AdamrCc (EUW)
: A message to junglers : Why getting camped in low elo is a big deal.
Your jungler isnt supposed to win your lane for you bud, learn how to play from behind and evolve, or dont and never climb.
: current meta is garbage.
actually, its just riot that sucks ass, most self destructive gaming company besides bethesda these days. I still think its stupid to make league a "safe place" for snowflakes and pansies.
Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=SymbolicFear,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=d2sfKHfl,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-10-21T04:32:52.545+0000) > > it happened to me, I got banned, turns out I got hacked. Huh why people would hack account to play few games? Cant they make their own? {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} And what happens to account? Did you get yours back?
> [{quoted}](name=Jesi Oni,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=d2sfKHfl,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-10-21T04:37:29.142+0000) > > Huh why people would hack account to play few games? Cant they make their own? > > {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} > > And what happens to account? > Did you get yours back? Yes I sent in a ticket
: > [{quoted}](name=Dope Solo,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=pn7v7OEX,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2019-10-21T03:40:25.877+0000) > > Thats basically called the "slippery slope" argument, and its pretty much bullshit-nonsense no matter where its tried. Again, it won't kill league of legends to allow a free dodge. It's called having a brain and sorry that you want to game the system. Try again
I agree with the OP, if you get someone throwing racial slurs or intentionally trolling even in pregame lobby, a dodge is your best bet to avoid the outrage and frustration. Basically, I don't think dodging should give any punishments to rank at all. I agree to keep it from becoming a constant issue you should still get your wait time punishments for continuously dodging games and such, but still, shouldn't affect rank. And the OP is right, using the slippery slope argument is rather stupid and childish at the best of times. Simply put, don't make the game as frustrating as possible then get mad when people get frustrated, that's the childishness of Riot though. Riots Mindset: Makes Game Game is good and fun Then.... Makes game overly frustrating and gives power to people to annoy others Gets upset that players get frustrated and toxic Throws a power tantrum "Don't get mad, be nice to the snowflakes"
xOrcize (NA)
: 3rd party?
it happened to me, I got banned, turns out I got hacked.
Moody P (NA)
: Because ADCs are actually useful while champs like Garen are consistently the worst in the game at any respectable level there is no place for them in league
ADC's aren't really statsticks, Kalista is one though.
: > [{quoted}](name=Moody P,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=4bAYuEVO,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-10-19T03:18:16.226+0000) > > champion is overpowered =/= champion is badly designed It can be both or just one of them. Look at Garen. He's not a badly designed champion, but they buffed him to a state where he was overpowered. Then look at champions like Yuumi, who was a recent proplay must pick or ban. She was both, and now she's just badly designed after the nerfs. Pantheon is both, but just like those that came before him, he will soon be just badly designed. They'll eventually cave and nerf him, paying attention to none of the reasons why he's so hated, then the next monstrosity they rework/release will suffer from the same issues. They're not designing champions for the playerbase anymore. They're designing champions that are going to be flashy, which isn't sustainable.
He is badly designed, he is a statstik champion, any champ thats like that IE Wukong, are horribly designed.
: Is this too copyright?
: high noon borders
Submit a ticket buddy, just gotta wait for it, otherwise, restart your client.
: > A guy defending feeders must be a what? If youre bad.. you shouldnt climb dude. Dont tell me speeches "driving the team" is fucking note worthy. Nobody is gonna listen to a guy whos 0/10/0. There is no reason why a whole team should be punished because one feeder fucked the game for them. And thats pretty much what happens 90% of all loses, someone feeds and ruins the balance. > > Rewarding players who did well, yes, may start making people worry about what theyre doing more and focus on themselves. But thats EXACTLY what you need to be doing in the first place! If you focus on your game then you wont die as much and wont fuck the whole team in the long run. And this whole notion that "oh but they wont help adc and wont let adc cs or wont help people getting ganked" Who does any of this shit right now anyways? Do you stick around when you see a teamate getting ganked by 4 players or do you run cause you know its instant death? Who would steal cs from a ADC if theyre supporting? And what makes you think there wouldnt be a system taking away points from supports that take cs early game? Its exactly what ranked needs dude. Punish the bads, reward the people that do good. It will truly put people where they really should be. > > But I have a feeling Riot knows that would make a HUGE impact on player population, so theyll probably never do it. The problem is you have no idea what "doing well" means. Doing well means killing the nexus. Anything else is secondary and imposing what "doing well" means will limit creativity. Just so I understand what you mean by doing well, can you list me exhaustively what you would reward ? :)
The simple way to implement what both of you are saying is to have the games ranked system be objective based, yeah you went 28/0/10 but you had zero impact on towers or dragons or barons, so you get the a lower lp reward, versus your top laner who went 4/15/20 got herald, and tp ganked bot for dragons and towers and even though he lost the game, his superior skill at rotating and impacting the game should be rewarded rather than punished. The game already tracks everything from kills and deaths to towers dragons and barons, use those statistics to change the system, let the game be based purely on a single persons impact on the game and team rather than kills and deaths.
