From what I've gathered and from the last post I made that was deleted where we had 32 votes for removal and 5 votes against, the picture is starting to be pretty clear. I do agree for the Diamond 4 Part. However the splitting of the 2 diamond is why I was hesitant to not put d4 with it as I can't see a way to do it unless it's a different rank all together.
I hope this gains traction cause it is a problem. Auto fill is toxic for the high elo community and does nothing but enable toxicity. It almost boils down to a quality vs quantity kind of debate. Imo, I'd rather play 5 games where everyone is on their best role giving it their all, than playing 10 where 5 of them players are auto filled and the quality suffers greatly. Sign me up for long queue times for actual games, I'll just play runescape while I wait. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Whiisp (NA)
: As much as Auto fill is a good concept on paper, it ruins too many games [Diamond 2+ (Diamond+)]
I hard agree, I say D3+ should have it since D4 is full of boosted players and its population is high enough. But back to the main point, I'm certain most high elo players would agree to wait an extra 5-10 minutes to have a quality game rather than having a teammate auto filled into their worst role and just ruin the game. It's not the auto filled players fault, it's more of the system letting them down.
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: I'm not a Taliyah main but Riot can you ACTUALLY GIVE HER THIS SKIN FFS!
It has been well established that Riot leaves less popular champs to rot in the skin department. It sucks but they'll make her a skin eventually, right? {{item:3070}}
: Playing League with My Mother
My mom gets mad at me when I don't gank for her. The life of a jungler... T_T

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