Federals1 (EUNE)
: Nimbus Cloak gives no movement speed!
This should probably be in report a bug instead of gameplay
Lextragon (EUNE)
: How to gank with Fiddlesticks jungle?
The short version is that, without your ult, you aren't going to be able to gank a losing lane with fiddle jungle. If you want to make that pick work you'll need to focus on getting your winning lanes further ahead
: Toplane/jungler relationships are funny
When I'm ignoring top lane it's usually to bait the enemy jg to ganking it so my team can 4 man bot and dragon for free.
: I love how everyone disregarded the fact that Morgana hitbox is still a thing. Aswell as Lux hitbox.
I don't think there's any reason not to make the visual the same size as the hitbox for any ability.
: Season 10 Jungle XP nerfs may be tough but they have one good thing!
What's your source? I hadn't heard of catch up xp being removed
: As much as I love Nautilus, his hook is BULLSHIT
What makes you think there's a problem with nautilus?
: Since we're ruining Nimbus Cloak, can we get another decent option in its tier?
I didn't realize there were upcoming nimbus cloak changes. What about the rune is being nerfed?
: Camille advice please
I don't play her, but here's a junglers perspective on camille top. She loses against almost all meta top laners in 1v1 trades, but her gap close and ult will mean a guaranteed easy gank at level 6 if she hasn't died to her lane opponent yet. Basically play back and take an L on your creep score while you wait for that and then hope the lead you get off that is enough to make you useful enough to take the tower and roam mid/bot.
: ap malphite or tank
Depends on what you're up against. Against a full ad team, full armor items will make you a huge threat and let you dive forever. Also, malphite's model gets bigger the more armor you build so that's clearly better
Rockman (NA)
: Whats the word for when a yordle dates a human
: Recommended jungler anyone?
If you're willing to put in the work to learn him, Kayn is really fun and can 1v9 when shit hits the fan. I'm a little biased as kayn man but he's got buffs on the pbe
Dayar (NA)
: Open letter to ALL ADCs
GankLord (NA)
: As a jungler I have a question
Most of the time you'll need a four man gank to not die there. Depends on the matchup though.
: Why does my top laner constantly feed?
My circle of friends have over the years come to refer what your describing as "the curse of the squishy top laner". Legend has it that if you are a 4-man normal queue montezuma himself will curse you to have a top laner who picks a champion with zero utility who feeds horribly and never picks up a single defensive stat.
: Out of my last 20 ranked games, the better jg won in 19 of them (high diamond elo)
Sounds like a big load of confirmation to me. What determines whether or not a lane can be ganked is lane vision control, summoner spells, the lane matchup, how pushed the target is, whether the enemy jungler is deep warding/counterganking, whether my laner is taking trades or passive farming and how much cc and damage we have between the two of us. Of all those factors, a jungler can affect maybe two of them, so it seems quite silly to measure a jungler's effectiveness by how much they gank.
: Talon is absolute bullshit to play against
He's like this because people whined about his pre-rework E. I'm glad they took the silence out, but I feel like an interupt would have been more reasonable than his current kit, which it seems people universally find frustrating
: I just won a 4v5 in ranked
Nice man! That always feels so good.
Brakøn (NA)
: Why "mute first, report later" isn't actually a good response to player misbehavior.
Try to think of it from the perspective of neither the flamer nor the counter-flamer. The normal players on the team really could not give half a shit which one flamed first, all they want is for those players to stop it and play the game.
: I really hate facing a Malphite jung
I feel like that build is going to disapear when other malph players catch on to how hard his W damage scales with armor. Against teams with limited magic damage there really isn't any point to building AP instead of armor
NY64 (NA)
: Remember when monster camps spawned before buffs?
Xphineas is right. The change also removed the lee sin level 2 invade cheese, so as far as I'm concerned it needs to stay this way.
: Balancing but without numbers
They've been doing that a fair amount lately actually. Lee Sin was practically resurrected when his Q got more range, same with blitz. It's somewhat unpredictable though, since champions that get this sort of change get a spike in win rate before everyone can adjust to playing against it.
Salron88 (EUW)
: Vayne % TRUE DAMAGE is a problem a big problem to building items vs her.
She would need some pretty huge compensation buffs if it were changed so even though I really dislike vayne I don't think that's ideal.
: Do something about how influential bot lane is.
Are you suggesting bottom lane be as influential as each solo lane?
: Jesus Christ the Sylas jungle nerf
The q nerf vs jungle monsters was the final nail in jungle sylas's coffin.
: How do I gank Vel'Koz?
If he's warding properly there will be very few openings. The best way to get him would be to bait him into using his knockup while out of position. I find a good way to do that is to get your mid laner to drop a control ward somewhere he can see it. When Vel moves out of position to take the control ward or harass your laner while he clears wards with it, you have an opening.