TheCrazyBoy (EUNE)
: Riot don't do the mistake to nerf garen read this
No wonder you dont want him nerfed, past 7 days of games are both games you played with him this week you won.
Juice (EUNE)
: >for a champion with such minimal skill expression as garen having such high win rates means that his stats are way over inflated and thus NEEDS to be nerfed It's actually the opposite. Anyone can play Garen thus his win rate is high. Let's say you have 10 games with Azir, your win rate is gonna be 20%, in fact it doesn't break 49% until 100+ games. Now let's take a look at Garen, anyone can play this champ and do well. If his win rate is under <50% means he's severely underpowered
Incorrect bud, if anyone can play garen his PLAY RATE will be high, not his winrate. He is a statstik champion like wukong, overly simple kit that isnt mechanic based in any way, so when buffs go his way and they are too much he WILL stomp just like he is now.
: > [{quoted}](name=TheCrazyBoy,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=YwUIrPn4,comment-id=0000000100000001,timestamp=2019-10-15T14:23:28.920+0000) > > no they aren't , winrate dosn't means that if you skilled and reach more than 50% winrate the hero is overbuffed... , is balanced actually , because it dosn't have to be in 50% winrate ... , if you just better then you win .. , that's all , if there is 55% winrate ,still 45% of games people finded how to beat garen and to win against him , which is very much considering ... his situation on the scale of 1 to 10 about how delusional a person can be you are hashinshin
Of those 45% how many are games that the garen stomped but couldnt solo carry his team?
: Incoming top laners to cry “nooooo we need carry potential in top lane” while shitting on every other role in every possible way.
Honestly, the issue is new champs in general, its not the top laners, its the extremely small select few, the biggest issue for top laners is that there is no diversity, they have carry potential, if this damage creep bs ever gets fixed which I doubt. Its just always the same champions over and over.
: why headless hecarim when high noon hecarim is a direct upgrade? he leaves fiery hoofprints. also its going to be late October to early November, so expect it Oct 20+ until Noc 11 ish
high noon hecarim doesn't have as nice of a character model. Look at the two closely, yeah high noon may leave the hoofprints, but it doesn't look as clean, honestly I was very disappointed in high noon hecarim's model as it looks like it was done in a rush.
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: @Riot - Third Party Program Ban???
Thank you so much To RIOT SUPPORT for helping me with this issue. I have been unbanned, i was indeed hacked and the guy used cheats.
: @Riot - Third Party Program Ban???
I got one response, waiting on the next.
13ooty (NA)
: Can I appeal a ban?
I had the same issue last night, turns out there were three matches i didnt play on OP.GG.
Frídom (EUW)
: ***
Yeah i submitted a ticket, and updated it with the games that were not played by me when i discovered i was hacked
: look at your match history. it seems you have played some games in those 2 days. contact support and see if they are able to help.
I submitted a ticket earlier, but i just now updated the ticket. Never been hacked before and i am severly depressed about this, i really hope they fully investigate the issues and see it was someone else. The two Ezreal and one Jinx game that are the most recent matches are not me, the last match i played was a ryze game. Where i went 1/2/0
: look at your match history. it seems you have played some games in those 2 days. contact support and see if they are able to help.
Yeah I just logged onto OP.GG, I did NOT play the Jinx and Ezreal games on 10/09/2019, i have had the same password on the account since its creation, i MUST have been hacked, ive been binging another game all day long. I just added that to my ticket, hopefully somebody can get back to me as soon as possible so i can reset the password and recover the account.
: @Riot - Third Party Program Ban???
Just saw there were games on my account earlier today, which is weird since ive been playing Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen LITERALLY all day long on a binge
: @Riot - Third Party Program Ban???
