: The only thing this buff is going to change is her ban rate, since it's a pretty meaningless buff
I know, thats what makes me so mad
: I find league not very female friendly
I don't mean to Red Pill you, but if you give out anything about yourself online in league, you will get trashed on. League isn't toxic against females, its toxic against everyone. People will find literally anything and everything to tear you apart at. The only way THE ONLY WAY that people in this game avoids toxic shit is muting and blocking. FOR EVERYONE. fat tip, find good friends, and play with them, and mute everyone else {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
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: > [{quoted}](name=Zeanix,realm=OCE,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=phbFEpU9,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-08-26T20:05:59.934+0000) > >... and the fact that **Zoe** is the evil character, a character who is more chaotic neutral. > > They had plenty of ‘villain’ choices, Morgana, Leblanc, Evelynn or even Lissandra. But you know, Zoe had to be the one. I never understand this point. If a champion already has skins that make them look like a villain... Why people ask for more? All those champions already have a "dark looking skin", why give it even more instead of trying something different? Same goes to Zoe, she has skins where is the "happy good girl", so, a skin where she is evil is a good change. I mean, look at Taric for an example, he had tons of "good" skins but people wanted to see a more "dark" version of the character, and due that, Bloodstone Taric was created.
Because 1350 rp skins dont change voice lines. so Zoe will now be skipping around cheering about mooncakes while trying to Corrupt all the Star Guardians. its the reason Jinx got the Legendary when it was her turn. you can't have a happy go lucky team witha murderous sociopath on the team. Alot of her voice lines resemble the stereotypical enemy turned good trope in anime.
: I really like the new Star Guardian skins
honestly its no doubt they look good, but what they stand for is much more appalling. Its shows riots increasing lack of care for anything that doesn't turn lots of purchases. Everyone knows what star guardian skins look like, we all know the theme, and how the particle effect look like. we get excited because we enjoy this theme alot. we get excited over who will be added next. They chose Zoe, Rakan, and Xayah three champs played to extreme degrees, and completely throw the theme of star guardian into the trashcan. That is why so many people are mad. Of course they look good, but its what they represent that is so angering.
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: TFT is already releasing to Live (still in beta) with 9.13, which releases this week. They said that from the start.
thanks for letting me know, I didnt know that
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: I understand your intention and I empathize with you that the ranked system is quite poor, but not in the way you stated. I know where you are coming from after some hard losses but I've been playing for 7 years and this post is a joke regarding what to fix and how to fix it. Riot won't look at any of this or consider it, just take a break and cool down from your losses, we both know this was only posted because you want an easy solution for yourself rather than playing more and trying to improve. The ranked system they are rolling out isn't perfect, but it's pretty nice compared to what we have. Just trust in them that they will do well, it seems decent to me.
well this has been a problem for nearly 6 years straight and why I have strayed so far away from ranked for so long. I play fine and I don't want an easy way out to climb higher like a said in the post. The thing is we have a fundamental issue in Low to mid ELO with the fluctuation of Skill levels within those ranges. I am attempting to create a smoother climb, not an easier or free-er one. and yes a lot of these changes do have holes in them and rather than focusing on them and saying "this will never work" because I know it wont. its an Idea and that is all it is. We should focus on how to make the climb enjoyable and feel like you are really getting somewhere rather than getting lucky with teammates. my issue is that I do improve but my rank doesn't show it I am constantly on the top of the ward score in my game buying 6-10 red wards a game. constantly being the driving force of shot calls and ways to end the game, and I generally feel like I am being held back by my team. Instead of making the climb harder its making the climb longer and more mentally taxing while I wait for good teams to blow by. that is my problem and a problem that could possibly be fixed or at least helped with some analytics behind the ranked queue such as auto fill issues when you get thrown into a role you don't play (which is getting addressed in this next seasons ranked fixes). the new ranked season is roughly 2 months out and now we wait for Riot to implement the ranked system. I hope you understand this post isn't from the last 4-5 games I played, its those 4-5 games that finally made me want to be a voice in the community and make my struggles and my friends struggles heard. <3
: Other games have done this and it always just leads to people gaming the system which would be insanely easy with what you are talking about. Stop trying to get yourself boosted. If you were good enough to be in the higher ranks you would be by now.
