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Bobovich (EUW)
: Every game, Janna Janna Janna Janna....
Im missing tresh at this point. While whenever he is good he is picked in almost every game, atleast he takes some skill to use.
: urgot is the best juggernaut
I think its between him and Ilaoi atm. The rest are trash tier.
Escheton (EUW)
: I just love how balanced Sion is that opponents enjoy facing him, but not because they stomp him.
> [{quoted}](name=Escheton,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Ff8EWRVi,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-09-06T14:59:58.795+0000) > > I just love how balanced Sion is that opponents enjoy facing him, but not because they stomp him. Sion does not really lose any lanes. There are some unfavored match ups like darius, fiora, or vladimir, but he can generally still hold his own.
: Ornn Jungle Guide Pls
Rush, hunters potion early since it lets you to never go back to base, unless you die.
Arcyyy (NA)
: Why should I even pick Camille anymore?
I don't see camilles often, and when I do they usually struggle early. But when they do get ahead, they just stomp everything, same pattern as Jax.
GigglesO (NA)
: 200-300 armor means nothing....
Because penetration,and % hp damage items, just hard outscales armor, especially if you add crit on top of that.
: Why do people underestimate Lissandra?
I don't play Lissandra, just curious, in regards to your build, I noticed it has no cdr, isin't cdr an important stat on Lissandra?
: ADCs are known as tank busters yet they can delete squishies 10x faster than tanks
Read your topic, and something crossed my mind. Why every new or reworked tank has % hp damage. In most games tanks are known for their durability and ability to destroy squishy targets, but do close to nothing to tankier targets. If adcs are supposed to be dps, then they should have % dmg in their kits and crit could be removed to compensate. Tanks should not have % dmg, they should have high base damage with poor scalings, meaning they will shit on adcs, or assasins still, but they won't do much to anyone who is even slightly tanky.
: Most asinine Yorick build Ever !! No seriously you will likely get reported for doing this !
: Prob why you aren't a gold.
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: Darius, should he be nerfed?
Darius sucks tbh, he gets outscaled by almost anything. You can even toss him a few kills, but as long as you get your farm, and keep up in levels, you will outscale him. I lost many games on Darius where I had atleast two kills out of lane and 30+ cs lead, but thats still not enough on Darius , since he is garbage tier post laning phase. Tanks will have better utility and engage than him, while other top lane fighters like Jax will straight up murder him 1 vs 1. Adc / midlaner will kite him to death.
Zkaiser (NA)
: How would you update Udyr to make him work in the current League?
I would remake his R, into an ultimate ability. Since lore wise Udyr is shaman that merges with spirits to assist him in battle, it would thematically make sense that phoenix is the strongest spirit at his disposal. Udyr's current weakness is getting kited right? The new phoenix stance as an ultimate ability, could temporarily literally transform him into a phoenix ,making him super fast mobile attacker with new set of abilities( think old Quin R, before her rework). Just think it would really fit him thematically, and make him so much more fun to play as. Edit: I also like your idea though, to make his stances have an additional effect based on what stance was used last. That would really make Udyr dance on the battlefield with his spirits, and raise his skillcap a little, making him think in what order he should chain his skills, depending on situation, sounds cool to me.
: Kayn OP in top?
He is really good vs tanks in rhaast form top for sure, if you buy cleaver + last whisper, you pretty much kill tanks in two spelk rotations , no matter how tanky they get, due to his q and ult doing insane % hp dmg.
: Realistically who wins, yasuo or garen top?
Yasuo will probably not kill a decent Garen player but he will still mostly free farm and outscale. The only way Garen can get decent trades off is commiting hard with his spin, thats in turn will push minion wave, and let Yasuo free farm under turret, and leave Garen overextended for ganks. Short trades won't work in this match up since Yasuo's shield blocks Garens Q damage. I would say really good match up overall for Yasuo.
: Any "Gnar" like alternatives? - Bored Gnar Top Lane Main
: Who was the first character you ever got a Penta kill with?
Ironically morderkaiser back in season 3, while listening to his pentakill song , literally stopped playing league for the rest of the day after.