Has anyone else had any problems??? I havent logged on in a few days, and i attempt to log in just now and i see i got banned for "Third Party Programs" I dont know if there was some kind of bug that gave me a false ban or something, i just really want to know what happened here.
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: "Without a very high skill floor" Proceeds to link Zoe, Kai'Sa, Sylas, and Neeko. Every champion you posted is way more complicated than point and shoot. They all take a fairly large degree of finesse to master and be effective with. Sure, their kits can be overloaded, but to blatantly claim they're simple and take no skill to use is just flat out wrong.
> [{quoted}](name=Oleandervine,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=3RkRjrXb,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-05-07T15:36:59.222+0000) > > "Without a very high skill floor" > > Proceeds to link Zoe, Kai'Sa, Sylas, and Neeko. > > Every champion you posted is way more complicated than point and shoot. They all take a fairly large degree of finesse to master and be effective with. Sure, their kits can be overloaded, but to blatantly claim they're simple and take no skill to use is just flat out wrong. Not saying they take no skill, im stating they are simple however, once someone reads their kit thoroughly, it doesn't take much to do well with them. They don't have high skill floors, but they have pretty high skill ceilings. Im all for champs like that, but I find that giving champions who have such a massive advantage over older ones is not very healthy for the game. They all have insanely high damages, escapes, sustains, etc that put them ahead of whoever they are against. This isn't about a who is overpowered thing, its just who's kits put them ahead of older champions. A champion doesn't have to be like Garen to have a low skill floor. How low of a skill floor is on me for not clarifying.
: If he has 3 items complete what the hell were you doing all laning phase?
The issue is that its extremely difficult to punish him now as he has so much lifesteal and sustain, and his wither still makes its impossible to chase him and finish him off or to escape him if he decides to jump on you. He has too much utility, damage, and sustain, so he does need a little nerf, if they nerfed his wither, it would honestly fix everything, as he has to deal with the damage and cant just wither and run you down. The wither needs a duration and effectiveness nerf. Not much, maybe a second off the duration and maybe 10% less effective.
Pika Fox (NA)
: Prove they have no experience. The pbe exists, multiple accounts exist. You own the champ, you can play it. Theres no reason you shouldnt be able to use what you paid for. This would also hinder players who only play ranked.
There shouldn't be players who ONLY play Ranked, because that's when you get trolls, and people who don't care and it ruins the experience and efforts of everyone else, they really slow down the climb....
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: > [{quoted}](name=FineB8M8,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=FVImpsKF,comment-id=0003000200000000,timestamp=2018-08-07T14:40:29.166+0000) > > You just making claims with no proof LOL. Show me data or stop posting Please see the first part of my previous post. I have no actual data, nor does anyone but Riot. If you do not believe their statements of this fact, I suspect that if they release data it will not appease you either, as it would be coming from the same source, and thus easily subjected to the same prejudice against that source.
If I may interject here, I posted above and would greatly appreciate a response based on your ideas of the concepts I put forward.
Chermorg (NA)
: You are the one making the outrageous and illogical claim - the burden of proof lies with you. I will, however, refer you to what Djinn has said as well and I think you would do better to continue your conversation with him, as you seem to be able to refrain from insulting him whereas you only seem interested in insulting me.
I agree and disagree with both you Chermorg and BlazedArmadillo. I never had an account banned but I have infact been given many chat restrictions. Part of the reason the Penalization system doesn't work however is not due to the player in truth, its more based into the way the game itself traps players. We have all experienced the trolls that inhabit this game and we all are fully aware that if we get trolled at the very beginning its impossible to not let it affect you, its as if you are trapped in a small room with someone who is doing their very best to upset you while you have 8 onlookers laughing in your face. Sometimes I keep my cool but others and I will not ever deny it, I do get very angry as I have no way to deal with it honestly. Either you are trapped as a jungler with a nunu following you smiting/consuming your camps while spamming laugh or you have someone running down your lane intentionally feeding kills to your lane opponent. Regardless with situation it is, you have no "Counterplay" to that and are forced to spend the next half hour or more suffering as you can't leave, you can't get angry, and you can't stop the troll in game. So, as far as toxicity for the sake of being a toxic person, yes you deserve the punishment and it should reform you. But when it comes to people who troll with gameplay rather than words, no the system does not work in any way nor does it provide any means to help the situation and prevents reform as yes you did get angry, but you were just forced against your will to deal with that so you won't ever feel like you truly did wrong. Thats all I am saying as I have been playing League of Legends for a long time. I think one thing that would truly benefit league is a vote to kick option, requiring people WHO ARE NOT PREMADE to vote out a player if they are truly causing issues. The game should also have a system in place that makes use of the inputs to determine a troll. For example if the game detects someone using the laugh emote or mastery emote in rapid succession it should mute that players emotes for the rest of the game or something similar to that regard. Im not suggesting that implementing those new systems would be easy, coding something of that nature would actually be quite difficult, but I believe that would help out the toxicity a lot.