> [{quoted}](name=Full Brain,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=wB7qEjTV,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-11-10T11:23:22.458+0000) > > Other games have done this and it always just leads to people gaming the system which would be insanely easy with what you are talking about. Stop trying to get yourself boosted. If you were good enough to be in the higher ranks you would be by now. People will always game the system why do you think win trading is so prevalent in high ELO, as for me [my OP.GG](http://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=TStrm%20LastCaress) and if you could explain how they would game the system so that we can attempt to work together as a collective in order to fix these problems and make sure they do not prevail. People will always find a way to boost, cheat, and game the system. Its a fact however I am doing good this season I have no problem getting better however everyone has those games and everyone has those struggles and if those struggles of playing a team game and have one guy ruin it despite you playing at or above your level sucks. I am looking to fix a problem to the best of my ability. even if we can make it slightly better its worth it. like remake did for people with bad internet. sure it doesn't fix the whole problem but it does help some of it.
: The over arching issue with rank in low to mid elo.
Welp, I fat fingered enter and couldn't add the rest of the options here is a straw poll https://strawpoll.com/2pgkxf92
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: Hey everyone! Sound designer for the K/DA skins here. Thought I'd chime in about the points you mentioned above, which were very sound arguments by the way. See what I did there? Sound? Anyone? Okay so! First things first. For context, there are chordal synth stabs on Eve's Q spikes, and they randomize so that every time you hit her 3 spikes, you get slightly different melodies. Similarly to what's going on with K/DA Ahri's 3 dashes on her ult. During development, I did have a version of the spikes that was very heavy with the synth/musical elements, and week after week I consistently got the feedback from Evelynn mains that while it was cool, after clearing jungle camp after jungle camp it became extremely fatiguing quickly. Not only that, that high frequency TICK TICK TICK of Eve's spikes are a pretty iconic part of her kit since her VGU. I really tried to hit a tasteful balance where you do hear the music, but it doesn't get super fatiguing to the ears when clearing camps. However! After exploring some of the feedback I got when the skins were on PBE, I did notice a trend where folks were hoping to hear more of the musical elements on Eve's Q spikes. So in service of that, I submitted a change that downplayed the spike elements and increased the volume of the musical layers. **That change is currently on PBE and will patch out to all regions in 8.23** On a broader note to the point above, one of the biggest things I try to keep in mind when designing the audio for a skin is "how do I make this skin shine as epically as possible and explore new creative ground while protecting gameplay at all costs". Eve has certain very key components that make her recognizable. One of them is her Q spikes. Another is the savage scream on her ult. Similarly, I also wanted to protect the cadence of her E. I really worked to dial up the pop awesomeness on her empowered E, and left the less damaging unempowered E less embellished on purpose: to widen the delta of impact between the two versions of her E. Note that the unempowered E still has new SFX - it's a subtler shimmery crystalline tail to inject some airy popstar flair into the ability, but I didn't want to go too heavy-handed. I hope this provides a bit of insight into why I felt it was best to make the design choices that ultimately shipped with the skin. Eve was one of my favorite K/DA skins to design, so my hope is that this helps folks understand that these sounds were made with the best play experience in mind. Also I really love nerding out about sound design too, and I appreciate that this thread was made because I love the passion. :)
Thanks for your response, I am super glad you responded. I see all your points and understand the reasoning for your design choices. Thanks for noticing the passion that went into this post, I worked hard on making sure everything felt good to read and understand. I understand now why the E will be left as is but may I make a suggestion for the ultimate. I am a designer, just of the graphic variety so I may not be too inclined on how sound design works but when if you gave Eve's savage scream on her R a voice modifier so that it felt more in theme with the skin, maybe and echo, reverb, etc. Though this may make the SFX of the ulti itself and the scream blend together I am not sure. Putting it at a different pitch may make it stand out just the perfect amount though. You love nerding out about sound design and I love design as a whole I would love to talk some more about the possibilities of this skin. I really hope I don't offend you or anything because I feel there is lots of untapped potential that will seriously awaken the K-pop in this skin. Any opportunity to present ideas to how to make my game and my favorite champion more enjoying to play/look/listen is one that I would love to take. -last Caress <3 PS: what about the voice lines that often go over the Q that I talked about?
QMighty (NA)
: I mean do you blame them? Do you _not_ wanna screw Eve?
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: Next week, hopefully! =)
: Riot Games API Challenge 2.0 Winners!
: New Champion Q&A: Kindred, the Eternal Hunters
was the devour nerf just meant for the release of kindred because you dont see many broken ranged on hit champs in the jg
: Champion Mastery live!

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