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: I'm a big fan of Harrowing skins, and hope more skins are made for it. I know Annie has plenty of skins (2 legacy, 1 bundle exclusive), but maybe someday...? {{champion:1}} Zombie / Horror Annie (She fits so well with the Horror genre SO much...) Sophisticated Annie (idk what this is called, but it looks amazing) {{champion:117}} Harrowing Lulu (idk name, Korean) {{champion:45}} Harrowing Veigar (idk name, but it looks amazing) VU Veigar inspiration maybe? {{champion:84}} Djinn Akali Desert Rogue Akali Reaper / Dollface Akali {{champion:39}} (Dont know name, looks awesome though) There are countless of awesome skin ideas. I dare not to list them because they have been mentioned already. I voted up the ones I like best, but it seemed like there was quite a few. :3 *Disclaimer: None of these images are mine, found them via Google.*
I'm a big fan of the "candy" skins :P and this would make a great Annie skin too. Candy Annie!! (Gummy bear Tibbers xD) Not to forget Sweet Tooth Ziggs ! (I'm not the creator of these skins; creator is
: Community! Tell me your skin ideas. Sweet Tooth Ziggs. Amazing and totally fitting. There's Bittersweet Lulu, and I think it's time for a new "sweet" skin :P Everyone loves candy!! More info in the link below =)
: Favorite Skins?!
I thought Primetime Draven was cool. I definitely like the "candy" skins, specially this art of Sweet Tooth Ziggs which would be very cool and fitting. I hope Riot makes this skin happen! Lots of people admire it. {{champion:115}}
: ONLY 4. Thresh with 1 available. Vi with 2 available. I could name others but I'm lazy.
Well Ashe and Annie have 8, and even so, don't you think that this skin is AWESOME and worthy?
Meddler (NA)
: Meddler Q&A
Hey Meddler, since you are the designer of Ziggs (one of my favourite champs), would you mind taking a minute looking at this amazing skin that would totally fit him and is worthy of making. Theres Bittersweet Lulu so this could also be the next "candy" skin. Edit: and oh thank you for your hard work in designing Ziggs and the other champions. ^-^
M4xks (NA)
: awesome skin, but he has so many that idk if they would make it
nah, Ziggs only has 4 skins and one of them is unavailable so :P...
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