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: > [{quoted}](name=SymbolicFear,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ZxPHAFpv,comment-id=00000001000000000000,timestamp=2018-01-30T07:36:48.285+0000) > > OP.GG me, this is the first season I actually decided to climb. And I am making pretty easy progress, my MMR is way higher after massive win streaks. Carry most of my games. But no, its cause I play quite a fair amount. And I dont think rank is actually a way to determine skill level accurately, otherwise you wouldn't have smurfs pub stomping low elo. Anyways. You being gold, still makes you low elo. If anyone should be pitied its you. I can see you are making an attempt, but just about every single game I see.... you get... carried while you feed.... > > > 0/8/6 > 0/3/6 > 7/4/5 Not half bad here you do mediocre with nasus for a few games THEEEEENNNN > 6/8/8 > 0/6/5 > > I can see you try to abuse freelo champs. Im guessing you dont really play those champs regularly BEFORE they get their buffs. So before you go and try to trash on me or ANYONE ELSE just cause my rank has BRONZE in it, work on your own play before you end up right next to me. I think it's funny you're going through my losses without looking at what even happened in the first place to make my kda that bad. It's the first sign you have no credibility to me. 0/8/6 Was a shen game (I never play shen got put into support brand was my main but it got banned stop playing support this season because of the toxic nature that adc's have become) And I wasn't even the main reason we lost this game. Our riven went 1/9. She died twice in her lane solo no jungler pressure, then proceeded to afk in the jungle, then feed, then afk'ed again. 0/3/6 Was the Zac game I played with the first time Azir jungle main going mid I should have instantly dodged that game, and then we had a Luc adc another reason I should have dodged. Because we had no damage it was going to be impossible to carry Azir once the other team go any damage. 7/4/5 Nasus game my Trist had 15k damage in a 35 min game. I don't even have to say anything else. That's horrible in the current meta you cannot carry that. 6/8/8 I had a 4/12 Riven refusing to do anything but walk back into lane and die over and over. 0/6/5 Was the Nunu game where I think I got all 5 of the drakes, and my Cait had 4k damage in a 25 min game how is the even possible? Every single one of those games was pretty much unwinnable in my book. Yes I could have done more sure, but I don't think I was going to be able to overcome the deficit having those teammates on my team caused. This is why looking at KDA alone is not a good idea unless you actually look at what happened in the games. Carried while I feed? Are you serious right now? If you look unless it's a Nasus or a Singed game all my wins I have a positive KDA. and yes I might not have a positive KDA on losses, but with the current state of the game teams can easily kill you if your team is even a little behind. IE I got to D a tower after my laner died for x number of times, and end up getting dove and die. Go to ward objectives because we have no vision and their team is there and I die. If you want to look at losses that might have significantly been my fault you could say my last Kayne, and WW games could be somewhat it. Even then there was some major issues with both those games on my own team. The Kayne game I was actually doing very well till mid game came, and my Cait decided to be toxic to the entire team. Then proceeded to afk bot lane because she didn't get enough ganks bot lane vs a Vayne TK with Cait Raka there was almost zero chance of us ever being able to kill that lane. This wasn't even considering the fact that their team had a TF roaming his balls off bot lane while our mid laner did nothing. 10k damage on Cait in a 30 min game where she only did that maybe during two fights mid game. The WW game I missed 3 ults, but I honestly don't think that would have made much of a difference. Our support went like 0/8 come to find out he was a fill jungle main and had never played Taric before, and a Cait who did 7k damage in a 25 min game on cait. Garen had the wrong runes, and Cait was toxic to the entire team all game. I seriously need to just dodge Cait from now on shes a bot tier adc, and the only people playing bot tier adcs are die hards or idiots. And my most recent loss was entirely out of my control. Before 5 mins my jungler, and mid had given Brand 3 kills. I would like to point out everyone in that game was low plat MMR, and this Ahri was a jungle main who decided to change mains this season apparently with a 34% win ratio that's an entirely different issue. My jungler I think went 1/9, and mid 0/4. We also had a fill player playing varus adc with his less then 20% win ratio on varus. My jungle was tilted off the face of the earth, and kept going mid to try and do something just digging his hole. By 10 mins that game was done and buried. So I'm sorry if it's to hard to understand for you, but I don't think I should have to spoon feed my team just to get a win. 1/10 times when I win or lose there is almost nothing I did that changed the outcome significantly. The only time I am is when I intentionally play off the wall champions because someone is trolling, and I didn't feel like dodging so I trolled with them. There is nothing fun about that for me. I want to feel challenged not like whoever has the worst player just flat out loses. I cannot take you seriously because you don't play ranked even to 1/4th the amount I do because it's clear you don't care enough to do it. Side note anyone that believes you can still "carry" games in this game out of touch with reality. Unless you're of significant difference in player skill no one is going to consistently be a significant impact to their team. Sure if you're Diamond in a Bronze game, but not is you're a Silver 2 player in a Silver 5 game.