: games are ending too quick despite being a late game meta
Well the, thing is hyper carry adcs reach their lategame with 3 items not counting boots, normally just rushing crit and attack speed would be ass without lifesteal, but they get warlords + ardent sustain from supp, and additional shields/heals which basically double their hp in fights and lets them overcome their weak midgame stage almost entirely. And since the meta is mostly adcs, well you get the idea.
Glîtchy (NA)
: List of skins that need visual update
I actually like queen ashe, one of my favourites.
Glîtchy (NA)
: Well it does scale with OVER 100% of his AD and it's spammable, so....
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: Anyone enjoys playing Vladimir anymore ?
I hope when they eventually rework him, they actually make him badass and edgy, example Alucard from hellsing, current Vlad is a peasant level vampire.
: Zyra Midlane / Yasuo Rework disappeared?
I think Yasuo is fine atm, just crit items are stupid. Maybe it's time to hit crit % on zeal line items? Old statik shiv had 20% crit, perhaps all zeal items should give 20% crit instead of 30% so adcs would think twice before mindlessly stacking crit.
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Thuban (NA)
: Since MOBAs Can't Possibly Live w/o Mimicking Each Other
I just don't understand why every single moba has to add stealth. I get it's easy to code, but noone enjoys playing vs that.
: How is Darius even a good champ?
Immobile melee with no way to gapclose, in adc/ shield meta is not doing so great, who would have thought. Im surprised he wins that much to be honest, because standart Darius gameplay should be dieing before he works his way to enemy backline, and when he does, adc gets 1k worth of shields and kills him in melee range lol.
: is elise worth learning and how hard is she to learn
I think if you main jungle learning Elise would be huge advantage, since Zed is quite popular in the mid lane, and she is basically the only ap jungler thats viable.
Ars3lyn (NA)
: and you now looking away at the fact he IS a 1-shot assassins champion right thanks to the {{item:3031}} {{item:3087}} with his Q able to crit, and if he is a slasher why the fuck is everyone wanna fucking build him with those two item and one shoting EVERYONE SINGLE FUCKING CHAMPION. i wanted to see less power over his god dang Q so he that god dang crit wont be one shotting me. I even build {{item:3143}} {{item:3075}} {{item:3047}} and that dont do shit when he already have {{item:3031}} {{item:3087}} {{item:3006}}
I personally barely see anyone build crit on yi and when they do, they just lose the game. On hit yi with gunsoos is a lot more terrifying.
: > [{quoted}](name=Sujiren,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=R9n9EQwy,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-09-02T07:30:33.565+0000) > > All the low skill cap, high snowball potential champions that can solo carry the game when ahead, examples , Katarina, Akali, Master Yi. They will never be more than meme picks in competitive play. Hovewer they are nightmare to face in solo q, due to the lack of cordination and selfish champion picks. I wouldn't really call Katarina low skill cap. She actually has some really rough lanes and takes a while to get consistently good with unlike Yi or Akali.
Idk, I never bothered learning what rework Katarina does since I don't play her, I just know that she is even more annoying now to play against, since she shunpos all over the place every few seconds, atleast before the rework you had like 7/8 seconds where you could punish kat for using shunpo, if she did not get kill to reset.
Ahris (NA)
: Facing Ahri is always a free win for me.
Ahri is jack of all trades master of none champion.
: Name one champion you wish you could delete from the game and why
All the low skill cap, high snowball potential champions that can solo carry the game when ahead, examples , Katarina, Akali, Master Yi. They will never be more than meme picks in competitive play. Hovewer they are nightmare to face in solo q, due to the lack of cordination and selfish champion picks.
: Who is the best mage among these in late game?
I'd go with Anivia , she brings everything you need to the lategame, just think of it. Cc? Anivia. Utility? Anivia. Wave clear? Anivia. Burst? Anivia. Tank shredding? Anivia. She does it all, couple of days ago I had a game, we lost two barons, two inhibitors, and we still won after 50 minutes, mind it was platinum game, not bronze. How did we do it? It was Anivia, stalling the game, since she is one of the few mages in the game that can clear even baron buffed super minions pretty damn fast, if we had any other mage we would have lost that game by 30 minutes.
