: Best 1v1 for me was probably a Olaf against a Renekton top lane. He was at full health, and I was at half. Not really sure how it happened.
Olaf gains attack speed as he loses health, so he's actually stronger when low. I'm guessing Renekton blew all his cooldowns but didn't have enough damage to outright kill you, at which point you chased him down and axed him to death. Feel free to use [this animation](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xBzC224-HRM) as a visual reference.
: My best 1v1 play was hitting level 6 and leveling up my ult during my all in on my hapless level 5 victim. My best EVER play was a 1v3 fizz troll-poll triple kill at level 7, but thats a story for another time.
Exploiting the level 6 ding while your opponent is 5 is such an effective tactic, it's crazy. Equally important is being aware of when your opponent is going to hit 6 before you -- being in an over-aggressive spot when this happens is pretty much a death sentence.
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: But you guys removed it only to put it back in... By removing it, you guys acknowledged that it wasn't intended. You guys only put it back in because the pros wanted it back. Maybe you should have kept it out to allow people to have that extra ~1 second to counter flash an all-in, such as an Annie Flash-Tibbers or a Cho Flash-ult. This is a tactic that abuses an exploit in the code. You guys removed it but put it back in. Why?
Check this reddit thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/3lbk5g/did_they_ninja_nerf_flash/ According to RiotMeyeA, the change to flash in 5.18 was unintended, which is why it was reverted in 5.19.
: You forget that you can leave ability range indicators on with quick cast.
Yep, you're right. I'm not a fan of using range indicators myself, so I forgot to take that option into consideration.
: Now Alistar is basically worthless against certain champs, also we have less skill now. So now instead of a whole lot of skilled players, you will just have input commands posted all over the net, and what champions you should play with them, and with these inputs easily carry a game you would normally not be able to do. I picked this game up purely because of the strategy, skill, and intense macro. way to remove the skill. Congratulations, League of Legends is starting down the path to its end.
Input buffering has been in the game and used in pro-play for a long time. These videos are just explaining a tactic that many players are not familiar with.
: Can input buffering be done under quick cast?
It definitely can, but it requires better knowledge of your ability ranges. BT probably left quick cast off in the videos for the sake of clarity in explanation.
: Learned this through Smash Bros. Applied it here. Didn't realize it was so relevant!
What kind of situation in Smash Bros would relate to this? I've played a lot of Melee and Brawl, but I can't think of anything similar off the top of my head.
: So basically Offensive input buffering is casting the ability then instantaneously flashing???
It's casting the ability on a spot or target outside its range, then flashing into range. The ability then goes off instantly.
: @riotOpti can we get nightblue or foxdrop in here to talk about something? As an ex-jungle main, it's painful how many times I've seen the jungler get flamed for not ganking on demand when they have other (and probably more important) things to do.
Hey, we had a [Foxdrop video here some time ago](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/tips-tricks/ER5sX6rm-the-climb-optimizing-your-jungle-clear) And he's half decent, so we may have him back again :D
IT me JT (NA)
: Not trying to downplay his content but why not just say "spam skills" thats all hes doing really. Pretty sure everyone already does this? Spam a skill while they chase your or you chase them so it goes off instantly either when its up or when you get in range, fairly basic isint it?
"Spam skills" makes it sound like the mechanic is mindless/uncontrolled, which it definitely isn't when used in the ways Bodytags talks about in these videos. If you're low-health Vayne hugging your turret, and Lee Sin lands his first Q on you, those three seconds where he can 2nd Q onto you are crucial. If you Condemn him before he Q's the second time, he'll get pushed back, then jump on you. If you Condemn too late, he'll successfully jump on you doing Q damage, and possibly combo you to death. Input buffering is difficult and highly mechanical, but if mastered, gives you a great chance of surviving that dive.
: So let me get this straight. You target your enemy with the ability, but it doesn't force you to walk toward them and instead the ability only activates once they've come in range? how does that work? when I activate an ability(like Swain's Q) on an enemy champion out of range, but then use a movement command to stop myself from walking towards them, my ability cancels. Is there an option in the menu u have to enable for this to work?
It still forces you to walk toward them, which is why defensive input buffering is described by Bodytags as "micro-intensive". You need to queue the command (e.g. Vayne Condemn), stay just out of range of the enemy champ, and manage to still last hit consistently. There's no setting to enable or disable to make it easier.
