: But you cannot make the same selfish decision as the guy who went afk in the first place and leave the rest of your teammates to play 3v5, at least not without consequences. Rito gave us the chance to surrender, as a team. That's when all of you can leave game without consequences assuming the entire team no longer want to play it out. Perhaps if you want to move the 15 minutes surrender time up to like 10 minutes if you have afk 4 minutes in or something, that's more reasonable. But this is a team game, you win as a team, you surrender as a team (or super majority of the team if 20+ minutes).
I think the problem is that all other competitors from other games are generally not as stingy with their LP equivalent (rating), if you are good and confident in your play, getting more games in, in a day, is more inmportant thank clinging to 4v5s
: So herein lies a problem. The win/loss LP should remain exact the same is the most fair point. However, if one person afk and the other 3 teammates wish to continue to play for a chance to win (perhaps one or more of them on a promo series or perhaps people just want to play the game out even if 4v5), but you allow the 4th to afk without consequence, would that be fair to the other 3 people who wants to play it out? There's a chance to win 4v5. I haven't heard anyone ever said there's a chance to win 3v5 unless the enemy surrender for some reason.
Sure 4v5 is winnable like 5% of the time but Id rather get into a new game wherein i have all 4 of my teammates
: Your example is bad because they can pause and put a sub in.
True lol forgot bout that, it was a stupid example n e way
: I assume you'll want that match to be null and void and no one would gain or lose LP as well? Because if the remaining teammates don't lose LP, but winning team do gain, then it will be abused all to hell.
Nah the LP system would stay exact same of course
rujitra (NA)
: The problem is it's more likely to win a 4v5 in League than it is any other game. In fact, although I can't find a link, there was someone who did an analysis of team compositions and player strategy and found that if players, instead of complaining about the AFK player, actually worked together, there was quite a decent chance (>10%) of being able to use the remaining 4 to win the game. And no, there's no unfair treatment - in fact, it'd be unfair to the 3 remaining teammates to turn a small, but non-negligible chance of winning into a virtual impossibility (3v5) just because you decide to leave after someone AFKs. Maybe you need to review the definition of "fair".
I disagree CS is way easier to win a 4v5 than a 4v5 in LoL
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