: Why does Yi get so much hate?
I think it's because losing to a champion with a simpler kit than the one you're using is frustrating to some people. Seasoned players know he's just a one-trick pony though so they can abuse his weaknesses (15 minutes of uselessness, poor base tank stats, no utility, etc).
bCnUpton (EUW)
: How on earth do you'll play a late game jungler?
Basically you camp whichever of your lanes is winning the hardest so you scale as soon as possible. There's not a whole lot base kayn can do for lane that's 0/5 usually so your best move is to get fed elsewhere to deal with it in the midgame.
bCnUpton (EUW)
: How to transform faster on Kayn?
In general you want to gank whichever of your lanes is winning the hardest. Those are the least risky and if you're even by the time you transform then the game is just straight up over.
Zemasu (EUW)
: Ivern mini Rework
It's a huge nerf and I hate it. A little extra range and a more damage from his W doesn't make up for completely losing control of daisy.
Vorpike (NA)
: blitz remedy
I think the whole point of these changes was to give him the best hook because the other hook champions have really powerful abilities in the rest of their kits and blitz just doesn't.
Cielveon (NA)
: 8 person Gamemode without Jungle, Jungle Monsters, Baron, and Drakes
Lovelle (NA)
: Death's Dance changes
I don't think it's an issue. It's not even a particularly good value for the gold it costs.
: Wukong.
Isn't he next for getting a rework?
Doodlzzz (NA)
: Mordekaiser's ult makes him a really unfun champion to play against
I disagree. Getting ulted by a morde that can't actually beat you is about the most enjoyable this game gets. It's worth getting ulted when you're losing sometimes lol
: Being held hostage in an ARAM. Send help.
lol I love doing that to people. Pretty much the only way to enjoy aram
: How can a normal person not get pissed off at team mates?
Getting pissed off at teammates is allowed. Flaming them or griefing your team is not. Just express your anger elsewhere, man. Scream at your monitor or something.
5050BS (NA)
: So what about the laners that know what they are doing but their jungler is trash? I see this often. Where my jungler is afk farming not doing anything to help lanes or follow pings. Does not ward and does not go for objectives. Better Jungler wins.
> [{quoted}](name=5050BS,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=8UV11rmf,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-09-17T22:32:58.109+0000) > > So what about the laners that know what they are doing but their jungler is trash? I see this often. Where my jungler is afk farming not doing anything to help lanes or follow pings. Does not ward and does not go for objectives. Better Jungler wins. I'm not saying there are 0 bad junglers on NA, but ganking and going for objectives is sometimes a fatal mistake if those moves are centered around a losing lane/bad matchup. For example, ganking a losing lane to try to get your ally back in the game will backfire horribly if it's warded and the enemy jg is near. Sometimes "afk farming" is just the only thing you can do without anyone dying.
: So Graves, Riven and Vayne get this stupid dumb buffs and yet Wukong not allowed to be viable ?
Ehhh... I empathize with getting your main dumpstered, but wukong is really frustrating to fight when he's strong. Good riddance tbh
: 3 comeback victories
Not only are they possible, a hard comeback is so much more fun than an easy win. Nothing rivals finally pulling the rug out from under some shit-talking doofus and winning a game he'd thought was already over
FaTsKi (EUW)
: How does the ranked mm work?
How does it work? The short answer is that it doesn't. The long answer is that your real rank is something called "mmr" that is an invisible number that decides what rank your allies and enemies will be. This practically means that any opponent/ally that is a higher rank than you loses more than their rank would imply and any opponent/ally that is a lower rank than you wins more than their rank would imply.
: Just delete Akali and get it over with
"Old akali was balanced" Ahahahahahahhhhaahah
: Hey I didn't know that this command existed. Thank you! <3
> [{quoted}](name=Aleksander3453,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=wAAcrAWE,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-09-05T16:27:20.450+0000) > > Hey I didn't know that this command existed. Thank you! <3 I got one that's even better. /fullmute all It disables chat, pings and emotes. Nothing is more tilting as a jungler than getting mia pings from some dingus
: Game Has Been Bad Since Juggernauts Were Implemented
Tailypo (NA)
: Why doesn't Chogath JG work
His clear is pretty meh and he lacks dueling power. It's mostly because he's slow and lacks mobility so if a gank goes poorly he's pretty much guaranteed to die, though.
: League is in a bad spot rn
: As someone who actually plays Ivern
I 100% agree. Daisy is the fun part of ivern's kit. I really can't see myself playing him any more if this change goes through
: Non junglers always be like "you never gank gg you are garbage"
It's 2019 and most top mains still don't understand that ganking their lane pretty much guarantees a 4 man bot gank and then dragon
FkValeRly (EUW)
: should rito fix their fucking client? [DISCUSSION]
: Seriously gut Kayn
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