: My question: What about skill shots? Technically couldn't you input buffer your skill shots depending on where you place your cursor? Is this impractical? Lets say I'm Ahri and I want to defensively input buffer with my e. Let's say I have incredible perception as far as my range is concerned and also the enemies gap closer is concerned. Theoretically (with some impeccable timing) I could use my E the split second before talon jumps on me with his E and avoid being W'd?
At a base level, input buffering is queuing up an action that cannot be performed under the circumstances of that moment. For example, you right click an enemy from far away, but the auto attack action will not be performed until you actually are within range for it to occur. For some skill shots, this is possible. Think of casting Tibbers from two screens away, or dropping a Thresh Lantern for your ally in the Dragon pit while you're still inside your own base. When you queue up these actions, your champion will begin to move in the direction of the targeted area until they get into range, at which point they will instantly use the ability. For Ahri's charm, on the other hand, you're not targeting a spot on the map, but a **direction**. If you're standing on your fountain and cast Charm on the Baron pit, the Charm will instantly cast in the direction of the Baron pit, but barely reach the fountain stairs. This is because the ability's conditions for being performed were already met -- all it needs is a direction and it's good to go. The point of defensive input buffering (the first video) is to "queue up a reaction". Vayne Condemn, Alistar Headbutt, Jayce Thundering Blow. When you input these abilities, the condition that has to be met is that the targeted enemy is within range. If they are not in range, the ability will not be cast. Ahri's Charm, however, will always be cast as long as you pick a direction (and have mana/cd). There is no way to queue up a Charm, so successfully using it defensively, as you suggested, is entirely up to your personal reaction time in that moment.
: How long does that "input buffer" condemn last before the enemy gets in range? Can i just cast it on alistar {{champion:12}} at the start of wave, and keep farming, and ali did not enter my range until 45 seconds later, does it still condemn?
It only lasts until you input pretty much any subsequent command, like move/attack/other ability. So if you cast Condemn from outside the Condemn range, you'll start walking toward Alistar. If you then right click a minion, your Condemn command will be canceled until you cast it again. This is why Bodytags referred to it as "micro-intensive" in the first video. When using it as Vayne versus a champ that can jump on you, you'd have to alternate between inputting "Condemn", making sure you don't accidentally move into range of the Condemn (because you only want it to go off when they use their gap closer on you), and last hitting. Definitely not easy, but the payoff can be huge (saving yourself from a Headbutt+Pulverize towerdive).
Wolfess (NA)
: not sure if it's intentional or not but both videos are the same even though one says defensive and one says offensive.
Thumbnails are the same, but the videos are different.
Dani W (NA)
: bots mastered this long ago {{item:3151}}
And it falls on us to keep pace or be wiped out trying.
: how do u enable input buffering exactly?? I don't see a setting for it.
There's no setting for it -- it's purely a mechanical tactic you can use while you play. It allows you to take your personal reaction time and ping out of the equation when using certain abilities in a specific way. IMO the second video presents the idea in a more tangible way: The Annie Flash Tibbers. Try watching that one if you haven't yet, to get an idea of what "input buffering" is.
: it works on any champion with targeted abilities.
Don't forget that it also works on auto-attacks -- let's say you're playing as Irelia, and you just need one more auto to kill your opponent. If you right click them to walk toward them, then Flash on top of them, you'll instantly hit them with an auto attack, since Flash doesn't cancel your AA command. The alternative would be to Flash onto them, then right click them, which takes more time and can lead to a mis-click (for example, you accidentally right-click a minion or enemy tower after flashing). I watched an old video last night -- [Trick2g vs Nightblue 1v1](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=imt3WsykRqw), and one of them could definitely have benefited from input buffering in that last all-in... (not gonna spoil)
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: PBE signups
A Zilean minutes! I like that {{champion:63}} of humor.
: One for All Shenanigans
Bard one for all is my favorite because you're basically in a jazz quintet.
: Sitting in lane, the opponent hasn't changed movement or style that they have maintained, all the sudden a homeguard {{champion:33}} come flying at me...yeah...not good
: or you can buy wards lmao
A ward only lasts 1-3 minutes, and you can't always depend on being able to recall when it expires. A combination of tracking the enemy jungler and watching your lane opponent's movements can definitely help keep you safe when you lack vision nearby.
: Or you can do the ''Gank Bait'' by walking to inside the bush where your jungler is at, and just sit there. Then your enemy will probably thought that you've went to gank other lanes, so he'll ping other lanes that you're MIA and probably ward that bush. At that time, you and your jungler would've probably hit them with hard CC.
