: "Emotes are slightly better because you can show them off more." He says to someone that mutes all emotes lol. Obviously opinions are a thing, and my opinion is that yours is trash, since you cant mute my icon and everyone will see it on your friends list. Im sure youve got a couple of people tht use the same icon and youve come to associate them with that icon to the point that when they finally change it, youre confused for a split second and think they deleted you.
100% agree. Fuck emotes, remove them from the game. I mute *all* emotes, opponent and ally alike.
: Rise of the Elements Pass
> This pass doesn’t have any summoner icons—we’ve seen the memes and know you have plenty of them. We’ve upgraded all of the smaller rewards to emotes. **YIKES.** You think *emotes* are an 'upgrade' from fucking icons? You could remove emotes from the game and nobody would give half a fuck. In fact, please do so. Thanks!
: Be Victorious - 2019 Ranked Rewards
So a reskin of Justicar Aatrox to make 'Victorious' Aatrox, and a fucking *emote* for achieving high rank in the first season of TFT? Who the fuck cares about this garbage, lol.
: FAQ: Eternals
This system couldn't possibly be more worthless. AND it's behind a paywall? Hooooly shit.
: {{champion:36}} {{champion:77}} mad?
[No, but clearly you are, lol.](https://imgur.com/qesDKn8)
: I would like to use my LOL skins in teamfight to make some really cool team comps! Like having the whole project set would go a long way for us players and be very lucrative for Riot. Who doesn't win here?
Literally will never happen. The skin used in TFT for each champion is a visual representation of their origin/class. Graves, Twisted Fate, and Miss Fortune all use their 'pirate' skins because they are Pirate origins. Being able to change the skins would confuse *everybody*
: How will iron implementation affect those currently in bronze or silver?
Since Iron is below Bronze, I doubt anything will need to be done. People will backfill into Iron from Bronze naturally.
set435 (NA)
: Grandmaster change does nothing to bronze/silver/gold/etc, the grandmaster change only affects high-elo players as of 8.24 BUT since the time of arrival for iron has not been announced here, Im assuming that iron will be out before grandmaster comes out, so probably in the start of 8.24, people with low mmr will be placed in iron after placements
> Next week we’ll be rolling out Grandmaster (as well as Iron and some in-client design changes) It's literally the first line, bud.
: I, uh, was under the impression that it is based on mmr matchmaking. I mean, it's basically matched as badly as mmr matchmaker does, I can't tell the difference with whether it's used or not. tl;dr matchmaking isn't going to help, teams are still going to be as unbalanced as it is.
Other than the recent bug which caused matchmaking to calculate incorrect MMRs, and as someone that's played the game literally since release, I can tell you matchmaking is in a pretty good place. TL;DR MMR matchmaking would make this mode good.
Sukishoo (NA)
: All modes have an MMR. The system has to get used to the players and whats going on so it can sort them out you know. It's a brand new experimental mode, nothing is going to be perfect. It's the same way Flex started out, it was very off when the initial rankings went on, having massively different players on teams that shouldn't happen cause they didn't look at their solo ranks.
> All modes have an MMR. This is patently untrue. You don't seem to understand what MMR is if you think all modes have it. I see no indication that Riot has ever stated that MMR would be tracked for this queue, which is *why* I'm saying MMR matchmaking is necessary.
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: League gameplay changes over the next few months
I'm not seeing how these two goals aren't contradictory: > Comebacks are more achievable and satisfying and > Decided games resolve faster I feel like the first is admirable, while the second is entirely misguided. Providing a possible path to a comeback is perfectly acceptable assuming the enemy still has a chance to block that path. Attempting to provide *more* paths to close out games, especially when you have literally *just* stated that players feel games are decided within the first 10 minutes, is a bizarre and contradictory goal, given the length of the game is primarily determined by the skill of the players as opposed to the number of paths available toward ending the game. In other words, the players have to *know how to end the game* in order to be able to plan out steps necessary to complete that goal, thus making game length explicitly tied to player skill (and thus creating the same problem you encounter when attempting to balance champs, ie. pro vs bronze & utilizing the provided power).


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