Incorrect buddy, I carried myself out of bronze, using jungle and top lane as my go to roles, WITH NEARLY A 60% WINRATE OVERALL AT THAT. I played a variety of champions, but I am better with some champions than others. Honestly, I need to go back to my climb, but I haven't had the chance to really get into ranked mode with me working 60 hours a week at my new job. Thing is bud, in EVERY SINGLE ELO, there is ALWAYS that group of people who think they deserve better but ya know.... "Muh Team" and thats a crock of shit. I have played with better bronze players than I have silver players. Thing is, if you are silver, you think you are good but are actually THE worst batch of players because you feel like you are good enough to do anything, when in reality, bronze players are vastly superior due to them knowing they need to work on their skills and TRY to get better and learn from their mistakes. Take a page from their book buddy, get over yourself. Cause you wont get anywhere simply blaming your team for your shortcomings. You can try to justify it all you want. Truth is, if you aren't climbing, its not your team, its that you arent deserving to climb. THANK YOU AND GOODNIGHT YOUNG SIR
: Please revert the Zed buff for 8.4
As someone who plays Zed, quite a fair bit too, I gotta say this buff was completely uncalled for. Assassins shouldn't be able to 100-0 a target unless massively ahead, and thats not required anymore. An assassin, should just assassinate lower health targets, punish a player who decided to stay and fight after losing 50% of their health. Instead of just, oooooooo, this person doesn't have 2.5k health, im gonna just smash my face against my keyboard and slaughter them. And yes, thats what assassin players do, I play Zed and Talon and all them, mostly just zed, but when I play any ad Assassin, I find myself facesmashing when ahead and still killing people. I just dont get all that engaged anymore, first 5 minutes, yeah, im all in and focused, but after that, im fed and i just dont feel threatened by anyone.
Danjeng (NA)
: How to nerf Ryze in competitive play while buffing him in solo queue from a 900k mastery 5 OTP
Why not make his ultimate a sort of teleport attack itself, rather than teleport Ryze and his allies, make it either teleport his enemies away from him, with a MUCH lower range, or much lower range and you can set up a portal to somewhere nearby to hit enemies farm away that may be in the back line. That last one would be hard to make work without making all his abilities skillshots, but itd be one of a kind and very unique, making a whole new kind of playstyle for the Mage. I think that'd be very interesting to learn, how to go around the frontline to the back line with just your attacks.
: > [{quoted}](name=SymbolicFear,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=aOGotpyk,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2018-02-16T06:20:15.437+0000) > > maybe for bronze players to gold he is op, but above that, he is just fine. No need to tweak him. Yea maybe he's a problem for 90% of the players, so you're right, he's fine. /s incase it wasn't clear.
They aren't going to balance the game for people who are bad to mediocre at the game, thatd be stupid beyond stupid. If you want them to, then obviously you shouldn't be playing a highly competitive game like League of Legends, its not meant to cater to the majority, its for the minority that play it in esports.