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: The Climb: ADC Teamfight Positioning 101 | Phylol
Reaperz (NA)
: You guys should subscribe to Phy's channel. I've been subscribed for awhile now and his channel is really informative and he makes vids based on viewer suggestions :p. Glad Rito is giving him some recognition.
Yep, can definitely agree that Phy's channel is worth checking out. Although he's occasionally made to look like a muppet in teamfights, he's really consistent with his videos, both in terms of cadence and quality.
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Mimy (NA)
: THIS IS MY #1 PROBLEM! IM ALWAYS YELLED AT FOR HOW LONG I TAKE TO SHOP! So I don't think I sit there too long shopping.. sometimes... yes.. I like to think about what Im doing next.. This trick would take a lot of time to get used to.... but I think I will try to put it into practice..
I wouldn't call it my #1 problem, but it's got to be the most easily fixable one. It's pretty much a ritual/habit, kinda similar to dribbling a couple times before taking a free throw in basketball. I'd suggest going into a custom or co-op vs AI with the mindful goal of using the tactic every time you recall. Using a custom/coop for this might seem a little silly, but actual games of League just have so much going on that it can be really hard to focus on anything that doesn't involve your opponents. Once this tactic becomes a habit, you'll seriously never have to think about it again. For bonus points, try pairing it with some last-hitting practice; could be a great way to warm up and get into the right mindset and rhythm before playing.
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: But alistar isn't thresh...
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: Yasuo, Riven, Wukong, Vayne, Zed and Rengar, I also play a bit of irelia, and I used to watch Irelia Carries U in order to learn how to play her, he is really the best irelia I know, like yo say, the mental process is what he excels at, recognizing power spikes, analyzing his opponent, I still have A LOT to learn, but Definitely, Irelia Carries U is the reason I went from B5 to S3 this season alone. Thank You ICU! :3 BTW RiotOpti, Whats YOUR best champ?
So you're a fan of the flashy champs eh? I love the feeling of going into lane as Yasuo/Lee Sin knowing that I could end up carrying the game in a dazzling display of skill. But then the actual laning phase starts and I play like I'm wearing thick mittens and blindfolded. My best champ is actually probably Irelia right now, since I've been spamming her for the past 2 months. I've actually gotten decent at farming under turret, which is great for a champ like Irelia who has a lot of control over minion waves. Second choice would probably be Lux-- been playing her since S2, and I'm decent with a lazor.
: Hey Irelia Carries U, I saw this video and it got me watching more of your videos and seeing more of your gameplay. I am definitely a huge fan! I carried myself out of bronze and into gold using mostly wukong top. Now that I am gold I have been noticing it is harder for me to carry as wukong and have started wondering if he is a good top laner or if I should start playing someone else like irelia. What is your opinion on wukong? Is he worth dedicating more time into or do you think he isn't that great? Thanks for your help, Akatsuki Crow
I'm not ICU, but I'd like to take a stab at this. If there are any reasons to switch from Wukong to Irelia, viability at high elo isnt one of them. Check out NA Master (and former Challenger) player [Allorim](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Q10XOO8lKQ). He's a Wukong specialist who makes guides and streams from time to time.
: Jayce, yasuo, or ekko Edit: I'm quite bad at all three, not going to lie.. but Those are the three I have been having the most luck with/enjoying the most recently :)
Nice, so you like the mechanically intensive outplay champs. Keep in mind that all three of them take a ton of games to reach your potential on them, so yeah, dedication is key.
: Wish I was this good at irelia, or any champion really lol... Someday q.q
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: We know that Tahm Kench got his coat by stitching two different coats together. But how did he find or obtain his hat? An item from someone he ate and decided he liked? Was it tossed into a river and he picked it up? Did he buy it on eBay? This is the most important question.
I'd go with ebay. Tahm Kench is probably that guy who sells a picture of a ps4 for $300.
: spells do too draw agro...if your talking about summoner spells then i don't even need to tell you why that's stupid
Abilities don't draw minion aggro-- this is actually one of the reasons why Hecarim is such a strong laner; his Q is spammable (although less so after 5.9) without paying the price of minion damage. So Hecarim can run in and Q at will, forcing his opponent to either eat the damage or be punished by enemy minions for retaliating with an autoattack. The only exception to the rule afaik is when the abilities are flagged as autoattacks like Kayle's E and Ezreal's Q. Here's a helpful video by Jeremy Gaming Curios on minion aggro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jO6rANs6VXw And in case you were talking about tower aggro, you're right-- towers will target a champion regardless of the source, whether it's from an aa, an ability, ignite, sunfire cape, etc.