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: I dont think ive ever gone a week when a new champion was .....
His numbers have to be adjustes, remmember release bard?
Niyumi (NA)
: Give me champs that can 1v9.
You can try pull of a splitpusher like nasus, fiora , jax, master yi , camille anyone thats good at scrapping and creating chaos in the side lanes. Also if your into midlane, than Anivia is basically what your looking for, she is really safe, hits like truck damage wise, and can stall games long enough for shitters to catch up on items.
: At least , she isnt lb, 45% winrate , lets nerf him. riot patch : we know lb is hard to balance so better make her unplayable off 5 premade, till we rework her , deleting her r ;) .
Lb is broken though, like her winrate is only low, because you need a lot of games to truely abuse her kit. Like what do you even do vs a good leblanc? Idk how much that last nerf hit her, but she was disgusting, when lb main used her in solo q. Literally had everything, mobility, cc, insane burst, wave clear, sustain, poke roam pressure.
Cowseed (NA)
: I never actually realized but their is probably only 1 ability that defends towers.
I wish Heimer could repair turrets, I think he used to be able to.
: This is what ranked is like right now ( if you want to win)
Muzét (EUW)
: All this complaint around Ardent Censer...
Ive been saying this for some time... Why are zeal items so cheap when passives are amazing? Why does ie costs 3400 while trinity force and dcap, bruiser and mage counterparts cost 3800? Increase the cost of crit items, or make other class core items cheaper.
: Why would anyone want to play a Diver this season?
Well stoneplate is basically diver item, you go in, use your full combo, then pop stoneplate as enemy team starts to collapse on you.
: [Noob] Are the following Champions Good?
If your new you can make everything work, till atleast upper gold you don't have to worry about meta.
: So legit team comps excluding a mage, a tank, an assassin, a fighter or even an enchanter exist...
Rework marksman, give them ammo depending on what gun they use, make ranged auto attacks skillshot, that would make them not mandatory anymore and frankly more fun to play. Maybe then adc will be more than „Me right click, me SMORC” type of class.
: How is ranked even enjoyable at this point?
Past gold playing ranked is pointless in general, you don't get any benefit out of it,maybe a pretier border if you care about those. Aside from that ,this meta is the shitiest one since feral flare meta.
: Can we all just enjoy the game and not complain about the meta for once?
Meta where you rely on another person to carry you is the shitiest meta of all. Unless adc is your duo Q buddy that you can rely on, I don't see how you could enjoy the meta where everyone are nothing more but meatshields for your ad. Might aswell delete other classes and play 5 adc vs 5 adc, that would be a much more fun meta than the one we have right now.
Bârd (NA)
: Analysis of Ornn
Idk the first part of his passive becomes irrelevant as game goes on, and the other half + brittle mechanic makes Ornn team reliant to make full use of his kit, otherwise he is outperformed by similar chamions. With that being said he is not gonna be that great in solo q, but I can see pros making good use of him with cc comps to abuse brittle, and then once you get to lategame you have better items.
: what do you do against illaoi?
You dodge her abilities, and go for trades when they are on cooldown, when she ults, if she still has reasonably high hp, you want to disengage /kiteback till it ends and then reengage on her.
: ornn new champ blues or just trash
Probably learning, but another thing is his ability numbers, they actually worry me. Design wise he is basically Sion v2, he can potentially miss all abilities and do nothing. His only strong damaging ability seems to be his w, otherwise if you compare his and sion's damage, you will notice sion does a lot more, sions ult alone does up to 1200 base damage from max range, which is hard to hit, but man it's rewarding to do it.
: Does anyone still play these guys?
Talyah, rumble and kled are all great champions. Skarner just has really small playerbase in general , he is not that bad, but not amazing, Udyr is in a garbage state right now even Trick2g thinks so, Aurelion idk, haven't seen this champ much to say maybe he gets bullied in lane?
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