Kivolan (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=SymbolicFear,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=aOGotpyk,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2018-02-16T06:20:15.437+0000) > > maybe for bronze players to gold he is op, but above that, he is just fine. No need to tweak him. 1. 53.5% for Bronze, up to 54% for Silver to Plat and above. 2. I see him in nearly every other game, if he's not banned. 3. I'm Plat I right now, was Diamond III last season.
I played warwick for a short while about a month ago. Yes he is very strong in low elo. But in higher elo, you can easily deal with him. Vision, CC, and warwick can't exactly contest much. Grevious wounds early destroys him no matter what he may try. Basically, common sense kills the doggo. If you can't see that, how in the world did you get out of silver?
Kivolan (NA)
: I'm Tired Of Hearing About How Balanced Warwick Is.
maybe for bronze players to gold he is op, but above that, he is just fine. No need to tweak him.
: I use the squiggly key (tilde key). It's out of the way while simultaneously being very easily accessible , and to top it off it's almost never used, so there's no accidental pushing while typing, etc. Imo, I don't believe there's a better PTT button on the entire keyboard. I wouldn't change other keys because generally speaking, I don't have to. It's a key that's really never used.
To find the best possible key. Set up your hand on your keyboard as you would to play league. Then using thumb most likely, find a key that isn't currently used and doesn't feel awkward to press while still being able to function normally in game. For example, the space bar, or V or N,M. Putting the push to talk key somewhere that would require repositioning your hand would just be bothersome to use and less of a good experience. Especially if you died from a surprise kill bush or gank when trying to warn a teammate or call something out.
: What the good bronze players do wrong
Okay, so for my very first season climbing, past 4 seasons I have only done placements. I climbed out of bronze very quickly. Started Bronze IV and am now in Silver5 as of last night. I can tell you how to climb right here and now. The secret, don't play meta slave. Pick a champion in EVERY role, that can "Carry While Behind" so that means, Malphite, Annie, Blitzcrank, etc. Set up your team. Thats the easiest and fastest way to climb. I did play pantheon top for about 20 of my games with a very high winrate and many winstreaks. But once you hit silver5 mmr, its a huge bump in the road. Every player there has an ego problem, so shut yourself up, play the fool and stroke their ego by playing annie mid and hand feeding your team kills, even if you die, it doesn't matter as long as you get off a good engage to the back line. Most of my annie games i went even or negative with vastly more assists than most just because I set up my team.
Zezilian (EUNE)
: And you was the one who didnt want to surrender. Well banned then.
For this exact post, i can tell you are the one deserving the ban. I can tell you are a toxic rage baby. Nobody but that kind of guy would post this.
: The one time I don't ban Zed
No AD assassin is actually busted its simply Duskblade that is out of control and very unhealthy. The proof is in the fact that duskblade is used by more champions than almost any other item. Its legitimately impossible to play a game without seeing at least 2 or 3 people abusing this item. It also makes this high damage meta even worse.
: Panth is hard because you do single target damage and cc. Annie does both aoe and scales without kills (panth doesn't). Nothing about annie is demanding, if you can press r you can ez climb as her.
Team fight positioning, targeting, csing in lane, map awareness, moments of opportunity to roam, warding. Trading with her in lane is difficult due to her low damage in early game, she also has little range to effectively trade. With every champion there is counter play. Im not even high elo and I recognize this. Ive started to use Annie recently due to her UTILITY rather than for her damage. She is always useful in a game whether she is behind or not, but so is malphite Annie really isnt hard to deal with if you really think about it. You put too much emphasis on what she does really well rather than what she fails to do. Hell dude, beat her to death early or zone her of cs, which is very easy to do with a multitude of champions.
: Riot caters to bad players way to hard tbh.
No skill expression eh? Its the exact same as pantheon. The champion is technically simply, while mechanically demanding. A simple champ that makes players focus on their mechanics in general I feel. I play every champ in the game really. In every role there is a champion like this, and honestly, I dont see what could be considered bad about this.
: Is there any champion you have fun playing against?
Jayce I used to be a Jayce main and I love to see other people using him.
: This game is going to shit because they only balance around LCS. If they balanced it for high elo/soloQ I'd say the state of the game would be better overall than trying to balance it for filthy casuals.
Are you diamond or higher? If not then you are one of those "Filthy Casuals"
: You can't call League a competitive game if you don't balance it around any competitive level. Why should people suffer because people are worse at the game than them? Why would Warwick be nerfed because people aren't good at the game? It's inherently fair to balance around high elo.
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