Declined (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=RiotOpti,realm=NA,application-id=WEuoGbmp,discussion-id=fEyNBKpx,comment-id=00000002,timestamp=2015-06-02T22:03:55.027+0000) > -snip- > What kinds of advanced concepts would you like to see? The mental aspect: Raging, overextending,[ risk assessment](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S2nkSPvWVHs), [willingness to corporate](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ugXC7g3p0JU), [Dunning Kruger Effect](http://img-9gag-fun.9cache.com/photo/aqZGnpQ_700b.jpg) * [Tilting](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ohYUx7uQgo#t=1m54s) * [How to avoid it.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_DKWlrA24k) * [How to manage it.](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/miscellaneous/EOBKEEOY) * What effect you can have, on someone who is tilting. * How to spot it. Understanding the mechanics and combo of each champion TYPE!!! Powerspikes and how best to use them. Agressive- Passive- and Bait- play styles, and how you can learn to read your opponents as a result of this. (spotting incoming ganks before their jungler arrive as an example) How about the trifecta of burst/dps/tank * Lane type bot: * Poke/Burst/Sustain * Spellcasters * Mage/Assassin/Bruiser * Top * Dps/Burst/Tank Then there are some mechanical tricks. To get a reset lane to push. Changes to attack move. Stop command. Just to mention a few, if you want more I suggest you have a look at this [thread](http://boards.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-en/mr8E2Vxb-a-guide-to-understanding-the-dynamics-of-bot-lane) I made a while back, completely forgotten on NA, but has been stickied on EU.
Definitely, these kinds of topics are right in the wheelhouse of what we want to spotlight-- namely skills/tactics that are a step beyond most players' natural intuition. Thanks for the suggestions!
: How do you trade with a melee?{{champion:245}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:36}} This only applies to ranged -.-
Good question-- Phroxzon actually addressed it within the Youtube comments. Here's the comment string: thejanstephan 2 weeks ago Would this work the same way with melee champs? Reply · unswlolsoc 2 weeks ago Yep it works exactly the same and is probably even more important. Your trades have to be fast and well executed though, because since you are melee you take much more minion damage. (as you are closer to the minions) Reply · 1
: Pretty cool, i was hoping for something a bit more in depth, but great basic info.
> [{quoted}](name=slippykitten,realm=NA,application-id=WEuoGbmp,discussion-id=fEyNBKpx,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-06-02T19:16:16.753+0000) > > Pretty cool, i was hoping for something a bit more in depth, but great basic info. Good feedback; we're definitely open to highlighting longer, more in-depth videos too. As long as the concepts are well-explained and actionable, we're down to post about them. What kinds of advanced concepts would you like to see?
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: [Poll] Which sound is the scariest to hear?
Darkness for sure, but honorable mention is Unstoppable Force; for one glorious moment, every player on your team sits motionless, looking at their screen in horror.
Caoil (NA)
: Favourite: LULU! So much poke. Least favourite: Master Yi because I always end up feeding.
Oh man, Yi is definitely one of my favorites on ARAM-- he's got the ability to avoid poke with Alpha Strike and dive squishies, get resets, and snowball to hell and back. Just a great champ to dive 1v3 or 1v4 against low-health enemies, which constantly happens on Howling Abyss. Always do well with him.
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MrSc0tty (NA)
: Anyone want to help me think up possible duos to replace a ranged ADC?
I'm thinking double bruiser bot composed of: 1. an early game menace who would run a support item (coin or targon's) and ultimately become the lategame tank. I'm thinking Renekton, as he can all-in at 3 with a nice power spike. 2. A late-game hypercarry to take all the early farm. I'm thinking Jax/Irelia. Plan would be to play conservatively til level 3/4, then dive the ADC+Support, either killing them or pushing them to their turret, at which point your jungler comes in and you go for the 3v2 or 3v1 dive. Jungler should be cc-heavy off-tank to make dives more successful and provide peel in teamfights. Final composition would be main tank, off-tank, ranged AD hypercarry, melee AD hypercarry, AP carry. Heavy frontline, tons of damage. Possible specific comp: Renekton, Jax, Vayne, Nautilus, Ziggs (for siege and counter-siege) I would be scared of this team.
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